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Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Chace Crawford keeps his arm around his rumored new girlfriend Casey Laine in New York City this past weekend.

Ms. Laine is from around the Dallas area where Chace grew up.

Is Casey speaking out about her relationship with Chace? Her MySpace reads, “Kiss me slow and softly. Make me dream of you.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chace’s new leading lady — UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE?

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  • booyay

    hes not my faourite gossip guy, buts shes too ugly for him, downgrade

  • Melissa

    FIRST. definently downgrade.=D

  • Caris Rianne.

    She’s pretty.
    But i doubt this relationship will last long.
    i give it till he showers tommorow morning .

  • meme

    downgrade!He was so adorable with Carrie :(

  • holly

    ugly girl ..

  • larissa

    the important thing is that he is SO HOT in this picture!


    no matter what i will always love penn than chace
    but chace is also hott, he’s hott in every picture actually
    anway this girl casey is a downgrade for me i lovee carrie underwood w/ him than casey

  • Cassie


  • juany

    mmm… no! ¬¬

  • LOLI


  • Annika

    Uhm, she’s not pretty enough for him.
    She’s a downgrade from Carrie!

  • horms


  • CMco

    Sorry, but, downgrade

  • Zanessaroxursox

    freakin downgrade
    how do u go from
    Carrie to that?


    Major DOWNGRADE!! Especially compared to Carrie!!!!

  • Corey


  • Brandi

    Carrie FTW.

  • FutureMrsCrawford

    Ewww defo a downgrade!!

  • toolip


  • charlotte

    Down Grade,

    i personally think that Leighton Meester ( Blair Waldorf)
    would make a cute couple,

  • right

    well…first off how can anyone be graded when the picture is taken at such an angle that her head is tilted off to the side with the top cut off? And they probably caught her at a bad moment…because her eyes haven’t focused yet. I’d like to see a better picture before I decide:)

  • Lubi


  • sarah =]


  • Bojana

    DOWNGRADEEEEE!! Carrie is the best

  • LyLy

    ho my god!
    it’s even worse than a downgrade……….


    Downgrade, for sure.

    He can do better than both her & Carrie.

  • 2btru

    Downgrade. JC is *way* hotter.

  • michelle


  • Anthony

    Who cares if she is ugly or not. Apparently Chace isn’t into looks and isn’t as superficial as some of the other celebrities out there. If he is happy then good if it doesn’t last then i’m sure he’ll find someone else. It’s going to be hard for him to find a steady girl for a while or untill he settles down. He’s famous and his career is just taking off, he is doing good for himself and i’m sure whether or not he has a girl in his life he will do fine.

  • Lelani


  • zack

    Like me, I changed my girlfriend too, but she’s not so gorgeous than Casey. I think I must change again…

  • Paulie

    I’m thinking you’ve been paid by Crawford’s PR firm.

  • jenna

    downgrade. most definitely.

  • joytothehurled

    Upgrade or downgrade? That’s disgusting. How’d we like it if our looks were compared to our boyfriend’s exes? Not very much I imagine. If they like each other who gives a rip.

  • Narnia

    that looks almost photshopped. and i agree with anthony.


  • JV

    he is a FAGOT!!!!!! hes just trying to cover it up

  • Isabella

    Who cares. I bet she really appreciates having her picture and name revealed. She isn’t a celebrity so show her some privacy.

  • Britney

    Downgrade. Carrie is much more talented and beautiful – If Chace gave her up, he is pretty stupid, although if things weren’t working know haha. But good luck to the couple =]

  • Simone

    UPGRADE! She is hot and he is very hot!
    carrie broke up with him via sms – how low is that?? stupid girl!

  • Dallasguy

    That is an old pic and they are just friends. They known each other a long time.

  • Angela

    Carrie and Chace were adorable. Who the fuck is this bitch?! She looks like roadkill. Chace go back to Carrie!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    from this 1 picture i’m a say DOWNGRADE.

  • Birdie

    I don’t like her hand but anyway, he chooses whoever he wants.
    He’s hot in the pic, that’s all I can say XD

  • chelsey

    From Carrie? Downgrade..but shes not ugly. Nothing compared to Carrie though.

    I think it would be kinda sad if he moved on so quickly after ending things with Carrie. If I were her, I would be hurt he would move on so quick. But thats just me.

  • Linda

    Well, it wouldn’t take much to be an upgrade from Carrie Underwood. I mean, you could go down to the local p0rn shop and buy a blow-up doll that would have more personality than Underwood. This girl’s not bad looking at all, though.

  • anonymous

    The moment theres news of chace dating someone- all carrie fans rush. omg! 50 comments in a few minutes..shows they are so bitter!

    compared to CARRIE, any girl is an UPGRADE!! but this girl is TRULY MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

    Stop the HATING!!

  • ha

    This chick went to the University of Texas at Austin. She is not attractive, cool, or funny. Downgrade.

  • anna

    definitely, Upgrade over Carrie. Chace finally you have some taste

  • mona


  • minty

    Its just RUMOR

    and the carrie fan(s), stop the hating. you would say the same nonsense the same thing even if he dated angelina jolie