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Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Chace Crawford keeps his arm around his rumored new girlfriend Casey Laine in New York City this past weekend.

Ms. Laine is from around the Dallas area where Chace grew up.

Is Casey speaking out about her relationship with Chace? Her MySpace reads, “Kiss me slow and softly. Make me dream of you.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chace’s new leading lady — UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE?

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  • annie


    I read in us mag that carrie is hounding him and wants to get back together.
    If this is true, he has gotten rid of her for good.

  • rumor


    picture photoshopped

  • marco

    Brother got a downgrade. Carrie Underwood is gorgeous. This girl is ehhh.

  • anonymous

    how do you know her myspace?? huh!!


  • how sad carrie

    carrie is secretly reading this and crying a river.

    definitely an upgrade over that country hick carrie

  • anonymous


    entertaining to see, how much it pains all these people(rather one freaky carrie fan) to see him dump carrie and date a truly gorgeous person.

  • how cute

    what a relief to see him with dating. i was worried that the ugly hick carrie might attempt suicide, or might have gotten pregnant..only to get back together with him .
    its a relief to see him with someone else.

  • Nick

    DOWNGRADE… Carrie Underwood is like the hottest, sweetest, most perfect girl EVER… How could this girl be an upgrade? She can’t… Carrie is a million times better!!!

  • Dallasguy

    That is an old pic and they are just friends. They have known each other a long time.

  • Chace still Luvs U JC

    Downgrade!! She looks like that runnaways bride. You know, the one with the crazy bug eyes.

    But eh who cares we all know he’s gay.

  • lisa

    # 50

    totally agree with you. btw, its not fans, its just one freaky fan. the same fan is posting every second. but i do agree with you, that carrie and all the carrie fans were still hoping that chace would take carrie back in his life…hahah
    how sad!!

    the girl is definitely upgrade over carrie

  • wohoo

    she’s pretty. but i think its only a rumor.

    if she is from dallas, she might be his friend.

  • i hate rumors

    rumor!! rumor!! rumor!!!

    if its true, she’s UPGRADE!

  • anonymous

    I’m sure she’s just a friend.

    its so much fun to watch how much it pains these/ this carrie fan who is posting every second using a diff screen name. lmao

  • keira

    # 45

    so true!!

  • loren

    # 45 linda, and all those who said..
    any random girl is an UPGRADE over carrie! Totally agree with you.

    actually, jared you are insulting this girl by comparing her with carrie!

  • WTF??



  • WTF??



  • kelly

    I agree with all those who said ANY girl is an UPGRADEpgrade over the fugly-biach carrie.

    This girl is a SUPER UPGRADE!!

  • amy

    I think they are just friends. if she’s from dallas, friends for sure.

  • jason

    She’s SEXY!

  • daisy

    DEFINITELY A DOWNGRADE! Carrie’s a gorgeous southern belle!

  • Chace still Luvs U JC

    LMAO the Chace fan with multiple user names is back!!

  • i hate rumors

    # 39

    Chace DUMPED Carrie over TEXT. not the other way around

  • jared is cute

    Jared loves chace! Almost everyday we have something about chace. Thanks jared.

    Doubt if she is his girlfriend. I doubt if he is even dating her considering she is from dallas. prolly just a good friend.

  • anonymous

    Carrie Underwood’s hardly a Southern belle. She’s from a little hick town in Oklahoma, which is pretty much NOT what would be considered a Southern belle.

  • jared is cute


    i dont feel sorry for you.
    i just enjoy reading your painful posts. it pains you so turned yourself gay, after chace dumped carrie.
    omg!! your love and devotion for carrie is beyond words..

    your posts are vey entertaining..keep posting!

  • amanda


  • blah

    He needs to get with Leighton!!!!!!!!!! She’s prettier than this girl.


    i thinks she’s just a friend.

    remember the rumors about him dating michelle and jessica?

  • LoveGG

    #79, I agree, but Leighton is dating Sebastian Stan (Carter) and there is a new of them together from Monday night at the Opera.

  • kelly

    considering he once dated carrie, i wouldnt be surprised if i see him with a 50 yr old ugly and dumb woman.

    this girl quite pretty.

  • cutie

    # 81
    and whoever said he should date leighton.

    leighton is dating sebastian, but she didnt say she is a any relationship with him.

    i think if chace wants to, he can hook up either with leigton or blake or just anyone.

    this girl is pretty too.

    i totally agree with linda, it doesnt take much to upgrade over carrie. so we shouldnt be comapring this girl with carrie.
    carrie is just plain ugly and dumb. chace did the right thing by dumping her over text message..apparently carrie is still hounding him and his parents.

  • sia


  • http://WWW.MADIAA.COM Mane


  • Kary

    N they can’t just be friends becuz…..????

    doesn’t look like they’re going out… i mean can’t a guy just have a friend…

    i’ve heard he dated, Blake, Leighton, Michelle, and Jessica… pretty much the whole GG cast… but i think all this is BS

    I think he’d make a cute couple w Blake/Leighton/Michelle though haha


  • mischa

    Looks like chace is trying to KIss her. aww! cute!

    how come there were no such pictures of him and carrie while they were dating? lol

  • dee di 22

    UPGRADE i hate carrie!

  • audrey


    I agree with whoever said “bitter carrie fan with multiple user name would say downgrade even if chace dated angelina jolie”

  • emili

    I think they are freinds.

    but i like to see, how much its hurting carrie and her freaky fan with million screen names.

  • emili

    jared, where did you get this picture. from her myspace?

  • anonymous

    This only proves how popular chace is.

    anywhere he’s spotted, its all over the internet. chace is dating!!!! its big news!! yayyyyy!! chace!! everyone loves you!!

  • anonymous

    btw, if he is dating this girl now, was he dating jessica the week after paleys? was he dating mitchelle the next week?


  • sugar

    #92 anonymous

    rumors=attention. sign of popularity! his popularity meter keeps increasing with each passing day.
    chace you are the most adored and most talked about celebrity. love you.

  • val

    Good for him if he’s not into looks.

  • irene


  • little star

    kelly agree with you:

    considering that he once dated carrie underwood, it shouldnt surprise us to see him with another ugly desperate woman.

    this girl is fine.

    i wish he dated leigton or blake or jessica though

  • hazel


  • drey

    I don’t really like Carrie Underwood and I don’t think this girl is pretty either. So, I guess, nor upgrade or downgrade.

  • blaired

    hmm..i dont find her very attractive. but she’s not bad.

    but i didnt like carrie for him either, i always said she’s eww