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Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Casey Laine: Chace Crawford New Girlfriend?

Chace Crawford keeps his arm around his rumored new girlfriend Casey Laine in New York City this past weekend.

Ms. Laine is from around the Dallas area where Chace grew up.

Is Casey speaking out about her relationship with Chace? Her MySpace reads, “Kiss me slow and softly. Make me dream of you.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chace’s new leading lady — UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE?

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  • MIlly

    what i love about chace is he just likes all kinds. very nice.

  • adgfas

    You guys dont know casy in person. She is absolutley beautiful with her dark features and bright blue eyes. you can’t form opinions off of one picture!

  • Rebecca

    I want him all the best.. but honestly, talking about appereances, it’s definitely a DOWNGRADE!
    Let’s just hope she’s beautiful from the inside. And that he’s happy with her.! Seeing him with a smile on his gorgeous face is all I want :)

  • Dallasguy

    They are friends. This pic is old and from the Quarter Bar in Dallas, not last week in NYC. This is not the only picture of them together. They are not together. He is not dating her. They have known each other a long time and have mutual friends. Again, this was no in NYC last weekend but a couple of months ago at the Quarter Bar in Dallas.

  • hot boss

    I heard Casey’s boss in Dallas was hotter than she was…not sure her name though. Either way…upgrade

  • Macheezy

    A total downgrade

  • dallasguy?

    DallasGuy- I don’t know why you’re posting all over the internet that that pic is from a long time ago, like you know something about it. Obsessive much? Casey went and visited him in NYC (and also went to go see girlfriends that she graduated from UT with, who now live there) last weekend. Yes they have known each other for a long time, but are clearly hanging out more now than in the past. AND if you saw her in real life, you would be stunned by her beauty!

  • bataglio

    she’s sexier than carrie, got more of a sparkle to her eye

  • JOnathan

    #159 – Actually I do know a lot about it. Like I said, this is not from last weekend. This is from the Quarter Bar in Dallas, so you definitely are the one who doesn’t know about it and I have seen her in real life. They are just friends. Get your facts straight.

  • Jonathan

    Sorry that was to #158


    absolutely not! DOWNGRADE! shes too ugly for him

  • Linda

    Well according to Chace was out with Rumer Willis last night and even partied around NY with her even taking off in a car together, so I think he is just being single and enjoying life and this girl is just another one of his many girls.

  • chrissy

    definately DOWWWNGRADE.
    she’s too ugly for him.
    no offense.

  • paulinegoddess

    downgrade!!!! from carrie underwood? is chace stupid seriously he shouldn’t be moving on but he should be finding a way to get back w/ carrie. they really make a good couple.

  • kagome

    A definite downgrade
    that girl is the opposite of Carrie
    shes ugly, looks high, and isn’t classy or has the typical sweet look
    and chace is blind if he is dating her
    b/c usually the girl is suppose to look better than her man but in this case chace looks way better than his girl
    what a loser

  • sophie

    i’m still hoping for Chace – Leighton!

  • Wishing all the best…

    Chace said he has had to deal with a lot of fabrications in the press about himself, they dig up what they can on the new hawt guy of the season. Said he was over it, all he could do is do what he does because all they’re going to do is do what they do, so whatever!! I’m surprised they haven’t dug up is first high school sweetheart yet. Chace is seriously as nice on the inside as he is hawt on the inside.

  • fernandhooo

    I prefer Chace and Jc Chasez…

  • uhu


    i want Carrie&Chace but oh well……life’s like that:)

    stop the Carrie bashing people!!!

  • drahowww

    why do you fans have to HATE carrie?HATING is so personal.are you guys close to Carrie???you all are fantards.saying that Chace should be with this girl or that girl is so lame!!!!are you Chace’s mom or dad to have the right to say those sh!tty things?!oh those who hate Carrie,you all should get a dont even know the girl and you say bad things!!!uhhhh………..

  • suckerslosershaters

    whatever fUckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate you PEREZ!
    you all suck at life!!!!!!

  • uhu

    lol 172

  • TEXaS_tera

    That’s great that she’s nice and graduated from a good school and holds down a decent job… but it doesn’t change the fact that i keep reading she smokes more dope than cheech and chong combined. With a degree from UT you would think she’d be too smart to put her job on the line to get stoned all the time!! and why would you date someone who likes to suck weiner?? and BOY BAND WEINER AT THAT??

    She may have a big heart, but let’s be honest- HE is beautiful, and SHE is…. okay.

    overall? DOWNGRADE!!!!

  • Solid source

    Yeah as in she likes to go “DOWN”-GRADE!

    My roommate was out with her and some friends.
    She went back to his place and went straight to smoking on his pole.

    As he put it, “She went right for it!”

    no lie.

    don’t hold it against her, this is norm in Austin

  • pigg

    is there anything lower than a DOWNGRADE?

    i didn’t exactly like him with carrie underwood, but dude. you can do so much better than this! puh-lease!
    your hotness is so wasted on this unknown person. i’m disappointed!

    and your character on the show is doing too hot in the dating scene either. he downgraded so much there too. :| how can you ditch a blair waldorf for a vanessa abrams?! that’s seriously wrong.

    bottom line, get it together man!
    we want to see you with an actual hot girl, and not some wannabe.

  • whatthehell

    i dont know who you are all looking at but i don’t see any ugly girls, she may not be as good as carrie underwood but that doesnt mean she is ugly! he obviously likes her so u shud all stop being so jealous and judging her on one dodgy picture!


    i tak back what i said about carrie…

  • Ashley

    I Think that Blair and Nate should go out!!
    They are really cute together!!!:)

  • hansey


  • Mix’s Crawford

    it’s totally DOWNGRADe…

    your handsome…
    why not find which much better than that girl?

  • aNGELA

    Downgrade! I <3 Him With Leighton Meester! Dey Look So Cute 2Gether. He’s Hott & She’s Gorgeous. But Mayb Chace Isnt Superficial So She Might Have A Good Personality.

  • xiomara

    this b**** is one ugly little thing!!!!!!!!! he would so much right next to me…lol…

  • naomi & truc


    omg. she’s freaking ugly.

  • laci

    i think that chace is so hotttttttt he can do better then that so down drade but if it makes him happy then ok carrie was way better

  • heyaia42

    a TOTAL DOWNGRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s too ugly for him..surely he can do better than THAT!!!!

    Carrie looks better on him..:)


  • Kel

    Downgrade carrie was the best and this girl is uuuugly!

  • Ida

    She is too ugly for Chace!!! Chace is gorgeous i love him!!! He should be with someone pretier.

  • Dot

    downgrade!Hes hot & shes not!><*__*:(:(:X

  • Lizzie


  • carmgw

    UPGRADE!! Carey’s nasty.

  • rkho

    ugly… DOWNGRADE…
    leighton meester is way better!!!
    they’ll look better together and everye will die at their awesomeness

  • scarlett

    i was looking at myspace profiles for this casey and i think this is heres. seeems genuine !!! her ‘mood’ is set as ‘loved’ !!!! ♥
    and it says she is from dallas and the pic look orig.

  • nick

    upgrade. her myspace line is lyrics from a ryan adams song – she has good taste.

  • mikaela

    i’d rather see him date Taylor Momsen than her.. Definitely a downgrade… He was so good with Carrie..

  • Jay

    Upgrade She is pretty. Just a bad pic. They look happy !

  • strive

    downgrade from anyone!

  • Melissa

    definitely DOWNGRADE
    sh’e too ugly for him

  • angel

    downgrade! :(

  • joan

    i still think he looks best with leighton… but that’s just me LOL

  • http://clebuzz Jgdbg

    you look better with lady gaga