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Clay Aiken - "On My Way Here" Album Cover

Clay Aiken -

Clay Aiken‘s new “On My Way Here” album cover has been released!

Although the album won’t hit hits stores until May 6, the 29-year-old singer will perform all-new songs on Monday, April 28 at 7 p.m. on QVC. Of course, all you Claymates will be able to buy the album too!

“Starting my career on national, live television, it seems fitting to be unveiling my new album live on QVC,” Clay said. “To be able to connect with QVC’s viewers and broadcast my performance to over 93 million households is an amazing opportunity.”

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  • zac fan

    FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JAJAJAAJAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela

    Wow he really looks gay!@

  • zac fan

    Yeah his GAY !@$%)/& !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vhudgensbiggestfan

    ew wut the hell hes so gayy i only like one of his songs invisible or watever its called he shuld just stop being famous noone likes him except he likes the boys

  • so what

    so what if he’s gay? It’s the entertainment industry. half the boy bands around are gay.

    Clay has got a great voice. Better than that wheezing Archuleta.

  • Erica

    he looks like rebe mc entyre there.. is he getting a sex change?

  • Helena

    And let’s hope the CD doesn’t leave any of the shops!

  • black

    Sorry……I really am…..he seems like a nice guy, and I even liked his little part in “Scrubs”……….but he really, honestly looks like a ponce up there.

  • Nicole

    That is a horrible picture. He looks like a drag queen. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, plenty of guys are gay and are freaking HOT – but Clay isn’t.

  • Tealeaf

    The cover does look gay…

  • Peppo

    I can’t believe how gay he looks on his cover, it might as well be his official “coming out of the closet” statement. Not just gay – after all, who cares if he likes men – but FEY, like a stereotypical limp-wristed queer. Wow, whoever is advising his image right now should be fired.

  • so

    so Queen Latifah is gay (lesbian) but no one is screaming eww what a lez!

  • um

    so @ 04/23/2008 at 2:12 pm

    Um wrong, everyone I know calls her a bull dy__

    Alicia keys is another dude…

  • [☆C o n c e i t e d☆]


  • mediterranean

    wow, I am speechless. really…

  • 101nurse

    I am so totally sick of everyone who is eking out some success being labled as “gay.” HE”S NOT GAY! How many bloody times does he and everyone around him have to state it!?!?

  • kasia87

    I agree with 101nurse
    He’s not gay for the love of GOD! He looks brilliant!!!!

  • Dixi

    101nurse and kasia, it’s okay. Clay’s used to the bullies – he’s been dealing with them all his life.

    It’s too bad that our society has gotten so hateful, but that’s one of the negatives of the internet. One can be as detestable as possible under the anonymity of a screen name. You should feel compassion for these sorry individuals. Obviously their lives are so lacking they feel the need to berate another human being in order to build themselves up.

  • Shanna

    Those dumb gay sayers are fans of other Idols that flopped. That’s why they’re so mean, lol.

  • Dianne

    Thank you for the cover and for the information on Clay’s new CD. Clay is an extremely talented and versatile artist/performer/actor and am looking forward to his new album. Thank you again.

  • Tealeaf

    He may not be gay, but that cover looks gay

  • anonisme

    Don’t care one way or the other if he’s gay or not…

    …but his career pretty much damn well sucks if he’s launching an album on QVC…QVC, for goodness’ sake!!! That is just wrong and soooo very lame.

  • kellyclarksonrules

    Oh dear, here comes the delusional “he’s not gay!!!” hillbilly spinster grandma Claymates.

    QVC?! Oh goodie! He can exchange make-up tips with Joan Rivers and buy dolls on QVC from fellow bargain basement has-been Pia Zadora!

  • susan

    Can’t wait to get some new music from Clay. I love him

  • istomptrolls

    o lookie all 3 of the pathetic no-life trolls are here pretendin to be lots of people and hatin’ on clay

    he’s not gay, but what a bunch of homophobes if they think thats insulting


    just makes me lmao that they r still at it after all these yrs

  • Vicki

    the problem isn’t that he’s gay. he’s just really really lame. they made fun of him really really good at

  • moa

    Can’t wait!!! i’ve listened to some of the CD snippets and it sounds amazing!!!
    Bon Jovi, Barry Manilow, Josh Groban and so many others appeared on QVC 2 promote their albums..

  • Kellyclarksonwho???

    How many did Kelly sale of “My December” I forgot? Oh about as many as Clay sold of “A Thousand Different Ways”. Maybe Kelly fans should wait a few more months before they call other artists has beens just saying.

  • Devin

    Hey–you can’t deny that voice, the man can sing! Just check out the song snippets here–

    This CD is going to be awesome!

  • lila

    Yes, Clay has a beautiful voice although I do prefer the lower register he used his season on AI and the fresh faced look. Although the Claymates hate him I think Clive Davis was Clay’s best coach and got the best sound out of him. This CD will be interesting….seems like he’s singing a lot about healing after a time of very deep pain. No one deserved what that crazy queen did to him in the tabloids. Go Clay!

  • O.M.G.


  • diane

    i like the alban cover I also like his beautiful voice

  • Love the Cover

    This is a huge improvement compared to past photos of Clay. Why do people have to be so cruel to such a wonderful guy? I mean I don’t care if he’s gay or not. He is one of the biggest talents to come from that American Idol show. Nobody sounds remotely like him. And he’s a very nice guy who comes from a good family. Isn’t that enough? I happen to love him and I wish people would stop judging him so harshly. He should be one of the biggest stars out there today, but I think that your hatred is holding him back because you are making him fearful about being true to himself. Shame on you all!

  • M&M

    All of these deragotary statements have certainly been entertaining, but what merit do they have?

  • zoey

    Love Clay. The snippets from his new album sound awesome!

  • bjstur

    Keep em comin you freaks. Clay is laughing all the way to the bank! HAHAHA!

  • http://YaHoo amy


  • keanyves

    who cares if he is gay, it’s the plasticine look on his face that is freaky. He looks like Leann Rimes now (instead of Annette Benning)

  • Nellis

    Gay, straight, he sucks! Souless, empty “music”.

  • meemaw

    Thank goodness for all the different species on this earth, different thoughts, loves, hates, ets. No matter if he is what is written about a person, no one knows him personally on this site so….Don’t Judge a person by the cover who knows it’s you that you’re speaking about. And by the way with all your hatefull judgements he’s laughing all the way to the bank, where are you laughing???

  • Angie

    I´m sorry. Is Clay Aiken a woman?

  • dvikib

    I really like the CD cover photo of Clay. I also really like Clay’s voice a lot and am looking forward to buying the CD. To the people here who are ridiculing Clay, you’re not changing any minds so why don’t you just go and make some nice posts somewhere else about the singers you do like???

  • Lyn

    I see the haters are out in full force. Clay is more than a singer with a superb voice he is also a humanitarian. And “gay” he is not but who cares one way or another. I have many friends that are gay so what!!!!Maybe some are just jealous because he has voice like no other. Beautiful, handsome man with charisma and is the real deal not like the fake “singers” out there today. AT least Clay does not spew trash and filth like most singers today.

  • mcggrud

    What is happening to this world, Clay is not bothering anyone, he is producing good music for those who want to hear it, he is making an honest living, people who do not want to listen to his music do not have to. We should be careful what we say about other people they have feeling too. Would you want someone to put a foot on your throat and keep it there? Let entertainers do their job and stop judging them. Their jobs looks easy but is is hard work. It takes special people to be able to deal with this kind of business. I love the voice that God gave him and he is sharing it.

  • Ace

    stop hating on Clay just because she’s a lesbian.

  • mark

    Woah people need to stop making the stupid ‘gay’ remarks-
    The photo may not be his best BUT SO WHAT- you don’t need a great pic to have a great Album- people need to grow up,
    and its stupid comments like some of these that keeps our country in the state that it is in…don’t like Clay? THEN DONT LISTEN OR BUY HIS MUSIC- it’s that simple people- not rocket science…

    I’m not a HUGE fan but I respect his craft and the fact that he has a great voice… BTW Prince looks a little fierce and no one says a DAMN thing- get over yourselves like seriously.

    Clay keep on doing you hun… :)