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Joe Jonas to Miley Cyrus: We Got Your Back!

Joe Jonas to Miley Cyrus: We Got Your Back!

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers recently spoke out to defend pal Miley Cyrus in the midst of leaked shots of her cuddling with boyfriend Thomas Sturges.

“We’re good friends of hers,” Joe said during a recent appearance on Yo on E! “We got her back and we love her to death.”

Added Joe, 18, “I think it’s just the way you come out of it,” he said. “As much as they say, no one’s perfect and everybody makes their mistakes. I think it’s the way you handle it and come out of it in the proper and respectful way.”

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  • Penelope

    So Hot!!!

  • Penelope


  • ashley



  • Ashleigh jonas

    He’s awesome!! SO sweet!

  • nikki beach :)

    3!!!! he is so hott!!!! i love him

  • Penelope

    Still First they are so cute not miley though she sucks!!

  • vanessa_fan

    so cute not miley though she sucks!!

  • anonymous

    MILEY IS SUCH A SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have never liked her

  • will

    I think most girls are jealous of Miey.

  • sabrena

    hate her

  • sabrena

    she should not have done that

  • luchi

    ohh 3!!! love miley, cool they support her!!,
    but she did make a huge mistake…those pictures!!

  • britney & More
  • sabrena

    imean look at the pics she’s like a sl*t
    i love jb and all but why do they love her

  • sabrena

    she’s soooooooooooooooooo bad and all

  • sabrena

    good thing her and nick broke up

    her parents need to wach her all the time so she dosen’t do this stuff

  • mrs. nick jonas:)

    awww that was really sweet of joe!

  • veronica

    this is why those boys will become such great men–standing up in the face of adversity… those are NOT confirmed pictures of miley ray

  • Jay

    She’s a F*****g teenager, Girls do things like that.. leave her alone..Jesus Christ!

  • yup

    I agree with #14

  • Rachel aka the best!!

    Seriously, I think the leaked photos were planned.
    Attention getter much?
    Geez, just don’t turn into Britney, Miley.

  • kaylaaa

    I think that everyone does make mistakes, and the Jonas brothers are good friends to always have Miley’s back cause she’s just a teenager and we all make mistakes. I just turned 18, and trust me at her age I was like her, people change I know I did, I will always have mileys back too. Even if I don’t know her.


  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    He is such a sweet heart and she will recover she is a strong girl

  • Mrs.JoeJonas

    Love You Joe!

  • StillOnIt

    I love them both but I coulda sworn Joe didn’t like Miley much

  • mediterranean
  • babysis

    see they’re such good friends! STOP HATIN” on miley the Jobros wouldn’t like that.

  • Patty

    hope they help her, she need joe kevin and NICK,shes going down.. doing that things

  • Hanna

    this is why i love joe! he’s such a sweet guy. i have miley’s back too, she made a dumb mistake. at least it wasn’t as dumb as vanessa; posting NUDE pictures. or jamie lynn; getting knocked up. miley will learn from her mistakes, she’s a tough girl. i’m proud of the jonas brothers for having her back

  • NYCchiq38

    she’s a teenager
    we girls do stupid stuff
    i will admit poor judgement on her part
    only for the fact she knows she is looked up to
    and she is looked upon due to her fame
    and second she should be careful who she hangs around with
    these are the ppl who leak this stuff out.
    when your famous you cant trust anyone >.<
    its a pity
    as for the whole nick thing
    if they ever did date
    even though they deny so badly
    i think its a pity they broke it off
    cuz i think he would have kept her on good graces
    i love him so much but lets face it i have no chance with him
    but she does. and if they were together
    she wouldnt be posting this stuff
    i think its more of the fact she feels she has friends
    and im sure she does but she is so young and a teenager at that
    and you have to realize at that age..backstabbing and being fake is
    a quaranteed. they were obviously leaked by someone she trusted
    she needs to be careful who she hangs with.
    im learning that the hard way
    im a 15 yr old teen and i realize those girls
    are not always nice and guys arent always sweethearts
    when they mush up to you and for her its just 10x worse
    because she is famous
    anyone would be glad to milk 15 minutes of fame with her
    boyfriend or not….look how this so called thomas is famous now
    when they first leaked up he was just a boy now they know his name
    which school he goes to (mira high school or something) i mean
    its crazy but its the only way to learn ur lesson

  • ray

    he is so sweet :)

  • jaii*


    D&M&J and joee :D

  • a fan

    But to make the same mistake twice is stupid !

  • nfs

    wow nice from joe !!!


    OMG Miley is taking myspace pics with LESLEY now!!

    they are still BFF :)

  • kl’jkmo;l’

    dont really like miley
    at least joe is loyal to his friends

  • anna

    it’s kinda funny how joe just said this when asked on an interview and people are making it like he made a public statement about it.

    but yeah, i have to agree. it was a really dumb mistake,but if she doesn’t do anything like that again then it isn’t a big deal.
    on the other hand,i am kinda sad about it because i think it is just the beginning. hope she learns her lesson and proves me wrong.

  • hannah

    another reason why


  • Ashley griffith

    i think she needs to be grounded like a regualor teenage girl her daddy should punish her for the photo i mean look at vanessa hudgnes she was hounded by the paprizza and they tried to ask her questions about it and she never aswered them sorry i can’t spell that very well so leave miley alone or your another celebrtiy like keira knightley slapping you in the face leave her alone. nowwwwwwwwwwwwww or your hearing from me again.

  • anonymous

    that’s not a good picture of her or any others at that lol

  • ash

    i wonder what herp arents and sibling says about this, specially her little sister who also looks up to her

  • michelle

    good for joe, standing up for someone that is close to him. To me, those pictures aren’t that bad at least she’s not naked. She’s just a regular teenager (well not really but you get my point) having fun. a lot of girls her age take these pictures. PEOPLE STOP SAYING SHE WILL BE THE NEXT BRITNEY SPEARS!!! I support Miley all the way!

  • Natx3

    Yeah we’ll see how she handles it.
    Since shes not very proper or has no manners what so ever.

    Plus she never even apologizes for her mistakes she always makes something dumb up like “its just satain attacking!” WTF!?

  • michelle

    I agree # 30!

  • michelle

    you can’t trust anyone except your family.
    (sometimes not even your closest friends or your so called best friends)

  • somebody


  • Kimmy

    aww Joe is so sweet!

  • Patsy

    thats so sweet of Joe standing up for Miley.
    And i totally agree with him.
    In my opinion i don’t think Miley did anything wrong.
    People are making the photo’s to be a big deal; when their nothing to worry about.
    So Miley snuggled up with a guy and showed her stomach.
    Thats not illegal is it?!
    And as for showing her bra, Bra’s are just like bikni’s which billions of people wear on the beach!
    As long as Mileys happy, thats all that matters. (:

  • zanub!

    soooooooo freakin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Patsy

    Mileys amazing; and her true fans,friends and family will help her through a time like this.