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Miranda Kerr for David Jones

Miranda Kerr for David Jones

Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr makes an Orlando Bloom-less appearance at the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia on Wednesday.

The Victoria’s Secret angel, who turned 25 this past Sunday, was there to promote the David Jones department store, which she is the new face for.

According to the Syndey Morning Herald, Miranda and Orlando flew into Australia together on Tuesday. (There’s no photographic proof of this.) The couple will supposedly be the star attractions at Doncaster Day, the David Jones Derby, and next week’s Fashion Week. And apparently, Orly‘s already met some of Miranda‘s family.

Kerr said, “He’s already met my mother and my grandmother. My dad’s coming down. He’s a very lovely guy. If I’m happy then he’s happy. Of course he cares about his little girl and he’s protective in his own way but he’s very accepting of my choices.”


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  • KC

    You are so bad Jared. You know what this thread is going to do LOL

    I’m going to get my popcorn ready.

  • where is orli??

    LOL. How long is she going to run with this lie.
    Orlando did not go to Sydney with her and she won’t admit it,
    He didn’t go to the dinner. LOL
    and he wasn’t at the airport with her. She told the press he was “holed up in his hotel”. Please try and use logic people. Why would he go and then stay holed up in his hotel the whole time.
    The whole thing is a ruse!

  • MovieWatcher

    cute dress. I like the far away shot better than the close up of it.

  • KC

    Poor #2 is in denial. Did you just tell people to use logic? Do you even know the meaning of the word? What a fool HAHAHAHAHA

  • to jared

    jared, at least I appreciate that you said “according to the ….” because that is just what they were told.
    So far no signs of him really being there.

  • Alex

    dude shes not even that cute…. i think these girls should be Victoria Secret Models!!!:

  • Amanda

    I thought he was in NY filming?

  • #4

    I imagine your logic is that he went all the way there to support her but then decided to stay home and not go to her big event?
    yea, that makes perfect sense. Not that she has ever lied before or anything.

  • http://justjared give them a break

    if orlando was there you would have sid hey are fame whores that he was making a spectacle of himself but he doesn’t show up and you still complein ufffffffffffff they can’t win with you

  • @9

    Not really. It would have been more of a natural thing for him to go to -especially since she has been talking about it for so long in the press.
    The get accused of being media whores when they do the fake setup junk. This was a big function to celebrate her new job. If he was in town of course he would have went.

  • c’mon

    let’s not give this thread anymore comments. She doesn’t deserve the attention.

  • thanks jared

    I see you updated the verbage.

  • http://justjared give them a break

    ok whatever you now that they will stay a week there do you fotos will eventually come up so you will be happy right?

  • KC

    He didn’t go to an event with Miranda and that means he’s not there at all? Yes that sounds very logical. You really meet some crazies on the internet. If he wasn’t there she could have simply said he’s coming later or he was busy. What’s so hard to believe about him being there but laying low? But you can go on living in denial if that makes this easier for you. I know how hard Orlando fans takes it when he gets a girlfriend.

  • new pictures

    new pictures of him showed up on olove saying he was arriving in Sydney. She isn’t with him so it looks like he arrived at a different time again.

  • nina

    She’s not even that cute. We ORLANDO fans know they will be over before the end of the year. I don’t hate when he gets a girl friend as long as she’s right for him say Jennifer Aniston or Naomie Harris. Underwear girl is too cheesy. SHE MAKES A LIVING IN HER UNDERWEAR FOR GOSH SAKES!

  • ?

    for someone who like to keep there life private sure can tell us alot

  • http://justjared happy

    my baby seems happy and beautiful hot man that is all that counts

  • http://justjared sydney

    so he is there so evryone will shut up well i should be so lucky leave him alone he isnt doing anything bad

  • ignore her

    she has gotten him to oz, but it doesn’t appear that he is cooperating and doing the big papfest she was counting on. No pictures of them together yer, no show at her big night, not supposed to go to any shows. It seems like he may be living up to what ever contract that said he had to make one trip to Oz but he is doing as little as he possibley can. I think this final trip may very weill be the end of the whole thing. I think she has opened her mouth and gushed one too many times. Andnow I will post at his tread, because the girl is famous only for who her luggage is, and doesn’t deserve the attention her own thread gives her. I would love to see hardly any posts here.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    she’s the hottest cabbage patch kid alive.

    mush-face rocks – in an odd non actractive way.

  • http://justjared im happy

    for orly that he found someone after kate and him not bieng fotografed means that they are a real couple there is no reason for him to be there it would take the attention from what she went there for that would be her job

  • poprock*

    Everytime we see this girl it mention’s orlando in her interviews and magazine articles this girl has no career besides the fact for being known as orlandos girl and thats what she makes it seem like because when they mention it she is so quick to respond shes gonna be old news in the summer when orlando dumps her!!!

  • http://justjared 23

    i dont uderstand the heat that models who date actors get it’s sad toee women jelous of another women and throu up thier hate

  • Just The Dirt

    I just don’t get why this chick gets so much attention. She looks kind of freaky to me. She’s got that squished face thing happening.

    Sexy Celebrities

  • Jay

    She weirds me out..she has the body of a woman..and the face of a 10 year old. It seems wrong that she acts all sexy cause’ her face looks like my little sisters! Creepy.

  • Ha!

    The only reason she looks like she has the body of a woman is the heels. Without them, she’s gangly and pre-adolescent looking. She’s still goofy in the face too. I don’t get it.

  • mediterranean

    she is one of my favorite models. her eyes and smile are da best

  • blah

    Blah! Thank goodness her 15 minutes are almost up.
    If you really want to see what she looks like check out the pictures of her here with Brandon Davis. Without the makeup artist she is below average.

  • Modelizer

    #29 I think her 15 minutes are just getting started but I give her about 1-2 more years before she’s old news.

  • http://justjared the haters

    i dont understand why she gets so much name calling i see nothin g particulary bad about her sure she is loving the attention that you people give her but where is orlando in all this if she is using him im pretty sure he knows and doesn’t give a fuck i mean he is a 31 years old guy that has been in holliwood for years now he is not an idiot or a child

  • Oh Yeah

    Gorgeous girl.
    Orlando is one lucky b*stard.

  • Take it to the bridge

    I love ya Miranda

  • lola

    in my opinion, without shoes, glam, and makeup she is the opposite of beauty

    she is plain and has no body at all, very not natural and tacky looking all the time

    her interviews are so silly, naive, spoiled, and childish
    no beauty inside or out, especially on the inside

    there are so many other cooler people in the world, lets forget about this girl

  • lola

    just a boring silly plain girl in my opinion

    she is so unhealthy and skinny
    her face is not pretty at all without the pounds of makeup
    when she reaches an age beyong early 20s she’ll have no look

  • Orlando’s list

    Miranda must have more than looks going for her if Orlando’s past interviews are true and legit. Let’s see, I seem to recall him saying back in ’05 (during his break up with Kate ), that he was looking for a “strong woman.” Oh, and he also was looking for “independence, generosity, kindness, thoughtfulness and a sense of humor.” Oh yes, and he would prefer her to be rather attractive, of course. So, I’ll give Miranda the benefit of the doubt, take Orlando’s words at face value, and say she must fit the bill! Why not? Maybe she has all those qualities he’s looking for. Otherwise, she’s just a casual fling-thing. I guess he assumes he’ll find what he wants when he’s ready. By the time he’s ready, though, all the good ones might be taken, as the saying goes.

  • http://justjared pathetic

    pretending to ignore miranda when her threat gets more hits than leonardo dicaprio’s just noticed that why on earth would you pretend to ignore her when all you do is talk about her on the orlando on set that has nothing to do with her picture threat as i said pathetic what are you people 11

  • yikes

    She’s thin, but kinda unpleasant looking.

  • Mika

    Wow her arms are very long and lean. And her legs go on for milesss.

  • Paige

    #6 your suggested models look like typical club hoochs

  • O.M.G.


  • o.m.g.

    what a crock of sh%it

  • Lucky twerp

    HOT girl. That skinny twerp should bow down in gratitude to Buddha every day for the chance to f*** that angel!

  • abc

    This girl is ugly. Did you ever saw Miranda without make up?
    Just scary! Orlando is to cute for her.

  • ace

    Wow all the people in here that have commented and said Orlando didnt come to sydney might be the one of the other foot because he was at the racers with her.. she is amazing and a lovely girl. with or without make up we all have our problems. We should never jugde a book by its cover..

  • damned

    she is so fuc*ing fake! i really hate her,because she is acting some loveliness. Dooh! Can you see that?! Or maybe I’m the one and the only who can see that! … :D