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Moses Martin Gets an Apple a Day...

Moses Martin Gets an Apple a Day...

Moses Martin and big sister Apple head back to their London home with their nanny and grandmother on Tuesday.

Moses, 2, and Apple, 3, are the children of Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Gwyn, 35, has been busy promoting the heck out of her latest superhero flick, Iron Man, out May 2.

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • choolouboutin

    wonky eye

  • Aaliyah

    cute kids!

  • rupert

    awww adorable kids so cute

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    omg! someone cover my mouth before i say something about that little girl.

    rupert, i should kick you in the face for using the world “adorable” on this thread. hahaha

  • suzanne

    VERY odd looking girl – poor thing. Not an attractive kid!

  • Nicole

    I think Apple has an eye condition.

    Moses is cute though. I’ll bet their mom will be pissed they were photographed, she hates that.

  • Eugenia

    The boy is cute.

  • Dee

    They sure do not look like her husband. I knew this was coming. She claims to protect her children but when it’s time to promote her movies she put the kids on the line. This just makes her look so stupid and ignorant when she cover their heads up.

  • Dee

    Their mom will be mad…….What a joke mom is the one that called them. This happens when she has a movie.

  • KK

    do people that say these disgusting words about wonderful little kids consider themselves to be normal??

  • Rachel aka the best!!

    Gosh that kid looks british!
    Apple, I mean.

  • barbie

    Cute little children. Love their outfits and their smiley faces.

  • ZoeyAnn

    omg apple is soo cute so is Moses!!!

    looks like she got a lazy eye in her left eye

    I had that i had to wear a eye patch for 2 hours a day, but it did not do anything so i had sugery to correct it that was neary three years ago

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    LMFAOO @ “eye condition”

    noooooo, you think? hahaha

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Sorry to say, but those kids are not cute, and what’s up with Apple’s eyes?. Kind of scary looking at her.

  • rachel

    Oh course Gwyneth will be hacked off that those pics have been taken. No celebs wants pics of their kids taken.

    Whether you like her or not you have to agree that it is disgusting of the paps to take shots of celeb children. It’s wrong. Gwyneth & Chris aren’t even there.

    Those kids should be able to just go about their day without having to put up with this.

  • Rach

    She has her dress up her arse and hawking her kids no way this is an accident. This piece of work is desperate for this movie to make it. GP must need money real bad.

  • Bo

    Hum what great timing for paps to accidentaly get pictures of her kids. I call bullsh!t. They leaked these pictures now want to make like it’s an accident..

  • realgirl

    who dressed those orphan looking children? all that money and you’d think they’d have on some cute clothing. I won’t comment on their looks cause I know that pisses off the momma’s on this site.


    Moses is Gorgeous..

    Poor APPLE MARTINI looks like Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher! She is an ugly little thing with a wonky eye…

  • kb

    What adorable little angels….Blythe Danner must be in heaven with these precious grandchildren.

  • mickey

    That little girl’s eyes are too far apart.

  • truvy

    It’s horrible to talk about kids, but the girl isn’t cute. All I see is her dad.

  • Ana

    i don’t care who it ticks off, apple is one sorry looking little girl.

  • idk

    they both have wonky eyes. is this why she usually cover their faces?

  • savannah

    Awww…. they’re beautiful!
    How quickly they grow up when they are that age though. You don’t see them for a while and then when you do, they are twice as big/tall as the last time.

  • MAY

    I hope Apples eyes can corrected.

    Poor child!

    It must hurt for a mother to see her daughter’s eyes going that way!

  • thats just weird

    what a wacko she is for naming those kids apple & moses

  • apple

    that girl looks just like her fishsticks mother
    a snobbish perfectionist like gwyneth must be so pissed off that her child has a lazy eye

  • Lillianne

    Why doesn’t she have that poor child’s eye fixed? Larry bit the bullet and had little Dannie Lynn’s eye fixed early enough that she’ll probably never remember having it done. I know the kids are making fun of Apple for more than her fuity name.

  • awwwww

    I’ve never seen such a clear photo of Moses before. The hidden child is finally unveiled. Gwynn was really giving Micheal Jackson a run for his money with that bs

  • Jaye

    It looked like something was wrong with Apple’s left eye, but i thought it was just me.

  • Ely

    Aw look at manzanitas eye

  • maria

    Okay, I don’t see anything wrong with Apple’s eyes. They look normal to me.

  • Candice

    Gee I wonder why Gwyneth and Chris shield their kids….look at the fuckin comments. Their kids. 3 and 2 yrs old. Im sure they will grow into their looks. Apple looks just like here father, and little moses is a cutie. And I think that’s Chri’s mom, not Blythe Danner :)

  • melissa

    Poor girl has a stupid name AND is homely.

  • Alison

    Apple Martini is cute apart from her unfortunate teeth. Moses (how strange calling a little boy that) is very cute though.

  • lilliums

    Wow, I love how people on here are viciously bashing the appearances of two innocent little kids. Just because you dislike their parents doesn’t mean you have to hate on their kids as well.

    It’s pathetic to see people make fun of someone’s lazy eye…grow up, please.

  • Ali

    I thought it was illegal to photograph celebrity children in England when they are not with their parents. It seems wrong to do this. It looks like the children were just out of school. I hope they had bodyguards with them.

  • Adoring Fan

    Beautiful children.

  • bet betty

    The. Reason. To. Cover. Up. Her. Kids’. Face?

    Clear. Now.


  • Shoplittlegifts

    Love Apple, she’s adorable. Looks just like her mom.

  • Darlene

    There is nothing wrong with Apple’s eyes. I have seen her many times. Her eyes are fine.




  • Krissy

    @KK, “do people that say these disgusting words about wonderful little kids consider themselves to be normal??”

    It’s similiar to being a child molester, if you ask me my opinion.

    OMG they are Adorable!!!!! Moses is almost as tall as his big sis! They look like their mom and dad–a little G and a little C. So cute :)

  • Krissy

    Also, the kids (or at least Apple) probably only relate photographers as bad when they are with their mom. She probably doesn’t understand–or maybe doesn’t even realize, why they are taking her photo when their mom isn’t around.

  • Dana

    OMG! Enough about the eye! We get it! You think Apple has a bad eye–and you are all so perfect? Geeesssshhhh. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  • ender

    Apple has a lazy eye. that’s easily treated with glasses or a patch. After the treatment time , if the eye doesn’t get ‘corrected’ surgery is common. does it also appear that her teeth are protruding?

  • mery

    Why so many haters?