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Nicole Kidman: Say No To Violence Against Women

Nicole Kidman: Say No To Violence Against Women

UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman (in YSL) answers questions at a press conference against violence towards women at the United Nations on Tuesday in New York City.

“One in three women will encounter violence in some way, shape or form against them in their lifetime,” Nicole said. “That’s an extraordinary statistic. Yet do we ever hear it?”

The 40-year-old pregnant actress encouraged the signing of an online petition to support the elimination of violence against women.

“I’m a mother, I have a child on the way, I have two children in the world and a lot of (my motivation) is about realizing the things that are wrong and how can I contribute,” she added. “What are the things I can contribute to help my children have a better life and help other children around the world have a better life and other citizens of the world have a better life.

To join Nicole in her fight against violence towards women, visit

Nicole has two teenage children, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, from her marriage to actor Tom Cruse. She’s also expecting a baby in July with her second husband, country superstar Keith Urban.

30+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman saying no to violence against women…

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nicole kidman violece women 02
nicole kidman violece women 03
nicole kidman violece women 04
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nicole kidman violece women 22
nicole kidman violece women 23
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nicole kidman violece women 30
nicole kidman violece women 31
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nicole kidman violece women 33

Photos: HRC/WENN, Michael Nagle/Getty
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  • guest

    Oh wow! Her bump grew over night.

  • Lila

    good for her!

  • Furby


  • Alexanderina

    WTG Nicole and good for you. Thanks Jared

  • Alison

    Good for her and what a great cause!

  • aaaa

    nic looks so good w the baby bump finally showing…..

    i’m signing the petition right know… we need to create a culture of no violence!

    no 2 violence = a better life and world 2 all

  • happy

    That is called “popping” – yes, I remember it well …lol. I barely looked pregnant until almost my 8th month and then whammo – insta pregnant. I swear I went home over the weekend and came back Monday with a new body – it was ridiculous …I had nothing to wear!. People kept coming by my office the next week to see me finally fat – I felt like animal at the zoo on display. I hate to tell Nicole but the next thing is cankles and puffy hands.

    She looks great now though – hopefully all the naysayers can see her wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes, that is not a botoxed face. Navy is a good colour too.

    Thanks for all the photos.

  • gizmatage

    Well, just like many have said, usually close to month 7, you just grew. And I don’t care for those who think she’s faking —- I mean, again, IF she is faking the pregnancy, you’d think she’d be smart enough to look “bigger” so there’s no questions about it. I mean, honestly, think about it.

    Her lip still looks a bit bigger than it used to, but at least the wrinkles are more pronounced, and I think it’s good…..

  • Shakira

    Nicole Kidman is one of those women who are changing the way we perceive all women. She has both intelligence and compassion and represents those women without a voice. She continues in her mission towards helping to prevent violence against women while pregnant and experiencing the most motherly ‘feminine’ time of her own life. Her actions, and those of similar stars can truly become a role model for women everywhere.

  • sweet Nikki

    wow, she really does look fabulous. i can not believe how big she got since last week. what a great cause, way to go nic!

  • lylian

    Good for Nicole for speaking up about violence against women.

    I assume she’s not using botox or anything like that which might harm her baby and you know what, she DOESNT need it. She really looks great au naturale. I love her hair.

  • M

    If you look at the other pictures, she is still not really showing.

  • Eww

    OMG, she has a massive sweat stain in at least one of the pictures.

  • Miranda

    It’s just the dress. If you wear a loose/baggy one, you will look big. If it is a body-fitting dress, you will look tiny. At 40 and pregnant, she looks good.
    And those wrinkles; they were there before, they are there now and they will be there in future.

  • chris

    she look fantastic and her baby bump is so cute!!!

  • Highwayroller

    She’s pure beauty.

  • Orchid

    13 Eww @ 04/23/2008 at 1:12 am

    OMG, she has a massive sweat stain in at least one of the pictures.
    Yes, the fourth picture from the left, top row.

  • rien


    That’s called being human. Sweating is the most natural thing that can happen to a person. I would feel very sorry for you if you never dropped a sweat in your life.

    I am with you Nic. SAY NO TO ANY VIOLENCE!

  • Kidman Rocks

    great cause, beautiful lady. =]

  • kat

    No BOTOX, beautiful to see her face move when she is concentratiing

    The Nic we all love, welcome back!!!!!!

  • jade

    Love Nicole. She is so beautiful. I like her hair that way too.

  • yupz

    she looks so cute! love her soooooo much…

  • 007

    Looking goood =)

  • remember da truth

    Funny how the United Nations has two gorgeous, pregnant Goodwill Ambassadors who are articulate and intelligent (Nicole and Angie!).

    I looked at the closeup pictures and I don’t see any wrinkles, but then I’ve also always thought the outrage over Botox on her face was WAY overdone as she has a very expressive face with a natural look. Porcelain skin seems to drive people over the edge!

    I’m very happy for Nicole to be so fulfilled in her life right now.

  • erik

    This ‘No Violence’ thing has to stop.
    There is NO WAY that violence will ever be eradicated in our society.
    1 in 3 women?
    Oh good lord, I wonder how many men have been beaten to a bloody pulp, how many women hit their husbands, get over it!
    NO VIOLENCE is all well and good but it’s not realistic

  • Helena

    That’s a cute litle bump, some people’s bumps just don’t get too big, she’s one of them. Given that she’s had 2 miscarriages before, it’s like she’s been given a gift, I can see it being premature, though.

  • elia

    Unfortunately, she inherits her Mom’s skin genes. Her Mom has that type of skin that is so super dry and super thin that it wrinkles easily. Plus – she is very fair, blue eyes and those people are the greatest risk (confounded by genetics) to have skin that wrinkles easily. We olived-skinned people are very lucky! I don’t blame her at all if she has to get some botox . . . I would do botox too if I have such skin condition. I don’t why people gets all so huffy and puffy about these kinds of things. It is really no biggie! Botox is just another type of protection and prevention skin care.

  • buckeyegurl

    She looks very cute. I wish her well with the rest of her pregnancy and a healthy baby.

  • http://deleted mystify

    good for you NK!

  • zoe

    she looks really nice. her bump is really visible which is a good thing- been sick of haters saying it is all a fake. i love how she’s taking no risk whatsoever which her child and therefore is wearing christian louboutin’s with kitten heels. never knew they came with such short heels but they’re cute. i also love her hair here!

  • Bess

    Um, yeah great point erik – we should all encourage more violence towards people who can’t defend themselves. Violence is so beneficial for society after all. Why don’t you go tell this to all the people who have lost a family member to domestic violence and get them to stop their crazy campaigning?

    It’s good she is laying off the botox, it is a poison after all.

  • jesse

    Damn gwen stefani STILL looks more pregnant than her and gwens like 4 or 5 months along ….nicoles in her 7th or 8th….that just seems weird to me ….but she looks gorg…nonetheless!

  • I can See!

    there’re some visibly wrinkles on her forehead…
    just take a look carefully..
    That’s really good sign! I always miss the unbotoxed nicole…
    and she’s come back!!! Awww… love her so much!!!

  • rien

    I am very sorry to tell you, erik, that the world is not only USA or Europe. There are many countries where women are less worth than cows or sheep. There are many places in this world that trying to be free is a death penalty for women. There are societies where 8 years old girl is forced to get married and forced to fulfill her duties as wife to her husband. There are houses where women are only seen as birth machines, cooks, and servants.

    So, try to inform yourself a little bit, may be you will be surprised that the world is bigger than you think!

    And yes, NO VIOLENCE TO WOMEN!!!!

  • Slnie

    Remeber this – it will be BOY !

  • katiee

    I couldnt have put it better myself rien.

    She’s looks amazing. As always.

    Unifem is such a great cause.

    I love her bump! so adorable!!!

  • legs

    now i finally see her bump.

  • xxxxx

    she looks amazing. wow i seriously can not believe how good she looks. i havent seen her look this awesome in years. i think she finally laid off the botox. but man, i totally forgot how gorgeous she is i can’t take my eyes off the pictures. i hope she NEVER NEVER goes back to it.

  • Julie

    Finally proof for all those zombie Nicole fans who can’t love her and think she botoxes, though there have been other pics showing it these are very clear, all you have to do is look at the one of her smiling and you see all the lines around the eyes she usually never has…her botox is wearing off because at least she has the good sense to not use it while pregnant!

    And btw many a smart person could argue that using botox is violence against woman, that the whole beauty standard is as such.

  • Rae

    She looks beautiful. More beautiful than she has in years. And she finally popped. I’m glad to see pictures of her involvement in this. I’d heard about her charity work but it’s nice to see pictures and attention given to it.

  • ( . Y . )

    wow…she looks amazing…

  • remember da truth

    Botox is used by men, too, it is not a female thing.

    Botox was originally a migraine medication, and is still used for that. Doctors noticed that there were fewer wrinkles around where the Botox was injected, which usually is base of back of neck, or temples, and that’s when others began to use it for skin care. It is also used for overactive sweat glands.
    Just like Retin-A, an acne medication, was found to reduce wrinkles in the ’80s, Botox was not originally a beauty treatment.

    ALL medicines are a poison, they are invasive, and attack something in the body we want stopped, whether deadening nerves or stopping muscle cramping, or killing bacteria, or fighting toxins. They all could be feared if not used properly. Educating yourself on them is important. To castigate Botox simply because you know the name of the poison is silly.

  • Laura

    perhaps some people castigate botox in particular because it is completely contradictory for actors to use something to paralyze their facial muscles when they are being paid (and ridiculously so) to use them. Vanity and acting cannot co-exist. Take up another profession and I won’t give a crap. But NK’s acting has seriously suffered since she started botoxing somewhere between 2001-2003. Please the ending seen in Margot at the Wedding when she attempts to cry and move her face is pathetic!

  • jami

    I can finally tell she is preggers..

  • null

    Hey – she looks great! And wonderful cause.

    Regarding Botox – I live in LA, and really, it’s no longer a big deal. You just go in during your lunch break and boom, you’re done. I probably would get it later on in life, who knows? But I think the problem with Nicole was she overdid it for a while there. Her face was like plastic. But not anymore. She looks great. I hope she keeps this look even after she gives birth.

  • really

    Could she arch that back a little bit more to push her belly out?

    What a hypocrite? Wasn’t it violence when she had the paps beat up a couple of months ago?

    Well, she is green! She recycled the hair extensions from the CMT Awards – notice the same curls. Her real hair is NOT this long.

  • aSHLEY

    Say No to violence against women!
    Say Yes to violence against photographers!


  • really
  • notbusy

    She does seem to be having a healthy pregnancy. She looks great. I also think she’s having a boy.

  • diane

    omg there is a lot of obsessed kidman groupies here I would think they would get someone that new something about violence instead of these pretenders from hollywood