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OJ Simpson the Next Celebrity Apprentice?

OJ Simpson the Next Celebrity Apprentice?

OJ Simpson has reportedly asked Donald Trump to be a part of next season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

OJ, 60, is a retired American football player who earned infamy for having been tried for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

Simpson really wants to do it. Trump and NBC are thinking about it, but are being very cautious,” a source told the NY Post. “There’s a certain amount of heat associated with Simpson.”

WOULD YOU WATCH OJ on The Celebrity Apprentice?

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  • Julie

    No. I’d boycott it just for that.

  • Lillianne


  • haha

    noooo waykl

  • [marie]

    Nope… I’m black and even I know that O.J. did it…..

  • Why? why? why?

    Can’t believe the Donald is even considering this!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it’s Donald Trump, I take that back. Anything for ratings and to make a buck. At least he just divorces his wives when it’s over.

  • remember da truth

    Only Trump, who loves money and publicity more than morals or good taste, would consider this.

    They wouldn’t even publish his book in the U.S., and yet Simpson is so desperate for the public eye that he went to the one person who loves publicity more than he does for help!


    I really don’t know why Oj keep trying? no one is going to forget the controversy surrounding him. He should just move overseas somewhere. Thats what black people have to do because the public will never forget or forgive them. He will be persecuted till the day he die.

  • rien


  • jami


  • cookfan


  • cryon

    Get over it people!

  • LT

    Boycott! You don’t hire a murderer for ratings!!!!



  • Paula

    NO NO NO

  • diane

    Say it is’nt so

  • Vicki

    Wow. Worst idea ever. Sister Mary tore OJ to shreds at

  • rara


  • lynn

    I’m not sure what “Get over it people.” means. Get over it that he murdered two people? I know, he wasn’t convicted, but we all know he did it. Get over it that he continues to seek publicity? If DT signs OJ up to do Celebrity Apprentice, I will never watch that show again! I will definitely be “over it” !!!

  • the dq

    Oh, please put him on the show.

    The ratings will suck bad.

    Give ALL the monies he would have earned to the Goldman’s.

  • Don

    Did he ever pay his civil case money?

  • Ali

    No. NO. NOOOOOO.

  • NGM

    No. No. No. No. No.

  • me

    NO! That is insane!!!!!

  • TCB

    I think they should give him a try even if he did it what harm can he do to the other contestants KILL THEM ALL!

  • ECA

    How low can you sink????

  • Nicole m

    NO..he’s an effin murderer. He seriously needs to go away…he’s over.

  • Jules

    Donald Trump is considering. WOW, my opinion of him just dropped. OJ is loser and will always be a loser.

  • Tammy

    At first I thought maybe..IF the money for his “charity” could specifically go to the Goldmans. But then I thought no freaking way! Why let this murderer receive ANY publicity and monetary gain from this???

  • Mike v

    Only if ALL the money goes to the Goldmans and the Browns and if the Donald fires him OJ gets the firing squad.

    Donald Trump is a marketing genius, I’m sure he would make OJ the laughing stock of prime time TV. I would definetly watch this train wreck and so would you… Of course Amorosa would need to be involved to complete this circus.

  • lul

    PLEASE GOD NO it makes me gag just thinking about it.

  • Claudia

    why do people keep giving him publicity and fame for the horrible things he did. He doesnt need to be on the appretice he needs to be IN JAIL. in anger managment… somethinggg. I dont understand why people are being continually rewarded for doing horrible things.

  • Sheri

    Marie, (comment #4) you made me laugh!! :) And I thought when I first heard this that it must be a joke. Donald Trump has stooped to an all-time low if he puts this murderer on. If so, I will never watch any of the Apprentices again ~ and I’ve watched every single one of them for five years. And ~ yes ~ if NBC is insane enough to put this heinous criminal on ~ then the money needs to go right into Fred Goldman’s pocket.

  • David

    No. No way would I watch anything with OJ on it.

  • texaschickeee

    there is no reason to give OJ any thing that would benifit him, or his evil ways.

    not only would I boycott the show- I would boycott NBC and every sponser.

    He is such a loser.

  • emgems

    I have been a fan of the Apprentice since day one .. but I will not watch if OJ is on …. that is just wrong !

  • Glenn

    “Celebrity” apprentice is not as good as the original but we would definitely not watch it if it supports murderers. Furthermore we will not likely watch it ever it again if ratings are put ahead of what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • lis

    no– i would boycott this show if simpson was on. so would all the people i work with–and we are major fans of apprentice.

  • lori

    That sickens me – I would not watch the show ever again…

  • whatthemuck

    Hell No!!! who’s the clown crying about black people have to move over seas? what a dumbass. OJ is a punk he has been a smart ass ever since the murder trial and now he is still trying to get his ugly ass mug on tv. It doesn’t matter though cause he is going to jail this time and I hope he serves the max. for what he did and for what he didn’t serve the first time. Hey OJ it’s called “KARMA” asshole and it’s come around. OO Yea!!! I heard he is gay now. We have alot of black ass guy guys running around the south. Why are there so many gay black guys? And for the rest, just cause one ugly ass white girl wants to date you doesn’t mean they all do, so stop using the race card just to try and get a white girl to bed with you. And really we don’t care , it’s boring, old ass news. White girls trying to be wiggers, I MEAN REALLY!!!! our society has gone to shit, guys wearing their pants down showing their asses “QUEER TROLLING” I guess they looking for a man. The south has gone to shit. I guess OJ looking to bust his seams….

  • dean

    Why not invite all the infamous hollywood lowlifes like Robert Blake, Phil Spector and Paris Hilton.

  • Orenthal

    YES! All everyone says is “NO NO NO”…. but these very ppl will all be watchin if he’s on. “Nobody” will watch it yet it will get the highest ratings ever.

  • LOL

    Trump would be dummer than OJ if he considers this move….

    put all the presidential candidates on there…..that would be interesting

  • dan fari

    H—L No!

  • Ladymalu

    Mr. Trump AND NBC listen up.

    Should you make the disastrous decision to allow OJ Simpson onto your show I will boycott ALL of your programing. It is only a button press away. I love all the shows, but I will not miss them. If you are truly contemplating the possibility of having this, albeit acquitted, murderer come into my living room I will NEVER trust you again and will wipe you clean off my radar. Just ask FOX news. I did it years ago and have never regretted it.

    I will not see a movie, rent a DVD, buy a magazine, visit a theme park, purchase a children’s game or popular character merchandise made through any company NBC owns (I will find out who they ALL are).

    I will join the movement that WILL exist after such a heinous and thoughtless choice was made by your obviously out of touch executives that would so arrogantly consider having this monster put in our faces for the sake of controversy and/or ratings (aka: $).

    To say that I would dedicate my time, money, and energy towards spotlighting what is an offensive and unnecessary option that should have been (excuse the horrible pun) killed at the pitch, is putting it lightly.

    You will have given birth to a new television and production conglomerate by putting OJ Simpson on Donald Trump’s show because NBC’s legacy will fall under the fire and Donald Trump will truly be known for his classless acts ( Or should I say it will validate that?) as well as join a short list of deeply hated people in this country.

    I would say think long and hard about this , but in reality (REAL reality) I want you to NOT think about it at all. It should never have made it to the doorways of 30 Rock. Don’t blacken that doorway anymore than it is at this moment. Stop considering this project at once.

    In conclusion I believe if you publicly fire the geniuses that brought this horrific concept to you in the first place you will renew the faithful followers NBC has spent several lifetimes acquiring.

    These are my promises and my opinions.

  • Maureen

    OJ? Who would want to put someone like that on thier TV show. All OJ knows how to do now is lie and murder someone. Is the show that bad they they need any kind of publicity?

  • WAW

    No. I don’t think Donald should use very controversial people that have had a negative effect on other peoples lives. There is no need to try to garner higher ratings at the expense of causing the victims family further pain and grief.


    to all you haters of O.J the only reason i would watch trump would be to see o.j. why are all you people so on o.j. were you there ?what makes you all think you are god now ?don”t hand me that crap that he did it!!! leave o.j alone ! he is where the cops wanted him … he gets life while sex offenders and murderers walk free! sex offenders sign up ! then go find another victim .. murderers get out in less time o.j was sentenced to ! o.k he did try and get his stuff back who would”nt ? but how many people would claim to help a buddy retrieve then wire up so he could get it on tape!..some jerk off who got paid to do it!!you all make me SICK! YOUR FIRED!!!