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Rumer Willis for Wal-Mart's Op Brand

Rumer Willis for Wal-Mart's Op Brand

Young Hollywood stars Rumer Willis, Kristin Cavallari, Christina Milian, Josie Maran, Pete Wentz, Corbin Bleu and Wilmer Valderrama team up for Wal-Mart’s newest ad campaign for the spring/summer launch of Op.

Rumer said, “When you think of LA and the classic surfer beach vibe, you think of Op. The Op collection does a great job representing that lifestyle.”

Pete added, “Everyone can wear Op and its cool. Fashion should make you comfortable and that is what Op does.”

You can shop the original California surf brand at Watch the video of the ad campaign shoot below!

Rumer Willis For Wal-Mart’s Op Brand

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  • LOLA


    Thats really cool

  • Katy

    Way to promote the worst company EVER in the history of the world.
    What a bunch of dolts. Get an eduation losers.

  • Naomi

    This is lame.

  • Chel

    Finally corbin’s doing something lol


    Yay for Corbin!!!

  • Mika

    Are they all really that strapped for cash?

  • Ariel

    Katy, they’re B- celebs. They don’t have the brains to know such a thing. Anyways Rumer’s stomach is kind of gross looking.

  • kate

    is that not the most random group of people you have ever seen .. minus the surreal life????????????? god damn losers.

    my fav. is probably that ugly one.

    oh wait they are all ugly.

    i mean the fat one..

    oh shit the all be fat too.

    i mean the one that is too tan and mexican.

    oh wait he is a slut.

  • Elle

    That seems like the most random combination of celebs.

  • gia

    is anyone freaked out by how rumer and pete look like his and her versions of each other in the pic of them with the surfboard?!

  • Bernadtte

    bottom of the barrel talent for a bottom of the barrel store. makes sense to me. : )

  • Cammy

    what a fakeass statement from pete wentz. they must be gettin paid tons…

  • Jennifer W

    this may sound crazy but oh well. Can i ask what OP is?

  • shannon

    why so much hate on another note thier not ugly i mean christina millian and corbin bleu are far from ugly

  • Face

    Wonderful, all the has-beens are all in one nice photoshoot!

  • Rae

    This group must have come cheap. Why is Rumer Willis the one front-and-center in that pyramid shot? She and Kristin are the ugliest girls there.

    And the rest may be young Hollywood but Josie Maran is 30 and has a kid. She was a name model with some good endorsements. Why in the hell is she doing this?

  • not blond

    What a bunch of losers – WALMART! Walmart rip-offs Americans by buying the cheapest junk from China. Plus, those manufacturing jobs are now gone from the US and in their place are minimum wage p/t jobs at Walmart with no medical plan.

    Don’t these so-called youths have an social conscience? Rumer doesn’t need the money – just a chance to get her fugly face out there.

  • humpty dumpty

    The Willis daughters must curse their father daily for their egg-heads and man faces.

    I can just imagine it….”fcuk dad and his fcukin bald egg-head. fcukin a*shole passing on his fcukin ugly genes”

  • mediterranean

    hmmm, not bad, walmart. not bad at all

  • stella

    LMAO @ 18 ;-)

  • fan

    yaya for kristin she looks like the ultimate cali girl anyways!! soo cute!!

  • smileylou

    why are these people called `stars’? Real stars would not be wasting their time in this crappy advert.

  • HEY EVERYBODY! look, christina millian is actually wearing clothes

  • lil84

    an ad with the Z list… so sad

  • ..

    No matter who Wal-mart picks for the photoshoot of OP, almost everyone will criticize whoever is posing for the ad.

  • Jaye

    Rumor Willis is a Hollywood STAR??? Why the hell didn’t someone tell me?!

  • Kay

    Kate, shut up and stop being racist. Too tan and mexican? Hun, not everyone has the same skin tone and you need to accept that fact; there’s nothing wrong with it. Is there a reason to critize? Look at your many flaws first before you go on critizing others.

  • Just The Dirt

    These celebs are the perfect match for Wal Mart’s cheese factor.

    Sexy Celebrities


    When will Wilmer Valderama grow up and act his age?

    He is like 28 and still acting like he is 19 and dating 18 year olds… GROW UP!!

  • rolling eyes

    why not “OP” for better people to endorse your brand

    Honestly Kristin, Pete and Rumour?…. enough said.

  • siblingRevelry – a JB blog

    Awww – yay! Corbin Bleu!

  • the snatch

    rumer is so ugly. i think im never shopping at walmart ever again and I’m telling my friends not to also

  • http://none es

    omg you people need to chill out with the hate comments! dang what is wrong with all yall calling them people ugly? who are you people to judge? i bet yall are ugly yourselves! :) dont be jealous, dang. but i do agree with the rumer willis comments. the girl annoys me, and she is ugly. you would have to be blind to not realize that.

  • simone

    1. pete wentz for Op? what? he would never wear that shit
    2. how dumb/desperate do you have to be to model for another brand when you have your own fucking clothing company? i mean, come on.
    3. wal-mart?
    enough said.

  • ericka

    Katy @ 04/23/2008 at 11:59 pm Way to promote the worst company EVER in the history of the world.

    AGREED!!…I doubt they even care how horrible Walmart treats their employees. I used to work there…it’s the worst place to work. I quit even though I was broke but being broke was better than working there anyday! It took me 2 years but I got out. It’s a horrible place too work and shop.

  • Cathy

    Walmart has helped to ruin the U.S. ecomomy and stuff their pockets. Anyone who works for them or goes to their store should be ashamed. Boycott Walmart!

  • Kate

    Gross! I’m sick of all the rumer-bashing, but Pete Wentz and walmart? @ #34 Simone: My thoughts exactly. Why is he so desperate for cash? I can’t look at him the same way anymore. Disgusting.

  • celeblog

    Josie still the hottest.

  • Jasy

    Corbin bleusss