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Sheryl Crow Backs Barack Obama

Sheryl Crow Backs Barack Obama

Sheryl Crow is speaking publicly about her endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Here’s the gist of what she had to say via her blog (all references to Barack were changed from Barak because she spelled it wrong each and every time):

“I am proud to support Barack Obama in his desire and mission to see America return to her greatness. I have carefully watched, like everyone else, the campaigns of both the democrats, as well as the republican candidate, and I could safely say that only one candidate is speaking to the beliefs I feel this country was founded on.

“I believe, like Barack Obama, that we can change our future, but not by repeating our history. …And, I will not be deterred in my support of Barack Obama because of ad campaigns that are meant to incite fear in us where our security is concerned, when the candidate running the ad voted to take us into war.”

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70 Responses to “Sheryl Crow Backs Barack Obama”

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  1. 26
    Lea Says:

    bosnia. sniper fire. vote for war on iraq. bosnia. sniper fire. i had sexual relations with that woman. in fact, i did have sexual realtions with that woman. i went through sniper fire. i did not go through sniper fire. i know who i am voting for.

  2. 27
    Lea Says:

    i did not have sexual relations with that woman. i did have sexual relations with that woman. bosnia sniper fire erupted. no bosnia sniper fire erupted. my mind is made up. i know who will get my vote.

  3. 28
    realgirl Says:

    hmmm, in my book if you’re going to endorse a President, at least know how to spell his/her name. I’m not giving BO my vote regardless.

  4. 29
    mickey Says:

    I’m still voting for Hillary. Sorry Sheryl, but thanks for sharing.

  5. 30
    California Independent! Says:

    Obama, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Along with his reverse racist wife, he sat in the pews of the black nationalist church of caucasian-hating and country-hating Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, threw his “typical white” grandmother and mother under the bus to save the skin of his pastor so he could get more votes, unresolved psychological issues from having a caucasian mother with no father to mirror for balanced identity as the father abandoned he and his mother while taking up with three other women (married Obama’s mother while still married to an African with children), political friends with 60′s domestic terrorist William Ayres, friends with a corrupt South Chicago real estate developer, projects his own “bitterness” onto “typical white folks”, and an immature man who gives “THE FINGER” to his female opponent at two separate campaign events because he didn’t like the way the previous night’s debate unfolded. Oh, what is this about a Larry Sinclair?

    Obama is not ready to be President of the United States of America!

  6. 31
    anonymous Says:

    I am tired of and disgusted by the Obama campaign and its dishonest attempts to label Hillary Clinton as a racist. Hillary Clinton has been working and fighting for the rights of all minorities snce the early 1970s. As has Bill Clinton.

    I am also sick of the insulting way that Hillary as a female has been treated by the press, by many Democratic party “leaders,” and by the Obama camp. Good luck to the Democrats winning the general election without their biggest voting bloc – women voters.

    Obama does not have the experience nor has he shown that he has the moral courage or leadership necessary to lead this country. This is not a contest for Prom King. It is for President of the United States.

  7. 32
    smartiepantschick Says:

    Cali Independent

    Explain to me how a man who came out of the womnb of a white woman and raised by her white parents and has an asian sister be racist? Explain that to me. But never mind, just like Hillary said she is more connected to working class people despite making 109 million compared to Barack’s 2 million or she seems to imply she is void of racism yet she is the one raised in a very exclusive rich, republican white family who had no exposure to race until she left home.

    Yet the guy with the multiracial background is seen as the racist. Interesting spin. Obama is equally white as he is equally black. Unfortunately, America has forced him to choose sides. His black side – his father – walked out on him when he was a toddler. He was raised by white folks, but somehow, he’s the racist???WTF?

    Do the math Hill. It’s kind of over unless you pay off superdelegates.

  8. 33
    anonymous Says:

    Oh, yea. I’m going to listen to Sheryl Crow pick a man. She has such great judgment when it comes to men. Please.

  9. 34
    sillyme Says:

    Yeah, Obama’s got some real cool supporters. That jerk Michael Moore, the traitor Jane Fonder, the Black Panthers, terrorist group Hammas, Louis Farrakhan, racist Reverend Wright, Osama bin Laden. Not to mention his bitter wife, Michelle. Wow, I’m impressed.

  10. 35
    college educated and proud Says:

    Why can’t people discuss the obvious: the overwhelming majority of people with college degrees vote for Obama.

    The majority of people with high school diplomas vote for Hillary.

    Hmmm. What does this tell you?

    I am voting Obama. I went to college. I can read, write and think.

  11. 36
    Donna Says:

    well she is a dumbshit!!!!!! He sucks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 37
    Tammy Says:

    I couldn’t care less who Sheryl Crow or any other “star” endorses. Who I vote for is certainly not based on their opinions and I certainly hope there aren’t people in this country who would vote one way or the other based on the opinion of a said stars. In fact, I really wish she and the others would follow the “shut up and sing/act” advice.

  13. 38
    Ava Says:

    Ya, cause I’m going to listen to her. News flash celeb’s; WE DON”T CARE! When theyy do that, it justs makes me like them less! Keep it to yourself. If anyone bases their vote on a celeb, they shouldn’t be voting. Obama is not ready to handle this country. Atleast if it’s Hilary and she gets in deep, her husband was once a president who did a lot of good for this country, he’ll know what to do. I’m sick of being a democrat being a trend. Just about all Obama can do it is talk.

  14. 39
    Lee Says:

    Sherly Crowe is a ***** who makes plays for married men. Voting for someone because they are “cool” is ridiculous. Yeah Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson amd Louis Farakahan are really examples to follow.

    Do these m orons know that Obama wants to raise taxes on capital gains. That means your 401ks, sweeties. His health care plan is weak as well. People who vote for a candidate b/c they are trendy are pathetic and scary. Obama’s supporters say that he stands for change. I bet you 9 out of 10 can’t say what that “change” stands for.

  15. 40
    Karen Says:

    what the **** does she mean let’s not repeat history? Are we repeating history if we elect the very first woman president in history? Shut the **** up Sheryl.

  16. 41
    Vshizzle Says:

    If I ran around saying CHANGE would ya vote for me??

    LOL! The limousine LIBS hurt the candidate….I think HILLARY IS THE BETTER choice….BY FAR!

  17. 42
    whocares Says:

    Nasty, I liked Obama til all the useless media whores chased after him.

  18. 43
    mike Says:

    OBAMA is nothing but a suit.

  19. 44
    marisa Says:

    obama is a stupid s.o.b african american lover. i don’t care what anyone says. this is my opinion and in america, we have freedom of speech, so there i go. all he cares about is blacks. and we ALL know its true. he favors the race of his own ethnicity. he always says ‘we’ as in black people. i’m sick of this man, and i hope he does not become the future president of this country. seriously what has this country come to? i think this man is well spoken, but i think as soon as he wins ( if he does) , he will turn our backs on our white people, since all he centers on is the ‘poor black’ people. i’m sick of it!!!! abortion is wrong, and he believe in that! its this simple- don’t get pregant!!!! why are you pro-abortion obama? tell me please. also, please stop saying ‘we’ as in black folks and trying to connect more with them. it’s insanely ridiculous! come on man! and obama- your not even fair to some. you believe in giving immigrants and new comers of this country & special ethnicities special opportunities. WELL, what about people that were BORN here? and have worked hard for all of there lives that are still slaving away at there jobs, while some people who sit on their fat @sses all day and have 20 children to get more money from the government and YOUR gonna give them welfare!? thats insane! they don’t deserve it. its called GET A FREAKIN JOB AND GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUM @SSES PEOPLE!!! obama believes in taking from the rich and giving to the poor. thats ok with me partially but why can’t the poor people go and get JOBS!? YES-JOBS i said it! you wanna know why? cuz there lazy fat @ss blacks! thats why adn he favors them because he feels so sorry for them because he doesnt want to see his own race suffer. i thought this was america until obama started this whole campaign crap. seriously this guys is a joke!!! stop tryin to connect to blacks , i don’t care how many celebs support you cuz i sure as *** NEVER WILL! you black loving idiot!

  20. 45
    marisa Says:

    and another thing- why should mexicans or blacks or foreigners get anymore opportunities than i should? they come here expecting the whole prize package along with the better life. so listen up immigrants, you didn’t only come here to get a better life, you came here to mooch of off us americans who were actually born here. it’s ridiculous how mexican, african-american, dutch, german, hispanic wetbacks immgrants have a better chance of getting into college than I DO. AND i was born HERE! come on people! and they also get scholarships and garanteed government money that americans work hard for to give up to taxes to give it to some moocher blacks and mexicans. well, i’ll tell u what. my grandfather is 76, and still working hard as ever and can’t retire because he will be flat out broke. Did the government give him money? no i don’t think so hunny because this country is comin to an end. but guess who did get my mom and dad’s tax money!? THE MEXICANS ADN THE BLACKS WHO CAME HERE TO STEAL OUR COUNTRY AWAY. america is a melting pot of cultures adn we are all equal. but this is not true. certain cultures are sooo much favorited. and some blacks STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT SLAVERY! hunny that was OVER 200 freaking years ago! shut your fried chicken watermelon border hoppin mouths already! im frankly sick of this! and obama needs to change this! but no, he’ll go and give the blacks even more money.! ONE THING TO SAY AND ONE THING ONLY-

    JOHN McCAIN 2008

  21. 46
    marisa Says:


  22. 47
    MAC Says:

    i guess im ok with celebs sharing their opinions of canidates with people, they’re normal people too.

  23. 48
    wanj Says:

    To >>> marisa @ 04/23/2008 at 11:11 pm

    I hate to tell you this, you’ll sadly always be a bottom feeder that walks around thinking evil of other people. It’s always sad to see people who think that people from other countries come here to steal their jobs. I’m caucasian, born and raised here and I can tell you unless you’re an American Indian, you have absolutely no right to go around thinking you’re the only one entitled to this great country. You, like everyone else except american indians is an immigrant… swallow hard and accept! Now, stop whining and get to work till your brainwashed pea brain is 76!

  24. 49
    OBAMA 2008 Says:


  25. 50
    Jane Says:

    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.
    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.
    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.
    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.
    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.
    Hillary is a psychotic pathological liar.

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