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Sheryl Crow Backs Barack Obama

Sheryl Crow Backs Barack Obama

Sheryl Crow is speaking publicly about her endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Here’s the gist of what she had to say via her blog (all references to Barack were changed from Barak because she spelled it wrong each and every time):

“I am proud to support Barack Obama in his desire and mission to see America return to her greatness. I have carefully watched, like everyone else, the campaigns of both the democrats, as well as the republican candidate, and I could safely say that only one candidate is speaking to the beliefs I feel this country was founded on.

“I believe, like Barack Obama, that we can change our future, but not by repeating our history. …And, I will not be deterred in my support of Barack Obama because of ad campaigns that are meant to incite fear in us where our security is concerned, when the candidate running the ad voted to take us into war.”

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  • Dianna

    Google ‘Hillary’s lies’ she is a pathological liar.

  • OBAMA ’08

    The prominent politicians have endorsed Obama. Hillary gets the r*d n*ck vote.

  • OBAMA ’08

    Obama is not ready to be President of the United States of America!
    If Idiot Geoge Bush can be president, surely the intelligent smart Barack Obama can do a swell job as president.

  • nora

    Yes yes, Sheryl Crow has learned a thing or two after traveling to Bosnia with Hillary a decade of ago and knowing that there was no sniper and bullets flying over their heads. Sheryl knows 100% why she is endorsing Obama because it is a fact that Obama is the only candidate who has a dignity and good judgement.

    Anyone who has rea autobiographies of Clinton and Obama and has an extensive political awareness of past and present will know that Hillary is nothing more than a corrupt desperate woman with a personal agenda.

    I swear, they say the educated citizens are the ones voting for Obama says it all…. it’s simple as that.

  • G.A.

    That’s predictable, I mean her “friend the communist, holds meetings in his RV.” It’s not shocking she’d pick the candidate on the utter left, though she can’t even spell his name, and her reasons are overused and untrue phrases taken from his campaign and supporters.
    I will be voting for a candidate who will actually do something, who actually knows how to take care of the needs of this country, not a candidate who uses the same old politics but wraps them in shiny new wrapping, blameshifts and can’t handle being questioned even on the most mundane of topics.

  • Sandra

    I support Obama too! I am not surprised that only significant celebrities back Obama, while VACUOUS ones back Clinton or McCain! Go Obama! :)

  • College educated

    Sheryl Crowe is a “significant celebrity,” ha. Good one.

  • eddie jones

    wow im shocked, a leftest-liberal backing a liberal democrat, shocking.

  • Annie Haygood

    Fuck Hillary. She’s nothing but a sellout to Republicans like Richard Scaife. What does it say about her that he financed the impeachment effort against the Clintons in the 1990s and now she’s basically sucking his dick. What a piece of shit whore she is. I’m not a huge Obama fan, but I’d vote for him in a heartbeat over the bullshit “feminist” candidate who has set back women’s rights by a couple of decades.

  • hrc

    Who cares about Sheryl Crow? Barack is an empty suit – all talk no action. America needs another CLINTON!

    CLINTON ’08!!
    CLINTON ’08!!
    CLINTON ’08!!

  • amle

    Barack is for change ??? uhhh ok
    Barack is gonna make your car payment
    Barack is gonna make your house payment
    Barack is gonna buy your groceries
    Barack is for flowers blooming
    Barack is for sunny skies
    Barack is for people eating
    Baracks middle name is HUSSEIN
    Barack is for the MUSLIM world.

  • bet betty

    “… cool and vote for Obama “? BE. Cool?

    Errrr. That’s. The. Exactly. Reason. We. Are. Deep. In. Mud.

    Why. Bother?

  • bet betty

    That’ll. Be. Interesting.

    If. HRC. Goes. Independent.


  • bet betty

    ” …. I swear, they say the educated citizens are the ones voting for Obama says it all…. it’s simple as that. …”

    And. 92%. African America. votes. For. BO.

    I. Don’t. Believe. They. Are. All. That. “Educated”. As. You. Claim.

    Heck. 70%. Probably. Not.

    What. The. Point?

  • bejeebus

    dear sheryl,
    i don’t care what you think about any of these things…just as i know you don’t care what i think….so just try to keep your mouth shut for once…probably impossible for you though…..she’s such a self-important liberal @sshat

  • kells

    Sheryl’s opinion is one of the few celebrity opinions that could sway me. Personally I really hadn’t decided who I was going to vote for between Obama and Hillary. Being from Indiana as an I’m seeing and hearing a lot about each candidate. It’s more difficult for me to trust Obama, but I do believe he has addressed the issues and sees many changes that need to be made. Let’s face it this is another election where for many of us whatever they do won’t do a whole hell of a lot for our own personal circumstances. We have learned to game the system and do with the best that we can. Go Sheryl–See you at your concert in Indianapolis and maybe Caesars Indiana.

  • Ronnie

    Sheryl is no dummy. Too brave, maybe but not dumb.

    Sheryl received a B.A degree in Music Composition, Performance and Education. In University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. And was a school teacher before she pursued a singing career. Sheryl was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. (so we can call her Dr. Crow).
    My point is she is educated.

    Anyway, I would love either Obama or Hillary to be the next President. So, for Sheryl who has been a long-time Clinton friend and supporter to back Obama was a total shocker for me. To choose ones beliefs over a friend is not very easy to do. Perhaps, having a child to think of made it easier for her, who knows. Honestly, I am almost scared for her yet, I do admire her guts.

  • Zaheer babar

    Let’s change the taste and then taste this change.

  • Zaheer babar

    We have seen a showbiz star getting transformed into a successful Statesman and politician but, a politician exposing glamor and behaving as a showbiz star is fully a total and complete failure.

  • Lily

    America reach out and hold onto Mc Cain, you truly have a gem of a man to run your country. What a dignified gentleman.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that Obama is fooling the American public. He was born in Kenya. Is therefore African and guess what ..

    Dont expect much help from Obama.

    Obama should have seen to his grandmothers poverty first (years ago) before he tried to clean up Americas back yard.

    Why is his grandmother still living in such abject poverty if Obama is the hero he makes out to be?

    It would have taken just a few of his American dollars to help her build a better shack.

    OBAMA SHAME ON YOU. Vote for Mc Cain and be safe.