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Suri's $100,000 Birthday Party

Suri's $100,000 Birthday Party

The birthday party held for Suri Cruise‘s second birthday cost a whopping $100,000!

The catering bill for the two parties cost Tom more than $45,000, reveals the insider, who adds that Tom asked his friend, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, to cater the events, reports In Touch.

Tom reportedly filled their Hollywood Hills home with more than $17,000 worth of fresh flowers.

An insider also says that the Cruises spent almost $5,000 on cakes.

“They’re very specific about what they like,” said Jane Lockhart, whose Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in West Hollywood made the cakes. “They wanted [Suri's] cake to look simple and childlike so they designed it themselves, which was kind of interesting. They brought in photos they had seen of butterflies and other cakes.”

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147 Responses to “Suri's $100,000 Birthday Party”

  1. 1
    Ceci Says:

    She is my fav celeb baby… I am first!!! YEAAAAAAAAAH

  2. 2
    penny Says:

    Soo Cute

  3. 3
    Ceci Says:

    That is too much money spending for a birthday party.

  4. 4
    mariana Says:

    second?? woahh haha
    awww she’s so cute (:

  5. 5
    the oc fansite Says:


  6. 6
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    They could have taken that money and given it to a children’s charity in Suri’s name. What a bunch of plonkers!

  7. 7
    lol Says:

    Suri looks possesed in that picture

  8. 8
    oh please Says:

    From the photos that I saw, it looked like a fairly small and simple party. I’m sure they probably spent more than the average family would, but I seriously doubt it cost anything close to $100,000.
    This is just typical tabloid b.s. Intouch knows that a story about a simple party isn’t going to get much attention s othey had to make it sound over- the -top.

  9. 9
    Solène Says:

    Awful picture for a cute little girl.

  10. 10
    peach Says:

    She’s so lucky to be Tom’s baby.

  11. 11
    Abby Says:


  12. 12
    ck Says:

    Years from now she’ll never remember that day. They could have spent that money feeding 10,000 starving kids for a month, And they wonder why people hate them.

  13. 13
    Shar Says:

    ck, ITA!!!

  14. 14
    O.M.G. Says:

    * 7 HEHE!


  15. 15
    zoe Says:

    as scary as the picture is above, i think she looks quite adorable.
    also, i dont believe that the party costed $100,000. he party didnt look the great…it looked like a normal child’s bday party. i simply refuse to believe intouch.

  16. 16
    Emily Jones Says:

    Money can’t buy happiness.

  17. 17
    Yes Says:

    peach @ 04/23/2008 at 10:07 am

    She’s so lucky to be Tom’s baby.

    because Tom Is insane?

  18. 18
    ?& Says:

    piss on them!! Spend some money for charity

  19. 19
    Ha! Says:

    I don’t believe this for a second.

  20. 20
    Karena Says:

    Well, whatever the cost, I just hope it was a party Suri loved and from those photos posted here (and I know it was intrusive for us to have looked at them), it looks like she did. All parents wish to lavish on their kids. The Cruises are just in a position to do so in their own way.

    Way cute, Suri!

  21. 21
    Erin Says:

    These people are just plain sick. There is starving people in the world and they spend $100,000 on a second birthday party. That is a crime. Katie is a robot and Tom is an evil midget.

  22. 22
    vanessa Says:

    and to think they could have done something better with all that money like for instance donate it to a charity to people who need it most!!!!! Does a 2 year old REALLY need that? Will she even remember it for frick sake!!

  23. 23
    paria Says:

    While we may never know how much was spent on the party, I guess we have to accept the fact that Tom’s money is his to use as he pleases…whether he keeps it for himself, donates it to charity or pours it into Scientology…we can sit here and criticize all day long about his lack of charitable work, but in the end, it is his money and he can use it for anything he wants…I am sick of people passing judgment on those who choose to use their money for what they want…nothing is ever enough…even if he was pumping it into charity, people would still find ways to criticize him…

    the individual has to live with the choices they make and I don’t think it’s any of our business to pass judgment on how he chooses to pass his time or money…Regardless of whether you make 20,000 per year or 20 million per year, that money is yours to spend as you please…and since I am sure you wouldn’t want someone to tell you where to put your money, then we shouldn’t tell him what to do with his…

  24. 24
    Iris Says:

    # 8
    I agree cos you’re probably right.

    It’s their money so I guess it’s their business how they choose to spend it but as long as you’re asking, I thinks it’s beyond ridiculous.

  25. 25
    whatever Says:


  26. 26
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    only $100,000 for the #1 celeb-baby on the planet? c’mon tom, step your game up!

    picture someone telling one of you lame ass motherfcukers how to spend your hard earned money – ridiclous, right… now how you lames gonna say how someone else should spend their hard earned money – uh, millionsssssssssssss.

  27. 27
    Sacha Says:

    Oh good grief. It’s highly unlikely that the party cost $100,000. But rich people support a lot of artisans…fine art as well as clothes, food, and so on. Without them we wouldn’t have people making beautiful things. Rich people support charities too. Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful, talented, an rich.

  28. 28
    annabelle Says:

    Is Suri crosseyed?

  29. 29
    ron Says:

    In touch = National e. = star ======== bullshit ! we know it !

  30. 30
    gypsy marie Says:

    Effing ridiculous! And I thought I was crazy for spending over $150 for my son’s first birthday

  31. 31
    carmel Says:

    What’s wrong with Suri? She looks possessed

  32. 32
    nursezac Says:

    Tom Cruise and reality parted company a long time ago.

  33. 33
    anonymousse Says:

    none of our business, but still – RIDICULOUS if true. i would believe it only because people want to keep up with the jonses and in that neighborhood, a day at MacDonald’s ain’t going to do it.

  34. 34
    Ashley Says:

    Nevermind $100,000 could feed an entire village of starving people in Africa for a year…

    Lavish displays of wealth like this are disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  35. 35
    Fanny Says:

    while the rest of America goes into starvation mode…the amounts of money spent of a child of a actor is obscene. Way too much, n over the top. Do u think this will help the kid in the long run?

  36. 36
    MovieWatcher Says:

    cute picture. Too bad they couldn’t have a party away from intrusive eyes.

  37. 37




  38. 38
    Lori Says:

    she is sooo cute!
    it’s sad that she has a cold sore on her lip though..

  39. 39
    ace Says:

    100,000 for her age now.
    what if she turn 16?
    man it will cost millions

  40. 40
    jade Says:

    **** Suri looks ****-eyed! she has a blister on her lip! I hope its not herpes from Tom!

  41. 41
    Lol Says:

    That is just way to much. Since when does two year olds care about the flowers? and **** like that…?

    They don’t.

  42. 42
    [☆c o n c e i t e d☆] Says:

    Cutest. Kid. Ever.

  43. 43
    lena Says:

    Love this baby but again desperation on the tabloids to report any crap.

  44. 44
    anonymous Says:

    I don’t know why people are questioning how it could have cost as much as $100,000? Besides the fact that the source is a tabloid – which, of course, you should ALWAYS question – that figure is not that surprising when you have Puck catering at your home and you use over priced, trendy bakers and florists. Staffing these parties also costs big bucks.

    They could have made it a fund raiser in Suri’s name or, as others suggested, had a simple party for two year olds to enjoy – like a sand box – or like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had for Maddox’s birthday last year – that birthday party looked like an every day home made party with kids in mind.

  45. 45
    black Says:

    Hm……….you just had to put that picture on the front Jared, didn´t you?

  46. 46
    Cheetah Says:

    so many poor kids in the world and this ******** trow a 2 year old a 100000 dollar party!? makes me incredibly MAD!

  47. 47
    Just The Dirt Says:

    Don’t worry Scientology paid for it. She is LRH reincarnated if you haven’t heard.

    Sexy Celebrities

  48. 48
    Kathy is a mad woman Says:

    Who are we to judge them its their money they want to spend it in their 1st daughter that is fine- they make their money-tabloid made a lot of lie- how do we really knows it costs that much-I know it ridiculous to spend that much in a b-day party but it his kid – I am sure is not Tom fault -it probably Kathy – who is obsess with shopping and spend a lot- b/c she is a gold diggers – I think people should stop blaming Tom-cause Kathy really know how to spent- I know it mad that they spend 100,000 dollars – well let see a fact do they spend that much with Tom other kids come on it Kathy evil self that want to spend to prove to the tabloid that she has control -so next time stop blaming Tom – I am not his fan I just write as I see it

  49. 49
    zack Says:

    All this money for nothing… ridiculous

  50. 50
    Ely Says:

    Im breaking the bank as well. My baby’s bday is 3 months away, and Im looking to spend $500 to $1000. A whole grand. Im thinking that’ll make headlines… Seriously who cares this little brats party (who does look a bit evil). No one cares about mine lol

  51. 51
    karen Says:

    I don’t think that Suri is cross-eyed, I think that she was looking up at something that certainly had her excited….looks like almost hypnotized. She is a cutie even if her dad is kinda out there. Saw a picture of the b’day cake, it was very cute, but not $5,000.00 worth of cute. My feelings are that if this was not a “show boating” event, the Cruises would have made sure to use caterers and a bakery that would keep quiet. I am sure that they are out there!! This was for fanfare!!

  52. 52
    Bob Says:

    Holy cow, her eyes are like 3 inches apart, and she’s just a kid!

  53. 53
    hAPPY bIRTHDAY, sURI!!! Says:

    She’s so adorable and this is the first bad photo I’ve seen of her!

    Let’s see….her second birthday costs as a “real celebrity baby” was only $100,000 but the “uncelebrity baby” known as Dannielynn was given that ridiculous million dollar party. I guess her sperm daddy had to squeeze as much money as he could out of the public before the truth becomes apparent as she matures.

  54. 54
    ymca Says:

    Adorable baby and family but I want real pics and real news.

  55. 55
    American Says:

    Why stop there #12? They don;t need a mansion, all those cars or a private jet? No celebrity does actually but I bet you don’t spout this self-righteous crap to other celebrities. I bet you don’t spend all your time feeding the homeless?

    Not only that, if they went the Brangelina route you’d just say it was all for PR. It’s a catch-22. You’re absolutely right, #24

  56. 56
    cyndi Says:

    Spend $100,000 on a birthday party but by all means do not give her penicillan if she is sick because of the whole scientology thing. It also makes me mad that they spend $17,000 on flowers that die in a few days and there are starving children that would love to have $1 bowl of rice for dinner. Shame on them for being so glutenous.

  57. 57
    Concerned mom Says:

    I think that figure is highly exagerated. And altho I think TC could do more charitable work with his money, at the end of the day, he earned it and it is his to spend as lavishly or as carelessly as he wishes. Although the rich people have more funds to work with, we all could probably give more than we do to help those that have less. I mean if you are able to go out and buy a Lexus car, for instance, someone will probably think the same about you–that you could give more to the needy.

  58. 58
    Yuck Says:

    what a waste of money on a baby robot.

  59. 59
    ME Says:

    I think I noticed the golddigger’s entire family there. They seem really impressed with Tom’s $$$. You think they came all the way from the East coast hoping to get a little something themselves? I’m sure Tom had to pay for the flight to get them all there. Money sure impresses some people.

  60. 60
    arbuckle Says:

    I read somewhere that they were going to have a Cirque de Soleil type of party with a Cinderella theme and that it was going to cost a million $. So I was a bit surprised that it only cost $100,000.
    Just goes to show you can’t believe everything thing you read hey! LOL!

    $100,000 is lunch money for the Cruises.

  61. 61
    just sayin' Says:

    arbuckle #61 – Just wanted to correct something in your last statement.

    Instead of “$100,000 is lunch money for the Cruises”, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say $100,000 is lunch money for Tom Cruise. I think this is important because:

    Katie is only a golddigger, she has contributed nothing financially to the “relationship”. She’s probably never earned $100,000 over her entire lifetime. Besides, she’s not even a Cruise. Connor will make more money in his first movie than all of KH’s teeny bopper TV show and miniscule movie parts.

  62. 62
    NikJonass Says:

    Ha ha She’s Cute :D
    But Still, Why would they spend That much Money On a birthday!
    I cant even Remember my 1st B-day. & it was like what, 13 Yrs. ago ha ha.

  63. 63
    Miapocca Says:

    she is cross eyed like anna nicole baby…can be correcrted by usrgey if not already corrected by now…

  64. 64
    Miapocca Says:

    Ok…lavish money so the children haveno perception of reality or the value of he might FALLING dollar that is reminiscent of tommy’s life

    Brangelina does not live contraire private flying lessons and a home in every corner of the globe is not cheap

    JLO is just HO who got smart enough to use her hard working p-ss-y to mak e some dollars..she is obscene in her spending and we should expect no more than a million bucks on the first birthday party..not to mention bling bling for them ..I want to see how Mark anthony explians this to his other kids…

    Tommy is has been, the reason for all the publicity.and turning a 2 yr olds party into a public spectacle…he just raiisng the next sick paris hilton…suri rebellion will magnify her paris traits.

    Pathetic fools..all the money and just sheer emptiness, so have to fkae thier own publicity

  65. 65
    tom c Says:

    Katie is going to make Tom poor at this rate. All she does is spend his money. Doesn’t she know how to contribute to society or help someone in need?
    Can we say S-H-A-L-L-O-W anyone?

  66. 66
    arbuckle Says:

    # 62 just sayin’

    You are absolutely right….$100,000 is lunch money for Tom Cruise.

    And I totally agree with you…Katie is just a gold-digger. She is so shallow. She is just a joke really….albeit a rich joke…courtesy of Tom’s money.

  67. 67
    just sayin' Says:

    Gotta post this link….look at the dumb looking flower halos on everybody’s head. Also, Tom and KH are wearing out the “let’s make everybody think we are in love” fakiness. While they are fake kissing in that photo, look how everyone is just standing there….they must be thinking WTF? Does Tom’s mom, sisters, Connor, or KH’s parents, sisters, etc. not ever say anything about this bullshit kissing and hangin on each other? Probably not because they all think Tom is the Messiah.

  68. 68
    legs Says:

    i agree, she looked possesed in the photo but totally adorable.

    is tom & katie trying to prove to whole world that suri’s the best celebrity child? i mean, it’s too much expensive for a 2 year old birthday party. but anyway, it’s their money so they can spend it whenever they want.

  69. 69
    candy Says:

    WHY some people expect others to donate their money to charities? It’s their money they can do whatever they want. even though donation is a good thing to do.

  70. 70
    Sue Says:

    I agree with Shorty, CK and Erin.

  71. 71
    Terri Says:

    I am sorry but what are they teaching this child and what are they showing their older children. That Suri is all that matters and too bad you are here. I have never meant a two year old who needs that kind of a party, They could of had a very nice family party for Suri and the donated the rest of the money to a children’s charity in her name. I dont think you will ever hear of this kind of expense with all the Jolie Pitt Kids. I can’;t believe I would ever say this but Tom needs to learn from the Joie-Pitt clan, they spend on their kids but also show them tha they are not the most important person in the world. Tom needs to remember where he came from and start to teach his kids some realistic values, it looks like right now they are so focused on image

  72. 72
    Mika Says:

    “…I am sorry but what are they teaching this child and what are they showing their older children. That Suri is all that matters and too bad you are here…”
    I totally agree with you Terri, and I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned something about, you know the “other” two who we don’t ever hear almost anything about.
    Makes me wonder if Cruise ever spent $100,000 on his other children *together* in their whole lifetime, let alone 100k on a friggin toddler….allegedly (rolls eyes).

  73. 73
    lila Says:

    Adorable kid. Silly parents.

  74. 74
    Alison Says:

    What an insane amount of money to spend on a child’s birthday party. I guess it is better to spend it on Suri’s party than to give it to the cash cow that is the Church of Scientology. I am sure plenty of charities out there could have used it wisely…

  75. 75
    American Says:

    She’s not a gold digger and the have a right to spend their money as they please. They look like they’re doing a fine job raising their kids and support charities all the time. Moreso than what you self-righteous hypocrites like #72 are doing.

  76. 76
    solaris Says:

    I think it is inappropriate to have a party which cost a lot of money, when somewhere in the neighbourhood people are hungry (I am talking about HAITI = USA neighbourhood).

    All charity that they did is blown in the wind because of it. Because it shows clearly that actually they give a *** about what happens in the world if it comes to what they want/need. Their daughter is only 2 years old, and they already spent that much money. What for? What the sense of it? I simply do not understand.

    Yes, it is their money. They can do what they want with it. But excuse me, they still live on the earth, don’t they? They can not simply ignore the facts surround them, that people are dying, every day. Babies are dying because of hunger. At least, they can show a little bit compassion, and a little bit love. Or their cult doesn’t teach that?

  77. 77
    American Says:

    Oh brother…

    What do you do for the starving children in Africa, #77? Do you blast any other celebrities for frivolous purchases? Would you devote yourself to philanthropy if you had all that money?

    The answer to all three is No. Selfrighteous hypocrite…

  78. 78
    solaris Says:

    I do not have so much money, but at least I try to give some pennies of mine to children in my neighbourhood. I can not do much about the children of Africa or any where else, but I do this and that to the children in MY Neighbourhood.

    I do not blast anybody good deed, by the way. I welcome any body who’s willing to do any good thing.
    But you know what, I always believe your real intentions will be shown when the time comes to what you will do to yourself. And excuse me, American, I simply can not understand the vast party for 2 years old! It simply doesn’t make any sense to me.

    You asked questions, and you answered them yourself. Thank you for being me. Because I want to be being you, so I can change “your” point of view from time to time.

  79. 79
    Hollywood1Hugefan Says:

    wo0o0oo0oo0w she looks soooooooooo Cute she’s very lucky to be tom’s baby luv her*_*

  80. 80
    Aquarius Says:

    I am waiting to see how TC is going to celebrate Bella’s sweet 16.
    If he lavishes $100K on his “real” daughter, what fraction of this amount of money will he spend on Bella’s sweet 16? And please note, it is HIS money. And I totally agree with “American”, KH is not a gold digger, she’s a parasite. She lives on and spends TC’s money, yet cultivates no sense of fashion nor style. She’s totally shallow.

  81. 81
    regina Says:

    gosh, so many hungry people, and they spend so much with a stupid birthday of a 2 yr old who will never remember this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    American Says:

    Guess what, #79. The Cruises help out with charitiies ALL THE TIME. But people usually convienietly forget or just say that they’re doing it for PR.

    No celebrity needs a huge mansion or multiple cars either but they do it anyway. It’s their money and they can spend it as they please.

    Cruise loves all his children equally, #81. Suri Cruise simply gets more media attention because she’s the biological daughter of an ultra famous actor. Unfair but true and not his fault at all. And Holmes isn’t a parasite.

  83. 83
    Aquarius Says:

    Yeah, right. KH is not a parasite, tell me what she brings to the wealth other than AMEX statements.
    As for TC “loves” his children equally, tell me how much he spent on either “other” children’s 2-year-old b-day party? Nada! Don’t blame you for not knowing for he wasn’t married to a shallow no class parasite like KH.

    And Suri is just the alleged “real” child to TC, but genuine PR stunt for this has been overpriced actor.

  84. 84
    American Says:

    Holmes has a career and brings her own income even if iot nowhere near her hsuband’s but what does it matter to you if she didn’t? They’re married and Cruise doesn’t seem to mind so why should you?

    His love for his children cannot and should not be measured by how extracagant their birthday pasrties are. You’ve seen him spending time with his other two children and supporting them and that should be enough eveidence.

  85. 85
    Tammy Says:

    aww how cute

  86. 86
    Miapocca Says:

    Poor AMERICAN…

    Tom cruise minds a whole lot…

    She signed a prenup
    not to forget he divorced his second wife a mere seconds before their 10th anniversary so she wouldnt get his mullah

    HE DOES MIND..a lot!!

  87. 87
    American Says:

    He divorced her AFTER the ten year mark

  88. 88
    me Says:

    They were legally separated and a divorce action was initiated before the ten year mark. The divorce was finalized after the ten year mark.

  89. 89
    American Says:

    Married December 1990, Filed for Divorce February 2001

  90. 90
    solaris Says:

    Ah American, American! How I love your naivety! Of course they have the rights to do what ever they want. But you can not simply ignore the fact, that it was a birthday party for 2 years old child. My mark was that it was inappropriate. Especially not now, when THEIR NEIGHBOUR are crying out for hunger!

    It’s just like your neighbour can not afford anything to eat, and you made a huge party for your new born baby. Halloooooooo? Is there something missing here? I mean $ 100.000!!!! It’s more than I ever earned!! Not only that his wife is shopping, shopping, and oh forget, shopping…then may be, just may be, working…..then shopping again, and now…!!

    Charity? Oh ja, we can do that. Do you really believe that Cruise will sweep his charity action under the carpet? Do charity ALL THE TIME?
    Are you really that naive?

    For me, Nicole is away from Cruise. Period. Thank God! And now she’s pregnant. NOT WITH TC! THANK GOD!!!!!!

  91. 91
    saMMY LEE Says:

    In most pictures I have ever seen of plain-jane Suri, she looks either cross eyed or mentally delayed. If it was just one time I wouldn’t be
    concerned. When I see it multiple times I wonder — Don’t these parents
    ever really look at their child and think that something might be wrong with her. Just because someone is rich , it doesn’t mean that every
    thing is a o k. Just wondering. Is it just me? Has any one else out there
    noticed that look she has?

  92. 92
    American Says:

    Doing anything frivolous isn’t inappropriate, #91. There’s nothing wrong with that party or nothing wrong with shopping. They’re fee to spend their money as they please and do help charities much of the time. Actually, they donate more than you ever will.

    Suri Cruise is a normal healthy child, #92.

  93. 93
    Miapocca Says:

    Is American that same other guy who lives on just jared and respond to every two notes on this board on tom..I think his name is Yorick or whatever…American go pour our some naicin and should know by now you are in the minority and your foolish support is just almos admirable for a guy who probably doesnt give a **** about you if he see you at the shitology center

  94. 94
    Aquarius Says:

    Yeah right, they donate to the charity? which one? COS? C stands for cult.
    Yes, TC and KH do have rights to spend TC’s money anyway he sees fit, but we also have right to question and criticize as well as compare. I can hardly forget that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave $8 mil to the charity. They may not sit on such wealth as TC, yet they give a sustancial part to worthy causes.
    ‘ Course, you’re going to say, well TC has the right, whatsoever.
    But I am just saying, you cannot stop people from from comparing, or even judging the class of TC and KH.
    And to me, I don’t think they have any.

    And another thing, I do find Suri look less and less alive. Other people commented before that she does show some typical signs of ASD.
    To me, she looks enormous for an alleged 2 year old.

  95. 95
    Miapocca Says:

    Yeah but you should probably read nicole story on the divorce…first he has the 10th wedding anniversary then claim they a few months up to the 10 year due to something about their wedding date or other…

    You dont really think a greedy midget liek tom will want to share his money with a mindless HO he bought off the backwoods of Ohio, would you

    I am quite ecstatic to see Nicole Kidman happy and PREGNANT with A MAN!

    Who is Suri ‘s father again and was there ever a legal wedding certificate filed..ahahhaha

  96. 96
    Aquarius Says:

    Well, let me spell it for you, American.
    I see TC and KH have only bad taste with no class.

  97. 97
    Aquarius Says:

    Hey, poor poor lonely american, where are you now? Somewhere in the basement? Waiting for your whoppy $86/ month check to come it?

    Just let you know, not only that you cannot stop people from comparing how much money TC gives to the charity against Brangelina’s record, also, people will compare how differently Suri and Violet A. play.
    Check this out:
    This is how “a normal healthy child” play. Not like the photo opp of TC and Suri all dressed up to “play” in the park.

  98. 98
    sherri Says:

    This is one of the symptoms of the sickness of this society… greedy, ultra-rich celebrities wasting this kind of money while sooooo many people suffer, and we all support it and celebrate it. Hey Tom and Katie: I for one would respect you if you had taken that same money and fed starving children somewhere in this cruel world.

  99. 99
    Debbie Says:

    She’s adorable…doll baby I didn’t even pay that much for my home…wow must be nice

  100. 100
    American Says:

    My name is American #94 and it’s really dumb and hypocritical to attack me for replying to TomKat related items when you do the exact same thing.

    The two were married LA before their Italian nuptials, Cruise is the father and the kid was born on April 18, 2006.

    That’s the thing, #95. You’re no one to judge and what you’re doing is ridiculous and selfrighteous. They can afford the party, have the roght to spend as they please and you yourself aren’t an active supporter of the starving children in Africa or whatever charity you pretend to care so much about and you wouldn’t do the Bragelina thing or even donate to charity in behalf of your child for their birthday if you had the money. I’m also talking to you, #99.

    Suri Cruise is always dressed up so comparing kids to see if they take her out for photo ops is pointless. How exactly does a normal child play?

  101. 101
    Miapocca Says:

    American, you just seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time making sure to respond to every single post..thats quite a sickeness in itself and one has to wonder how many pititful dollars you are being paid for..and are teh shitologists running an ad on Justhjared..

    As long as I am concerned if the smoking gun doesnt have the legal document then it didnt happen…they have midget boy divorce papers from nicole…intresting reading that…

  102. 102
    Miapocca Says:

    in anycase enough about american back to the reason why I fequent this thread..can you believe what these shitologist do to thier must be quite harmful for thier personal development..Suri is going to go through this nonsense?

    Leah remini is probably the shitology mother of the year for this..and it seems the shitologist are mounting a personal campaign to welcome people into thier homes, not realizing how completely deranged they come across., its been a while since they socialized with normal society

    Have you noticed remini claims to be good friends with the cruises, yet she is hardly ever invited out to any of their events, I gues tom likes to be photograohed with non shitologist during his recruitment efforts.hahahah PATHETIC…

  103. 103
    Miapocca Says:


  104. 104
    Aquarius Says:

    Poor poor American!
    You can’t force people to respect celebrities simply because they are rich and famous.
    You’ve gotta show class and taste. When I look at TC and KH, I see only bad taste and no class. You honestly believe they donate and serve for some worthy causes all the time? Think about it! TC’s people will set out rescue stories that no one can confirm, yet to withhold their charity donation? Something should be stated on their tax return and stored in public records?
    I don’t believe you would be that naive. See at least I show you some basic respect.
    And anybody can judge. This is not an exclusive privilege that I assigned to myself. You are judge me in your previous posts too.
    If you don’t want to be judged, hide.
    TC rakes in tons of money simply by showing his face in the movie,. of course, he should be the receiving end of judgment. KH is willing to sell her soul to TC’s Amex card, why can’t the viewers judge her? They paraded the alleged “real” daughter in New York to attract, no actually invite paps to blind Suri with flashes, of course, the on-lookers can judge them.

    To appear so wish washy that you cannot judge TC’s way to spend money, you’re such a pathetic character.
    He has the right ti spend, but I also have my right to judge and to compare. Because unlike you, I have a head, and I use it.

  105. 105
    Aquarius Says:

    Poor, poor American!
    The difference between Suri “playing in the park” and Violet playing with her mom sits squarely on the manners of the Children.
    Suri was confused and isolated, standing in the park, not knowing what to do, while Violet was vivacious, energetic and happy. She’s so free to be herself with her loving mother.
    One the other hand, Suri looked just like a robot with low juice, needed to be put back on charging, or changing too.

    This is the difference and if you can’t see it, you’re fooling only yourself.

  106. 106
    XyeahXwatXevahX Says:

    that is so damn crazy
    and in 14 years i do not want to be hearing about her sweat 16
    thts all im saying
    o and seriously Tom its called charity not how expensive can i make my daughters 2nd birthday…how likely is it that she’ll even remember?

  107. 107
    American Says:

    But I sure as hell don’t respond to every single post, #102. Actually, you do that. How ignorant of you not to believe that there’s no certificate just becaause a silly website doesn’t have it. Leah Remini was at their Italian nuptials. Why is Remini’s lousy parenting a result of Scientology influence rather than just lousy parenting?

  108. 108
    American Says:

    “You can’t force people to respect celebrities simply because they are rich and famous.”

    When did I EVER say that, Aquarius?

    You make a lot of assumptions stating them as facts. TomKat does donate and you’ve seen them attending charity events all the time. You can only judge his acting but not his character since you don’t know him. Katie Holmes is happy and never ‘sold her soul.’ You can’t judge how a person spends their hard earned money especially when it’s for throwing a party for the daughter they love and also because you would be spending all your time and money not supporting charities but on your self.

    So what if two different kids behave differently at a park? So what? Especially since you judging Suri Cruise on only one set of photos from one specific day and she’s usually happy and carefree.

  109. 109
    solaris Says:

    “They donate more than you will?” what a pathetic argument!! It is not about who donate what or how much, but it is about social feeling. You know, “understanding about the world?” THE WORLD, may be it is a new word, to you?????

    American, you criticize everybody who you think saying things without any facts. What about you, my dear? “They donate more than you will?”, “Katie is happy, and never sold her soul?” You ask everybody to address you with your name. What about you, my dear? You NEVER address me with my name.

    SO my dear, not only that you don’t care about THE WORLD, you also don’t care about anybody else. Sound familiar……that’s right, my dear. You are just like your idol.

  110. 110
    littlemissnomanners Says:

    who cares how they spend THEIR money…

    if i had millions, i’d also spent thousands for MY party..

    im a selfish *****

  111. 111
    littlemissnomanners Says:

    BTW, she’s a cute baby

    so **** those jealous *******

  112. 112
    libraesque Says:

    #83, please back up your comment re:charities.
    Please list ALL the charities they ALWAYS give to because they DON”T…not that I’m aware of, so please share any information you have on their charitable works, and please don’t bother listing any that have anything to do with $cientology, or $cientology front groups…..obviously.. they don’t count

  113. 113
    GET over it Says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before the brad/angelina comparison started. It’s strange to me that we all know about their donations and every time they give or do something for charity we hear about it. They don’t have a monopoly on charity giving, there are plenty of celebs who give to charities but don’t have to publicize it every single time. For all we know Tom Cruise gives more money that “Brangelina” we just don’t hear about it all the time. Looks like Brangelina is getting their money’s worth with all the publicity they get. Only don’t forget 4 million of the 8 million was because they sold their baby. Yeah, yeah I know but they donated it to charity :rolls eyes:

  114. 114
    Janie Says:

    to: libraesque @ 04/28/2008 at 7:04 pm

    WHO CARES WHAT CHARITIES THEY GIVE MONEY TO!! I doubt you would give any money to charity if you had it. Most people like you are always saying “they need to give money to charity, they don’t need to be selfish, blah blah blah” Just mad because you don’t have their kind of money. What do YOU do to help others, that’s what you should be asking yourself.

  115. 115
    libraesque Says:

    to #115, this thread ISNT ABOUT ME…what I do in my private life is irrelevant on this gossip blog because I’m not a celebrity.
    I’m ASKING American to list the charities that he is claiming they ALWAYS give to ALL the time…I’d like to know, because frankly if you’re going to make a statement like that as if it’s fact THEN BACK IT UP.

    #114, I’ll dumb this down for you since you appear to need it that way.

    Do you have any idea what a celebrity UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador is??? NO? I didn’t think so. You may want to educate yourself before you open your ignorant pie hole.

    ITS A JOB.

    from their website, in case you want to EXPAND your thinking
    While our Goodwill Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds and have different skills, they share one thing in common – an unstinting willingness to use their time and influence to help those who have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution or conflict. This commitment is invaluable for UNHCR and that’s why we treasure them so highly.

    UNHCR Goodwill Ambassadors like Angelina Jolie, George Dalaras and Barbara Hendricks communicate the message of respect and compassion for refugees to the general public in a uniquely powerful way. They are serious, committed and engaged with our mission.

    These celebrities use their privileged access to mass media and other resources to give a voice to refugees, who are often victims of forgotten humanitarian crises and who often suffer from uninformed negative stereotyping. Our Goodwill Ambassadors are uniquely positioned to make direct representations to those with the power to effect change.

    GET IT NOW????? She wouldn’t be DOING HER JOB for them if she were like the “plenty of celebs who give to charities but don’t have to publicize it every single time.”

    you unmitigated idiot

  116. 116
    GET over it Says:

    libraesque @ 04/28/2008 at 8:00 pm

    You sound so intelligent yourself. Get off your high horse and stop pretending you are so intuitive. All you know about UNHCR is probably what you read in gossip magazines.

  117. 117
    Hovan Says:

    First, let me start by saying Happy Belated Birthday to an adorable little girl! Second, I’d like to slap some sense into TomKat….$100,000 on a 2 year olds birthday party?? Come on. I think the world would be a much better place if instead of spoiling celebrity children, donations to reputable charities are given in their honor. Does anybody rember being 2? No. Ever seen an American Veteran with out food, clothing, and shelter? Yes. Ever seen starving children in America and abroad? Yes. Kids are great I have one of my own, but NEVER would I spend $100,000 on his birthday party, and hopefully in the way he’s raised he’d be ashamed of me if I did.

  118. 118
    Hovan Says:

    First, let me start by saying Happy Belated Birthday to an adorable little girl! Second, I’d like to slap some sense into TomKat….$100,000 on a 2 year olds birthday party?? Come on. I think the world would be a much better place if instead of spoiling celebrity children, donations to reputable charities are given in their honor. Does anybody rember being 2? No. Ever seen an American Veteran with out food, clothing, and shelter? Yes. Ever seen starving children in America and abroad? Yes. Kids are great I have one of my own, but NEVER would I spend $100,000 on his birthday party, and hopefully in the way he’s raised he’d be ashamed of me if I did.

  119. 119
    GET over it Says:

    To: libraesque @ 04/28/2008 at 8:00 pm

    Are you kidding me, this is your retort to prove your intelligence over me? You copy and paste from a website about UNHCR but my comment had nothing to do with their affiliations, please go back and completely read something before blasting this tripe. I will dumb down what I said for you as well……. Why do celebs want to cash in on their charities, if it is for a good cause then do it, but no need to blow your own horn, Angelina and Brad are the worst about patting themselves on the back…….. anyway I am sure this rules your life but not mine, plus you bore me.

    PS, what kind of genius still says piehole, any who thanks for the laugh and best wishes :)

  120. 120
    libraesque Says:

    “All you know about UNHCR is probably what you read in gossip magazines.” Wow, once again you’re proving what a f ^ c k i n g uneducated idiot you are.
    That info is from the official UNHCR website, you dolt.

    I dumb down the concept to a third grade level and you still come back with this…”if it is for a good cause then do it, but no need to blow your own horn”

    let me see if I can explain this to you so that your oatmeal for brains can comprehend.

    Lets say you are given the JOB of raising money for your local charity by….say, having a bake sale. You, being the j a c k a s s you clearly are, don’t put up any signs for the sale, don’t verbally tell anyone about it, don’t advertise in the paper, nothing, AND you have the sale in your garage…with the door closed.

    How much money do you think you’re going to make for that charity? Have you FAILED that charity by not using every means possible to let as many people as possible know about the importance of your charity?


    AJ, BP and ALL the other celebrities out there bringing global awareness to needy causes ARE NOT FAILING

  121. 121
    Aquarius Says:

    Too bad! Like I said in my previous posts, you cannot stop people from judging celebs and making comparisons.
    We are only people. Human nature. Compare and contrast. This is whta humans do.

    Don’t want to be judged and compared? Then don’t show your face! $cieno cheap labors get jumpy every time the comparison between AJ+BP comes up.
    For what?
    I know, simply because under the light of AJ+BP, the Cruises show only bad taste and no class.
    That’s why entry level $cieno cheap labors dis others when they compare.

  122. 122
    libraesque Says:

    you hit it #122…right on the snout.
    I picture them sitting in a room like telemarketers…..tapping away day and night for $2.50 a day……….and I imagine they are put into groups. One group trolls the internet in the “Tom is HAWT!” group. The other group is the “Katie reminds me of Jackie O., so klassy!” group. ANother is “Suri is the cutest celeb baby, Shiloh is ugly” group. And last but not least the “Brangelina should do their charities in silence” group.

    I notice American was posting every 3 minutes until asked to back up his statement of “The Cruises help out with charitiies ALL THE TIME”

    btw #114….in response to your comment “For all we know Tom Cruise gives more money that “Brangelina” we just don’t hear about it all the time”……………..REALLY? I guess you didn’t hear about his “fundraiser dinner” for a $cientology front group detox center in NY for firefighters………..the tickets were 100,000.00 for a table of 8.

    The detox treatments can run as high as 6,000.00 for saunas and vitamins

    THAT is the only “charity” he’s done that I’m aware of……….oh, that and buying himself an award from Mentor L.A in 2007…..don’t know what that is???? Neither does anyone else because tc has never spoken about it or tried to get anyone involved or educated on its purpose.


    coincidentally his partner Paula Wagner was on the board of directors right before he bought….I mean was given his award, and was NOT associated with the group right after…..the same goes for Brad Grey…..of you guessed it….Paramount

  123. 123
    Idiot Says:

    to libraesque @ 04/29/2008 at 12:12 pm Are you really as stupid as you sound. Your insults are so clever.

  124. 124
    to libraesque Says:

    You must have a lot of time in your hands.

  125. 125
    American Says:

    Jesus, #120. You’re acting as if they stole from a charity or decided to not spend charity they were hoarding and spent it on a party,

    It’s their money that they earned and and can spare and can spend as they please. This is really hypocritical since I’m sure you’re no activist for the starving children in Africa and you would spend things on yourself if you were a millionaire.

  126. 126
    HATERS Says:

    All you people need to look at yourselves, jealous because your broke axx can’t afford a party for your brats maybe even food for that matter.

  127. 127
    libraesque Says:

    #124…’re a little too transparent…you’re intimidated, obviously…….you too #125…that is if you’re different than #124

  128. 128
    to libraesque Says:

    No one is intimidated by you. OH NO!!!! You might come through the computer and kick my axx, I am sooooo scared!!! Take the stick out of your axx and don’t take these posts so serious. I am poster #114 and I still don’t understand why you are rambling on when I clearly did not direct my original post to yours. You must really be full of yourself to think anyone was taking your comments into consideration.

  129. 129
    cara Says:

    @ American @ 04/29/2008 at 7:46 pm

    I agree with you, all these people are so obsessed with what others are giving or not giving to a charity. Self righteous axxholes, I like to see what they are doing with their money.

  130. 130
    solaris Says:

    Come down libraesque! At the beginning, we only asked why for a 2 years old child, TC spent $ 100.000. Don’t we think that it is better if they spent that amount of money for something better, considering there are so many hungry children in the world.

    And the followers start accusing us to be jealous, and obsessed about giving and not giving! And accusing us not to do any charity at all, as if they did!

    Do you see something here, my Friend? As soon as we “even” ask about any thing that TC does, the followers take defending position. They can not separate anymore between their admiration to an actor, and their position as a normal citizen.

    And I think it is pathetic and sick.

    Let me tell you what I think about TC:

    1. As actor, he is not my fav. For me he plays the same role: a looser, or second best man who at the end of the day saves the world. Or, at least a looser. O yes, he tries to play a father in WOW. A lousy father. But important is, he saves the world. For 25 years or more, only once he played differently: Collateral. Some good action movies, but basically, the same role. In Magnolia? I saw the interview from TC in the Last Samurai, and he did it the same as his interview in Magnolia (in the role as Frank Mackey) So, who is TC and who is Frank?
    2. As father, he is not my standard as a good father. Somebody who let his less than 2 years old child stay awake until late, I don’t know Mein Lieber…O yeah, playing in the park, watching football that is a minimum thing that a father should do.
    3. As husband, I can only see from many photos from Katie, sad and depressive. Is he good? Is he bad? I can not say. I don’t have facts.
    4. As businessman, he must be good. Otherwise, he will not survive in the jungle of HW.
    5. As a person, anybody who teaches scientology is dangerous to me.

    Any objection, I am open. Because, at least, I don;t close my ears and eyes for my surrounding. Call me jealous, call me stupid. But at least, I am willing to think!

    So, Mein Lieber. Enjoy your coffee or cola! I am with you.

  131. 131
    libraesque Says:

    amen #131
    #129 if this is true “You must really be full of yourself to think anyone was taking your comments into consideration.” then why are you responding to my posts over and over???

    Jesus, how many user names do you have? Lets see……….. “to Libraesque”, “cara”, “HATERS”, “Idiot”… many others????

    Why can’t you comprehend that it DOESNT MATTER what anyone on this board does with their money, or what charities they give to??? This is a TOMKAT THREAD
    This is a GOSSIP SITE

  132. 132
    masha Says:

    Libra, poor looser…. For 3 years with no weekends you stink on all TC sides with full of bigotry. Sorry darling, this family is gorgeous.

  133. 133
    Aquarius Says:

    Suribot 2.0, allegedly, in actuality, she should be close to 2.5 now, she’s still sucking the bottle!
    Another Sofia “Pot Belly” Pagan in the making!

  134. 134
    sara Says:

    She is a very adorable litle girl. “I personally feel” that it’s too much money to be spending or wasting on a 2 yr. old. So many can be fed with that money. Will she even remember this day?

  135. 135
    libraesque Says:

    #133, I know you’re trying to say something………what could it possibly be????

    Learn your ingrish mo betta, then maybe we can go a few rounds

  136. 136
    American Says:

    Thye can spend as much of their hard earned money on whatever they please #136

  137. 137
    CiCi Says:

    Would you buy the child some shoes please on your next shopping spree!

  138. 138
    libraesque Says:

    get a grip #137, when did I ever say anything about how much money they spent? 100 grand is chump change for these people, imo they got ROBBED, that party looked hella ghetto!

    I notice you never backed up your claim of what charities tc gives to ALL the time

  139. 139
    vicki Says:

    Suri is so sweet, but why would a 2 year old need $17,000 worth of flowers to celebrate her birthday. The cake was adorable but not for that price. I checked here in my home-town on the east-coast, and found bakers who could duplicate it, for $150.00. I think Sweet Lady Jane saw the Cruises coming, or smelled their wallet floating through as did their florist, and took advantage. {as most do in L.A.} The florists here dropped their jaws when they saw the pictures, of “nothingness”. One said they could have done it here and shipped it cheaper, than TomKat paid. How sad. But it is their, hard earned money, to throw away, as they say. Still, Suri and Katie are beautiful.

  140. 140
    cyoung35 Says:

    I guess it’s all reletive to how muych money you make. them spending that much on her birthday is like us spending $100 to $500 on ours. Must be nice.

  141. 141
    Michelle Says:

    Suri is a precious beautiful little girl and I don’t begrudge her parents wanting to make her birthday special. Nor do I believe they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the money they rightfully earned. That being said though, with the economy in the horrible shape it’s in and so many families struggling just to keep a roof over their heads, buy groceries and make ends meet, this story is quite sickening. It is a disgusting reminder of the “haves vs the have nots”. How much could even HALF of what they spent for this party helped some children less fortunate with something as simple as having a meal, new clothes, even a toy? I guess that doesn’t matter as much to celebrities though as getting their names in the headlines and their pictures all over the web…

  142. 142
    Laura Says:

    I think its insane, not to mention, what is really sad , that Mike Tyson ‘s daughter passed away yesterday and will not ever see a birthday cake, ever again, or a barbie doll, this makes me sick. Im not impressed and could care less, the loss of a loved one , there is no amount of $$$$ in this world that can replace a loved one.. The only thing I can say is money is the root of all evil….

  143. 143
    BRITTANY Says:


  144. 144
    BRITTANY Says:


  145. 145
    BRITTANY Says:

    I thik that that is way to much money to pay for a party i \even thik you should have a cheap party and that is more fun than with a lot of cash

  146. 146
    phil mckrackin Says:

    Suri-tard. That says it all.

  147. 147
    fiona Says:

    she is tanking advantige of her mum and dad

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