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Angelina Jolie Has the Marino Munchies

Angelina Jolie Has the Marino Munchies

Mom-to-be Angelina Jolie (in Catherine Malandrino) is yummy in yellow as she makes her way into Italian eatery Marino Ristorante in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon.

“Cooper” shoulder bag in smooth calf and cream by Anya Hindmarch, flats by Repetto.

While at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, Angie, 32, revealed that she “felt kicking suddenly…in the middle of the event.” She added, “It is a very special time in our lives.”

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie leaving Marino restaurant…

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angelina jolie marino 02
angelina jolie marino 03
angelina jolie marino 04
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angelina jolie marino 08a
angelina jolie marino 09a
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angelina jolie marino 12
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Credit: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios; Photos: JFXOnline, Michael Wright/WENN
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  • lulu

    diablocody @ 04/25/2008 at 12:05 am
    Showing those pregnancy boob is better than the pushing 40, sit com hag, parading those wax coochie, butt and sagging boob to the the public every week. that’s what really disgusting !!

  • guli

    piper, with a low @ 04/25/2008 at 12:20 am If someone’s conplaining about blue veins on breasts, then clearly they either don’t have enough boobage or they don’t have enough access to them.

    OMG— piper !!! That was a great one….. ROTFLMAO :lol:

    Hi alia, yes, micro, faye88, great momma (great post ITA)

    Shout out to—Mondo Bongo, Sheri, Coal, AG, NY Lurker, Ell, Estelle….

  • truth

    X’s fans are just so jealous that they don’t get to see their idol in all sorts of pretty maternity dresses.

  • Lauren

    To #138
    No. I am not jealous at all.
    I actually am a big fan of Angie but the double standard we are giving to the “stars” is a joke.
    If I did what she is doing, I would be called every name in the book.
    She’s a lovely woman and a great actress but if you are having children and raising kids , you should get married.
    I think she’s wrong in that regard.
    OR let’s lower the bar for all of us.
    Why should movie stars be treated so much better than the rest of us???

  • GOSH!!!

    hmmm lots of Fugly Females from FF posting on JJ guess they miss Angelina Jolie a lotttt ! LMAO!!

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    LOL. This thread is funny. Haters are too hilarious. Anyway, Angie looks gorgeous. So glad to see her out and about. :)





  • ….

    #155…in your first post you called her a slut. Now in this post you say your fan. Doesn’t seem to match, the first post and now this one LOL

  • Faye88

    Hi Alia –

    Yeah…it’s definitely funny reading some of these posts from the clucking hens or hen. Definitely suffering from a meltown when you have to resort to complaining about a pregnant woman’s breasts. Jealousy sure is a bitch. LOL! :lol:

    I’m really getting excited about Cannes. And can’t wait to see both Angie & Brad on the red carpet. One color I love on her is that light orange wrap she wore in Lara Croft: Cradle of Life where she’s with the monks. She looked stunning.

  • neer

    Sometimes I imagine all the exes of Brad such Jennifer, Gwynet etc. and his present ladylove Angie will be on the situation just like how the Ms. Universe during the Question-and-Answer portion is conducted, only with a twist.

    The scenario is like this:

    All of them are invited in a big show (televised world-wide) but each of them had no idea that other women are also invited. They are on the stage but they can’t see & hear one another as there are sound-proof booths for each of them.

    The only point of entry & exit are each booth’s front & back doors which are made of glass. Only the host, audience & judges can see & hear them.

    Variety of questions from all sorts of topic will be directed at them by a panel of judges representing from all walks of life. For every question, each of them will answer one at a time & be given reasonable time to answer.

    Now, I wonder, who among Brad’s past & present women will come up with sensible/ intelligent answers, or with stupid answers, or with no anwers at all.

    Who & what do you think??!

  • mimi

    Oh my goddess! So beautiful.

  • the real lou

    155 Lauren @ 04/25/2008 at 12:36 am ,My lord woman why lie?You are NOT a fan of Angelina.You should be asking yourself why are you putting so much time and effort into hating.Even going as far to “pretend” to be a fan,sick!!!!

  • angie owns the hens

    Love it!!!

    JUST LOVE IT!!!!

    The hens run here as soon as an Angie thread appears!!!

    They trip over themselves to get here.

    More hits for JJ. He thanks you idiots.

    Yes indeed.


  • lulu

    The faniston fans are jealous of Angie’s pregnancy, because their idol couldn’t have one and will never have one.!!

  • the real lou

    164 angie owns the hens @ 04/25/2008 at 12:44 am ,And she really does,3 years and counting!

  • angie owns the hens

    Lauren @ 04/25/2008 at 12:36 am

    Who are you to dictate how anyone else lives who is a good person and who is doing good for others?

    What difference does it make in your life if Angie and Brad are not married?

    It is their choice to make.

    It is their lives to live, not yours or anyone else.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    What a vision in yellow. What a stunning woman. She looks like a vampy, sexy Pocahontas – a Native American Queen! Bless ya Angie and the whole family.

  • Lauren

    Ok Whatever…call me a hen.
    Go make your $7.15 an hour tomorrow.

  • julia

    Awww There She is, Wow Angie looks so Pretty.. I love love love Her dress… Wonderful..
    Thank You Jared.. You are The Man..!

  • Diane

    Beautiful as ever!!!!!

  • hisyumminest

    Thanks Jared. Yellow suits her.

  • Mrs. Smith

    OMG! She is absolutely stunning in that gorgeous yellow dress. Good thing I checked before going to bed as it’s been so long since I’ve this vision of beauty Angie. Thanks Jared.

    Can’t wait for Cannes!!!

  • jas

    Lauren Not everyone feels that marriage is for them. My sister and her boyfriend have been together for over 10 years and have two daughters that they both love. No marriage for them. I on the other hand got married had two sons and got divorced within 4 years. Marriage doesn’t always make everything magically work out.

  • http://http NORMAN’S MOM

    JEALOUS COW, get lost!

    There’s nothing you can say about Angie. She’s naturally gorgeous in every possible way under the sun, AND YOU KNOW THAT.
    It was not her who dumped the fugly (in every posssible way), it was
    BRAD PITT. It was HIM, it really was!
    Oh, that was a brainer!
    The more she’s gorgeous, the more she;s successful, the more she’s pregnant (yeah, he really enjoys making babies NOW), the more you scream at the ocean. What a MORON!

  • GOSH!!!

    Lauren @ 04/25/2008 at 12:51 am
    Ok Whatever…call me a hen.
    Go make your $7.15 an hour tomorrow.

    Ok you’re not a hen you’re Norman the DOG LMAO!!

  • legs

    aww… nice yellow dress.

  • Rob


  • alia

    Faye88 @ 04/25/2008 at 12:40 am
    yes; i so agree :)

  • wtf

    She is dressed very appropriate. For a Ball. ha ha.

  • choux

    Wow! Stunning

  • choux

    Wow! Stunning

  • konnitiwa

    credit: kk1 @ 04/24/2008 at 9:07 pm

    Angelina and Brad are totally together and happy now, have managed somehow in the crazy world they inhabit to form a tightknit family with three children, travel the world together as a family, and somehow coordinate their professional work obligations with their humanitarian interests.

    Angelina is excelling at motherhood, Brad is excelling at fatherhood, and they are both hands on parents who do not leave their children to be raised by a nanny 99% of the time as many do.

    They also find ways to treasure each other one on one on a regular basis, not neglecting or ignoring each other’s wants and needs. Both look at each other as if the other is their sun and moon and all the planets in one person. They are in physical contact constantly connecting with each other, even if only walking together or sitting near one another. Their bodies lean toward one another as if magnets.

    Angelina is demonstrating that her family comes first in her life, then her humanitarian work, and then maybe movie roles, which has turned some people’s view of her upside down. Brad is demonstrating that he is supportive of Angelina, both in their family life, professionally as with Plan B producing AMH, and with her humanitarian issues and interests which he now shares as Angelina shares his. They both radiant contentness and fulfilled lives. They both seem to have thrown all of themselves, invested all they have into making their relationship all that it can be.


    Very well written. Thank you KK1.
    I miss you.
    Thank you who posted her old post on the other thread.
    KK1′s comments were always insightful and informed.

  • lauren is a hen

    Lauren @ 04/25/2008 at 12:51 am

    Ok Whatever…call me a hen.
    Go make your $7.15 an hour tomorrow.

    You assume and know so little. You have no idea who admires Angie and Brad. I recognize good people and they are both definitely that. Marriage does not make people good or better than others.

    There is nothing wrong with making $7.15/ hour for work. What a snobby petty hen you are.

    My hourly rate is $400-500 hour. My educational level is 18 years+ (high school, college, grad school and professional school). My office employs 5 people and all make much more than minimum wage. But I don’t discriminate like you just did, and I enjoy coming here to JJ’s on my down time.

    Angie is a stand up woman who has found herself a stand up man in Brad. That is what counts in the real world.

  • alia

    wtf @ 04/25/2008 at 1:18 am

    She is dressed very appropriate. For a Ball. ha ha.

    omg is that the best you’ve got?!?


    thanks for the laugh :D

  • marianna

    Angelina looks beautiful. I love that she is wearing all these beautiful dresses doing her second pregnancy. The girl is feeling loved.

  • dvl

    devilina in a yellow cloak? black is still better and sooo natural for her.

  • micro

    @ Lauren

    To you, that piece of paper is important , because you need the legal protection just in case your man leaves you and you can ask for alimony.

  • Shiloh’s mom is gorgeous

    Brad’s babies momma look so sexy !
    Hope she would wear more colorful clothes, she look good on it!
    Can’t wait for their appearance at Cannes.

  • lauren is a hen

    micro @ 04/25/2008 at 1:31 am

    Angie does not need alimony. She is independently well able to take financial care of herself. Every situation is different. One has to do what is best for one’s self. The kids have two legal parents in Angie and Brad, they will always be taken care of.

    Salma and Halle are in much the same circumstances as Angie.

  • dvl

    d_v_lina in yellow cloak? not appropriate….black still fits and soooo natural for her!

  • boo

    wtf?? Angelina has her boobs hanging out and everything praises her calling her a goddess…

    When Christina Aguilera had her boobs out, everyone’s calling her a skank.

    It’s pretty sad and pathetic that jolie fans have to put other people down to make jolie look good.

  • so very true

    micro @ 04/25/2008 at 1:31 am

    Yes that is why Lauren is harping on marriage. She worries for her future, and with good reason.

  • alia

    Goodnight bampzsville! :)

    bblater tomorrow

    for soopx if your around :)

  • no not true

    boo @ 04/25/2008 at 1:38 am

    Angie’s fans are not judgemental.

    Angie’s fans don’t care about CA boobs.

    You are so mistaken, those complaining were almost 40 year old X’s jealous fans. Cause CA is also a momma like Angie.

  • fyi2

    Dam* the paps are all up on Angie when she is leaving.

    Leave her alone!!!!

  • marianna

    Some of you people really have a problem with breasts. Angelina is not doing anything inappropiate. Heck she is not showing that much. She not walking into a church. If other woman were put down for showing that little of breast than shame of those haters.

    Some of you people really have a problem with a woman going out and about alone. Angelina does not need Brad to hold her hand. As always noted. When Brad and Angelina start spending three months apart than you can start your whining. So far since they have been together it’s been at most five days.

  • Faye88

    Konnitiwa – I agree. I remember reading it the first time she posted it.
    Beautifully written.

    Alia – Gotta go. Have a good night. :)


    angelina is the most gorgeous pregnant woman i’ve ever seen. she’s glowing and enjoying being pregnant. hope its a boy!

  • jen 1

    Color is nice. but the dress is squishing her boobs too much that you can see the blue veins on them ( bigger photograph #2). Ewwww..

  • fyi2