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Brad Pitt Peels Away on Orange Motorcycle

Brad Pitt Peels Away on Orange Motorcycle

Brad Pitt peels away on his new orange motorcycle on the way to a studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Mr. Pitt, 44, also was seen riding on another bike on Tuesday.

Rumors are circulating that Brad is looking to purchase a unique eco-home in England according to Ecorazzi. The design is based off of a bee orchid where the unit will be producing more energy than its usage.

More pictures of Brad Pitt peeling away on his orange motorcycle after the jump…

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brad pitt orange motorcycle 01
brad pitt orange motorcycle 02
brad pitt orange motorcycle 03
brad pitt orange motorcycle 04
brad pitt orange motorcycle 05
brad pitt orange motorcycle 06

Photos: Cousart-Ramirez-Rios/JFXOnline, Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • anustin

    orange!penal colony.

  • Will Is Brad’s Daddy

    Will Smith will always lay the box office smackdown on Brad.

  • lol

    Will Is Brad’s Daddy @ 04/24/2008 at 7:22 pm

    Keep dreaming!!

    All bubbles burst!!

  • jen

    You mean Angelina let him out of the house all by himself????? And he was able to fart without her being around to smell it…

  • To irma

    Actually the Jolie/Pitts don’t get as much attention in LA as they did in France. There we had pictures almost everyday when she was pregnant. We even get more from NO than LA. I don’t think that they worry to much about the Paps in LA. We haven’t gotten pictures from LA in ages. I am sure that Brad and her are taking the kids to school everyday the way they always do but the paps leave them alone. I am happy about this.

  • Julia

    Thank You Jared for the new thread of Sexy Daddy Brad…

    # 52 ….. Yes Will Smith is a Wonderful Actor…
    But This is a Brad Pitt thread, are You lost? Off You go and Please take cook with You …

  • lol

    jen @ 04/24/2008 at 7:24 pm
    You mean Angelina let him out of the house all by himself????? And he was able to **** without her being around to smell it…

    Oh Jen, you need to stop coming to JJ’s Brad threads. Norman is crying to be let out, pay attention to your child. Get a life, your key grip has thrown you under the bus at E!. You just repel men don’t cha?

  • Very Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Will Smith will always lay the box office smackdown on Brad.

  • ///

    #56 ha ha ha, Julia, love your post!

  • Ouch @#$%#

    It would hurt most men to sit on a bike that way! but since Brad has no balls I guess he has no problem

  • irma

    They have their own lives too, they also take care of their own business without the other partner & it doesn’t mean they are not together or very much in communications & in love. At the end of the day, both of them will be going home to the same house & their children. That’s family commitment & devotion to each other.
    I can’t concentrate right now, I have my 2 g-sons with me, it’s Thursday & my duty as a grandma is calling.
    Anoble & vicki, I know vcki you’ve seen the pictures of my family, I have over 300 pictures in Flickr the latest ones are the pictures of my g-sons in front of our house taken last week. anoble, & MF I sent you email.
    vickifromtexas, looking forward on seeing your family pictures.
    I hope, tomorrow, we will see new thread of Angie.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s. Miss the kids.

  • so true

    To irma @ 04/24/2008 at 7:26 pm

    I agree. They get around well undercover in LA for weeks at a time. I also think the paps have been warned off the kids schools. There were few pixs of the family in LA from October on when they returned from NYC. They live in a gated home. They do not usually frequent pap favorite areas.

  • the real lou

    Why are some of you allowing the trolls to draw you into a Brad vs Will argument?Why indulge their need for drama?Because you know that’s what they crave don’t you?

  • She’s a sell-out

    Here’s an idea for being eco-friendly…how about NOT building another house, another motorcycle and another $2000 bag while pretending to care about the empoverished of the world. The problem is excessive consumerism, and these two clowns lead the pack of useless spending.

  • vickifromtexas

    brad and will are both good actors it doesn’t have to be either/or.

  • soopx

    Blessings to the Jolie-Pitts.

  • OT/Tom is desperate

    ET confirms that TOM CRUISE is heading back to “The OPRAH WINFREY Show” this May for a two-part stint!

    First, Oprah will travel to Tom’s home in Telluride, CO, for a sitdown on May 2, where she’ll discuss “his family, life and the future,” with the superstar. Then, Tom will join Oprah in the studio on Monday, May 5 to celebrate 25 years since his star-making turn in ‘Risky Business.’ The show will also feature taped messages from his friends and colleagues, talking about his impact on cinema.

    Oprah and Tom will have a lot to catch up on as the actor’s life has changed dramatically since the last time he visited the talk show maven in 2005. Since his last visit, he married KATIE HOLMES and welcomed their baby daughter SURI.

    Posted April 24, 2008 12:54:00 PM

  • the real lou

    64 She’s a sell-out @ 04/24/2008 at 7:43 pm ,What a ignorant post!

  • alia

    Wow….Mr. Pitt is LOVING his bikes lately!!
    and I love seeing him on them! ;)

    hellos to regulars

  • the real lou

    67 OT/Tom is desperate @ 04/24/2008 at 7:44 pm ,Does he even have a movie to promote in May?

  • vickifromtexas

    # 68 the real lou @ 04/24/2008 at 7:45 pm 64 She’s a sell-out @ 04/24/2008 at 7:43 pm ,What a ignorant post
    you are so right.

  • KING Will

    Who Has Better
    Box Office Numbers

    Will Or Brad??????

  • Lady G

    Thanks for the new thread Jared!

    Miss Angie and the children —-.

  • sharon

    Sexy Brad on his cool bike. The hottest.

  • Arm-Pitts

    Old Man Brad doesn’t know how to ride a bike.

  • jen ho

    jenho fans go support your idol’s p=orn thread. Stop drooling over brad pitt because he ain’t going back to your idol’s smelly b-utt

  • jen

    Well, he may not be going back to Jen’s butt… but you can believe he will be leaving angelina’s butt at some point in the future.

  • Screaming @the ocean

    Wow Brad must be looking good. There is lots of screaming going on.

  • the real lou

    # 71 vickifromtexas @ 04/24/2008 at 7:46 pm ,I’m still laughing at the sheer stupidity of that post.Hell I own a few $2000 bags.So does that mean my husband and I lead the pack of useless spending?GMAFB!These haters are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with insults and reasons to b*tch.

  • jen ho

    fake will fan is just another jenho fan trying to build a wedge between will and brad. i can smell jenho fans smelly b=utt like anuston’s a mile away

  • OT/Tom is desperate

    the real lou @ 04/24/2008 at 7:46 pm 67
    OT/Tom is desperate @ 04/24/2008 at 7:44 pm ,Does he even have a movie to promote in May?
    NO!! That’s why I say he is desperate. He is selling his family for all its worth. He never opened up his life with Nicole, they were very private. Things must really be bad for him. All the leaked Scientology videos are not helping him either. He is trying all that he can to get his fans back, but he was always seen as a hero/action type by males and they do not watch Oprah.

    On 2nd thought- I think he has a cameo in the Ben Stiller movie with RobertDJr as a obese movie studio head and is unrecognizable in the part. But unlike all the other male actors his age he has no new projects other than the Val movie which is unfinished and has been delayed. And I don’t think his studio has anything going on either.

  • vickifromtexas

    the real lou, they are running out of things to b**ch about . they are really reaching. i would be embarassed to be proven wrong over and over again. but some people just don’t give up.

  • Will Pinkett-Smith

    lol @ 04/24/2008 at 7:12 pm

    Will pINKETT-Smith @ 04/24/2008 at 7:08 pm

    overrated and overexposed = movie bombs.

    Be careful using those words. Those words will be applied to Will soon, he makes too many of the same type films and people are always looking for someone new.

    Prepare yourself, that day is near.

    What world are you living in? Will Smith is the New and improved Tom Cruise. He can do everything from Action to drama to comedy. Will is da man!

    P.s. Angelina looks way cooler than Brad when riding motorcycles.

  • anustin
  • jen ho

    stop polluting this thread with your smelly bu-tt. stop trying too hard for a lost cause. brad aint going back to your smelly bu-tt and brad ain’t leaving angie. he is not going to jeopardize his relationship with his children who is carrying his name, you should be glad brad did not dump anuston for another tv sitcom starlet like her. it would be more embarrasing for anuston if he downdgraded instead of upgrading.

  • huh

    Will Pinkett-Smith @ 04/24/2008 at 8:01 pm
    Don’t you see what happened to Tom now? Tom’s career is done. One day Will’s career will be like Tom. Done.

  • Fresh Prince

    Fresh Prince Of Bell Air still comes on TV! on about # different channels. Will’s still getting money off each an every episode. CHA CHING!!

  • nope he’s in concrete now

    jen @ 04/24/2008 at 7:55 pm

    Well, he may not be going back to Jen’s butt… but you can believe he will be leaving angelina’s butt at some point in the future.


    Nope, won’t happen. See they have kids together, that’s super glue for Brad, he wanted them for many years, he’s got them, and he ain’t leaving, he will do what he must to keep his family together. As he said in Parade, he believes in and has faith in his family, Brad’s set for life with Angie.

    Maybe that’s why he never took you the X to see his Grandma in Shawnee, knew you were not a permanent part of his life. But he has taken Angie and their kids, and Grandma said it was wonderful to see them.

    That’s knowledge dummy you lacked. But then he was not the love of your life as you told everyone.

    Brad is the love of Angie’s life and she takes great care of him.

  • lol

    Will Pinkett-Smith @ 04/24/2008 at 8:01 pm

    Oh no. The new Tom Cruise!! Look at how low Tom has now fallen. See what I mean. Why wish this fate on Will?

  • HUH!

    Brad’s career bas been done also. Have you forgot about ih flops? Tom & Will have been to a level Brad will NEVER be. Even Matt Damon has become a bigger star than Brad has ever been.

  • angie fan

    Courtesy of pitt watch

    How to Manifest Brad Pitt into Your Life…or Restaurant

    So a year ago, I was in New Orleans for work, just like Brad Pitt (if think about Brad as often as I do, you gotta check out He and Ange and the kids were living there while he filmed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The week or so before I left, the women in my office and I tracked every picture we could find of Brad and Ange walking around New Orleans or hanging out on their second story deck/patio. For sure, I was going to be able to spot where they lived while I was there.
    My plan was to walk in the mornings and evenings, zig-zagging through the French Quarter keeping an eye out for a well kept second story spread. I was fully prepared to run into to the happily un-married couple wearing sunglasses and Gap-like clothing, only more expensive. I imagined running into them at full-speed-walking mode. Maybe act a bit started, like their Peg Perego double-stroller nearly took me out. And then I’d notice the children and comment how beautiful they were, say something like, “I’ve got a three year old at home who falls asleep everytime I put her in a stroller.”
    And then I’d be all, “Wait a second, I’m sorry, I totally didn’t realize who you guys were.” Smooth, right? Then I’d be polite and try to let them be, “Well, it’s pleasure meeting you, I’m a huge fan.” But before I could leave them to their peace, Angie would ask what my daughter’s name was and I’d have to tell the story about how she’s named after a motorcycle and then Brad would laugh and say something about how Angie loves motorcycles and then they’d ask if I’d like to get coffee with them since they were heading that way and we’d still be exchanging emails today. But, it didn’t exactly go down like that.
    It was the last night of my stay in New Orleans and there was a really nice restaurant behind my hotel on Tchoupitoulas Street. The wait for a table was going to be awhile and since I was a party of one, it seemed more appropriate to take a table by the bar, which also happened to be by the hostess stand and entrance. I ordered a beet salad, something I never would have ordered normally, but the waiter claimed it wasn’t going to be what I expected and that I’d love it (he was wrong, it was exactly what I expected). While picking at my beet salad, this guy came in to the restaurant and asked for the owner. Can you imagine what a director’s assistant might look like? Baseball cap, khaki shorts, clipboard–that’s what this guy looked like.
    They had a brief conversation and then the guy left. The restaurant owner turned to tell the hostesses something. It appeared that he had just told her she won $1M. Within seconds, there was a buzz throughout the bar staff and dining room servers who kept coming in to talk to the hostess. Something was happening and it was big. Big enough to make up for my beet salad.
    Finally, the hostess came over to ask if she could get me anything and I asked her what the big scoop was.
    “They’re filming a scene for Brad Pitt’s new movie right outside on the street here and they may have to come in the restaurant for it,” she told me.
    “Brad may have to come in here?” I asked.
    “I don’t know, but I get the feeling he may.”
    Holy shit! I was going to see Brad Pitt up close and at the hostess stand…maybe. Or what if they didn’t come in the restaurant and just did all the filming from the outside. I had finished my beet salad and was trying to decide on getting a full course, dessert, or just going outside. I really did want a dessert, this was one of those places that you knew had yummy, yummy desserts. Then the owner made an announcement to the dining room that in 45 minutes, they were going to have to close the front entrance for about an hour. Anyone wanting to leave the restaurant was going to have to leave from a different entrance.
    I was a mess, should I go out and see if I could find him outside or stay put and see if he actually came in. I ordered a dessert as chocolate always helps me with such major decisions. In the end, I decided to take my chances on the outside of the restaurant.
    By the time I made it outdoors, a crowd had started gathering to watch the filming. I joined them to see all that went in to setting up a shot…a shot that would eventually be all of five minutes of filming. And then, there he was. So handsome, so utterly cool, so Brad Pitt…and taller than I expected. I watched as he spoke to the director, did a chest bump with one of the assistant-like people who was running around with a bullhorn, telling people where to go.
    And then, I watched them set up the beginning of the scene…inside the restaurant. Take, after take, after take, Brad Pitt started the scene by walking out of the restaurant to the street curb to flag a pretend cab. My table in that very restaurant had been less than

  • jen

    ohh.. now I get it… you say leaving Angelina would “jeopardize” his relationship with his kids??? Well that would explain why she keeps collecting children, adding his last name to theirs, and keeps popping out as many as she can…. Having children by brad = trapping him to a lifetime with her.. yes, makes sense now.. thanks for clearing that up for me…

  • thanks to jjb


    The Star Economy
    The Celebrity Photos Everyone Dreams About


    Picture this: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walk down the aisle. Jolie holds her new twins in her arms. Shiloh and Zahara led the procession as flower girls, followed by Maddox and Pax bearing the rings. George Clooney officiates.

    This isn’t just the stuff of dreams; it’s the dream of Molly Goodson, editor of celebrity blog PopSugar.

    Forbes asked nine top celebrity media professionals what their dream picture would be, if money and reality weren’t obstacles. What we found: Even if they could have anything they wanted, these shapers of the public imagination want Brangelina and their brood. Already the paparazzi’s holy grail, Pitt and Jolie were foremost in the minds of nearly everyone interviewed. As for scenarios, the pros want evidence of bliss.

    The high price tags attached to celebrity photos have turned the game of documenting every step of the stars into a blood sport. Celebrity weeklies, blogs and television shows are constantly engaged in camera-to-camera combat for significant photos that will garner attention of an expanding audience. More readers and viewers mean more money.

    Sure Bonnie Fuller, chief editorial director at Star Magazine, wants the wedding shots. But even more she wants to see famously scorned Jennifer Aniston and Jolie meeting face to face, “while Brad looks on!” she says.

    Jill Stempel, New York bureau chief of World Entertainment News Network, wants to get the first pictures of Pitt and Jolie in the delivery room with the new twins. She estimates those shots would be worth $3-5 million. People magazine reportedly paid $4 million for the first shots of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

    To Francois Navarre, owner of photo agency X17 Online, the first shots of a clearly pregnant Katie Holmes would be worth five figures.

    “The list of scenarios is endless,” says Paul Tetley, head of group editorial for Splash News Online. Tetley would like to see a picture of Jennifer Aniston kissing a new love interest. “I think everybody wants to see that picture. Everyone wants to see her happy. If it’s on a sun-drenched beach in Hawaii, all the better.” Also, “Britney Spears walking up the aisle again.”

    The most bankable paparazzi photos are newsy, good quality and worthy of a magazine cover. The average cost of a cover shot: $4,000-$10,000, says one industry insider. That’s chump change compared to the price of some. One industry expert estimates that People magazine paid $100,000 for a picture of Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson just holding hands.

    But while Kate and Owen making amends is newsy, it’s also positive. High-price pictures illustrate happiness–weddings, babies and love.

    Consider this: One shot of Katie Holmes shopping could be worth thousands, but an intimate shot of Holmes, husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri simply playing in a park could be worth around $60,000 to a weekly celebrity magazine like US Weekly, Star and OK! Magazine.

    The big bucks of celebrity culture are real, but the business is based in fantasy. People have grown to see celebrities as friends, and they want to see them happy. And for that, both the public and the media are willing to pay serious money.

    In Pictures: 11 Celebrity Dream Photos
    **Bonnie Fuller (Chief Editorial Director, Star Magazine)

    Dream Photo? “Jen and Angelina meeting for the first time while Brad looks on! Also, Brad and Angelina getting married! Suri and Shiloh having a real play date!”

    Would pay: no comment

    **Jill Stempel (New York Bureau Chief, World Entertainment News Network)

    Dream Photo? “One would be Brad and Angelina in the delivery room with the twins just after the birth, all glowing and dewy.”

    Would pay: $3-5 million

    **Rob Shuter (Deputy Editor, OK! Magazine)

    Dream Photo? “The first photo of Jamie Lynn’s baby or Angelina’s baby. I’d also love it if Brad and Angelina ever got married and we could get the pictures of their wedding. The hottest photograph of the moment is probably Jamie Lynn’s baby.”

    Would pay: no comment

    **Dan Wakeford (Editor, In Touch Weekly and Life & Style Weekly)

    Dream photo? “Picture of Brad and Jen finally meeting. A photo that captures the looks on their faces, their reactions. A photo that would reveal how they truly get along and interact.”

    Would pay: no comment

    **Molly Goodson (Editor, PopSugar)

    Dream Photo? “Brad and Angelina wedding, new babies in her arms. Of course, Maddox and Pax are serving as ring bearers, while Zahara and Shiloh are the flower girls. Naturally, George Clooney is their officiant.”

    Would pay: Whatever they’re asking! Probably $10 million.

  • ///

    Having children by brad = trapping him to a lifetime with her.. — this is according to jen post #92.

    What an ignoramus! Brad ain’t trapped by her, he is with her because he wants to be with her and she is the mother of his children. But as for trapping men by having their children, I guess you haven’t heard of Shar Jackson, Bridget Moynahan, Mary-Louise Parker, etc etc etc.

  • angie fan

    Brad like any other guy would leave anuston anytime anyday. Brad like any other guy would risk their career and jenho fans just to be with the love of their life.

  • angie fan

    Anuston was the one who trapped brad into marrying her by faking a pregnancy.

  • angel


  • anustin

    hmhmhmmm..tres jolie, drunk again!

  • LMAO

    LAMO @ the idiot think box office hit == bigger star. isn’t that stupid?

  • angie fan

    Give it up jenho. You are just bitter because you cannot find another A lister you can dupe.