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Heidi and Spencer Whited Out from White House

Heidi and Spencer Whited Out from White House

MSNBC had reportedly invited Heidi Montag to be a guest at its table at the White House Correspondents Gala but balked when Spencer Pratt demanded first class tickets for the couple when only Heidi was invited.

Spencer canceled Heidi‘s appearance, claiming, according to a NY Post source, “It wasn’t ‘A-listy’ enough.”

“We are not having, nor did we invite, any celebrities to sit at our table,” said an MSNBC rep. However, a rep for Heidi and Spencer said, “There was a scheduling conflict so they couldn’t make it – but they always travel together.”

Also expected at various media tables are the Jonas Brothers, Hayden Panettierre, Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

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    does anyone know, where i can simiar looking boots, that the chick is wearing in the alessandra post below this one? last picture

  • jami


    Oh please with this couple- who are they anyway????


    know where i can find similar looking boots in the alessandra post below this one, last photo??

  • Anon

    The Correspondents’ Dinner is over. It happened about a week or two ago. It’s a dinner they have every year, put on by some association of reporters who cover Washington, specifically the White House. All the politicians and reporters get together for a dinner at some hotel banquet center and then they “roast” each other. They poke fun and put on skits. A couple of years ago, they invited Stephen Colbert to be the host and he said some jokes about Bush that got the White House really upset. It was funny. I saw it on YouTube bcz I like Stephen Colbert.

  • michelle

    Ugh Spencer and Heidi are so dumb!

  • ScolaMa77

    They poke fun and put on skits. A couple of years ago, they invited Stephen Colbert to be the host and he said some jokes about Bush that got the White House really upset. It was funny. I saw it on YouTube bcz I like Stephen Colbert.
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  • MicrochipHo

    I saw that correspondent’s dinner on c-span, because colbert was plugging it on his show. I used to watch that show, too bad i can’t find time for it now. He is pretty sexy and funny. Anyway, i digress

    Apparently its not over, perez hilton is going there tonight?

    Um…these people have no political clout whatsoever. Perez endorses candidates, but…..and Heidi?! Heidi?! Cause she endorses Mccain?! Can the bitch spell Mccain?! She just wanted to get her name in the press by endorsing someone different. Ugh i want to throw up.

  • Just The Dirt

    I think I can’t stand Heidi for being a republican.
    I however would hit it at least 2 times just because I have very low standards and even less shame

    Sexy Celebrities


    Heidi is morphing into her idol, JOHN McCAIN.

    This girl has the meanest HORSE face I have seen in ages.

    She is so damn ugly!

  • Helena

    “Also expected at various media tables are the Jonas Brothers, Hayden Panettierre, Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.”

    Apart from Affleck and Garner, that’s a terrible and to think of the horrors when you add Horsey Montwat to the list. Who’s next Zac Efron and Miley Cyris? Run, Afflecks, run!

  • Helena

    Miley Cyrus*

  • taylor

    These two are seriously the biggest liars on the planet. They probably heard Lauen was invited and then made up a story that they were invited too. Such lowlifes.

  • missheloise

    roooh please! not those two loosers!
    they are so stupid…

  • geniass

    Um who are they again? I guess she can’t go anywhere without her shadow.

  • alix

    Who are these people???


    who are they again?? and why are they being invited to the white house?

  • T

    what a joke

  • anonymous

    Why do we care about these two?


    they are so lame who would invite them to anything??






  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    these two have become the king and queen of media whōring and personal pimping.

  • MicrochipHo

    The party is for the correspondants. They are the one’s who are uncovering the inner workings of the white house….it’s not really in support of bush. But bush has to honor them because like the presidency, correspondants of part of the whitehouse experience. The stars are just there for capturing the “media essence” of the year. I know she is part of a cultural phenomenon, but i think a requirement should be that you aren’t reprehensible in every single way.

  • Lookie

    As if she’s anywhere even remotely near “A-listy” material……………

  • squid

    who are these losers?? they’re every where and they ain’t even pretty to look at!

  • gyselle

    hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • kor

    ew, who are these people?

  • Andrea

    psshh.. if they were invited they would imediately kicked out.. and she needs to stay away from politics and other shiz.. she’s a hoe… ok. and hoes dont deserve stuff like her. she should be lucky she’s gifted with all she has… cuz none of her shit is reall.. 110% fake. Just look at her face and Spencer’s.. love just for cameras…. MTV take Hedi and spencer outtttt.. no one needs them anymore and put someone new.. who actually has talent and isnt a hoe and a imposter! And yeaa for the jonas brothers coming.. that’s more like it! :)

  • barb

    The dinner isn’t for rep. or demo. It is a press dinner.

    The dinner shown on TV a few weeks/a week ago was not the Correspon. Dinner. “The dinner is held on the evening of the last Saturday in April at the Washington Hilton.” (White House archives)

    Hidho and Spencer so need to get a life. Why the paps follow them around and take pics is beyond me. Every photo op is so staged. Glad they won’t be only to the dinner.

  • krissy

    uhh heidi and spencer “A listy”? no way! more like d-listers… they are a bunch of pathetic losers and as if they know anything about the presedential race…

  • Jenna

    I wish these wanna-be’s would go away. They are so pathetic. I don’t think they realize how stupid they look. They are the most ill and infamous couple I have ever seen. ATTN PHOTOGS: PLEASE STOP TAKING PHOTOS OF THIS COUPLE. NOBODY LIKES THEM.

  • jesse

    hell yeah i knew my girl ashlee simpson was a republican , pete wentz also , i have a new found respect for them now !!!! , jessica simpson is also a republican , GOOD FOR THEM !!!! , VOTE McCAIN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, FACE IT OBAMA IS ANTI AMERICAN, AND HILLARY LIES, LIES AND LIES AGAIN ! MCCAIN IS THE BEST BET FOR THIS COUNTRY !!!!!, I LOVE WEHN CELEBS PROVE TO AMERICA THAT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE ROBOT LIBERALS !!!


  • kendra

    omg!!! Jared for crying outloud PLEASE stop posting about these two human beginings no body gives a d a m n about these people. You are just wasting your time. Heidi is not even pretty nor is spencer!

  • lul

    i cant believe anyone would waste their time inviting them to anything.

  • lovethekid

    of course the simpsons are republicans


    in any other situation, i would mouth off to the person who says they hate someone for their political party affiliation, but in this case for heidi to endorse mccain, [who is my choice for pres.] is a joke, and it makes me mad, because she knows shieeet about polictics. i want to kick her in the face.

  • Ginger

    ENOUGH OF THESE TWO!! Only write about them when she dumps him or vice versa!!!

  • Minnie.

    Both are Hollywood D-Listers not A-Listers.

  • Minnie.

    Both are Hollywood D-Listers not A-Listers.

  • Losers

    It should have been an honor for Heidi to be invited to that. It seems like a really fun night. I love watching it on tv every year as all the shirts in Washington let their hair down. This year it was hilarious. Dick Cheney was so funny. Mo Rocca sucked but Cheney’s speach more than made up for it. Heidi & Spencer arent A list enought to turn down anything!

  • lucy

    ugh i hate heidi fake face and body and of course spencer demands tickets for the both of them. dumbass i hate them both!!!

  • Lynette

    Serious, who the hell does he think they are? Spenser is so laughably pathetic.

  • cicil

    Its better they didn’t show it would save the rest from having to listen to the dumb bimbo and her horrible story telling.