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Madonna Materializes at Tribeca Film Festival

Madonna Materializes at Tribeca Film Festival

Executive producer/writer Madonna (in Gucci) joins director Nathan Rissman at the premiere of their new movie I Am Because We Are during the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday in New York City.

I Am Because We Are is a documentary directed by Nathan Rissman and produced by Madonna, about Malawi orphans who have lost their parents or siblings to AIDS.

For more information of Madonna‘s film, visit

40+ pictures inside of Madonna at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival…

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Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN, Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
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  • Helena

    Madonna get off the plastic surgeon’s operating table…geez she almost doesn’t look like herself!!!

  • Alexandra


  • Jason1

    Madonna get off the plastic surgeon’s operating table…geez she almost doesn’t look like herself!!!BTW, is it wrong for a handsome young man to have the relationship with an older woman?? Obviously, it is a world-shaking relationship on the Internet like Most blogs and news are focusing and discussing on this kind of relationship. How do you think of such a thing?

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  • Alexa

    i’m all for upkeep!!!! madonna looks fabulous.

  • LT

    oh come on…we all wished we looked as good and were that disciplined!!! She works damn hard at it and it shows! So what, she has the $$$ she has had great work done, very minimal. Botox, damned if you do…damned if you don’t. Paleeze people! How nit picky! She is an inspiration that you don’t have to go out to pasture at 50!!!! She rocks!

  • lame

    her face looks…frozen! her cheeks look really weird, like they’re stuffed with something, cheek impants anyone? if you look at pictures of her from ’06 and ’07 she has wrinkles, now not so much. hmm…

  • lame

    her face looks…frozen! her cheeks look really weird, like they’re stuffed with something, cheek implants anyone? if you look at pictures of her from ’06 and ’07 she has wrinkles, now not so much…hmmm

  • Dr90210

    Jeezus, she looks embalmed. Holy cow. Those cheeks are full of somethin’ or other..a few years ago she was looking ever so haggard. She must have found the fountain of fillers and the Dr of lifts and tucks.
    Especially since all that working out ages the face even more…her’s doesn’t even move anymore. Notice how she’s very much delighted to have her pictures taken..not a few years back though..she insisted on special lenses and no close ups. Madonna needs to grow up already.

  • cheeky

    Note to Madonna…Your age is showing.

  • Celeb watcher

    She has botox brown for sure. But aside from that, she looks pretty good. Her neck looks great for a woman her age. Normally long before then it can be pretty creased.

  • Celeb watcher

    Should have been botox “brow” not “brown”

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow, for once I like her outfit. I also think she rocks 50 better than most people. She certainly had work done, but I think she still looks like herself. If I had the money, I’d do it when I’m 50!

  • zac fan

    I Love 4 Minutes :D !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Madonna actually looks really good; her surgery has settled down and she looks quite natural and was radiant in person (I went = great time, inspiring, earnest movie).

    To the trolls who feel the need to cattily leave comments on blogs about how bad someone looks, you’re ugly from the inside out. (And gutless, hiding behind unclever fake names.) Especially considering the message of this kind-hearted movie.

    Pathetic. Too bad you can’t get a facelift on your souls.

  • Janice

    I LOVE MADONNA Focus on what she is doing. It is far more important. BTW she still looks great. We can all wish we still look so good at 50

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  • http://JJ.COM Blip



  • Rae

    So over the boots but I love the dress. She looks really good.

  • julie

    awful dress…she looks like fuckin hippie

  • lol

    She looks like Gwyneth Paltrow and they actually look like they could be the y same age

  • mediterranean

    That dress reminds me of the one that irish girl on american idol wore this last week. its nice tho. the movie has a good story.


    Those of you who do not think she looks so wonderful must be very young and naive to think you could do better. That’s okay, time waits for no one …. not even you and one day you too will be wondering what happened to those days when you were young, thin and unstoppable! Til then, enjoy ……

  • stratosvoukel

    Shame on those commenting her looks above, instead of focusing on the documentary she made about Africa you stick to her looks and how many botox injections she had. Unfortunately the world is filled with morons like you, you only care about superficiality and you cant see below the surface anymore… I pity you really, its time for you to grow up…

  • http://JJ.COM stratosvoukel

    you’re the moron..pity yourself

  • http://JJ.COM stratosvoukel

    madonna is so selfish.. she’s the worst when it comes to giving..

    you moron

  • over it

    note to cheeky…right back at ya.

    I hate it when people slam her for trying to keep up appearances. Look, I know plenty of women who are 50 and look like shit. Hell,I know plenty of women who are 20 and look like shit. Madonna looks awesome. Sometimes, a bit too much ‘face’ if you get what I mean but i bet she’d have you creaming in your pants if you met her in person. She is electrifying in person. Teeny friggin tiny but omg so much sex appeal.

  • bae

    Stratos youre an idiot… saving Millions of kids lives isnt giving? What the f*** have you done?

    Aside for some botox I dont see much difference.. she looks hot and relaxed

  • Sue London uk

    Why are you leaving negative comments? I don’t get it.
    Wouldn’t you like to be as attractive as she is when you reach her age? Some of you should read… at any age!
    Youth doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with beauty! Some people are just not blessed with good looks, no matter what age.
    So what if she did have plastic surgery, it hardly shows and it’s her body! If you didn’t know her age you wouldn’t question it.
    It’s so easy to hide behind a post, bet you wouldn’t say the same thing if you had to post a picture of yourself along with your comment!
    Please don’t leave negative comments, you all know she looks great, so you only end up coming across as envious and that’s not a good thing.

    Thank you,


  • Sebastian

    he looks good for all the things she’s been through in life…she is sure frozen but it’s still her.

  • facelift

    that face is wrong

  • denise

    You are all a bunch of idiots.

    Her face is a perfectly normal looking 49 year old face. What you’re seeing is a person that takes care of herself, i.e. using sunscreen, getting facials, using good facial products, staying out of the sun. Despite all that, she’s got crows feet, lines around her mouth, on her neck, and if you look closely she even seems to have age/sun spots at the top of her forehead. If she’s going to facial surgery, don’t you think she’d get rid of those things too?