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Miranda Kerr: Hot Dog!

Miranda Kerr: Hot Dog!

Aussie native Miranda Kerr cuddles with a dog during a photo shoot Sydney, Australia on Thursday.

Modeling for David Jones, perhaps?

No sighting of actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom have been made down under yet but Australia’s Herald Sun has a quote about Miranda talking about Orly.

“I’m really happy he is here with me,” Kerr said. “Because we have such a busy schedule, we really try and spend as much time as possible together.”

Fake quote, maybe? Miranda has also expressed interesting in acting:

“At this stage, I’m really enjoying where I’m at doing the modelling but if an opportunity came up, I would definitely look into it,” Kerr said.

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Photos: ICON/Fame Pictures
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  • helenJONAS!

    she is so pretty!

  • whoohoo

    jared, you get it.


  • foxxxy

    wow she is soooo sexxxy!!! she is going to be modeling kimoras clothes on Life In The Fab Lane’s new episodes

  • oh no

    this is getting funny now.
    maybe this will make him come out before tomorrow night.



  • I’m watching

    The future Mrs. Orlando Bloom is BEAUTIFUL and LUCKY! I love them both!

  • cabbage girl

    cabbage girl. Yuk,.

    below average flat chested big teeth girl

  • @Jared

    That quote ain’t the only think fake about her! LOL! Thanks Jared!

  • @8

    If that’s the future Mrs. Orlando Bloom, considering the way he’s been acting during this whole ‘relationship,’ I think the dude may just miss his own wedding – and phone his vows in! LOL!

  • cabbage girl

    she just IS NOT pretty!!

    lol at the acting quote with her saying he was there.

  • #9

    perfect! and he would consider it a job well done and think nothing of it..

    as soon as she gets off the front page let this thread die-along with her dlist career.

  • Kim

    Sorry Miranda, the dog wins definitely in this beauty competition!!!

  • ?

    shes the ugliest vs modell, fakee, and a camera whore

  • http://JUSTJARED 54

    beautiful dog

  • BB

    Maybe it’s the makeup but her face looks really unattractive.

  • hmmm?

    Fake quote? hmm? is that like a lie…..

  • bla blah

    LMAO!! Ok! magazine’s current cover claims that Chinnifer Maniston is dating Orlando Bloom.

  • #17

    I think most of the public think he is dating Jen.

    So after 10 years of modeling all this chic has as a steady gig is
    a local department store chain? lol. No one outside of oz even knows what it is.
    She makes less than 100K a year for that. Thanks for NOT calling her a supermodel in the post. More like an underacheiving model.

  • Nan

    I also don’t find anything special about this girl. Models are all hype.

  • http://JUSTJARED 83

    where is orlando?

  • bolishopin

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm cuteness.. she should go for 20 more pounds and nice turkey

  • @18

    How true!

    She should stay in her own country as thats the only place she is ass licked like this, they are the only ones who are putting her on this pedestal, she can try all she likes to get more fame, but doesnt mean she will succeed. She is ten a penny, Veronica Taylor is much better looking than her, Orlando should have done all this with her instead least she has a good face AND body.

    Miranda outside of your own kuntree nobody knows you hardly, most people think Orli pops is with Jen aniston!! And you can say the rumours are lies all you want but nobody seems to be listening, hell if jen aniston cant stop the goss thru making a statement daying it isnt true- then NOBODY will listen to you toots!

    Better quit while you are so called “ahead” because David Jones department store is the best you are gunna get, and that contract has paid you buttons- and if thas all you can get thanks to Orlando’s help, then man you have had it!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    not impressed.

  • http://justjared jennifer

    how i wish jennifer aniston would take orlando to mexico for a hot weekend again

  • velveeta

    She’s pretty and so is Orlando.

    I don’t know…I think there’s something really strange about the way he handles relationships. Why all the secrecy? He’s a grown man and if he wants to date a model then man-up and flaunt your babe with pride. He seems like he doesn’t want anyone to know who he’s dating, but then when you do see them together it’s overly affectionate…almost staged or forced. I dunno…

    I know that he’s always said that he likes to keep his private life private, but she’s obviously not into keeping their relationship quiet. She’s doing quite well now that she’s dating Orlando. Hell, she’s getting more attention than him. I’d never heard of her, but now she gets daily blurbs written about her all over the internet. Lucky girl! Smart girl!

    I can’t hate.

  • @25

    it looks staged because it is staged.

  • http://justjared @26

    how do you know?

  • yuk

    she doesn’t need anymore attention, she is spoiled enough, I wouldn’t post here anymore it just makes her think that people actually give a damn about her sad little low end modeling job.

  • WhoCares

    HOW CUTE!! (The dog, that is).

    Who is this girl?? She kind of resembles a chipmunk. Well, kind of. Considering I think chipmunks are adorable..her..not so much.

    Anywho, she looks a tad..FAKE!! She looks awful happy to be getting her picture taken. She aint no Adriana Lima.

  • Just The Dirt

    I just don’t see what the appeal is.

    She’s just not that great look and reminds me of a creepy little troll

    Sexy Celebrities

  • http://justjared 93

    beautiful girl wonder why we still don’t have pictures

  • http://justjared 93

    of her and orlando strange

  • Anonymous

    Orlando was filmed in NYC filming on Tuesday, the 22nd. The newspaper article linked to by Jared places, according to Miranda, him in Australia on the 23rd. Isn’t Australia 15 hours or so ahead of US EST and isn’t the flight time from New York to Sydney 21 hours. How can this be, Miranda?

  • Nothing smells here

    To be fair, her new bra commercial is shown all the time here so she is getting lots of exposure.

    No way she’d make this stuff up – Orlando’s probably just off surfing somewhere while she works.

  • HUH?

    We have pictures of him at the airport in Sydney, and you guys still don’t think that he is there?
    That’s just silly.
    She is a gorgeous girl, with a great future. You guys claim that VS isn’t using her much. HA! She is all over the TV and catalogues. And she is the face of their new perfume. They are setting her up to be their new top angel.

  • http://justjared 93

    it is still strange that we don’t have pictures of the hometown girl with her hollywood star boyfriend wierd since the australia press was all over his visiting sydney and yet paps haven’t cought him and still there were planty of pictures of him during his visits to kate he isn’t shy or enything so that is why this thing is wierd

  • @35

    geez Miranda you promote yourself anywhere. I thought she was just manning a chezzy kissing booth to promote VS’s new fragrance she is not the face of the new perfume, but leave it to randamay and her redneck clan to make it sound bigger than it is, she has done that with every contract she has gotten, coz most of them are pretty sad; The only big thing she has going for her is the VS angel thing, and most think that will fade. SHe is not in hardly any of their catalogs or commercials and when she does something it is for the budget stuff. Face of their new fragrance indeed, If they are grooming her for anything it is for her to be on her way out!

  • @37

    Nope, sorry, #35 is right. She is listed as the “face” of the new perfume.
    And how can you say that she is hardly in any commercials, when she is all over the TV?
    Hate her if you want, but you can’t ignore the facts.

  • wow

    What a beautiful girl.

  • http://justjared closure

    hot really beautiful

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    cute dog

  • lola

    why does she even talk about their “relationship”
    is she really cared for him, or was even smart or nice she would be more private and less silly and fame craving, in my opinion

    in my opinion, she is 100% not pretty and very skinny unhealthy
    plain face with dimple holes

  • eric

    plain, nothing without makeup in my opinion
    no one wants to respect her poor attitude, look at how skinny/skeletal she is….this is not healthy to promote

    how is she a model?…….all in my opinion

  • http://justjared i don’t get it

    why do people hate her in this site as she run over thier dog or something it’s a mistery

  • dane

    just a plain girl with no talent/manners

    in my opinion

  • dane

    not a nice person and very plain/skinnny not attractive in my opinion

    they won’t date for long (if hes smart he is way better)

  • http://JJ.COM FUNNY


  • Julie

    She’s the nicest female celeb i’ve ever met.

  • Julie

    btw, if you don’t like her, STFU.

  • dane

    with respect, she has breaken/hurt so many people’s feelings
    in my opinion, she is selfish and silly

    very plain and unhealthy skinny, in my opinion