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Miranda Kerr: Hot Dog!

Miranda Kerr: Hot Dog!

Aussie native Miranda Kerr cuddles with a dog during a photo shoot Sydney, Australia on Thursday.

Modeling for David Jones, perhaps?

No sighting of actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom have been made down under yet but Australia’s Herald Sun has a quote about Miranda talking about Orly.

“I’m really happy he is here with me,” Kerr said. “Because we have such a busy schedule, we really try and spend as much time as possible together.”

Fake quote, maybe? Miranda has also expressed interesting in acting:

“At this stage, I’m really enjoying where I’m at doing the modelling but if an opportunity came up, I would definitely look into it,” Kerr said.

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103 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Hot Dog!”

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  1. 51
    Frofro Says:

    Whose payroll is Just Jared on? Is Jared a real person? I just would like to know how much he’s getting paid to keep promoting Miss Thang – known only to most of us as Orlando’s current girlfriend. Perhaps Orlando is generously paying the gossip columnists to keep her name out there – who knows. I mean, why arent we seeing stories every other day about Adriana, who actually IS a VS name more people know (pre Orlando). I SOOOOO dont get the fabricated hype (that falls flatly) everywhere about her fabulous career and future. Someone REALLLLYYY wants this girl to be famous. Apparently Jared thinks we care as he keeps putting up stories. Now its just getting annoying.

  2. 52
    @51 Says:

    the only thing paying Jared is the hits the threads with her get. If Adriana was dating Orlando she would have the hits as well.
    It isn’t personal iwith Jared its business.
    Once her threads lose the hits and commets she will fade from this site. Supply and demand.

  3. 53
    Frofro Says:

    Well 52 – its interesting that when I type in to search Orlando Bloom, I get stories about HER! Whoever keeps writing this ***** keeps inserting ORLANDO BLOOM into every story, so that when HE gets hits, so does she. How many people are actually typing in MIRANDA KERR into their search engine?

    I think someone in PR oblivion just isnt getting it that most of Orlando’s fans dont really like her, or are interested in her fabulous fast-trak career. FFS – we’d like to see updates on HIS projects without them always being linked to, or commented about her. Is this possible?

    I think this site must be getting some kind of kickback for promoting her name right along side his. Cute girl, but really, she’s just not that fabulous and most of us are just bored with this daily runaround with her included. Its Orlando that worked for the last 9 years to become world wide famous, not her. He’s giving her way too much opportunity to use his name as a rung and then doormat.

  4. 54
    drenchedwench Says:

    Fro, had to back you up 100%, I have agreed with you on everything where this **** is concerned.

    I have been told that its MY FAULT that when I do a GOOGLE search on his name Miranda’s is always there! Classic or what!

    I agree I would say most fans dislike her, and our minds wont be changed no matter how sweet she comes across!

    I also agree Fro that he has worked his backside off and for it to come to this is a crying shame, and is doing him a lot of harm.

  5. 55
    432 Says:

    beautiful ,sweet girl i don’t get the hate

  6. 56
    Frofro Says:

    55 – who said anything about hate? ITS ANNOYING BECAUSE I AM NOT A FAN OF HERS – GET IT????? Why when I google HIS name should I have to get all her latest so-called accomplisments? If I wanted to see what Miranda was up to, I would google her.

    And for the record, beautiful and sweet are in the eyes of the beholder, and appearances, however sugar coated they are, can be deceiving.

  7. 57
    @56 Says:

    Amen to that sh#t!

    fake relationship+fake accomplishments +fake press = fake *****!

    Somebody push her already!!!

  8. 58
    Take it to the bridge Says:

    I love ya Miranda

  9. 59
    32 Says:

    you googled orlando blom and you found miranda kerr? how is that possible ?

  10. 60
    MDT Says:

    FROFRO you said that last bit better than I ever could have !!!!!!!!

    “And for the record, beautiful and sweet are in the eyes of the beholder, and appearances, however sugar coated they are, can be deceiving.”

  11. 61
    Frofro Says:

    There were bits and pieces of info on HIS career slightly updated at other places, so I came and searched ORLANDO BLOOM here to see if they had anything new, and got MIRANDA KERR stories. That is why I asked if this site is on the payroll to promote her because there is never a story just about her that doesnt included his name, so that if HE gets hits, so does she… convenient.

    It doesnt have anything to do with hating, liking, or worshipping the mediocre ground that she walks on. It has to do with fans of HIS looking for information on HIM and getting irritating stories about her and some dog. Not interested.

  12. 62
    i see Says:

    thank you now i get it uau strange through still donn’t understant who is bihand it

  13. 63
    @54 Says:

    i read that thread on IMDB (big lurker) and they didn’t blame you for pulling up miranda when you googled orlando they blamed you for opening the links thats where you went wrong
    freedom to chose what you read if you read those links then it was your fault

  14. 64
    Frofro Says:

    I searched for ORLANDO BLOOM on JUST JARED and got MIRANDA KERR STORIES – what about that is hard to understand? I didnt b**ch about her HAVING stories here, only that I get HER when I search for HIM. Just Jared just so conveniently keeps linking him into her stories so we have to keep seeing her.

    I realized I used the word GOOGLE in my second post after reading dreanchedwench using GOOGLE as well. My first post was clear however about Just Jared possibly being on the payroll to promote HER on behalf of HIS name. I was only talking about this site.

    Whatever – I’m so uninterested in her career. She can think she is a supermodel and try to promote and talk about herself that way, but that just makes it easier for fans of real supermodels (Elle McPherson, Heidi Klum…you know the ones) to have a good laugh at her. I realize the girl has feelings that might get hurt by the laughter, but really, if you go into a job interview and have on your CV that you were the CEO of a company, when actually, you were the mid-manager over in your cubicle with your paperclip chain string strung across for a door, you pretty much will be found out the first day and laughed at while being escorted off the premises. If Vanity Fair did a cover of all the supermodels over the past 10 years, I can assure you, 99% of everyone that ever looks at fashion mags will point to her and say “Who’s that? and why is she in a shoot with Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, etc?”

  15. 65
    ac Says:

    Being the face of David Jones is the biggest deal out here. I guess David Jones is the equivalent to Harrods? I wouldnt dare compare it to low-rent Macys. The quote isnt fake either. I saw her say something similar when interviewed at the event on tv. He has been spotted in the city but no pictures as yet.

  16. 66

    still no pictures ,still wierd as hell that he isn’t photographed wasn’t it the purpuse of this trip? how strange that paps don’t cought him he can’t be in all day now can he? he got to get out of his hotel room im begining to wonder if he is really there or he is coming latter she can’t be that stupid to lie about him bieng there

  17. 67
    #64 Says:

    has anyone here “defending” her ever even seen any of her intervieuws?? met her in person????? she is the most childish, spoiled, narcissistic person you will ever meet.

    unless of course she can get something out of it.

  18. 68
    422 Says:

    she stil has more than leonardo dicaprio or penelope cruz strange i thought you people started ignoring her

  19. 69
    ***** Says:

    frofro, I think you should mail what you said earlier straigth to the person who rights this blog, not saying that I disagree with you, but you might actually get somewhere………. anyway, hope you read this!!!!

  20. 70
    #64 Says:

    422 youre right, just a little to pist of right now

  21. 71
    @64 Says:

    I agree, she isn’t a supermodel. She is an Angel for VS, which is a pretty lucrative contract, but she is no where close to being among the elite. Those are rare. I think that Giselle may have a chance of being a true supermodel, but I don’t even consider her one quite yet. I like Miranda, and I think that she is a very good commercial model. But I don’t think that she has that extra…whatever it is, that it takes to become the next Kate Moss.

  22. 72
    Frofro Says:

    69 – you are probably right. I dont know who the owner of this blog is, but they certainly do seem to have an agenda to shamelessly promote this climber as much as they can with Orlando’s name.

    Whatever – I had my b***ch rant about it. If they actually bother to read the posts replied to the articles they put up, maybe they will clue in to the fact that Bloom fans are not interested in her career. Maybe they dont care. It seems that most places around the net these days are just interested in what gossip they can keep churning up. But thanks for the advice.

  23. 73
    @72 Says:

    then Bloom fans should stop posting 800 times
    JJ is going to do anything he(?) can to make money. the more people , or posters, or hits, the fatter his wallet gets
    Bloom’s fans should find another outlet for their hatred instead of giving JJ more money
    they just post the same thing over and over anyway

  24. 74
    still no pictures Says:

    i can’t belive it

  25. 75
    #64 Says:

    ITS LIKE THE WHEEL IS STILL SPINNING BUT THE HAMSTER IS DEAD !!!!!!!!! (know what i’m saying??!!)

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