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Tom Cruise - More Couch Jumping on Oprah

Tom Cruise - More Couch Jumping on Oprah

Tom Cruise is set to return to the Oprah Winfrey Show according to MSNBC, eliciting images of couch jumping and proclaiming his love for wife Katie Holmes.

Tom‘s last appearance on Oprah was June 23, 2005, during his promotional period for the film War of the Worlds. His couch jumping incident, however, stole the show.

There are rumors that the show will be taped from Tom‘s house in Colorado next Friday and aired Monday May 5th. Just in time for May sweeps, this summer will be the 25th anniversary of Cruise‘s cult classic movie, Risky Business.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the prospects for more Cruise couch jumping?

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  • michelle

    Katie Holmes made a big mistake.

  • michelle

    Yay! I was first : )

  • me

    WTF could he possible have to say that ANYONE would be interested in hearing? What’s he going to “push” this time? He’s a raving madman and is probably planning to use her show to promote the cult of scientology.

    I hope to God that Oprah is not bowing down to him. Is it possible that she’s going to let him have an hour to talk about the cult?? She may think she’s untouchable but so did Tom Cruise. If Oprah allows this, it will be her demise as well.

  • spazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



    My God! I wonder what he is going to talk about?

  • me

    #1 Michelle – PLEEEAAAASEEE do not say that. Katie knew exactly what she was getting into. She wanted in Tom’s bank account because she knew she could not support herself in Hollywood and had just been dumped by Chris Klein. She’s just another Heather Mills. She would be living in Ohio and working at a mall had she not duped Tom Cruise.

  • jay

    I hope someone will release another cult video of Tom on the Internet the day before this show aires.

  • Lauren

    I really like Tom Cruise
    Why is everyone always trashing him???
    He’s awesome and has made some great movies for years.
    Haters go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 Lauren

    Lauren #8 – Why don’t YOU go away? Go to your silly little favorite TomKat Loser website that you hang out at all day and orgasm over Tom and Katie. Is all the sugar-coated b.s. at getting to you finally? Too much sugar does tend to make one naseous…..


    “She would be living in Ohio and working at a mall had she not duped Tom Cruise.”

    That’s harsh, but probably true.

  • mediterranean

    i am sure he can up the ante and come up with something even crazier this time


    Maybe we’ll get an hour long video and commentary of Suri’s $100,000 2 year old birthday party.

  • alix

    He’s alright in short doses. Seems like an overall good person just rather wierd.

  • Erin!

    i agree with #8

    everyone liked him before you knew he was into scientology!

  • me

    David Miscarriage is best friend. With friends like him, who needs enemies? Who would have ever know Maverick was so gullible?

  • mike

    I like Tom Cruise….he may be a little weird in his beliefs at times…but overall I think he is a good person and actor…. :)

  • ron

    Leave him alone !!!

  • IVY

    SORRY to say but he gets uglier, it most be that scientology garbage. He looks demon like. He is so anti-Christ, its sad. I watched a couple of those tapes, SCARRY stuff. Its so much garbage, based on spaceships, and of couse the almighty dollar, the more you spend the more info they give you. TALK about a scam “religion”.

  • hmmm

    Looks like the cult members are earning overtime tonight….Is Miscavige paying you all an extra $.50 for each hour that you sit and post fan-like comments here and elsewhere on the Net? You are not fooling anyone! Tom and his beard have no fans. The jokes on you!!!! ha ha ha

  • Eliza

    Totally agree #16

  • Adoring Fan



    Why does Tom look so much younger than Brad?

  • Adoring Fan

    Sorry for the typo. Meant to type “desparate”. In any event, desperation is a sad thing.

  • nychica

    Boo Tom Cruise!!! Jared please post something about HOT actors i havent seen a johnny depp post in forever :( thanks jared.

  • jad

    really HMMMM # 19 ? It souds like You are the one who is paid ( with a lot of other losers around the internet ) ! I’m catholic for the record BUT ALREADY TIRED OF THIS CRUISE-FICTION !

  • He’s a dork

    Who cares if he jumps on a couch? Not the slightest bit interested in anything he has to talk about…just felt that needed to be said.

  • damn

    Short man syndrome. crazy nut.

  • Locfo

    I can’t wait to see him on Oprah again! Will be entertaining!

  • Indie

    I actually like Tom and hope he gets back to the top, but I will never for the life of me understand his rational to be on Oprah again. After the fallout from his couch jumping, Oprah never offered one positive word on his behalf instead when she was promoting her dvd collection, she said she did not buy Tom’s act of being in love with Katie.

    Hollywood is filled with fake friends and Oprah has not one sincerity bone in her and it is a shame Tom feels he needs to be back on her show. Of course she will be singing his praises now because of the May sweep, I cannot stand people who do not know what loyalty means.

  • what is he thinkin

    He does not need to go back on Oprah. People will watch to see how he acts. If he does not act nutty they will call him a fake or worse. They will not buy the happy home life with Katie he is trying to sell. He needs to keep a low profile and find a good project to act in. Let that do the talking for him.

    I don’t know who is advising him, but this is not a good move. Oprah will use him for ratings and then throw him away like a used tissue. He would be better of doing Leno or Letterman.

  • L.J

    If Oprah thinks having that cult freek on is good for sweeps she nuts I can’t stand him and will NOT watch

  • say no

    I hope Oprah has the worst ratings ever…

  • me2

    Maybe he is going to “come clean” and announce that he has fired his beard!!!!

  • Dina

    I CANNOT WAIT !!!!!!

  • isla

    I love this man.
    God bless him
    and his family.

  • chessa

    ABC and Oprah will get a lot of ratings for this. I am so there to see Tom. I hope we see some Katie and Suri pics and videos.

  • Ruby

    MUST SEE TV FOR ME…………….

  • ninjas

    Im so giddy over this. Congrats Tom on 25 years on showbiz!!!!!

  • OT

    Good news!!! He’s the greatest American actor today…very hot and just the nicest!!!!!

  • Jaye

    He has nothing to promote. He’s a has-been, but it’s always a good day for crazy.

  • puppy

    Dying to see this but also hoping for more movies from him and Katie too.

  • ahoy

    Tom has more reasons to jump the couch with many blessings pouring from having his own studio, so many loyal friends,Connor,Isabella,loving happy family,good career but most of all KATIE AND SURI.

  • Miapocca

    I thought he was never going back to Oprah because he was upset with her that she didnt believe his wierd love for the girl…the girl also had a problem with oprah on that issue…he MUST be desperate

  • piper, with a low

    While it is easy to see why TC would go on Oprah, given his recent career setbacks, why would Oprah agree to do this? I can’t stand Oprah, but obviously, she needs him just as much as he needs her.

  • Rena

    Oprah has been kissing a$$ to Tom on most of her segments especially when Letterman former nemesis came on to her show.
    She showed off to him the closest friends in her heart via family albums at her office. Tom Cruise is always in her albums and even in her home and office intimate family albums.

  • !!!!!

    Its already being hyped by Insider,ET,Access,Inside Edition and the internet world is so buzzing about it. Ohhh lala, more Tom all the better and I hope to see a glimpse of Katie and Suri.

    Thanks Jared. Best news all day second to Israel bombing the nuclear sites joint by N.Korea and Syria. Go USA and Israel.
    Now we just need the oil prices to go down.

  • http://JJ.COM Blip



  • concerned mom

    MIA!! I agree. Don’t know why he would go back. I guess if he has control of how the interview goes, maybe it won’t totally kill his dying career. I didn’t think Oprah gave up any control tho. Should be sort of interesting to see two controlling people try to control the conversation. LOL


  • Lauren

    I like Tom Cruise and think he’s an amazing actor.
    America = freedom of religion……right????
    So he’s a Scientologist…so what.
    He has the right to be whatever he wants.
    People are so phony. If you saw him on the street, you would fall all over him. I saw them at The Carlyle Hotel with the press and the press was really RUDE to him and Katie. I mean RUDE and NASTY. I was shocked.
    Sure he’s worked it but what Hollywood actor hasn’t? They all do.
    xo Tom Cruise.

  • mona

    Getting ugly in his old age . . LOL.