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Wesley Snipes Gets Three Years in Jail

Wesley Snipes Gets Three Years in Jail

Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in jail based on three misdemeanor counts of failing to file his tax returns on Thursday. This was the maximum sentence that federal prosecutors were seeking.

Snipes‘ attorneys, however, will appeal the sentence. They were pleading for either probation or house arrest for their client.

The actor, 45, submitted checks summing to $5 million prior to the sentencing, but it was not enough. The IRS calculates that Snipes had an initial debt of approximately $15 million.

Snipes showed little emotion, however, he shouted a loud “wow” as he left the courtroom.

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  • Melissa

    Child molesters and rapists get less time than this – what is wrong with our system?

  • Ely

    O well, what goes around comes around. He had 2 years to sort that irs stuff out, but its likely his big celebrity head didnt allow him to. Also, while in jail, he may be able to repent for beating an ex girlfriend… Halle Berry (so Ive read)

  • booyay

    they should have fined him, not stuck him in prison, he’s not dangerous.

    Some child molesters can walk free after 18 months

  • ace tomato

    Well he pretty much gave the IRS the finger for the entire investigation. I’m sure the judge was extra impressed with that.

  • zac fan

    Im 3 :D !!!

  • marsweeta

    Sorry to use the race card…. but that’s what they do to all the black celebrities.

  • stellar sophie

    dont worry im sure its a lavish prison. :)

  • AlessandraJordan

    for real. I swear to goodness grace, it is because he is black.

    lindsey lohan and paris hilton got less then this and they were drving drunk WTF?

  • Rob

    marsweeta: how can you say that about “all black celebrities! What about OJ , Ray Lewis, Jayson Williams, Michael Vick and numerous other so called “black celebrities”. Are they sitting in jail?

    It’s not a black or white thing it’s a CELEBRITY thing. Most celebrities get away with………well murder.
    Stop playing the race card!
    Nuff said!

  • choux

    I can’t believe this! I can’t understand how a child molestor, a murderer, a rapist, etc. can get less than 12 months in prison and Wesley Snipes gets 3 YEARS for Tax evasion. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM! They should use that money to search and jail people who really deserve to be in Jail. This is unbelievable!!! It’s not right!!!

  • choux

    I don’t want my tax money to pay for a rich celebrity! Catch those molestors and murderers… not a celebrity!!! This is ridiculous!!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    if he was a white celebutante he would of got off scott-free.

  • marsweeta

    Rob not meaning to draw this out…. but just check it out….

  • boo

    the sad thing is he was in dispute with the irs with how much he owed we wasn’t avoiding them. he just wanted to make sure that it was the correct amount. they just took forever to sort out the paper work which put the claim into court. all i know is i wouldn’t want to black person in hollywood. most black celebs are broke within 15yrs either by their management mishandling their funds or by being put in jail for something stupid.

  • accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c

    He will more than likely not serve the entire term.

  • i said it!

    I have no love for Mr. Snipes. He is getting what he deserves…don’t drop the soap!!!

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    .This is so wrong on so many level.It suck to be black in this country, especially for black men.

  • http://msn lips, tits and Wesley’s ass

    Another black man behind bars. Watch your back Wesley and your bottom too.Lot of horny men in jail.F U C K. I want to go visit them BIB Horny Men.I just love them.

  • http://msn lips, tits and Wesley’s ass


  • Ashley

    wow, is right! that’s a bit much.. least i think it is. should he get off with nothing? no. but 3yrs is a looong time.

  • marsweeta

    White police officers plug 50 shots into a young black man who is about to be married and what is their sentence. A pat on the back…. GOOD JOB…… Wesley Snipes 3 years…. Of course nothing is wrong… No race card here.

  • oh damn

    us black folks are living in a white world…..

  • goodbye Snipes

    I don’t like him anyway. He talks badly about black women and he’s ugly.

  • http://a jan

    :( @ 23

  • Bia bia

    Fuck this stupid ass country!

  • Disgusted with it all

    THANK YOU #21!! I was about to say the same! This poor young man was murdered the night before his wedding and those cops were charged with nothing. NOTHING! There were NO drugs or weapons found on him or his equally innocent, wounded friends. Although the cops’ excuse was it’s supposedly such a ‘dangerous’ neighborhood and people outside were drunk, no one else was arrested for fighting, nor were there any weapons found on anyone else.

    There was no excuse for their behavior; and the simple fact is if Paris, Lindsay got so little time for driving drunk, and those cops didn’t get punished at all for killing that innocent young man, Wesley shouldn’t get a sentence of three years. Martha Stewart didn’t get such a long sentence, and she was as guilty as Lindsay, Paris and the cops. This is absolutely ridiculous.


    Rob, people ‘play the race card’ as you love to say, and I hate to hear, because of stuff like what happened to Amadou Diallo and Sean Bell and that teenager a few months before him who was killed by a cop as he ‘burst out’ the door leading to the rooftop of a building. What was he, all of fifteen-years-old? There are countless others who were killed by cops, which might be excused as a terrible mistake the first time, but it happens time and time and TIME AGAIN to young men of color. Something has to be done so police aren’t so cowardly and trigger-happy when it comes to young Black and Spanish men.

    And don’t anyone try to say that they have a right to be afraid, because there are much more Black people in college than in jail, so don’t even get started. The largest group of people, of all races, in prison are non-violent drug offenders anyway. What are they so afraid of besides their own prejudiced assessment of a situation?

  • Rick

    This sounds to me like a race thing. The federal government has been making targets of black celebrities like Wesley Snipes, Barry Bonds, and Marion Jones. Until we change our laws, Snipes should get the same penalty as others who have done the same crime; it’s not right to make an example of someone just because he’s a black celebrity.

    That said, I think we should change our laws so that anyone who evades several million dollars in taxes should go to jail for a long time.

    Other white collar criminals and identity thieves also deserve long term sentences.

  • bigddt atx



  • Arin

    I see Wesely wants a new trial. He believes it wasn’t fair. I don’t know much about his case but it doesn’t look good. I don’t think he has proof of jury misconduct like his defence claims. But we’ll see. Would like to see his movies make comeback. Underated actor if you ask me.

  • John Adams

    @marsweeta:You’re right.

  • d

    @Rob: @rob…dumb ass uh last i checked OJ is in jail for killing that white woman not a smash and grab…we all know that…ray lewis got off i think, jayson williams – that was an accident ( just like dick cheeny) and Mike vick…do i have to really go there 2 years in jail and public humiliation and lose 100 million for killing some dogs…please…yeah snipes got shafted because he black as hell and pissed of a bunch of white folk…and he has a white wife = GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL…DO NOT PASS GO…NUFF SAID