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Bar Refaeli Counts Her Montecristos

Bar Refaeli Counts Her Montecristos

Model Bar Refaeli (aka Leo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend) attends the Montecristo No. 4 Party at the ME Hotel in Madrid, Spain on Wednesday.

Bar, 22, will be starring in the upcoming film, Session, slated for release next year. The film is a psychological suspense drama-thriller where a psychologist becomes obsessed with one of his patients and the lines between dreams and reality blend.

More pictures of Bar Refaeli counting her Montecristos inside…

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bar refaeli montecristo 01
bar refaeli montecristo 02
bar refaeli montecristo 03
bar refaeli montecristo 04
bar refaeli montecristo 05
bar refaeli montecristo 06

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • rea

    wow first

  • rea


  • asd

    check this hot women on youtube!!! fuckkkkkk ***********


  • yuck

    she’s so plain with no star quality whatsoever. wouldn’t even notice her if she wasn’t leo’s girl

  • inair
  • buddha1

    She’s lovely..far prettier than Giselle that’s 4 sure.

  • lilly

    agree with #4. That`s all we need, another model on the movie screen. They are all so successful as actresses. Being Leo`s girlfriend is definitely profitable. And again aka Leo`s girlfriend, without that nobody would know who she is.

  • dreamer

    Beautiful face but no charisma, average model. Without her boyfriend one in a million. I really would like to see how her modeling/acting career would go after breaking up with Leo. I don`t think aka Leo`s ex-girlfriend would help her a lot.

  • jami

    wow, she’s beautiful, huh?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • Ashley

    #3 uuum, ew


    I agree totally plain, without Leo she is nothing.

  • coffecakes

    She looks like your average typical californian girl, with a nice tan and good physique nothing special.

    Other Isreali women are more prettier than her, I am surprised to find she is from Isreal looks more like a Florida or Californian girl to me.

    No one would notice her on a normal day basis.

  • ihb

    Bar Rafaeli, aka the featured model from the Leonardo Dicaprio Modeling Agency. Too bad he cannot help her to put some personality on her pictures.

  • rolling eyes

    I bet Leo is gonna coach her, instead of a stage mom you get a stage boyfriend if that even works….

    she;s my age and making more doe than me, something is wrong with that;…

    i kid


    she is so lucky i love leo! im so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!


  • tawi-tawi

    i once saw a backstage interview with her. she doesn’t know how to be behave and be classy with the press. she was plain bitchy, and mean, when they asked her a question about Leo. the interviewer was very polite, and didn’t insist on getting an answer from the very beginning. when she was answering other questions, she was just sooo plain and boring, it hurt. since then, I do not see any beauty in her, sorry.

  • Rita

    She looks very classy in her black outfit and quite attractive. This girl always has the loveliest smile and such a healthy figure. She seems to have all the reasons in the world to smile and be happy… being DICaprio’s girlfriend and having a cool modeling career… and having a leading role in an upcoming thriller! Bravo Miss Refaeli! Have yourself a Montecristo!

  • krissyy

    incredibly cold eyes, a very plain, uninspiring and average model. I wonder how could she score Dicaprio. All the attention she gets is because of him. That is just sad.

  • martinilush

    She is a very pretty girl, however, the hideous outfit they have her in does nothing for her – and hardly any makeup and a ponytail??? WTF? But, I agree with other posters, she would not be anywhere near as popular as she is without her attachment to Leo…

  • paparazzi overkill

    # 18, this is the great paradox of our times. She feeds off of other people’s achievements without a trace of talent and is called a beauty where there is none. You might call her pretty, yes, but beautiful? Nope.
    I get the chills when I see the word ‘supermodel’ attached to her name. Doesn’t fit. She gives the word ‘supermodel’ a bad name. Despite her healthy figure, as Rita wrote, if people like her have a career then you see a screw is loose in the system. Something is fundamentally wrong with the world. Let’s all praise charismatic women now! I’m tired of all the little wanna be girlies who build their careers on dating famous men… Leo, you are an idiot! It is official. Open your eyes, not your fly!

  • Lena

    I agree with the comments here about Bar being a bitch to interviewers. Bar is an idiot because she doesn’t realize that no one would care about her if she was having sex with Leo! Bar has no personality and is a stuck-up bitch.

    The interview with Sports Illustrated proves how stupid she is. Bar is dull and an airhead. Leo said in a recent Venezuelen interview that intelligent women intimidate him. This proves that Leo is only with Bar because of sex. There is nothing remotely intelligent about that girl!

  • Lena

    Oops! I meant to write that no one would care about Bar if she wasn’t having sex with Leo. And by the way according to rumours Leo is having sex with other women. A source on another site said that Leo was flirting her blonde model friend in Las Vegas. This was afer he reportedly reunited with Bar.

    Their relationship is suspicious to say the least. Either they have an open relationship or Bar is too dumb to realize Leo is cheating on her. It’s probably an open relationship because Bar knows that without Leo she’s nothing.

  • jennifer

    My God, why you hate so much this girl? could you just realize that Leo and Bar can be good together and like each other, please, leave them to be happy, what she does for you to hate her this way, I really don’t understand, I like her, she’s naturaly beautiful and as a Leo fan I twist for them to be happy. I think some people here just don’t like her because his ex is Gisele, I liked a lot when he was with Gisele even because I’am Brazilian like her and I think they were truly happy and a wonderful couple, but unfortunatelly they broke and today they both moved on, so only remains to me believe and twist that Bar is making Leo happy, because I don’t think he is still with her more than two years if he didn’t like her, at least I hope so.

  • jennifer

    Why you hate this girl so much, could you just realize that Leo and Bar could be happy together and like each other? what she does for you to hate her this way, maybe because she’s Israeli or just because she’s a model, would you just think that: any girl that dates Leo is going to be famous, no matter if she’s a model or not. Bar is naturally beautiful and I like her. I think that have some people here that just don’t like her because Leo’s ex girl, Gisele, I like her even because I’am Brazilian like her I would confess, I love when Leo and Gisele were together, they are truly happy and a cute couple, but unfortunatelly they broke and both moved on, so only remains to me as a Leo fan twist for him to be happy, and I don’t believe he’s still with Bar if he didn’t like her, at least I hope so!!!

  • lilly

    Jennifer, you don`t make sense. `some people here that just don`t like her because Leo`s ex girl, Gisele…` Have your read the comments here? Has anyone said he/she disliked Bar because of Giselle? Where did you get that?
    Bar created controversy around herself by her actions and comments and the fact is that she is a mediocre model getting great jobs because of her famous boyfriend. All these things together might result in the fact that so many people don`t like her.

  • raul

    Amazing how some chicks put energy and time to criticize Bar Refaeli on this blog…. Honestly, do you imagine that people actually care about what your opinion is ? ? Get yourself a life, because you are deeply pathetic.

  • lilly

    So raul, what`s the point of blogs?

  • lilly

    I mean expressing opinion is not the point of blogs than what?

  • jennifer

    lilly, here on this post you have sure ayone talk about Gisele, but in of other posts of Leo and Bar a lot of people talk about Gisele and Leo, and I’am not talking to you, sorry lilly it’s just my opinion.

  • jennifer

    lilly, I’am just putting my opinion here, you don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you too. But I respect your opinion, I just wrote what I think. I’am being tired of discuss here, I’am not able nor to put my point of view, from now on will write what I think and not to care for what the others say.

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