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Harrison Ford Gets a Chest Wax

Harrison Ford Gets a Chest Wax
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  • Jay


  • Jaded

    lol at his martyr face, must be pretty painful! I’m glad I have to suffer this only on my legs.

  • Amelia

    Ew and barf @ Sophia and James!

  • chris

    i know that hurts lol… probably just as bad as getting in the head with a gold ball by this poor guy!!

  • Shailee

    Wow James and Sophia!! Finally :D

  • lola

    Seriously Sophia is such a whore. another costar.

  • jules

    James Lafferty is so hotttt,lucky sophia

  • anna bella

    James and Sophia = I wish the best for them

  • lucy



    lmao at Sophia being so trashy to be dating another costar.

  • Caitlin

    Yaaaay for Sophia and James!
    It’s about time.

  • Lol

    I’m betting the Naley and Leyton fans are pissed! LOL! You idiots!

    Sophia is an amazing person, so is James. I Hope their together. :D

  • lucy

    wat r u people doing taking a pic of a dude getting his chest waxed? ew.

  • someone pretty

    I love sophia and i happy to hear she with James she deserve someone nice like him and he is hot too ;)

    Sophia Bush+James Lafferty= H-O-T

  • Anna

    Sophia screwing another costar? O desperate much. I may despise Chad, but he wasn’t the only one cheating, it takes two to tango! ;) SopH is just one big whore with a plastic nose. Why she had to mess up her own?

    And lucky James, getting his name out like that. ;) NOT! lmao.

  • someone pretty

    Anna- girl you really need to clean your mouth he is ssssssoooooo dirty

  • jessica

    sophia bush is a real whore. third costar she’s screwing, and that’s just what we know. and james lafferty is even ugly!

  • press play

    Sophia and James are pure trash.

    Sophia is a whore with a fake boobs and a fake nose job.

    James is a skanky a-hole too.

    Perfect for each other

  • JJ

    I thought James liked blondes. Well anyways, James rocks-he doesn’t actively seek out publicity like this so this kinda sucks for him. I don’t know about Sophia though…

  • rosalynn

    aww, sophia and james! i am really happy for both of them!

  • jo

    haha whores!

  • Hannah

    Chad Michael Murray = TRASH,TERRIBLE ACTOR

  • I wonder

    I wonder if James knows that Sophia had like 3 abortions. Anyways they are both trash they deserve eachother!

  • Ellen

    Please Sophia is so classy and James is too. Chad will always be the lowlife screwing an underage HS girl …Then he flaunts it all over the set whileS TILL married to SB. I hope they are together just to piss off all you bashers. LMAO.

  • winnie

    She said James is her best friend, no?

    Waouh, Sophia is really good with her (cough) ” friends ” (cough).

  • mia

    Jared, find pics of Sophia & James! LOL

    You guys need to stop talking shit about Sophia & Chad… that whole thing between them is done with, they’ve both moved on, GET OVER IT (and leave James alone! lol).

  • Michelle

    Wow, Sophia is such a whore. James always talked so much trash about her and now he’s screwing her. LOL I bet Chad is thanking god he got away from that mess. This makes Sophia look so trashy. If I was a fan of hers Id be even more disgusted.

    James isn’t some nice guy either, he’s a HUGE manwhore. Guess they’re perfect then.

    Rack up another abortion Sophia!

  • Michelle

    Wow, Sophia is such a whore. James always talked so much trash about her and now he’s screwing her. LOL I bet Chad is thanking god he got away from that mess. This makes Sophia look so trashy. If I was a fan of hers Id be even more disgusted.

    James isn’t some nice guy either, he’s a HUGE manwhore. Guess they’re perfect then.

    Rack up another abortion Sophia!

  • Sally

    Stop talking trash about Sophia then. It is absurd.

  • Jessie

    I find this hilarious if Sophia and James are dating! They know they are co-stars, and I’m sure they aren’t walking down the aisle for sure but I don’t think they would make it for long as a couple either. Therefore it’s wrong to even think about beginning. This whole thing makes me nauseous. No offense to Sophia or James but it just not right at ALL.

  • Kandice

    Wow talk about a blow to your image Sophia. Hope for your sake it isn’t true and I’m one of your fans.

    You always had grace and class and this would be so wrong. Please tell me its not true. :(

  • amsfan

    Sophia really needs to stop doing her costars. As if Jon and Chad worked so well for her, now she’s going for James?

    Woman isn’t classy.

    People should know she’s a leech, and that all this is just to get publicity.

    But it doesn’t get her attention from the right people, it just makes her OTH fans think less of her. Trashy. Slutty of course.

  • J

    I sort of liked her before. But honestly, if this is true, then really, everyone who says she basically is a publicity seeker is right. I mean she pops up at every event, which is ok I guess, but now this. I mean people know her more for her relationships, and trust me, she isn’t even that popular. Yay for being so classy. Just shows how much she uses the media to prop herself up.

  • jo

    lmao whore! told you all

  • Katy

    YAY for James and Sophia, they would make one hot couple!
    and wow so many sophia haters on this site, i think the word is Jealousy.

  • anon

    why would people be jealous of sophia? lol, nothing to be jealous of.

  • cindy

    They would be really cute!, hope its true.
    #36 they would be jealous because she is with James who a lot of girls really like,and she is beautiful. this is one of the only sites that i have seen that dont like Sophia, majority of places adore her.

  • carly

    Seriously, that is bad form of both Sophia and James if they’re truly dating. Sophia was already one half of a couple that basically tore apart the set and made it a very unpleasant work place for a lot of people. Why on earth would she do that again?

    And for those that say Chad deserved it for dating an extra? He dated someone who was in a few scenes over the course of a couple of years. She’s now possibly fucking someone he has to be around all of the time. Not cool. At all.

  • Komal

    Please, all of you idiots need to lay off and stop copy and pasting the same mindless comments on different websites.

    It’s probably just a rumor and if it isn’t , what’s it to you? Sophia wasn’t the one who messed up her relationship with the douche in the first place so leave her alone. Plus there have been rumors of this sort for a while now. I mean, if you’re a celebrity anyone you say hi to is free game for the media to link you up with.

    If they are dating, then more power to them. James is a big step up from Chad so good for her. Plus, I’d love to see Chad’s face when he sees them making out on set, that would be worth good money!

  • anonymous

    In case it never occured to some of you…not everyone loves Sophia. I’m surprised that you didn’t know that A LOT of people actually don’t like her. And it has nothing to do with Chad. To me and my friends, she comes across as fake…I mean in interviews she makes it seem like she’s a simple girl who reads books and plays with her puppies, but a lot of pictures of her drunk off her ass have surfaced. And sure, her fans can say she was “just” having fun, but then, again, you could argue that the rest of the celebs were “just having fun” too.

    And yes, she does actively seek out publicity-it’s no secret.

  • Pauline

    Come on.
    Sophia said once that James was one of her best friend.
    Don’t jump to conclusions.

    Plus, no need to talk about her like that ?! What is wrong with you people ? You don’t know her.
    Fake boobs, nose job ? Seriously. That’s all you’ve got ?
    sophia is a natural beauty. Not a plastic freak.

  • Zak

    Oh c’mon the whole Sophia-James thing isn’t true at all. They’re just good friends and she’s said it herself. You don’t believe everything you read you know! And what’s with the trashing Sophia. Damn she’s gorgeous, got an awesome body and she’s successful. All that you guys don’t have so it’s pure jealousy!
    Even if they are together so what, it’s their Life!

  • LOL

    Welcome to reality! Sophia is a big whore. Everybody who has worked with her knows it and some, like Chad, Jon and James, have taken advantage of it. Who can blame them? You don’t see the effects of STDs until after the sex.

  • oth

    I don’t know why you guys are badmouthing Sophia and James because YOU DON’T KNOW IF IT’S TRUE!!!! Get some proof you know like a picture or THEM saying that THEY ARE TOGETHER not some gossip website that blew a FRIENDLY gathering out of portion then you guys can talk your trash.

  • Sophia

    Wow. I hope this isn’t true. JUST because she’ll be dating ANOTHER co-star. I personally just think they’re friends. Who knows?

  • britt

    Y’all some hating a**es, I bet all y’all a** ugly you just want to hate on Sophia because she look better than all of you. I f she was to get with James like her do what she do it isn’t anybody business who the f**k she is with. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Besides I doubt its true, just rumors just like the ones from summer 2007.

  • sophia is a bitch

    sophia looks better than the people that don’t like her? everyone can look better with plastic surgery! anyway, she doesn’t even look that good. Her head is HUGE, it makes her look like an alien. the boobs are so fake it’s not even funny. and the legs are horrible.

    she’s a publicity seeker with no talent and no classy. she keeps screwing every man that breathes. bleah!

    the thing about her and james is true, all the people that recently were in wilmington and on set know it

  • rachel

    hahahahah OKAY like you all really know how many people shes fucckedd and how many “abortions” shes had.. cause you know, you all are really close friends with her right? ya’ll are just dumbasses for believin all the bullshit…. remember when everyone could have swon lindsay lohan had a boob job? yeah, they were alll wrong… you all area bunch of low lives who hate on people to make yourself feel better.. have a nice life fuckerrrs :)

  • sally

    Spare me. You will say anything to trash Sophia. CM is the one who impregnated a 17 year old girl while married still. kenzie had an abortion hence the quick engagement. And James DOES NOT like CM never has. If CM can take a 17year old girl, Jame sand Sophia 3 years later can do whatever they want, best friends or lovers good for them.

  • renee

    Actually, this is a professional environment that they’re in. This isn’t just about their personal lives. Sophia was already a part of couple that ended up making that set and workplace incredibly uncomfortable for a lot of people. She’s a moron if she’s doing that again and no one around her is going to appreciate that.