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Jennifer Aniston's Smartwater Ad -- NEW!

Jennifer Aniston's Smartwater Ad -- NEW!

Jennifer Aniston plays with a paper boat at a Los Angeles lake in the new ad for Smartwater, which will run as magazine spreads as well as on billboards nationwide.

The ad copy reads: “I love the reflection of water… But what I drink is a reflection of me.”

According to E!, she was photographed by Craig McDean. Aniston‘s first ad campaign for Smartwater were shot by Mario Testino.

Also, according to People, Aniston shared a private meal with musician John Mayer in a Miami restaurant that opened Friday afternoon just for them.

“I was happy to accommodate them,” says Charles Bell, general manager of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District.

Aniston ordered a chopped chicken salad, while Mayer had a Serrano ham sandwich which “Jen ate some of,” says Bell. For dessert, the pair shared a chocolate-and-peanut-butter layered treat.

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  • jania

    aw, shes cute

  • Nat

    Oh ! No !

  • YUCK

    That water looks so disgusting and since it was shot in Los Angeles I am sure it is polluted big time. The last thing I want to do is drink a brand of water associated w/ that swamp. I wouldn’t even get near there. Jen seems so high maintenance I am surprised posed for that shot but money talks.

  • bataglio

    smartwater has SMART mktg execs!! the shot of that toad-infested pond should get people right in the mood for a tall bottle of smartwater!

  • Nat

    Never heard of Smart water ?

  • Amused by Stupidity

    Do you recall ever being at the zoo when something stirs up the inhabitants of the monkey cage? The hysterical screams and clatter is deafening and has little to do with reality. It could be that one monkey got mad about something and the others just joined in the screaming, with little or no awareness of what they were doing or why…as in “monkey see, monkey do”. Reading these posts reminds me of a day at the zoo.

  • boo

    that’s a pretty nice photograph… not for a smartwater ad though =/

  • Lillianne

    She really is pretty

  • beentheredonethat

    She looks beautiful. She’s just seems like a fun person and friend. Unlike some snooty and angry looking celebrities…no names will be mentioned, as this site seems to favor one in particular.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    who is she?

  • Jason

    GO Jen
    you look awesome

  • yawn

    how dull

  • shorty

    good pic of her

  • Idontgetit

    I’m confused. EVeryone says she’s high maintenance but I don’t understand where they got that idea?

    In all the pictures that I’ve seen, she’s in jeans, or t-shirt, or tank top, hanging out at the beach, or with her dogs. I haven’t seen her decked out in Chanel, or Gucci, or wearing tones of make-up and jewelry and prancing around with a dog in a LV dog carrier.

  • Lisa

    I think she looks fantastic and so does the photo! Good for her! She and Brad have clearly moved on; too bad the fans don’t take a lesson from them! But I guess your not a true fan if you can’t get over that shit happens and people move forward…

  • i get it

    >EVeryone says she’s high maintenance but I don’t understand where >they got that idea?

    it’s her real life personality not her corporate public image

  • lurking

    She’s dating John Mayer???????????? Oh well, whatever rocks your world!!!!!!! This relationship is just like the others … Jason Lewis, Aaron Ekhart, Orlando Bloom blah blah blah…….

  • re: Idontgetit

    People tend to make up things to put down a person’s good quality. So if jen is low-maintenanaced, people will say she’s high maintenanced. If she’s pretty, people will call her ugly. If she’s a prude, people will call her a slut.

    People know there’s nothing wrong with her (or at least no real reason to hate her so much) so they end up making up things to make themselves feel better or to “prove” a point. Except they’re not smart enough to realize that you can’t really prove a point with false accusations.

  • re: i get it

    >it’s her real life personality not her corporate public image<
    so you’re saying you’ve hung out with her and know her real life personality?

    Based on what a lot of people say, Jen is probably one of the most down to earth celebs out there.

    If you visit John Grogan’s blog (the author of Marley and Me), he states that Jen was surprisingly nice and had a good sense of humor when he and his wife met her on the set of Marley and Me.

    Just saying… never met a person who actually MET jennifer aniston who said she was high maintenanced… personality wise.

  • lurker

    Left-overs….great match…when will he funny.

  • lurker

    promoting water or new man….

  • lurker

    yeah we believe she is low.

  • jengoaway

    Jennifer is average looking…nothing special about her. She knows it.
    Her own mother even told her the same.

  • ~~&~~

    Photoshop is a beautiful thing.

    She’s dating John Mayer.Bye, bye,bye,bye byeeeeeeeee

  • oh snap!

    SHE IS U G L Y

  • jc

    It’s a pretty picture. It looks nothing like Jennifer Aniston.

  • just sayin’

    Idontgetit @ 04/25/2008 at 9:13 pm I’m confused. EVeryone says she’s high maintenance but I don’t understand where they got that idea?

    Haven’t you heard of her trips to her plastic surgery surgeon? That’s what it is. She knows she’s not all that that’s why she had to change her face completely. Hope her newface would help her on her low self esteem.

  • So funny

    this pose is what you see in ads for Ambercrombie and American Fitter.

    I mean the tween pose.

    NOT a woman pushing 40 yrs.

    Seriously, I finally get it…this woman is 39 years (body) going 19(imagewise and probably mentally took..if you know what I mean)

  • john mayer luvs perez

    John Mayer , Perez’s John? She shared a meal with him? John who kissed Perez??

    How low can she go?


  • Jill

    Are they trying to unload all those cases of Smartwater that the first ad campaign failed to sell?

  • chelie

    Mayer is kind’ve nuts,i think Huvane is still trying to keep her name in tabloids.So he got them together,they make perfect pair.

  • Jen Fan

    WOW lots of hateful people here. The comments only show that Jennifer still has it. If she didn’t no one would even care to post. You go girl. She looks great! Of course since she had one meal with John she is dating him? Some people are really crazy.

  • voice of reason

    Well, Aniston, you have lots of money.

    Please write a FAT CHECK.

    We fans find it difficult to defend you when you only contribute a small amount to charity.

    They said your $30,000 donation to Ophrah’s big give was chump change in relation to your 110 million networth.

    Please, do us a favor, next time, write a big check.

  • cc

    I wondered what she’s really like! I watched too many Friends episodes and got her confused with the TV personality she played. Humm…………………………………………………….. I would like to see her change her appearance. Everyone changes with time. She looks the same, boring.

  • Anonymous
  • Marina

    holaaaaaaaa que linda foto!! me encanto!! Jen es simplemente la mejor!

  • krung krung

    her ass looks good in a jeans though.

  • kellygrrrl

    beautiful photograph
    not exactly the best way to promote drinking water

    but lovely B&W!

    BTW, People Mag reporting Jen An dining with John Mayer.
    What an absolutely perfect couple that is
    (that’s not really a compliment)

  • So funny

    cc @ 04/25/2008 at 9:59 pm I wondered what she’s really like! I watched too many Friends episodes and got her confused with the TV personality she played. Humm…………………………………………………….. I would like to see her change her appearance. Everyone changes with time. She looks the same, boring.


    Why do I get the feeling that 90% of her fans are like you – WATCHED too much Friends to the point of can’t tell who is Rachel and Jen.

  • http://justjared beautiful

    i love jenn

  • bet

    Hot Hot Hot Hot………….. with perfect body and pretty face. from top to bottom perfect. Who ever date her , he knows she is the perfect person that he can meet.

    if she breath or walk beside any person, it is garanty the person will be famous and garanty to be on the cover of magazine. she is that much powerfull.

  • Niko

    That’s a nice picture…

    As for the other thing, I’m not really a fan of hers but I wouldn’t wish John Mayer on her. Anyone who follows him knows he’s pretty much a douche in both print and TV interviews. Not to mention the golden shower thing he’s pretty much known for. Hopefully they are just friends enjoying a meal together.

  • Alexia

    Beautiful ALWAYS!!!!!
    AL WAYS……

  • Alexia

    ALL WAYS……
    Lov U Jen !!!

  • case closed

    # 41 bet – you so funny – haha – lol

  • Melissa

    Jennifer is gorgeous, completely flawless classy lady.

  • jules

    God. What a gorgiousssss photo of her. i love her look.

  • legs

    huh? water?

  • http://msn Gena

    Big deal. Hope they get together so the focus will be taken off of Brad and Angie. But that will not happen cause Jen does not stay long with anyone after Brad. Would love for her to get on with her life. Is there no man out there for her?


    John Mayer? He sure gets around. Anyway–it would be nice to get the spotlight off of Brad and Angie. So hopefully their relationship goes public.