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Jennifer Garner Shows Her Side of the Truth

Jennifer Garner Shows Her Side of the Truth

Jennifer Garner shoots scenes for her new movie, This Side of the Truth, on Thursday in Boston, Mass. (Husband Ben Affleck is a big Red Sox fan and one of her sisters lives in town.)

During a film break, Jen, 36, spent some mother-daughter bonding time with Violet, 2 1/2.

This Side of the Truth is a comedy set on an alternate Earth where no-one has ever lied, and stars Ricky Gervais (UK’s The Office) as a performer who tells the world’s first, coming to wield its power for personal gain. Gervais is also directing. Kudos to Jen for picking good movies–this seems like another winner!

The film has a star-studded cast complete with Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman and Patrick Stewart. Bateman starred in Juno with Garner. Tambor and Bateman worked on Arrested Development together.

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  • emma-australia


  • lindsey

    Aw, adorable Violet :) I love her, so cute

  • emma-australia

    Hehe, that was the first time I’ve ever posted 1st.
    Not that its important…

  • Awww!

    Just gorgeous!

    Love Jen in her jammies!

    Violet is the cutest hollywood baby. She’s getting so big! She always looks so happy. So great to see her out having fun with her mom!

  • stellar sophie

    ben you assHOLE. show us you actually love your wife and kid!

  • csxyz

    That movie sounds really interesting. :)

  • Jennifer

    Violet is such a cutie. I wonder where Ben is spending his time, not with his wife that’s for sure.

    Jennifer looks really good but has lost a lot of weight.

  • Cbstare

    YAY . . .they are back!!!!!! so happy

  • jade

    Jennifer looks beautiful and little Violet is such a cutie!

  • shorty

    omg her little girl is so friggin CUTE

  • Adoring Fan

    Violet is growing like a weed. She is still so adorable. Did Jen cut her hair? It looks cute. Not to worry #’s 5 & 7, I have a feeling Ben is not far away. I bet that’s who little Miss Violet is smiling at. Love the Garner/Afflecks.

  • me

    Violet is so cute!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i thought violation was special looking – i just seen katie price & (the wannabe beckham) peter whogivesashit’s kid. now that fcuker’s special looking. lmao

  • Anni

    she’s so cute, and growing so fast! she used to be a little baby and now she is beutiful girl.
    we never see ben, having sometim with jenn and violet, thats weird

  • buckeyegurl

    Awwwww, I missed them!! Violet is soooo big! I’m glad to see them and Violet is such a cutie, she’s such a happy little girl. I think the movie sounds interesting as well. I think Jen is on a roll…

  • djdanger

    Both of them are cute…I’m so glad she keeps on working. I’m such a fan ever since ALIAS..

  • Katie

    Wow what a cute girl Violet Affleck has turned out to be! Those dimples are to die for.

    Jennifer seems so happy and relaxed.

  • the shiznack

    i loved Arrested Development so much it was the funniest show ever

    even though i like Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross and Will Arnett were clearly the funniest on the show but Bateman and Michael Cera get all the roles

  • doubledisaster

    violet is the cutest hollywood baby!!!!!

  • T

    Jen definitely looks better with bangs. I don’t think Violet is that cute, Matt Damon’s daughter is way more adorable.

  • mcc

    Cute!!! I missed seeing Jen and Violet. I love them!!!

  • zoe

    i missed them! wondered where they disappeared but thanks for the pix. they both look great and happy. i like jen’s hair- something different. and violet’s two front teeth are totally adorable!!

  • Bradforever

    Violet is so a little cutie!!!

  • Love her


  • bea

    Well, I am so happy for seeing news pics of Jen and Violet, Vi is so big, and always smiling, I hope see more pics of them.

  • remember da truth

    Violet is looking more and more like Jen! So cute, and always so happy!

    Ben doesn’t have to have photos with Jen to show you that he loves her…. Damn, people act like these are not real people, but just puppets for them to demand to be together or not.

  • finally

    it’s been too long!!!
    they look great I love Jen’s new do :)
    I’m so happy :P

  • tylah

    Violet is cute with those Dumbo ears!!! :)

  • Chris X

    It is just sad that stars who dont’ appear to be glued to each other get accused of not caring. It happens with Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and now it is happening with Ben and Jen. Get a grip. One of the most romantic picutures I ever saw was Brad and Jennifer kissing on the beach – right before they came back and announced their divorce. Jen and Violet are in Boston , and so are the Red Sox. If Ben is not there, it is for a reason.

  • Violation

    Violet looks like a boy in some of those pictures. She takes after her mother in that regard sometimes she looks feminine, sometimes masculine. She looks nothing her father who looks to have gone AWOL permanently, he’s not working on any movie so he should be with his family.

  • BenFan

    Jen and Violet are in Boston , and so are the Red Sox. If Ben is not there, it is for a reason.

    He’s probably in Washington having room service like Eliot Spitzer.

  • original jpf

    What a sweetie! Was Ben even in the room?! She looks just like mom dimples and all. One of my fav couples and one I think will go the distance.

    Thanks JJ


  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    I’m happy to see that little face again.Thank you Jared.

  • thanxxxxx

    for the pics :)

  • julie

    As a mom, I love the fact that they look soooooo normal. Jen doesn’t have to have her “red carpet face” on to be hanging w/her daughter. I love the normalcy!!!

  • Amy

    I am getting a possible pregnant vibe from Jennifer!

  • I hope they’ll have a new baby by next year. thay made such a cute baby girl, I so wanna see the mini- Ben :P

  • Beedy eyes

    That kid is soooooooooo not cute

  • sophie

    hey violation – ben is filming a movie in washington, check your facts, twat

  • Ha!

    Violation/Famous loves to post idiotic comments.

    Violet is cuter and cuter every time we see her – what a happy looking child! Love it.

  • mona

    LOL this blog about Ben says so much how clueless people are, just rambling on on something they have no knowledge about! Ben is working – doing a lot of reading and research and drafting for his next directorial films, you idiots. He is a screenwriter and a director now, more than an actor. That involves a lot of personal time and space.

  • elaine

    Only a very sad, neglected, low esteemed person person would say something nasty about a happy child.

  • Lauren

    jen & jason were also in the kingdom together.

  • purple

    Violet is the worst dressed kid celeb!

  • Miapocca

    Can anyone see the obvious differenvce between this child and her interaction with her parents as compared to Suri cruise and her weird parents

    Violet looks carefree and happy like any of the neighbourhood children…and suri just never has any fun





  • Aquarius

    I used to be a fan of Suri, now I am totally for Violet!
    Look how happy and cheerful she is, then you can look back at how Suri and TC “play” in the park.
    The stark ocntrast is kust day and night.
    Love Violet and Jennifer! Wish them all the best in the world and I agree with JJ, the movie doe shave the look to win big!

  • julie

    Purple….she is an ordinary kid. Thank God!!!!

  • purple is an idiot

    that girl looks so happy!
    I wonder how long her hair is by now…

  • westlifebunny

    I love Jen! And Violet is so adorable! :)

    This is in reference to the fifth poster and others who assume the same: Guys, let’s not pretend we know about Ben and Jen’s love life through some lame papparazzi pics. Just because we don’t see them together doesn’t give us the right to spell out a story for ourselves about the “so-called” gap in their relationship. None of us know what happens behind closed doors so let’s not assume.