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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Body is a Wonderland

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Body is a Wonderland

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave some very interesting answers in his latest interview with UK’s bimonthly magazine, Wonderland.

Do you Google yourself? Yes. It was a triumphant day for me about a year ago when my website came up first on the Google page under my name. I make short films and put them on there. Now I think it’s number four.

So although you’re playing Cobra Commander in the G.I. Joe movie for Paramount, you were never allowed to play with G.I. Joe dolls as a kid? That’s right. No toys that had guns. But I got to know a lot of soldiers through Stop-Loss and I learnt what it means to be one. No matter what you feel about America’s occupation of Iraq, it’s important to distinguish that, in a way, what those soldiers do is the bravest thing a human being can do: they put their lives on the line for each other. I’ve never risked my life for anything.

What is your drug of choice? I guess marijuana. I’ve had a select set of really beautiful, powerful, psychedelic experiences on certain drugs but I never got into just doing it at a party: ‘Oh let’s get f—ed up and drop acid’. That’s so retarded and disrespectful to your body and the drug itself. Mushrooms, acid and ecstasy can offer you a new perspective. They can also offer you nothing.

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  • sarah

    He’s a cutie.


    An incredible actor, and one heading for the majors.

  • oh snap!


  • michelle

    He’s hot but I don’t like his drug comment.

  • Tanda

    “That’s so retarded and disrespectful to your body and the drug itself.”

    Wow, what a saint!

  • sarah


  • D


  • Julia

    Veryyyyyyyyyy charming!

  • chris

    i know that this girls really likes him and would like to “Sext Message” Him!! haha

  • kathryn

    gos hes soo cute and smart and sensitive

  • Rayt

    Always have loved him, he’s very smart too.

  • #64

    I honestl dont have a clue who this is but i really like him……… he’s seem like an honest genuine person who thinks out side of the box !!!!!! hooray !!!!

  • huw

    thanks for mentioning our magazine – this issue featuring Joseph is our best issue yet so its worth checking out if you can – take a look at for more – there are also great features on leelee sobieski, dominic cooper (hot new british actor) and loads of great fashion (for guys and girls), photography and other stuff – we hope you like it! (and maybe even buy it sometime if you want!!! – its at universal, barnes and noble, borders or subscribe online if you prefer).

  • next


  • ilovejoseph

    I love him. He’s one of the best, nicest, and most down to earth celebrity out there. And I agree with him on his drug answer…it is disrespectful to your body when you use ectasy, acid, or any other drug for that matter. He seems like such a geniune, honest, and smart guy. HUGE FAN OF HIS!

    thanks for posting on’s always great to see more of Joseph!

  • Lookie

    ^^Oh no, he didn’t say it’s disrespectful when you use it. He said it’s disrespectful when you just do it a party to get wasted. As for using it, he says he’s done it himself and that it can be a beautiful experience.

    Lmfao. I think that’s just ridiculous.

    “I’ve had a select set of really beautiful, powerful, psychedelic experiences on certain drugs…” LMAO. He sounds nuts.

  • b.

    He reminds me a lot of Keanu Reeves. IMO, he looks a lot like Keanu when he was younger. And then, of course, the drug quote is very similar to some I’ve read from Keanu over the years.

    Whatever you think about his drug use and/or him discussing it openly, JGL is one incredibly talented actor. He was terrific in Brick and The Lookout, just to name a couple.

  • cutiepie

    He’s a douchebag and drugs are for f**king losers.

  • kathryn

    wtf ‘cutiepie’ how is he a douche u probrabbly never herd of him bc his movies r way above ur intelligence level, i mean have u even herd of mysterious skin or brick u probrably only know him from 10 things i hate about u

  • shorty

    he’s hawwwwwt

  • ana

    thanks for letting us know about the interview. JGL looks amazing and the interview was amazingly candid and fun.

  • Mika

    He really had me until the “I’ve had a select set of really beautiful, powerful, psychedelic experiences on certain drugs …retarded and disrespectful to your body and the drug itself. Mushrooms, acid and ecstasy can offer you a new perspective. They can also offer you nothing.” part.

    These quotes should be repeated in schools as an example to kids when they ask their teacher what an idiot sounds like.
    Or as an example of a contraindication in grammar. Either one fits.

  • cutiepie

    #19, he’s a douchebag because he does drugs. And for the record, my intellectual level is higher than his and yours considering I DONT do drugs and unlike you, I can spell.

  • lopnh

    Hot. But does drugs. So, not so hot.

  • legs

    he kinda looks like james mcavoy.

  • brittney

    mmm i always has a crush on him back in the 90′s…no he’s all grown and sexy and actually turned out really normal for a child actor! that’s a rarity in hollywood so that’s an extra plus added to him. he’s straight up gorgeous in stop-loss…him, phillippe and channing tatum =) yum

  • COmeback 3t?

    He does dugs what a shame.

    @ Mika lol. True

  • Alix

    He’s grown into quite a HOT ITEM!!!! Kiss, Kiss.

  • cal

    I think his point in mentioning drugs was to acknowledge that everyone has the capacity to be go overboard, yet he chooses to see it as rare shaping experience. I think that’s pretty spot on- it’s not like that many people are going to even admit that.

  • Clara

    His body doesn’t look like wonderland but alright…

  • jorja


  • iloooveejoseph

    just because he admits that he’s done drugs does not make him a douchebag, or whatever. at least he doesn’t hide it like a lot of the other celebrities, he admits it. he is so genuine and honest and beautiful and ah, what i would give to be able to talk to him and aghghkjahg. i love him.

  • Lucy

    I love the way he thinks…he’s very intelligent.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope he doesn’t go the way of Heath Ledger and die young of an overdose. I have a feeling he might because the pattern’s looking a little familiar. He’s really a wonderful actor and very handsome (in my opinion), and I really hope he gets off the drugs soon.

  • jane d

    really loved Joe and I think he is a great person but I think he still on Drugs even after his Brother died he could do so Much better with his life than Drugs and I don’t care Drugs are Drugs no Matter what they are and any women who Support him Being on Drugs Must be on the Drugs themselves in fact I don’t think he is getting off the Drugs anytime soon that pretty Sad those cause he is Talented and waste his life away on Drugs I hope someone will help him or say a Blessing for him something cause he is a great guy and he didn’t need Drugs to Make him Happy he need people who truly loved him to Make him happy that what he need