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Julianne Moore is The Little Mermaid

Julianne Moore is The Little Mermaid

Check out the latest Disney Dream Portrait entitled “Where Another World is Just a Wish Away,” which shows actress Julianne Moore, portraying Ariel from The Little Mermaid,” surrounded by other mermen and mermaids including Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, 22 (foreground).

“I leapt at the chance,” Julianne, 47, said. “Ariel is my daughter’s favorite princess, so I was just really so excited to do it. All the images I’ve seen that Annie‘s shot so far – Cinderella and Alice and the prince one – are absolutely exquisite. They are so beautiful and so kind of wonderfully emotional. So I was really thrilled to be asked to work with her and do this.”

“Yes, Julianne has a big mermaid tail; it’s interesting,” photographer Anne Leibovitz recalled from the shoot. “Michael, too. His movements were so graceful and beautiful you just felt like you were watching a real merman.”

Watch the video below of Phelps and Moore‘s photo shoot!!!

Flipping his fins, you don’t get too far…

Julianne Moore is The Little Mermaid

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Photos: Disneyland/Annie Leibovitz
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  • Rita

    Little too old for Ariel, but there’s no prettier redhead!

  • Meggie

    I just don’t get why dont they pick YOUNG people for those photoshoots. I mean Mikhail Barisnikov as Peter Pan and Julianne Moore as Ariel is just pathetic!

  • Ha!

    She probably picks the people she picks because this is about more than just looking like a cartoon drawing. I’m sure Annie Leibowitz knows what she’s doing – she sees something in the people she picks that works for her vision.

  • just me…

    I love Julianne Moore….She’s a very good actriss!!! ;)

  • rolling eyes

    what were you hoping she would make vanessa hudgens pocahontas and put make Lindsay lohan go back to red hair and be the little mermaid??

    If notice, the photographer is talented and actually wanted these images to work, so she of course is gonna work with the best

    Get a clue…

  • zoe

    oohh…thats such a great picture! julianne is a great red- head, perfect ariel. i cant imagine any ‘young’ redheads in hollywood nowadays.

  • Regm


    She´s a bit old but she´s great.

    I loved the Snow White one too. Oh Rachel Weisz, what a gorgeous woman!

  • Regm

    To Zoe:

    I always thought that there would be a little mermaid pic and I picturized Bryce Dallas Howard like Ariel. She´s young, but Julianne is wonderful.

  • Regm
  • gaea1899

    isla fisher is a beautiful redhead who could have also made a perfect ariel…

  • kati

    Julianne looks okay but I think they should’ve chosen Isla Fisher or Amy Adams.

  • Keisha

    Ekhm!@Why not Natalie Portman ;(

  • julia

    why do u guys talk only about the actress but not about the BEST SWIMMER? just look at Michael! he’s gorgeous and amazing and beautiful and… i don’t have much more words to describe this biggest talent!!! and by the way it’s very good commercial of Mickey before the Olympics ;))) well done. :)))
    PS: pix are awesome!… but Mikey is better. :)
    thanks JustJared, love u guys MORE! :))))))))))))

  • sk

    oh wow . that’s amazing!!

  • mediterranean

    Sweet! I just wrote about it myself. Great post JJ

  • nunny

    i luv these portraits, but y r they doing them?

  • Shakira

    Julianne Moore is my favorite redhead and makes a beautiful mermaid. I made this into my screensaver and love it.


    OOOO im excited i loved the little mermaid this should be great!


  • westlifebunny

    Wow, I haven’t seen Phelps for a while and he looks pretty good.

  • docomo

    that guy is stunning…..

  • Fay

    micheal phelps is effing hot! love him and julieanne looks good

  • jess

    mmm… couldn’t they have found a redhead 20 years younger! this is like Ariel’s grandma

  • hush

    I love this photo….I think all of these disney photos are amazing

  • postwatcher

    RIDICULOUS. ANNIE LEIBOWITZ IS SUCH A SYCOPHANT HOLLYWOODD ASS KISSER. She has made a career over photographing celebrities…BIG F’N DEAL!

    First of all, how hard was it for Disney to find a real Native American to play Pocahantas or a real Middle Eastern actors to play Alladin and Jasmine instead of J-LO and her skinny ass husband.

    These people are too old, too tired and has beens. They should have used young children for the roles…RIDICULOUS.

    Can Julianne Moore be any MORE AIRBRUSHED!!!!

  • Meggie

    # 24 – my point exactly! Children would be much better and much more charming than celebs, they used. The only real suitable casting is ScarJo for Cinderella and Woopy Goldberg for Ginny, the others are either ridiculous miscating or some strange kind of flattery.

  • Helena

    Julianne Moore is a hasbeen? IDIOT.

  • RS

    WOW! Who cares about the girl? Michael Phelps is Uber HOT *drools*

  • amanda

    wouldn’t Amy Adams be a better Ariel? I mean, she may not be a real redhead, but look at the woman, she’s so effing gorgeous in any haircolor.

  • DAn

    I got so orgasmic when I red the heading title but then it stopped.
    WTF? Moore? Could they get any older?

    What about the hotter redheads?
    And I’m talking about you, Amy Adams.

  • Stacey

    I like Julianne Moore, and think the photos are gorgeous….but honestly Ariel is supposed to be 16 years old, people. Julianne is 47. Too old. I agree that Amy Adams would have been a better choice. And Natalie Portman as Ariel??? Hell to the no! She is plain jane. She does not have the beauty of any Disney princess.

  • Rae

    Beautiful. She looks so much younger than 47 it’s amazing.

    Are we really debating whether the celebrities are the appropriate age? They’re fairy tales.

  • vm

    First of all, Julianne Moore is a talented actress and has had a long career. She is a very respected actress. Hence why Anne picked her. I also applaud Anne for picking Moore, who is 42 and still looks stunningly beautiful. Why does it matter that Moore is 42? Why do Ariel must be portrayed by Isla Fisher or Linsday lohan when they’ve only been in this field for a short time? And also, in the Mermaid story, Ariel’s age is never revealed and she kills herself to give her love a life. But overall, its harder nowadays for older actresses to snag roles due to the demanding of younger women in the entertainment industry. Look at Jodie Foster, Jamie Lee Curtis, Susan Sarandon, they all quieted down whereas the newcomers are everywhere in these paparazzi pics. Again, Anne L knows what she is doing and she has been in this business for over 40 years.

  • ( . Y . )


  • Elizabeth

    can we please shut up about age? These portraits aren’t necessarily about replicating the films, they are about capturing the emotion of the films. I think Julianne Moore is stunning and she is beautiful in these pictures.


    I couldn’t agree more. WHO CARES ABOUT AGE!!?? Besides Julianne was the perfect choice for Ariel. She even has the same likeness. And as for now, with the sequel released about 8 years ago, the character is now a mother of a 12 year old girl. So why not? Think about it! This picture makes total sense to me.

    BTW The merman is absolutely beautiful!

  • dondon

    its very cool

  • noelle

    Julianne is Smokin’ HOT !

  • mirto

    she looks so great!!! I love her as ariel !!!

  • Hannah

    Julianne is fantastic! End of story.

  • Lorenzo Deutsch

    Thanks, bookmarked!

  • Dan

    @Meggie: Let’s be serious, though: Julianne Moore looks better at 47 than Lindsay Lohan does at 25. And Baryshnikov looks pretty good for 65.