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Miranda to Orlando: Meet the Parents!

Miranda to Orlando: Meet the Parents!

Orlando Bloom grabs lunch with Aussie supermodel girlfriend Miranda Kerr and her parents, Therese and John Kerr, at Catalina’s restaurant at Rose Bay, Australia on Friday. This was the first time Orly met Miranda‘s father.

Orlando, 31, and Miranda, 25, are expected to make their first official public appearance together at today’s David Jones AJC Doncaster Derby.

For more pictures of Orlando meeting Miranda‘s parents, visit And for more pictures of the happy couple, visit

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  • meamelia

    WooHoo!.wedding bells?

  • nunny

    i luv orlando
    but i’m happy he is at least not w/ kate anymore :)

  • MAYA

    He is so hot (;

  • A

    I thought she was 25.

  • meamelia

    Miranda 31???!!..seriously??..she could be 20!

  • Just Jared

    25! 25! 25! Sorry, typo.

  • meamelia

    imdb says she was born in 1983..she should be 25..

  • meamelia

    it’s okie jared..
    mistakes happens..

  • yes you can

    yes you can see the rest of those pictures there and at wireimage and in the last Orlando thread with over 1000 post.

    These are clearly set up as they are marked at wireimage that they are not to be used for magazines. That means an agreement was made with them. They arrived and left separately and if you look at the rest ofthe pictures you can see the awkwardness of it all.

    So if this is a normal couple why make arrangements with wireimage to catch a family lunch?

  • KC

    AH Jared what took you so long?

    I believe someone said this in another thread but I’d like to adopt a new name for the love birds. I will now affectionately called them Twit and Twat. T&T for short.

  • sam

    You think she’s taller than him?

  • paris

    That second link you posted doesn’t have pictures of them together. They are not even in the same frame what are you talking about?
    For all we know it was a different day.


    awww good for them thats great i like orlando he is super cute and a great actor!


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    he’s a sci-fi sidekick and she’s a clothes-hanger. NOT IMPRESSED!

  • media shy

    Elflady and JJ have a connection? How cute is that.

  • @15

    I noticed that, too. Since when does JJ give websites a public plug? Of course, some of those websites could be funded by the actors themselves…..

  • @16

    JJ gets tips from all people and readers. Someone at olove probably just sent him the pictures and the information. Happens all the time.
    Myself and friends have sent him things before and he has posted them immediately.

  • Nana

    Orly’s cute…

  • nina

    Orlando is sooo adorable. I don’t see them lasting however. She is just beginning a massively huge career and is still pretty young. He is older and established. Here comes the ol’ scheduling conflicts, too busy for each other splitsville, yada yada yada. I’ll give it until the fall of 2008. He needs someone his own age in the same place career wise, or a non-actress sweet British girl. LOTS LOVE ORLANDO!

  • How stupid are we

    Remember when these two went apartment hunting and when exposed they said they were set up by the condo company? Yet now he’s meeting her parents. Set up huh? Please!

    As above, wow Orlando you are a twat and she’s the twit for hanging OFF you!

  • Marc Church

    Miranda is the “ugliest” (if you can call VS women that) Angle of VS I’ve ever seen. There’s NOTHING, really NOTHING special about her.
    Everything seems fake about her, she’s so ordinary in her little cuteness, no personality, no edge, no charisma. Where are the women with charisma?

  • @21

    sure you can call her ugly because she is. Have you seen her in candid shots. She is nasty.
    lol. she looks just like her dad without makeup.

  • ignore

    Either acting the part, or reveling in the role of doting boyfriend.

    And then still keeping his distance from Kerr in front of the cameras yesterday

    quotes from this article really tell me what this is about. Even the paper is questioning the sincerety of the relastionship and they have noticed that he does everything possible not to be photographed with her. when the papers are slipping inuendos in about the whole mess you know that it is falling apart and he is just going through the motions and probably thinking how long until this is over.

  • At Last

    Finally, photographic evidence of some ‘togetherness.’ But where the H. was he whilst she was off ‘cavorting?’ Hope this pairing has a better chance of survival than the last one but the vast majority of ‘celebrity’ couplings are doomed to failure by their vey nature. Unfortunately I think the odds are against it.

  • leslie

    Cute couple.

  • Take it to the bridge

    Miranda’s soooooooo HOT

  • @26

    you are becomming even a bigger joke then Miranda, I hope she pays you a lot for making an ass of yourself.

  • outrageous!

    I don’t know what papers you are referring, IGNORE, ibut t sounds definetely strange that if you want to keep your private life to yourself you call wireimages and the whole family is exhibit. the whole stuff is not definetely like him. He has always been so reluctant to get involved in this kind of things and provide explanations about his feelings… too strange to be true… he becames happy and willing to show “his feelings” overnight? She doesn’t miss the slightest chance to mention him no matter how appropiate it it is.. well, sincerely I think she is trying to make cash and get free extra publicity. Puke… isn’t it to go too far making the whole family get involved… well, maybe not. Someone said the family was precisely the most interested in making a star out of their daughter.
    I have seen her in the clips and well, she sounds sooo childish and swallow… well, holding a bra is certainly not the best occasion to become philosophical but… well, not that kind of girl… I wonder what she talks with Orlando… they sound to have very different personalities…
    On the other hand, I wonder what is the reason why if this relationship is business or “term of a contract” all this is happening… what’s behind Orlando’s bow to that show.

  • Jaded

    @28 You must have meant shallow and not swallow… Freudian slip? LMSAO

  • @30

    no doubt she swallows. Probably started at about age 13.
    she is so disquesting,
    Good thing is this must be almost over since the whole show had to have been for her in oz. Orlando can’t buy her a career anywhere else.

    I can’t wait for the truth to come out and she will look like the pathetic loser she really is.

  • yada

    he is so common looking, and whats the big deal about him???

  • peekaboo

    Only 29 comments? nothing much else to say? wow I’m impressed.

    If you believe is just PR crap you’re playing their game. Omg 1000 comments in the previous thread? ha ha ha ha Keep going like that.

    Where’s OB Pal? the shoot of Sidi and Lila was nice but an old one. Nice try btw. And who of Orlando lads are you? Kris? Mark? I’m missing you here, come back soon.

  • karen

    If he is not serious about her, why does he fly way over to Australia? Does he have something to promote there?

  • tommy

    At least Miranda is younger, cuter and has better legs than Jen Aniston.

  • Hottie

    Oh she’s 100X hotter than “horse-face” Aniston. Yup – I’d do her!

  • http://JUSTJARED strange theories

    some people said that all this is for show and miranda is blackmailing him and some other strange theories of this sort but yet you say she cheated on her boyfriend with orlando and how she is a bich becouse the cheating lasted a year and how orlando and miranda had hot se x and all but yet you say they have a contract and they are all pr explain to me how the to things combine

  • @28

    you got it. Not only do you not call wireimage but if you look closely at the website you can see it says in red letters that these are only available for online use and won’t allow them to go to any magazines.

    Sure looks like as part of the package he agreed to be seen at lunch but yet still limited the release of pictures and where they were sent.

    Certainly simple pap shots would not have such strings attached.
    Why all the contracts?

  • frofro

    Anyone who thinks they are set ups are so stupid. Why would Orlando do such a thing? Some people are so stupid. Of course he wouldn’t stoop to something that low. He has morals and is better than that. They are a real couple, but some of you just can’t handle it. He’s the most famous celeb in Sydney at the moment and I’m sure the paps have been trailing him since he got off the plain.

  • passing by

    He doesn’t look upset or annoyed in her company. Good for you Orlando. Go for it, man. She is a pretty girl.

  • @38

    I don’t think the real frofro would spell “plane” as “plain”"

  • http://JUSTJARED love it

    haters going crazy everytime pictures come up they can’t stand to see people happy it is sad

  • jujubee

    I’m not a hater and I would love to see him happy, but I’m not stupid or blind either. Nothing adds up. Simple as that.

  • frofro

    Opps, you are right, I spelled plane wrong. Thanks!

    Still, sad to see the jealous fatty haters mocking someone who is way hotter than they are. There’s a reason why Orlando is with her and not them, so obvious!

  • @43

    you shouldn’t borrow others names to post. No one makes you post under your own name, so using someone elses who is known in the fandom is rude as well as disrespectful.

  • Frofro

    What an idiot.

    38 and 43 – why the fuck would you make a sad attempt to post as me? Give it a rest K? I have made all of a half dozen posts at JJ. Claim your own words – please stop trying to put words into other peoples mouths.

    As I said once before about “anon” posting – anyone can say anything and not have to own their words. Some fuck head losers even go so far as to try to be someone else. I wont be posting EVER again at this place, so for anyone who gives a shit about what other people say at this place, any future posts made by someone claiming to be me, they are not me. If anyone cares to read what I have to say about anything, you know where to find me.

  • jujubee

    knew it wasn’t you, Fro. Not smart enough or sensible enough…see ya later. We’ll hold down the fort for ya

  • http://justjared sad people

    im more and more convinced that people that post on this site are crazy as hell that is why all the web things you are lunitics even at kate bosworth forums people think you are crazy the reason is simple why post or talk about someone you clearly don’t like while pretending to ignore her you don’t if you on’t like her don’t talk out her at all

  • #64

    ok, anyone now who can still say its a fake relationship has rocks in their head……….

    that said, i’m not particullarly fond of her. she seems like the kind of girl who justed LOVED being populair in highschool…and there is alot to be said about yourself in the people you go for. i think i just lost alot of respect for him

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    he is so hot and she is really ugly that doesnt go together

  • dissapointed