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"Sex and the City" Movie Poster -- NEW!

Get Carried away with this new not-so-impressive Sex and the City movie poster.

For the full-size poster, visit

Sex and the City opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, May 30th.

For more information, visit

Spoiler: The trailer reveals that Mr. Big’s full name is John James Preston.

And if you haven’t already, check out Fergie‘s new song “Labels or Love.” It’s the new Sex and the City movie theme song!

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  • kara

    soo preddy (: <3

  • danz

    seriously…i think it’s quite bad.


    i cant wait for the movie im so excited!


  • tawi-tawi


  • Toby

    I’m sure Kim will be happy about that poster lol.

  • blah

    what’s wrong with the poster? i think its quite nice.

  • Nando

    lol @ Toby.

  • Jo

    Not that new
    But it looks quite good to me , can’t wait

  • adam

    Why can’t we have a poster will all the girls on it? I know Carrie narrates the show but if it wasn’t for the three others girls the show wouldnt be what it was. SJP stops needing to be so power hungry. Samantha is the favourite amongst fans.

  • kat

    where are the rest of the girls?! she was never on the dvd covers solo … they should ALL be on the poster … not impressed!!!

  • Liz

    she kind of looks like the cookie monster from sesame street

  • satc

    i really don’t like this poster
    after all the drama that ended the series don’t you think they should give all 4 girls equal spotlight
    fans would love a poster with all girls
    the shows about 4 women not 1
    plus everyone has a favourite girl
    i would buy a poster if it had them all on it but not this… its a bad picture of sjp anyways

  • Maria

    Is it true that one of her requirements is that only she would be on the poster? My friend told me that and I just couldn’t believe it because she seems so nice.

  • sara

    HOT!!! can’t wait! ;)

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    the poster looks awful.

  • RC

    The poster looks so CHEAP! Did they ran out of budget?

  • Hilary Hays

    its is not a spoiler that his name is john james preston that was relieved in the last episode on carrie’s cell phone. Plus I don’t think that SJP asked to put herself on the movie poster it was probably the PR company.

  • gerry

    Yuck that poster sucks… WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE GIRLS?!?!?!

    fuck this.

    I wish they would have made a better poster with all four ladies and then individual posters of each girls… that would have been much better than having sjp shoved down our throats. most people prefer samantha over carrie anyway.

  • K

    Where the heck are the other girls? This movie about ALL of them, not just spoiled SJP.

    Another reason why I shouldn’t see the movie.

  • DeeJay

    It looks like a really long HBO episode of Sex in the City. IF and I do mean IF I go to see it. It will be for the clothes…only!

  • Orig Ruth

    Should have had all the women on the poster not just SJP.

  • heather

    i dont like that poster at all… doesnt represent sex and the city well enough…

    it either should have been all the girls on the poster, or it should have been the traditional SATC picture that is all around manhattan, with SJP in the pink dress. that was a beautiful picture, and would be excellent for the poster. but this, im afraid, isn’t so great….

  • erin

    I love Sex & the City, as many people do. But, they keep disappointing me constantly! First of all, from the trailer it seems as though Steve cheats on Miranda. That’s ludaric because the way his character was on the show, he would NEVER do that. And the poster is awful. The show is about four women, not one. They need to get it right.

  • lilme

    Actually, the show is about 1 woman and her 3 friends. I have no problem with SJP being the only one on the poster but this poster seems very drab.

  • Tom De Castro

    I think the credits for this movie should have read:


    with the Special Guest Participation of:
    Kim Cattrall. Kristin Davis. Cynthia Nixon.

  • lunnatic

    No good, no good. Not as good as the pink bling-bling version. And put the 4 of them on the poster already!

  • dildos

    When the talk is about SATC we always have in mind SJP… Is it fair?