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Brad Pitt Uses Protection

Brad Pitt Uses Protection

Safety first for Brad Pitt as he wears his helmet and sunglases while taking his motorcycle for a spin out in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon after leaving his home in Los Feliz.

The 44-year-old father of four (almost five! or six??) gave a friendly wave and then a nod to paparazzi as he zoomed by.

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Credit: Andy Johnstone, Bret Thompsett, Dave, ZFI; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Fyi for Fact!

    # 99 Fact @ 04/26/2008 at 10:55 am Angie’s never owned the summer with a movie.Her fame cames from her drama filled circus life.

    Has Brad ever owned a summer,like Damon,Smith,Depp?

    FYI for the idiotic Fact!

    Brad’s Troy and Mr& Mrs Smith were huge box office hits during summer 2004 and 2005, respectively. Also O13 opened during summer 2007, was also a box office hit.

  • bdj

    guli @ 04/26/2008 at 3:01 pm
    Sorry for reacting but enough is enough. All parties involved in this tabloid saga have moved on. Only a few nutjobs and one perverted hen are still ranting over and over. It is obvious they do not have lives but to carry on in a third grade manner is too pitiful and painful to read. Move on troll.

  • summer

    Wow Angie has 2 big movies for the summer, Kung Fu Panda and WAnted! Its going to be shown in Asia same time in the US!! Cant wait to see them!

    Whereas X movies, which are light comedies, and should be easy to find an audience, cant even find a playdate and has to be delayed.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Good morning to all BAMPZS*1 fans. For some unknown reason I was thinking about Brad’s interview with Diane Sawyer. I guess I knew that when I logged on I would be greeted with the sos, jut on a different day. Remember when Diane asked Brad why did he marry x? IIRC Brad’s reply was, “I’m not going to tell you that.” Okay you Brad historians am I right? I don’t remember him saying because he loved her. But I could be wrong. If he didn’t say the latter don’t you think that was a little strange? Okay guli, MMS, Mrs G, Cliniqua, PT, those of you who know all things Brad and Angie please help me here.

    As I stated for some reason that was swirling around in my head. If he didn’t utter the words, because he loved her, then the trolls should all go away. If he did, well he did.

    PT, I didn’t know what a golden shower was. Ugh John Mayer is sick. I am familar with some of his songs. But I don’t follow or know much about him except he dated Jessica Simpson. Which I thought was an odd pairing. Jessica doesn’t seem to be the brightest star in the sky.

    TOT= Totally off topic. That picture of x for the Smart Water ad doesn’t look like her at all. I wonder if SW was upset with her because of changed looks? Peace.

  • bdj
    (For all the Grey Anatomy Fans out there. Entire article at link)

    What’s Next For Grey’s?

    The Grey’s Anatomy (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, ABC) creator gives us the scoop on the show’s return in this special guest column.

    I like to call these five upcoming episodes Grey’s Anatomy, Season 4, Part 2. Because for us, for the stories, it really does feel like a whole separate season. I came back to work after the strike with a whole new purpose, a new dedication. And a sense of hope.

    My best friend, Oprah…OK, in my head she’s my best friend, but in reality she barely knows me. But, secretly, I like to pretend I’m Gayle King because Gayle is the person who makes Oprah laugh, and who doesn’t want to be the one to do that? Also, I secretly wanna be Angelina Jolie. Because of the babies and the Brad and the fabulousness, but I don’t have the legs…. I lost my point. My point is that Oprah would say I have renewed my spirit or something very sage like that. For me, that means I’m starting to enjoy this again. Really enjoy this. Feel the rich possibilities.

  • guli

    bdj– I hope you know what I meant, it was a compliment :-) I try so hard NOT respond to these idiots but sometimes I lose my cool and blast away, but you usually don’t ….so I thought it was nice that I’m not alone :lol: Many thanks Lady bdj…

    Coal–Yo Lady just got your email, thank you!! I honestly was ready to send out an APB on you, Sheri , NY Lurler and Mondo Bongo.. OK, I’ll be in touch :-)

  • bdj

    Support the MIR Project,,0,549

    IF you’re cruising down Wilshire Boulevard along Museum Row, you might think you’ve been transported to Miami after noticing a hot pink house in front of the Architecture and Design Museum. But Brad Pitt and his cohorts are hoping it will remind passersby of the thousands left homeless by Hurricane Katrina and the continued need for construction in those devastated areas of New Orleans.

    Although 450 pink structures have been unveiled in the Lower Ninth Ward, this will be the first display outside New Orleans. The pink structures were conceived together through “The Pink Project” (part of Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation) and the Los Angeles architectural firm Graft as a symbol of the homes that remain to be rebuilt. The illuminated structures that resemble giant Monopoly houses are meant to refocus attention back on the affected neighborhood and to spur further donations.

    The installation coincides with the opening of the “After the Flood: On Higher Ground” exhibit at the A+D Museum, which runs through June 27. The exhibit examines the devastation wrought by Katrina and offers a sampling of architectural responses, including a redesign of the traditional shotgun house whose height off the ground can be adjusted. And architectural students at Harvard designed modules that float on water during a flood and pull in their umbilical-like utilities cords and redistribute themselves when floodwaters recede.

  • bdj

    guli @ 04/26/2008 at 3:23 pm
    I got what you were saying and ITA. Silly troll(s), you would think detention was let out early. Peace to all.

  • angel

    wow,why are you guys replying to the same troll,are thewy upset becayse there idol has gone to a new low

  • angel

    bdj,love all the articles

  • http://justjared dina #1

    205 bdj

    bdj, thank you again for all of your informative and positive posts. I bet the pink structures on Wilshire Blvd are striking. Brad is always coming up with cool ways of promoting his project. And trolls really think he has to the time or the inclination to think something shallow from his past.

    Anyone with any intelligence will realize that people who know legs know that Angie’s long lean legs are more desirable than short and stocky, or thick and elephantine. How many pictures are there of Angie showing off her legs? Thousands. That was funny. Thanks for posting.

    guli if you are still around please read my previous post and answer my question about Brad to Diane S. Peace

  • stop going to Jen’s thread.

    Just passing @ 04/26/2008 at 3:14 pm Angelina will never dump Brad even if she gets bored with him because she needs him. She needs him as a father to her children, a provider to her and their needs, a producer who will give her leading parts long after no one else does. Why, she’s 33 this year and though this is a perfectly normal age out of Hollywood, it is a crisis point in the movie business. She’s no longer as hot as she was when she met Brad in Mr & Mrs Smith. Sadly, he is not hot, either, but she looks better because he does too much to help raise the children in their family.

    Some people keep accusing Jen of manipulating Brad for 7 years but I don’t believe in that. All I can say is that he has never seemed more manipulated than now – with all the children who aren’t his but who he legally adopted because he is a decent person, Angelina will manipulate him for a lifetime. Even if he splits from her someday, he’ll never never get out of her clutches because he’ll have to work like crazy to pay child support even when he’s old and needs some rest. Golden years? I don’t think so.

    I have no idea what he saw in this crazy, self-centered woman, who unashamedly admits she tried all known drugs before she was 20, but even the blind can see that Brad has no real partner in this relationship. Angelina is not a source of good advice and not the kind of friend who’ll say “stop” if she thinks that things are going too far. By doing everything he wants, she simply gives him enough rope to hang himself in her best interest. Why would she do the opposite if that helps her to control him in the long run?

    Jen is lucky to be out of this. It’s a shame that Brad is drowning in a mess created by his own dreams, though. They are good dreams. How come they led to such a lifelong mess?

  • angel

    212,crazy and boring

  • bdj

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm
    If the whiny one is sooo better off than Brad Pitt, then go support her in pee pee boy thread. See ya. Don’t let the door hit you are your whiny ass*.

  • bdj

    On your whiny ass, now go worship at the throne of whiny and pee pee boy.

  • juju

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm


    You people really, really, really… need help!

  • angel

    juju,the fool want attention,lets just ignore her ass

  • angel

    guys, i am use to this pattern of behavior from the fool, man face and her hens,i hope she and the douche bag mayer(herpes man),hook up,get married and live happily ever after

  • Anonymous

    stop going to Jen’s thread
    You must be proud of Jen ,she is dating John Mayer.

  • julia

    em @ 04/26/2008 at 12:01 pm

    Brad and Angie have made wise choices for themselves as a family by being inseperably together, as actors with their films this year, Brad with BAR and TCCOBB and Angie’s The Changeling, Wanted and her voice over with KP, their Jolie-Pitt foundation doing good through MIR and Angie’s Education Partnership for children, notwithstanding being the most visible UNHCR ambassador. Overall, they are making it right whereas other celebrities are floundering and on the brink of extinction.
    Their box-office status in terms of past, present and future will be scrutinized ad nauseum but as their fan, I believe in their star power world wide and the quality of the movies they do. To compare them to actors who do formula movies with the same themes of saving the world is pointless. That is part of hollywood and profit. Brad and Angie have the luxury of making movies they like and which direction they want there careers to go.

    What a lovely post……
    Cheers em…

    Waves to all the Wonderful J-P Fans…..

    Looks like many miserable Peeps trying yo project their misery onto Brad and Angie… Meanwhile They are all loved up and happy with Their lil’ ones, waiting for the new One to arrive,,,,… As Angie said recently this is a Very Special Time…

    Cheers Fans..

  • julia

    yo = to…. :)

  • angel

    julia, well said

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm

    Oy. Too pathetic. You can’t even see how you’re contradicting yourself. You just said that Angie will dump Brad when she becomes bored with him. Now you bring over a post that says Angie will not dump Brad even when she’s bored with him. So, which is it? :lol: Too pathetic.

  • angel

    cannes is coming,lets us expect to see more of this

  • angie met randall wallace

    Heard that Angie and Holly were meeting at restaurant with Randall Wallace, big time award winning writer. Angie and Brad know how to take care of business.

  • I wonder

    Poor loser jen and her hens, still dream about Brad will come back to her someday. poor poor jen and jen hens.

  • angie owns the hens

    The FF hens are all upset that JohnM, Perez’s squeeze, is X’s new man. Why? X needs a man and JohnM is always on the lookout for a new romance. He kisses and tells.

    FF hens still crying over Brad.

  • angel

    i really want the loser to date mayer,that will be a dream come true,so that the losers will leave us alone

  • jen is a loser!

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm


    This idiot must be one of the paid servants of aniston, if not aniston herself! Clearly, it was jennifer’s dream which was crushed when Brad dumped her. She had the best husband and the best father she could have had for her children and she lost it big time. Now she is still alone and childless, and cant seem to find anyone who matches Brad. Why do you think all her BFs after Brad cant seem to stay with her longer, and each one of them dumped her, too, clearly its because they know that she still hasnt moved on and im sure she reminds them that they suffer explicit or implicit, that they suffer in comparison with Brad.

    Please wake up, your idol is a big time loser!!!

  • neurotic jen

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm


    The only crazy and self centred woman is Jennifer Aniston, who has been in therapy for years and is still in therapy now and whose hobby is to pamper herself, and who only cares on making sure she has the perfect tan.

  • lmao

    stop going to Jen’s thread. @ 04/26/2008 at 3:55 pm

    Angelina Jolie owns you. *wapoosh*

  • angel

    ok ,i must confess,i read comments about x and herpes mayer,damn people are killing them,some of the comments are so funny,i just want it to be true

  • http://yahoo Yes

    just passing also post here. She’s a troll, dont give her your attantion. She acts like a fan when she’s here. Boring old staff.

  • bdj

    angie met randall wallace @ 04/26/2008 at 4:19 pm

    Heard that Angie and Holly were meeting at restaurant with Randall Wallace, big time award winning writer. Angie and Brad know how to take care of business.

    Interesting. He is the writer on Atlas Shrugged so that makes sense if they were ironing out the script.

    ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Moves Forward

    The Movie God Posted by The Movie God | April 14th, 2008 at 6:47 am | Trackback

    Atlas ShruggedSince last September, Vadim Perelman has been signed on to direct an adaptation of the massive, over 1,000-page Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugged, first published in 1957. But as you may have guessed, it’s not a simple task to compact a thousand pages of story into — what I am assuming will probably be — a hefty 165-200 minute long film.

    CS spoke with Mr. Perelman, who gave them an update on the project, saying that he’s just polishing up his rewrites on the script. It was last reported that Randall Wallace (Braveheart) had condensed the story into a 127-page script, though Perelman makes no mention of whose script he’s rewriting. Perelman also said that LionsGate would like to start filming in December, but again, it depends on the status of the script. I assume that they’re probably aiming for a Fall 2009 release for awards season or possibly even a Holidays ‘09-’10 date.

    I’ve not read Atlas Shrugged, but from what I can tell, it deals with a society in New York City that basically abandons and even punishes creativity and independent accomplishment. The story serves as a platform for the Russian-born Rand’s individualistic philosophy Objectivism. While reading a description, I got a very “futuristic past” vision, where it takes place some time in the 1930s to the 1950s, but it has a lot of futuristic/science fiction elements going on. Maybe like a mix of The Rocketeer and BioShock? That’s just the visual I get, I really have no idea what it will actually be like.

    Vadim Perelman also directed The House of Sand and Fog which was a beautifully tragic story and if all his films are like that one, I see a lot of success in his future.

    As for cast and so on, last September Angelina Jolie signed on for the lead role as Dagny Taggart and is still attached to star.


    may of 2006-vince vaughn
    may of 2007-sculfor
    may of 2008-mayer
    i see a pattern,lol

  • conspiracytheory

    Anistons true colors are shining through, yes even some are fans are starting to see it. This story/fling seems like a pr stunt.

    Lets take a look at the past week:

    1. Perez(yes I am sure her people read his blog) reports that Aniston has been linked to producer Stuber and thinks it is great that she won’t be SAD & LONELY.

    OMG more poor jen stories..what can be done?

    2. Cannes lineup is announced, whether people want to admit or not. Aniston seems hell bent on competing with Jolie. It is more than obvious now.

    OMG that is not fair …jen’s movie got pushed back yet hers is showing at Cannes.

    3. Out of thin air Brian B sufaces as an ex boyfriend confirming that he once dated jen but is no longer. Why did he feel the need to come forward.

    Huvane in response to the story says he will no longer comment on her romantic life…lmao

    4. Aniston and Mayer go to a ” private lunch” that opened early and have “fun” looking like a couple. That fine, however is it not strange that the manager decides to report all the details of her “private lunch” ! Strange for a woman who values privacy..that is what her fans say.

    5. The smartwater ad is released the same day as the Mayer story broke.

    OMG …Didn’t the same thing happen at the same time last year with the model.

    6. Paltrow another H client is all over the news.

    So what can “fans” expect:

    1. More sightings for sure, this relationship/fling is needed for various reasons and should be public.

    2. The tabloids will go crazy and by the time Brad and a pregnant Angie make their worldwide appearance. Aniston will be on all the covers as her hot new romance with a younger guy takes off. lmao

    3. Jen and John might be pictured together soon if not already. John Mayer won’t mind the attention (ex: see jessica simpson). Aniston won’t mind cause unlike Paul, John Mayer is a celeb.

    4. They will have their “summer romance” and will end as friends or John M will break up with her on his blog.

    In my opinion:
    Aniston is an amazing(lmao) human being that will do anything (even being linked/sleeping with a dirtbag) who has done nothing but shown public disrespect to his exes and woman in general. Yes this is how low she will go to stay in the game and it is a game. Her fans should ask themselves why would such a “strong woman/a list star” resort to such things to stay relevant. If family is truly where she is headed why spend time with a 30 year old who seems like he is still a kid himself.

    Time wil tell I suppose if he is decent and makes her happy then good for her, however this looks like nothing more than two pr whores looking for atttention. Another notch on Mayers belt and more media attention for aniston. It is sad how low she has sunk as human being. Mr. Pitt was too good for her.

  • BARF

    John Mayer made out with Perez Hilton and Jessica Simpson at the same time.

  • anustin

    hehe..i love the reflection of my chin! teheheehe she really need someone to water her vagingin.dried!

  • la-dee-da

    who? @ 04/26/2008 at 1:41 pm

    Who is the guy with Angelina?wonder If it was one of those meeting with her lover as she had those during BBT’s days.and she talked about it in one of her interview.~~~~~~~~~~~

    LIAR! Angelina has never cheated on anyone she has ever been with. She has always been very, very monogamous! She said she was celibate after she broke up with BBT for 1 an 1/2 years. How many 32 year old sexually aware women can say that. She arranged with two friends to meet for sex and conversation, infrequently, to protect her son.

  • jen down-low h0

    Who says Jennifer was BORING?!! HAHAHA !! Hooking up with John Meyer aka douche bag!! Definetely means this down low h0 is a FREAK!! Can’t blame her that she is in her sexual prime. Damn, Jenny-been-passed- around- the- block likes take golden showers!!
    Go on girl!! Get your FREAK-ON!!

  • passing Through

    I’m ROTFLMBAO…I was just at Jared’s homepage and saw a thread about X – sans bikini, thank the good Lord – dining with John Mayer. I fervently hope that turns out to be a romantic hook up for her. Nothing please me more than the thought of X literally getting pissed and defecated on. I always said one day karma would bite her in the ass. Let us all hope and pray that karma goes by the name of John “The Urinator” Mayer.

  • wtf ???

    can you imagine her asking him to pee on her ? I can and it is just hillarious !

    JA : Oh baby, do it, pee on me hard, pleaaaaase.
    JM : ok, do your thang b.i.t.c.h. ! kneel on the floor, do it really doggy…you like it that way, don’t you freaky old !

    lol, what an odd couple, they really complement each other with their weird antics bedroom wise !!!!

  • conspiracytheory

    Aniston and her fans can’t handle it but they know Brad is a good man. Brad (I know it is hard to admit) is a man who most DECENT woman would love to have. Remember I said DECENT.

    I am sure he is not perfect and has faults but he has always had respect for woman. He has never been one to go from woman to woman or publically give information about his exes. Brad is a gentleman and has class. It is worth saying that and deep down most know this.

    Looking at the difference between how he conducts his life and how Aniston conducts her life since the split is an eyeopener. Aniston has been with 4 men(publically) in 3 years.

    Vince Vaughn who seemed to have liked bars and college students.

    Paul S the model who (according to media reports)was looking for fame and a long history with women.

    Brian B a guy who just admitted to dating Aniston .

    Now John M who has not only said some nasty things about woman, but has actually told jokes about Brad Pitt and Angelina and a certain sex act. These are the people who Aniston considers friends.

    These are the men who Aniston is attracted to? It says alot about who she is and why she and Brad could have never work. Jennifer Aniston is truly no different than a Paris Hilton or a Kim Kardashian.


    wait – I’m out of the loop on Mayer…what’s this rumor about peeing and where does it come from??

  • mrs.jones

    Wake up Manistons,Brad will never ever take this kootchie ,he ran so far to get away from her another country,jen went to england looking for Brad and he hid out from her,Jen said she was doing promotional work ,she was begging Brad to come he Blew her ass away ,four years and months ago…………….she needs to hang on to John maybe he will kiss ass.

  • betcha back!

    I don’t like Jennifer and never will. She has never been good enough to be with Brad Pitt and the minute they divorced, I celebrated his freedom from the loveless marriage. Brad and Angie are perfect for each other, bring out the best in each other…the Jen fans out there are constantly putting these two down, so it’s human to want to go on a Jen thread (on those rare occasions) to blast back. Is it mature, probably not, but I can’t stand Jennifer Aniston and her fake, pathetic, loser of of woman!!!!!

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    passing Through @ 04/26/2008 at 5:38 pm

    I’m ROTFLMBAO…I was just at Jared’s homepage and saw a thread about X – sans bikini, thank the good Lord – dining with John Mayer. I fervently hope that turns out to be a romantic hook up for her. Nothing please me more than the thought of X literally getting pissed and defecated on. I always said one day karma would bite her in the ass. Let us all hope and pray that karma goes by the name of John “The Urinator” Mayer.

    LMAO. You are so bad. :lol:

  • anustin

    P.T. been praying for the urinator and the fug!

  • threesome

    I cant wait to see the thressome sex video of PerezH, jen and John!

  • just watching u jenhens

    The golden girl haha I mean woman with golden pee-er.I am so happy I hope they stay together,so perfect for each other…match made by Huvane ……..Good for you Jen Aniston…..laugh of H.W. all the Stars Laughing…..older dumb broad…..I hope they have baby….so everyone or tabloid can get picture of their baby…..haha.