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Britney Spears: Voice Lessons Learned

Britney Spears: Voice Lessons Learned

Britney Spears carries a CD as she leaves the house of her vocal coach in Tarzana, Los Angeles on Friday.

The CD read: “4/25/08 Britney’s Voice Lesson – Afternoon”.

Earlier in the day, Brit Brit had a personal training session at Bally Total Fitness on Ventura in Studio City.

She’s looking happier and healthier–and definitely more with it!

30+ pictures inside of Britney post-voice lessons…

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britney spears voice lessons 01
britney spears voice lessons 02
britney spears voice lessons 03
britney spears voice lessons 04
britney spears voice lessons 05
britney spears voice lessons 06
britney spears voice lessons 07
britney spears voice lessons 08
britney spears voice lessons 09
britney spears voice lessons 10
britney spears voice lessons 11
britney spears voice lessons 12
britney spears voice lessons 13
britney spears voice lessons 14
britney spears voice lessons 15
britney spears voice lessons 16
britney spears voice lessons 17
britney spears voice lessons 18
britney spears voice lessons 19
britney spears voice lessons 20
britney spears voice lessons 21
britney spears voice lessons 22
britney spears voice lessons 23
britney spears voice lessons 24
britney spears voice lessons 25
britney spears voice lessons 26
britney spears voice lessons 27
britney spears voice lessons 28
britney spears voice lessons 29
britney spears voice lessons 30
britney spears voice lessons 31
britney spears voice lessons 32
britney spears voice lessons 33

Photos: Michael Wright/WENN
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  • kathy

    I really like brit…..go girl get it together!

  • t

    She seems to look a little better each day, heres hoping it continues.

  • AlessandraJordan

    Oh please!
    There aint no way in hell that this girl is making a comeback!
    Did you guys see the last time she made a “COMEBACK” she look like a damn FOOL at the MTV adwards.

    Please, Britney your HISTORY in my book.
    Save yourself the embrassement.

  • Nicole

    I hope she’s all better! =D
    Keep it up Britney!!
    I’ll start to love you. [x

  • joss

    she looks better and better each day! hopefully this comeback will be better than the previous one

    #3, shes history in ur books, but not in others…

  • lame

    i wish her the best! oh and the comeback can happen, everyone is always rooting for her, there’s only one entertainer like her, i want the popstars of today, to see if they can make a huge splash with their careers; like when brit started. and to see if they can break the same records she made. it just amazes some of the negativity some people and the media always throw at her, sometimes i think they don’t want her to get better.sad her fans are always there for her!

  • elle

    She is looking happier and healthier each time shes seen.
    I really think this time she will make a comeback. I dont think she was ready before.

    Wish her all the best!

  • gyz

    I think even an embarrassment could work for Britney, granted it is blatant enough. :] I hope she will be successful with the comeback though.

  • begonia

    “Brit Brit had a personal training session ” Oops! I totally read that as “personality training session”


    duuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh SHE’s SO FAT

  • Jessica

    Is everyone in denial? If you compare her from several years ago to now, she’s nowhere close to looking “good” or even “healthy.” She still looks like cheap crap to me. She’s done for good. All that people see now is her paparazzi-driven trainwreck persona.

  • gfhfxfhvx


  • Tina

    she looks much better.
    she is trying to make things better.
    im glad she is.
    she deserves to have her boys.
    but first she needs to get better.
    for herself and her children.

  • 007

    I see progress =).

  • Leo

    You’re a bitch Jessica. Why compare her from several years ago? She has gone through a lot, and this is an improvement to how she was a few MONTHS ago. Done for good? I don’t think so. No one can be done for good unless they want to. People see that she’s a wreck? I see her trying to make her career work again.

    You obviously haven’t been through half the shit she has.
    So shut your ass.


  • megan fox rocks

    oh she looks so much better , love u britney

  • go

    i’m rooting for her, i hope she makes her critics(ie. the media, and all the haters) eat their words, one by one. she is trying to get better, and doesn’t need comments like the ones made by #3,10, and 11. i have never counted her out, and i agree with #6 everyone is always rooting for her, she has that quality about her. you want to see her get better and be back on stage, where she belongs.

  • Sebastian

    something smells good,she’s cooking some good shit,she even looks healthier and thiner,she’s coming back bitches.

  • Rae

    Good for her. She seems more normal lately. For a while she always seemed like a lost toddler.

  • Kyle xo

    Tbh, not everyones perfect, saying shes fat, look at your self? Brits been having a rough time these past few Months.
    So you know your no oil painting your selfs, the haters can fuck off because your just pathetic

  • T

    i know that britney has what it takes to get through this whole ordeal. She is talented, beautiful, and strong. I believe in you Briney!!!! its time for you to show everyone what you’re made of.

  • OMG

    it’s nice to see that britney’s trying to get back on track =)

  • Mothering skills of a REPTILE

    WHOA, she has really packed on the pounds since her Daddy stepped in and took away her fun drugs and frapps. Boohoo.

    So let me get this straight…she’s hard at work every day, working on improving her voice and her body. GREAT. First things first!

    Way to be a mother, Shitney!

  • lichel

    I love you britt, its time to show everyone what youre made of! You can do it, i believe in you!!

  • Annie

    # 15. Totally Agree With U!!

    I wish her the best and i’m glad she’s better and happier now. Hope she never have to go through same depression again! :D

  • msbis

    i really hope she pulls it together! im not her biggest fan … but have been listening to her since school days! so i really hope she does well for herself again! :)

  • Valentine

    She looks happy now !
    I am so proud of her …
    Now she is a simple person :)

    GO BRIT !!

    From France. (L)

  • Peter



  • kara

    i wish her the best (:
    im glad shes getting betterr (:

  • legs

    aww… she smiled at the papz. she’s really getting better and better.

  • hanhan

    she’s had two kids as well as a mental health problem….compared to a few months ago she’s doing more than just great!!
    I’m sure all her fans, friends and family are sooo proud of her….wish her all the best…and all u haters who think she cant make a comeback…just wait and watch…..
    she deserves all the support she can get……………..

    we love you britney!!

    god bless you sweetheart!

  • Christine

    See, I didn’t like her when she was running around crazy, you know?
    Because it just seemed that she was doing it on purpose, all that.

    But to see her getting her act together, is so so awesome.

    Congrats Britney, keep it up!

  • liana

    yay go britt!!

  • AJ

    She was a cute teenager appealing to the teenage crowd with her bubble gum pop songs. She was never a great talent. Now she is an overweight mother of two with her life in shambles. She needs to forget about singing and concentrate on getting mentally healthy so she can be a good mother. With all her millions she has more than enough to find happiness and take proper care of the two children she brought into this world. No one wants to see her perform again…a complete waste of time.

  • lucy

    omg im so happy that britney is coming back she went through a lot and it was tough but i think she will come back better than ever i wish her the best!

  • lisa

    looking good.
    i’m happy for her.
    I think people need to get off her back and look at the positive… she ain’t running around drug stores at 2 in the morning. she seems to be back to normal.

  • Liz

    She’s Bacckkkk, Ohh I love it!

  • luv vanessa

    shes finalllllllllly turning her life around.

  • pinkrose

    There are different shades of getting well. Getting well, would be, IMO trying to spend more time with her kids. Not going to two different gymsin one day and taking voice lessons. Britney looks so happy without her kids. Aint no way this girl is getting it together until she gets her life as a mother together. THAT IS HER MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN LIFE. She was so not ready to be a mother!!!!

    Aditionally, I truly believe the bus has left the station. It’s not as if Britney was a good singer to start with. Her sucess was based on her sexuality, her mystique and her dancing. Even if she gets a boob job and gets her body back, she will never be the same. Her teeny booper fans have moved on to more mature singers WHO CAN SING. And the current teeny boopers have their idols of their generation. To curent teenagers, Britney is an eccentric has been mother of two.

    Now, if she could dig deeP and find some talent , SHE WOULD BE APPRECIATED AS A SINGER…NO LONGER A GYRATING TEEN QUEEN.

  • kim

    yay brittt :)
    i love her,
    i hear shes planning a comeback tour, id defff. be buying tickets for that one :)

  • Jayy M

    You know, alot of people seem to not support Britney.
    I do, even after all that horrible crap she’s had to go through.
    I don’t understand it, so what? get over it. It’s not like you guys have to go through all the stuff she has to so leave it alone and stop making fun of her and all that other stuff some people say.
    Well, i’m just happy for her=]
    Hope she works things out =]

  • Puce

    How do people know she doesn’t learn also how to be a good mother ? Just because she has a life outside her house doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see her children at all.

    To all you haters : are you ALL THE TIME with your children ???? during the WHOLE day ? Don’t you have a life outside your house ? If no, then you guys must really be pathetic ! If you do have a life outside your house (work, gym, shopping with your friends) why don’t you let Britney do the same ?

    Just because you don’t see her with her kids in pictures, doesn’t mean that she NEVER does anything with them ! duh !!!

  • Justin

    she’s gonna release another single next month with mini tour

  • angeline


  • jenni

    What trash no talent always needed voice lessons.

  • yaya

    oh thank God, she looks like a different person now, you can tell in her smile and face that she is getting healthier..keep doing what you’re doing Brit.

  • anja

    SHE have a COMEBACK
    gimme more is platinum,piece of mi is platinum…a lot award for Blackout….

  • anja

    SHE have a COMEBACK
    gimme more is platinum,piece of mi is platinum…a lot award for Blackout….

  • main

    fuc* ypou all haters,she need support,she is great person,good singer,she have a GREAT 5 albums,excellent songs,SHE SOLD 85 MILIONS ALBUMS… of the best saiiling artist,her video clips are graet,tuor,she is the best,she dance good,and she been 2004 FHM sexyiest women on the world,and now is back she is so cute

  • lucy

    im so happy for britney she looks happy and shes totally coming back good luck brit!!!