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Chace Crawford Takes the Wheel

Chace Crawford Takes the Wheel

Chace Crawford is amongst the first to test drive the new Mario Kart Wii video game at Nintendo’s daytime block party at the Nintendo World store in NYC’s Rockefeller Center on Saturday.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl hottie posed with Nintendo mascot Mario and also helped debuted the Wii Wheel, which lets players wirelessly steer their car.

Mario Kart Wii, which is available everywhere tomorrow (April 27), allows players to race against each other through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Wiiiiiiiiiiii!

And, no, this post’s title is not in reference to ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood‘s hit single “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” No, no reference at all.

10+ pictures inside of Chace Crawford taking the Wii wheel…

Just Jared on Facebook
chace crawford wii wheel 01
chace crawford wii wheel 02
chace crawford wii wheel 03
chace crawford wii wheel 04
chace crawford wii wheel 05
chace crawford wii wheel 06
chace crawford wii wheel 07
chace crawford wii wheel 08
chace crawford wii wheel 09
chace crawford wii wheel 10
chace crawford wii wheel 11
chace crawford wii wheel 12

Credit: Vila; Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss/, Bauergriffinonline
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  • rachel

    im sooo excited for this game to come out tomorrow!

  • rachel

    hes hot btw..

  • kathy

    i don’t know what the big deal is about this guy

  • sharon

    lmfao. good title.

  • Yum!

    This guy is so freakin’ gay. And if he’s not, he sure doesn’t help himself by looking like such a fairy queen. Seriously, he makes Clay Aiken look b-u-t-c-h.

  • jbloover:)

    OMJ , chace is soo hot , i love the jonas brothers ♥

  • DeeJay

    Yum are you for real??? Or do you just need something to be a total d**khead about?

  • marianne


  • *giggles*

    And, no, this post’s title is not in reference to ex-girlfriend Carrie Underwood’s hit single “Jesus, Take the Wheel.” No, no reference at all.

    Bwahaha!! I hear them coming .

    Crazy Chace fanigirl in 3,2,1……….

  • michelle

    HE IS SO CUTE!!!

  • junk

    What is jason priestly doing there? Is he promoting a new show?

  • becky

    he is totally gay….there were pictures of him making out with another guy on his facebook page before they were removed.

    and he has no body. his body is all shapeless and hairy.

  • skippingsarah

    ya, he’s hot okay

  • bee

    hes so hot haha

  • wicked wench

    Who cares if he’s gay? Gay does not equal ugly. The man if FINE!

  • Kary

    Hahaha who said he has no body? & that it’s shapeless & hairy?
    OMFG that was hilarious, they obvioulsy have not seen Chace shirtless….

    i seriously don’t see y people think he’s gay…

    i mean he’s not even metrosexual…

    look at him, he doesn’t even comb his hair, n he wears jeans n sweatshirts all the time…

    Chace is HOTT!!! stop haiting!!!!!

    & i love his personality

  • kryzl

    chase pwns. I LOVE ED MORE THO.

  • tylah

    why is it that you people think he’s gay but Zac Efron isn’t?? I mean, according to you Zac is the spitting image of Chace…(which is just stupid btw)…so if Chace is gay shouldn’t you be worried that your other very pretty boy is gay too??

  • anonymous

    chace looks so cute in the pics .

  • http://21 jin

    hansome guy ←click here now! super event

  • LInda

    Undoubtably one of the most gorgeous guys I’ve ever seen in my life. Plus, the fact that, from all accounts, he’s as sweet and friendly as he is gorgeous, that just makes him all the more attractive in my book. He’s the whole package.

  • 007

    =P Mario owns him.

  • anonymous

    jared, stop always connecting him with carrie underwood–he’s finally rid of that freak, so let him get on with his life without having to always have that b*tch’s name mentioned alongside his.

  • denise

    it comes out everywhere on the 27th?
    everywhere in the usa or everywhere, everywhere?

    cos my brother brought it home a couple of days ago
    it’s so addictive :P

  • Artur

    He’s not like “sooo” hot, I think, just a little bit. He is really beautiful, his eyes, his hair style, his mouth… I do not like that his pectoral and abs is hairy, this is disgusting.

  • ali

    Totally agree with #24. Jared, you need to stop connecting him to his ex. its over 2 months, i dont see why you are so keen on mentioning her name alongside his in every chace news.

  • ali

    he’s cute

  • mischa

    My brother is very fond of this game. Chace looks great like always

  • tia

    chace is the hottest guy on gg.

  • pennfan

    agree chace is the hottest guy on gg. penn is good too, and so is ed. we hear more about chace cuz hes an all rounder.

  • little star

    hes so cute *kiss*

  • sugar

    hes awesome

  • sugar

    he looks so good in ALL the pictures, i dont know what to write..
    i’m out of words..

  • little star

    ^ haha. same here.
    i write he’s cute, he’s hot everytime. seriously, he’s so good looking, i dont know what else to write.
    we have new pictures everyday, and each new picture is just WOW!

  • kate

    hot! hot! hot!

  • Melissa

    That is one gorgeous, GORGEOUS guy! That smile and those eyes just slay me. So beautiful!

  • maryanne

    Just one word “GREEK GOD”

  • cleopatra

    so pretty and striking.(in a good way..non gay )
    not surprising why all the girls love him so much.

  • omg

    omg! omg! omg! he’s so handsome *faints*

  • lovechace

    i love chace!

  • Clara

    another poser making money on people’s back… what a douche.

  • loren

    hes so hot .

  • karen

    he’s so good looking, sweet, humble, smart, great sense of humor
    over all perfect.

  • crystal

    He’s so Adorable

  • jj


  • carrierocks

    This reminds me of the lyrics to carrie’s song called “the more boys I meet”, the more she loves her dog. lol There is a line it it picking on boys she has dated because all they play is video games and xbox raider nation. lol

  • Katie

    The Uk’s had this game for at least a week and a bit now…But still EVERYONE BUY IT! And if you don’t have a Nintendo Wii yet, BUY ONE OF THEM TOO!
    And he’s quite cute too. =| lol

  • ydzonline. com

    Gay men are :)

  • laura

    # 46, i really pity that country singer. very sad dating history. only her dog makes her feel loved.

  • anne

    i love that picture where chace’s eyes widen in amazement, and he has this wow expression on his face. so pretty.