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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's Miami Meet-up

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's Miami Meet-up

Musician John Mayer and actress Jennifer Aniston shared a private lunch on Friday afternoon in Miami.

John, 30, and Jennifer, 39, reportedly sat across from each other in a booth with their heads were close together, having a private conversation.

“I was happy to accommodate them,” said Charles Bell, general manager of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Miami Design District. Bell told People they opened their doors for the pair early at 3:30 p.m. for the 90-minute meal.

“I can’t speculate on what kind of meeting it was but they looked happy and seemed to have a great time,” he said.

The pair was also later in the day at Casa Tua on South Beach. They left the restaurant a bit before 1 a.m.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of John and Jennifer‘s Miami Meet-up?

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  • postwatcher

    I always thought she should date younger just to shake up Bradley a bit, but not John Mayer…he is a smelly freak.

  • postwatcher

    She is starting too look old.


    I thought you already posted this with her smart water….

  • Omar

    A great combination of two losers. She’ll do anything to stay young and relevant and show off in bikinis.

  • hehehe

    Jared honey!!you know Cannes is near and three of Angie’s movies will show in less than a two month.

    so don’t act like it is something new!!let me help you,last year at the exact same time who was she dating to???oh paul who???

    hahahaha I swear.the woman is getting more and more desperate,not only she can’t come out of Rachel Green’s charactor,but also in dating time she can’t come with some new time.


    huvane working hard to get her out in the news since Brads baby mama was in News .Jealous….She will never ever be as beautiful as Angelina or as smart as Gwen P,

  • legs

    oh no jen, not john. i mean… yikes.


    You’re right last year at this time it was sculfor, and now mayer,lets see in one year it has been sculfor,vaughn briefly, eckhardt, brian bounama,wilson, bloom,jason lewis-in her dreams,david spade and now mayer.S he either bipolar or easy take your pick,lol


    if its cannes it must be a new fake tabloid romance for the man,so so sad,she has perez leftovers,ewwwwww

  • Kristin

    love her

  • ~~&~~

    I’m not surprised that since Angie ‘s pregnant I know Jennifer will come up with a new man.
    She’s dating John Mayer. Bye, bye beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


    may of 2006-vince vaughn
    may of 2007-sculfor
    may of 2008-mayer
    i see a pattern,lol

  • bet


    You are complaining about jen showing in pikiny which is very nomal. You idol show up with those plastic ball pushed up all the way to her neck , that cause her blood vessel to pop out through her skin.

  • bet

    If it work for her , they can be a perfect couple. He is not like her ex, he is not in to his look, he is nomal person. I bet this probably work for her. who knows?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i don’t believe it.

  • Sweetpea

    I used to like Mayer…not anymore. Jen must be desperate for the media attention…just like John wearing that awful green bathing suit. It’s called publicity. UGH!

  • same time next year

    Bet you need to read up on him. He is not just a normal guy.
    I’m not a fan but she is stupid or has low esteem to go out with him

    Second why is this manager giving all the information except if Aniston and Mayer approved of it. Can we say PR.

  • wtf

    hahahhaha…am glad there are people who can see through her desperate stunts!
    who’s the kid here?i think it’s that 39 y.o…

  • nmj

    I hope not. He’s a Ho and dates anything! She can do a helluva alot better. He is an idiot!
    Jen should date another movie star, someone with a mans body (Daniel Craig)

  • http://deleted mystify

    shake up brad?!?!

    are you seriously that stupid?

  • kacie

    damn jenny, john is pretty hott, but find yourself a man who wants to be real with you and settle down!! you’re almost 40

  • bet

    What kind of PR? Was’nt she all the time on the news? She will be on the news even she pass by man or breath on him, stand beside him. . becuase you know what a lot of peole are interested to know about her life including you loones. special you guys are desprate to know about her life more than us fan. As result, she is going to be in the news . Her news is very important by her fan , by a lot of people, and also, by bragnloones( a lot). People are desprate to know about her. That you call it powerfull.

    for what reason?

    why she need pr?. She is powerfull . If she breath on the air., that is going to be the talk of the town.

    You mean for Mayer.

    She is power full. If she breath on the air, that is going to be the talk of the town?

  • FAKE

    SO FAKE ….just like the rumor that she and Orlando Bloom were an item

  • Ping

    #24. Bet. Believe it or not. Jen has no skills and the reason why she became popular?,… because of Brad Pitt.
    The only people who admire her are as dumb as her.
    More than 50% of people who lack intelligence are living on earth.
    Your idol Aniston is one of them.

  • cgv

    JA doesnt need a new man just because Jolie is pregnant. Who cares if AJolie is pregnant. That not new. Jolie and Pitt keep collecting babies whenever they have new movies to promote. So obvious!

  • teddy

    jolie-pitt are FAKE. People who admire them are as dumb and as fake as they are.

  • need help

    and jen is collecting STD’s so classy

  • need help

    she’s also collecting dogs,ewwwww

  • Brad loves Angie!

    postwatcher @ 04/26/2008 at 9:44 am

    I always thought she should date younger just to shake up Bradley a bit, but not John Mayer…he is a smelly freak.
    How the hell would that shake up Brad. Brad has his queen Angelina, who is giving him babies. What makes you think he give a d*mn who the X is with. You are silly.

  • Dee Cee she desperate for press or something? She bemoans all the focus on her and then she seeks endless attention with “public” dates with stars?

  • bet


    who cares who make who popular.
    You idol is make people popular . wow that is a big accomplishment ha ha ha ha.
    people want to know about her that is fact? it does matter who make who popular. If you are not interested , oo one will care to know about you. For some reason ,a lot of people want to know about . You call this one nature.. Look at you how desprate you want to know about her life. do’nt you call this one power over you?

    You do not have to be smart to know about celebrity life. that is what make you dump.

  • conspiracytheory

    Anistons true colors are shining through, yes even some are fans are starting to see it. This story/fling seems like a pr stunt.

    Lets take a look at the past week:

    1. Perez(yes I am sure her people read his blog) reports that Aniston has been linked to producer Stuber and thinks it is great that she won’t be SAD & LONELY.

    OMG more poor jen stories..what can be done?

    2. Cannes lineup is announced, whether people want to admit or not. Aniston seems hell bent on competing with Jolie. It is more than obvious now.

    OMG that is not fair …jen’s movie got pushed back yet hers is showing at Cannes.

    3. Out of thin air Brian B sufaces as an ex boyfriend confirming that he once dated jen but is no longer. Why did he feel the need to come forward.

    Huvane in response to the story says he will no longer comment on her romantic life…lmao

    4. Aniston and Mayer go to a ” private lunch” that opened early and have “fun” looking like a couple. That fine, however is it not strange that the manager decides to report all the details of her “private lunch” ! Strange for a woman who values privacy..that is what her fans say.

    5. The smartwater ad is released the same day as the Mayer story broke.

    OMG …Didn’t the same thing happen at the same time last year with the model.

    6. Paltrow another H client is all over the news.

    So what can “fans” expect:

    1. More sightings for sure, this relationship/fling is needed for various reasons and should be public.

    2. The tabloids will go crazy and by the time Brad and a pregnant Angie make their worldwide appearance. Aniston will be on all the covers as her hot new romance with a younger guy takes off. lmao

    3. Jen and John might be pictured together soon if not already. John Mayer won’t mind the attention (ex: see jessica simpson). Aniston won’t mind cause unlike Paul, John Mayer is a celeb.

    4. They will have their “summer romance” and will end as friends or John M will break up with her on his blog.

    In my opinion:
    Aniston is an amazing(lmao) human being that will do anything (even being linked/sleeping with a dirtbag) who has done nothing but shown public disrespect to his exes and woman in general. Yes this is how low she will go to stay in the game and it is a game. Her fans should ask themselves why would such a “strong woman/a list star” resort to such things to stay relevant. If family is truly where she is headed why spend time with a 30 year old who seems like he is still a kid himself.

    Time wil tell I suppose if he is decent and makes her happy then good for her, however this looks like nothing more than two pr whores looking for atttention. Another notch on Mayers belt and more media attention for aniston. It is sad how low she has sunk as human being. Mr. Pitt was too good for her.

  • Jenho

    She goes from man to man, She is a ho.

  • bet


    even this woman she walk by the man , it will be news that she is dating.

    even she is dating them, i think you are jealous . She is getting the men with her figer tip , while you are suffering on the computer with your jealousty diseases.

  • bet


    she has big time power over you. you count every dumn news about her. I think you have diary that you write her news every day.

  • Hee

    I guess she and Keira Knightly have something in common. Neither one of them could bag Orlando Bloom, so they both go after look alikes!

  • ….

    Now wake up people. Who’s the real slut? It’s like she’s sleeping with a man every year! No man can’t stand her. Is this what you call CLASSY? Parading her ass every chance she gets and then sleep with a man every year? Yeaaaahhhhh, VERY CLASSY, I say.

  • so sad

    someone better talk to this chick, mayer will use her up and spit her out, all their personal stuff he will write in his blog.She will need serious therapy after mayer plays with her mind with his groupies who are at every show waiting in his dressing rooms to service him,poor jen.

  • \\\

    lordy lordy, i thought bet left JustJared to concentrate on usmagazine. but she is here defending aniston to her dying breath. that loyalty has GOT TO BE COMPENSATED.

    JENNIFER ANISTON, ARE YOU READING THIS? bet has been such a loyal defender of yours, she should really be rewarded. unless of course this is you pretending to be an illiterate fan.

  • conspiracytheory


    LMAO ..the pot calling the kettle black?, IFwhat you are saying is true, then the same would apply to you as you post here and other places more than anyone else. Trying to distract from the fact that your idol seems to have a great choice in men? Lets see Vince , Paul, Brian, now John. How many more?

  • lol

    Isn’t she too young to pull off an Elizabeth Taylor trick at 39 ?

    I mean she has a tendency of taking them younger and younger and dumber and dumber… In two years from now she’ll be dating those 18 years old…so sad that she is so desperate to erase her age : plastic surgeries to lift every bit of the skin and shatter her harsh facial bone structure, teeny weenie behaviour in short bikini’s, and now this !

    It won’t stop the march of time, you gonna turn 40 very soon dear, deal with it and live it up to your mature age !

    Take notes of what happened to gorgeous gals like Farrah Fawcett, Liz Taylor, Joan Collins…they all tried, they couldn’t beat time by going out with younger men though they were 1000 x more beautiful than you to begin with ! Hell even still gorgeous Sharon Stone understands that !

  • bet

    Jen has written class all over her face. She is class from top to bottom. she date men with class. becuase you date that does not make you un classy. that is part of life. She is classy all the way to the top.

  • Jenho

    I am sick of her curtain hair-style.

  • carly

    shake up brad?!?!

    are you seriously that stupid?

    brad already has his preggy, dirty with tatoo-all-over lady! EEEWWWWW

  • ….

    bet @ 04/26/2008 at 11:16 am
    Is John Mayer classy? LMAO.

  • Jenho

    To bet :
    Jealous of what? That horseface? Who can’t keep a man?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Brad has been with the same woman for over 3 years, and how man men has Jenho gone through? huh?

  • conspiracytheory

    bet @ 04/26/2008 at 11:16 am Jen has written class all over her face. She is class from top to bottom. she date men with class. becuase you date that does not make you un classy. that is part of life. She is classy all the way to the top.

    Class and John Mayer don’t go together. Maybe your mama did not teach you this, men who sleep with 3 different woman in one week are not classy. Men who play games and later talk about it or write songs about it or tell jokes in public are not classy.

    Jen now seems to have never had any class or the litlle she had she lost after Brad.

    Look at what she is doing, her self esteem seems to be so low that she has sunk to being linked to a man who has degraded woman. The song daughters and wonderland are great songs, but try reading some of his interviews and you will see that John M while talented and has a way with words is playing off your idols very low self esteem. He is one of those artist types who are easy to love and when he is finished with her she will be his next song. You as such a caring fan should be wondering what John M is up to.

    Then again maybe Aniston knows what he is up to and does not mind.

  • xi

    ugly woman

  • \\\

    bet aka jennifer aniston:

    john mayer, who loves “golden showers”, is anything but classy. you call a guy who pisses on his lady friends classy? i knew you were desperate but not to this extent. boy, oh, boy, you have realy sunk to a new low. fire that huvane, girl, he ain’t good for your career in the long-term. you wil just be a footnote in hollywood by the time you are done. go concentrate on getting funding for goree girls, or any of the movies you have lined up for echo films instead of canoodling with this peace of trash (unless, of course, you also get your kicks via golden showers. then by all means, go ahead and hook up with mayer).

  • HA

    As for Jen, ‘classy my assy’.