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Lourdes Leon is Fashion Forward

Lourdes Leon is Fashion Forward

Lourdes Leon, the 11-year-old daughter of Madonna, shows off her fierce fashion sense with a pair of shiny lace-up high-tops as she leaves the Kabbalah Center in New York City on Friday night.

Those yellow and purple shoes are the hotness!

Earlier in the day, Madonna hiding under a hoodie as she arrived with actress pal Debbie Mazur. Lourdes came later with her actor dad Carlos Leon.

10+ pictures inside of fashion forward Lourdes Leon

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lourdes leon fashion forward 04
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Photos: MLM/Fame Pictures
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  • Lill Lover

    is she wearing glasses to hide the unibrow?

  • kathy

    she is a child for god sake..move on about the unibrow..stupid!

  • layl

    i think the unibrow is there to make a statment ooo look theres madonnas daughter with a unibrow
    who in the hell cares leave her alone shes 11

  • Janeeza

    I think that Lourdes really resembles Jessica Alba. She will definitely be a knock out when she grows up.

  • http://. marina

    Women maintenance is not something that she NEEDS to start right now, let her enjoy her childhood for as long as she wants. She has HER WHOLE life to do the stuff “demanded” on women.

  • zac fan

    She is UGLY BETTY !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hmmm

    She looks nice.
    i love her sneakers=]
    i want them lol
    or w/e they are

  • frenchgirl

    That little girl is going to be a stunner one day. I think Madonna is right not to rush her into adult female beauty rituals like plucking and shaving. She’s only 11 years old for goodness sake. It amazes me that people judge her appearance by adult standards. A sad sign of the times I guess.

  • Lucy Spiller

    my god that is one ugly girl. you can see the hatred brewing at her mother. I can see a tell all coming. ‘Madonna Dearest.’

  • ssshhi_baby

    good taste in shoes thats for sure!!

  • KC

    She looks exactly like her father mustache and all.

  • emily

    she’s such a cutie. Love her outfit.
    She’s going to be gorgeous someday when she has two eyebrows:]

  • Russian Girl

    I like her shoes))

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    whoever dressed her got that poor child looking like an idiot.

  • komica

    she looks ridiculous

  • Jay

    I agree with #6 and #14

  • UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You people are assholes!!! She is 11 for Christ sake!!!! I think she is a beautiful young girl. She looks so much like Madonna. That girl has star written all over her.

  • Becky

    i agree with emily.
    and stop being so mean.
    shes only 11

  • gwen

    Carlos looks good!

  • ummm

    bitch neededs those eyebrows waxed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just saying

  • Agus

    OMFG! She sooo need a shave lol

  • sarah

    she looks like miley cyrus!

  • JLS

    She is really cute and will be beautiful some day. It’s nice to see that M & C have done a great job to stay friendly for her sake. Kudos to them.

  • Yum!

    One eyebrow and a mustache. So hot. Don’t care if she’s 11 – they have to go. What parent does that to a child, especially one she knows is going to be photographed and made fun of.

    But then look at her mother who won’t admit she’s had work done to her face. 50 yrs old and nary a single wrinkle? She looks like a joke. And her new CD sucks.

  • / sonia

    Sarah: She soo not looks like miley cyrus!!!
    Miley cyrus is much uglyer!

  • bladr

    ehm, why isent Madonna on the front picture insted of the lil girl ??

  • Jill

    Yum! @ 04/26/2008 at 2:14 pm
    What parent does that to a child, especially one she knows is going to be photographed and made fun of.

    Only a trash loser like you would make fun of an 11 year old, and I’m sure Madonna doesn’t give a damn about trash losers like you. Why should she?

  • / sonia

    totally agree with #27

  • DeeJay

    The unibrow has got to go. If they can spend 900 bucks on shoes. They and pay 30 on a wax job.

  • MovieWatcher

    pretty little girl. Let the 11 year old dress the way she wants. It’s not revealing.

    Too much of a deal is being made about a unibrow. Really, what difference does it makes? It doesn’t change who she is.

  • eddie jones

    she should be taken by child protection services, if any kid, and I wouldn’t wish cps on anyone, but madonna is clearly an unfit parent, look at this kid.

  • Delta pearl

    All the ignorant, spiteful, jealous and hate-filled comments about Madonna and her lovely daughter will NOT change the fact that she’s rich, beautiful, talented and beloved by millions worldwide.

  • Alexandria

    Same old argument everytime a picture of Lourdes is posted, back and forth with the unibrown crap. If the kid wanted to wax and pluck, she would. Obviously it is not a priority for an 11 year old. She is a lovely little girl who hopefully does not have a computer where she can read such hateful comments about the state of her eyebrows….how lame.

  • Oh

    Madonna has definitely had cheek-implants, she’s never, in all her welltrained/ more or less skinny days, had those cheekbones or apple-cheeks. Not cheeky.

  • Sj

    Some of the comments on here are simply a demonstration of racism.

    Latina’s are hairy, it’s part of who they are.

    Jews have big noses. It’s part of who they are.

    Black people have dark skin, it’s part of who they are.

    Though it isn’t natural for an 11 year old to have a tash.

  • whaaaa

    she is a really cute little girl, but those glasses. dear lord. i imagine there was a pair that were a bit more flattering then those!!

  • Kay

    She’s a pretty girl.She has big pretty eyes and long eyelashes; a knock out when she grows up. Sure, she may have a unibrow, but she’s young and when she’s a bit older, I’m sure her mother will take her to get her eyebrows done. I don’t understand how people can be so ignorant. Leave her alone!

  • mediterranean

    very fashion forward indeed! love it

  • Rayt

    Jared why do you post about Lourdes when you know the hate she gets. She’s 11, and I really, really hate that you keep posting about her only for people to bash her. Shes not even a celebrity for christs sake, her mother is.

  • bae

    leave the girl alone she is 11 for god sakes.. she’s a cute kid.. why would you want to bash a little girl?

    Nice to see Madge and Debbie hanging out

  • yaya

    ew no she’s not..she’s even uglier and will be sluttier than her prostitute mother

  • anonymous

    i like her glasses, they’re cute! i’ve been trying to find something like that lol

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Carlos Leon is stunning! So is Lourdes. Haters: Maybe YOUR 11 yr old will be obsessed with hair removal on her pubescent face but the word has it THIS 11 year old is an accomplished painter, great at dancing and speaks fleunt french. She has her priorities straight: being a good student rather than Trailer park ideas of dolling up your 11 year old so she can become the next Jamie Lynn Spears. Kudos to Lourdes who instead goes to Malawi and spends ehr days with AIDS orphans instead of waxing her face. THAT is the kind of 11 year old I want. Lourdes: you are stunning inside and out and superrich to boot. Awesome!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Madonna and Brangelina and Obama have families of the future:

    Madonna: one child who is part Cuban, one part English and one African
    Barack: part White and Kenyan, sister part Asian, nieces part Chinese and daughters of a mother who is African American
    Brangelina: daughter African, sons from Asia, daughter white but born in Africa and the others to come: somewhere exciting I am sure.
    Families of the future! I love it! This is what theworld should be like.

  • sally

    Well lets see…the kid is wearing $140 ed hardy sneakers but she doesn’t want to teach proper grooming (ex: waxing) to her daughter? I understand keeping kids innocent for as long as possible but somehow i don’t think that applies to Madonna’s daughter.

  • california girl

    She’s only 11 years old, she’s too young to pluck and shave LET HER BE it’s not like she’s famous for movies or music she’s just the daughter of The Queen of pop….

  • yes

    ugly face

  • K

    Once again, a bunch of ignorant people commenting.

  • Ginger

    11 or not… She has a mustache… Must be from her dad? I think Madonna was a hairy woman too.. I’m sure Lourdes doesn’t care but I’m sure she will have it wax off when she’s 14 or 15…


    She is so freakin ugly.
    I don’t see how her parents can
    stand her. Good taste in clothes,
    but is really ahh-ugly.
    I’m 12yrs old. I looks a whole lot better than
    she does. :)