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Dominic Purcell is a Skaterboi

Dominic Purcell is a Skaterboi

Prison Break to Skateboard Break

Dominic Purcell takes it easy and spends time with girlfriend Brooke Burns‘ daughter and father, as he teaches the art of skateboarding in Toluca Lake, Calif. on Friday.

Check out Brooke looking on!

Brooke‘s father and daughter Madison, 7, look like they’re scared for their lives!

Prison Break fans received an early Christmas present as Season 4 was picked up for the series. Get ready for more Wentworth, Dominic and Sarah!

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Mullen-Respicio-Young/Jfxonline
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  • Jennifer W

    i cant wait for the new season of prison break

  • [marie]

    Wow he doesn’t waste time does he…?

    Anyhoo, I’m ready to see what the writers will come up with this season to further screw up a once decent show….

  • Josie Ann


  • Bitsy

    I thought he had a wife and kids???

  • Burrows

    Good to see him !!!
    This man is fun !!!

  • jb

    Madison’s father is Julian MacMahon?

  • Lol

    He HAD a wife, but they split back in october. ;)

    Yes, Madison’s father is Julian. :)

  • wow

    how about spending time with his own 4 kids.he didn’t even wait alittle more time before fukcing another woman.

    I hate him.he should spend more time with his own 4 kids.

  • m

    the man has four children of his own. He should be spending his free time with them.

  • luchi

    he probably does spend time with his own kids!!! we just dont see him!!

  • luchi

    love him and the show!!!

  • LINA


  • just me…

    I’m ready for Prison Break also for Wentworth!!!

  • Alexanderina

    Just because we don’t see him with his kids don’t mean he don’t spend time with them, some people are way to judgmental especially on a Sunday. Love PB, thanks Jared

  • james

    he is so stupid

  • P

    I thought I had heard he was married. Oh well, I guess another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. BB seems like a bit of a star f%^$er herself, albeit mainly b/c-list.

  • Emma

    what’s up with the socks??

  • Melanie

    YAY!!! Sarah is back!

    LOL. Dominic looks dorky and cute but he needs to spend TIME WITH HIS OWN KIDS!!!

  • Lisa

    Ok I have to say this, Dominic spends a ton of time with his kids and he and his soon to be ex wife are the very best of friends, how do I know? I live down the street from them in the valley and his house is where all the kids on the block love to go and play because Dominic is one of the nicest, most UNhollywood types EVER!!! He gets right in there and plays with them, skating, swimming, ball, bar b Ques!
    I love coming to JJ and have never posted here but damnit I had to say something about those assuming he is some evil womanizer and he is not. It’s truly like they are still together because he is on the block so much. My understanding is he moved to their beach house but you would think he still lives here.
    I get this is a gossip-entertainment type site but he really is a good dad and he loves his kids and from all I can see, he is still very close to his wife. There are enough bad hollywood types out there, I know, some are outrageous. Dominic Purcell is not one of them.

  • jmc

    Dominic seems like a really good guy. As the above poster stated, basing your opinion of someone on the types of paparazzi photos that are circulated is quite ignorant. Give the guy a break, he seems like a great parental figure to have around!

  • caaro

    i swear if i ever meet him I would give him a BIG hug ! I think he’s like a teddy bear hahahahaha,anyway he ‘s so cute ! and it’s really nice thet couple he makes with Brooke burns!

  • angell cakes

    i love dominic, hes super funny, and he really does seem like he just loves kids. i believe he is a great father.
    im so excited for season four. im glad sarah is back.
    thanx for posting this jared <3

  • caaro

    no way!Julian MacMahon?! niptuck-fantasticfour’s guy?! I sitll think Dominic is cuter with julian’s daughter than he is !though, anyway u people don”t even know Dom’s life,who are u to say and prejudge the guy of not being with his children in PHOTOS?!maybe he spends time with them not in public,urself have said he is an UNhollywood person so what’s the point prejudgzing him?! let the man live his life!He’s already hot and cute livin it !;)

  • ?

    #7- Are you sure about that? Gettyimages has a picture of him and Brooke from July 2007.

  • Xqa

    #23 You’re talking about people prejudgzing Dominic and you say: “I sitll think Dominic is cuter with julian’s daughter than he is !” Are you prejudgzing Julian McMahon as a father? Let me tell you Julian and Brooke despite their divorce have an excellent relationship sharing custody of Madison. Brooke always describe Julian as the best father of the world and tells he and little Madison loves each other like crazy.

  • stella

    Hey Dominic, I need private lessons too ;-)

    Well he looks nice!

  • pretty_green_girl

    #7& #24~I remember the pics of Dom and Brooke from 07/07 and I read somewhere that Dom and his wife were split early in ’07, it just wasn’t announced publicly until 10/07. So you both are correct I believe.

  • eustacia

    Dominic and Brooke starred together on North Shore. So they already knew each other even before Dominic separated from his wife. That probably explains the pictures last year.

    BTW, Dominic is separated, not divorced, from his wife.

  • went

    sniffle. i like dominic but i wish hed work things out with his wife. i hate seein a broken family =( i dont like seeing him withsomeone else and their kid! lol

  • Loes

    Wasn’t Sarah killed?!

  • loganski

    I think it’s terrible that they don’t have protective gear on — especially wrist guards! They aren’t setting a very good example.

  • loganski

    I think it’s terrible that they don’t have protective gear on — especially wrist guards! They aren’t setting a very good example.

  • melissa

    um, not to stir up the fires but…….dom was seen with a young lady in europe in dec 07 with someone (not brooke burns) there are pictures of them holding hands and everything on one of his sites.
    don’t worry, ladies, it seems to me that this boy likes to fish so this probably won’t last.

  • sayna

    Iloooooove dominic purcell.he is very hot