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Heidi Montag Recycles Clothes

Heidi Montag Recycles Clothes

Heidi Montag sure knows how to create buzz. The Hills feminist hero was seen wearing the same out from head-to-toe just exactly one week apart!

On Saturday, April 19, Heidi launched her new clothing line, Heidiwood, at LA’s Kitson in a Chloe “color block tank” dress and Chloe “strappy shoe” boots. Seven days later on April 26, at the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Hilton in Washington DC, The Hills villainess wore the same outfit including the same white watch!

Isn’t it a cardinal sin for “celebrities” to wear the same outfit twice? And didn’t boyfriend Spencer Pratt cancel their appearance at the White House??

I guess you gotta make full use of a $4,730 dress and $745 shoes!

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: WENN, Splash News Online
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  • jo

    why cant celbrities wear the same thing twice? we do it all the time

  • liz


  • michelle

    I agree with Jo:#1

  • http://justjared zerfonluver


    i agree wit jo, but that outfit??? uhm not mah fav!!!! im sry but i dnt lyk her gray sox wit dose heelz


  • Ann

    I agree with #1. Even tho Heidi is an idiot, wearing the same clothes multiple times is something more celebs should do.

  • Jenn

    it’s a sin because that outfit is completely hideous. it looks like a dog got to it.

    she is a repulsive human being.

  • jughed

    Wait, I don’t think she’s wearing that necklace thingamajig this time. IT’S LIKE A WHOLE NEW OUTFIT!

  • Alice

    I agree that celebrities should be able to wear the same thing twice but she could have waited longer than a week.

    Those shoes are hideous.

  • Kira

    there’s a big difference between recyling and not having something else to wear…

    but uhm… it’s Heidi Montag we’re talking about… all her clothes are trashy, so, we shouldn’t be interested o what’s she’s wearing, because it’s always going to be the same disgusting clothes

  • Jayseama07

    why cant celbrities wear the same thing twice? we do it all the time. some mention a news on a site, caters to successful and rich women seeking handsome and charming men. there are a lot of charming men joining in the site to find their real love.

  • legs

    repeat whole outfit after a week? yikes. she should’ve waited a lil longer.

  • GOOD

    that girl is so wasteful. everytime i see her she has a new chanel bag on her arm. i bet she makes 300k max if that a year & that is certainly not enought to blow on tons of uber designer goods. lauren who probably make 3x that is conservative reltive to her accessories compared to heidi. until recently she was always sporting around her sole chanel bag. she also wisely bought a house instead of blowing all of her money on her appearance like heidi – the boobs, the nose, all the designer shit. so i guess what i am trying to say is that i am glad she was in the same threads. however, the shoes are not dressy enough for a black tie affair & arguabley the dress isn’t either but she could have dressed it up w/ some killer strappy sandals.

  • krissy

    uh #4, those are not socks she is weairng, they are straps, apart of the shoes.

  • haha

    i guess its ok for her cus shes NOT A CELEBRITY. shes a talentless normal person

  • haha

    i guess its ok for her cus shes NOT A CELEBRITY. shes a talentless normal person

  • reny

    she doesn’t deserve to wear that beautiful dress

  • mcmary

    Let her wear it two days in a row if she wants! More need to do thhis instead of having closets full of clothes they wear once. and toss, what a waste! Its called recycling .LOL

  • Rae

    She wore that to the White House dinner? So appropriate Heidi. And it looked better the first time.

    I don’t care if celebrities re-wear clothes but a week apart at two very photographed places seems weird. A couple of months apart, particularly if only one event was public, would be different.

  • Souhila

    Dress is absolutly beautiful , SHE is absolutely ugly

  • shnazzle

    i like that dress

  • http://21 jin
  • Iris

    # 1
    Well put. Enough said.

  • missheloise

    i’m really not a fan of Heidi, but what’s wrong in the fact that someone wear an outfit twice?
    Well it does’nt chock me.

  • Nathalie

    These shoes are some of the ugliest shoes ever, and they don’t go with the dress at all. And the guy has such a slap friendly mug.

  • Sandbitch

    Hmmm, shoes that look like duct tape…

  • Helena


  • Regina

    I have nothing against celebrities wearing the same clothes all the time and some do and are not afraid to, but it’s just the tabloids who end up picking on them for wearing the same clothes.
    But in Heidi’s case, I would rush to take this fug outfit off, let alone wear it twice!

  • yuck

    There are people who’ve contributed more to our society who will never be invited to a white house affair… but dumb-dumb heidi is there??

  • fjo

    I viwed more her photos at BlackWhiteMingle. c o M — For girls to meet single, handsome men . both black and white

  • fc


  • Jj

    in my opinion she looks like crap. she did the first time and she does now. and…spencer’s a sly fox. uh i hate them. don’t like lauren much, but she’s better than thm both.

  • Andrea

    No wonder she looks like a hoe.. that dress looks like something a homeless woman would wear.. all she did was combine peices together and sew them and she sells them for 500$. What a bitch! Her line needs to be dropped cuz seriously who would wear her line.. only hoes and people who have no fashion taste!

  • sarah

    why oh why do we care and still talk about people that have no talent? they are famous for what really?



  • celebaddict

    I think it’s good that Heidi has worn her outfit more than once.
    If you believe that the earth is in trouble, then living a less throw-away life is surely a good thing?

  • barron797

    i wouldn’t think Heidi could afford a $4300 dress. How much money does this women make in a year? Her reality show, clothing line, staged paparazzi pics….what else does she do?

    And I’m pretty sure in this instance, Chloe did not give her the dress.

  • CJ

    It’s simple math:

    Recycle = Trash = Heidi + Spencer

  • Alex

    Ya I’ve probably worn the same shirt like 50 times! but her outfit was cute and you know how it is when you get a new outfit, you wanna wear it all the time!

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    umm….I have nothingg against Heidi, but I think she should make sure she doesn’t wear the same EXACT outfit sooo soon. I mean I would understand if Heidi wore that outfit a few months later but having only wore a week ago is weird. Im an average person and I make sure I don’t wear the same outfit for 2 months!!! =/

  • André

    that’s something that makes me like her.

  • andriia

    As much as I don’t like Heidi, I have to commend her. I mean, I buy 20 dollar t-shirts and wear them basically once a week. Celebrities buy 500 dollar t-shirts and they’re only allowed to wear them once? Puh-lease!

  • Erica

    Well, she’s not a celebrity, so it doesn’t count…

    She has no money.

    Anyway, she can’t pull off the outfit. Usually it looks better the second time I see it, but nope, it isn’t doing anything for me.

  • jmc

    The outfit is hideous, but I believe that white watch is a Chanel J12, and costs somewhere in the ball park of 10 grand.

    If I had a watch like that, I’d break it out often, can’t blame the girl!

  • JANE


  • go away

    God, I can’t stand these two. Horseface looks like she was put together in a lab and he looks likes he’s dying to grab his feather boa and express his suppressed queenie behavior. Why can’t these two just go away and get gigs in places that might appreciate them…like Poland.

  • maay

    “Isn’t it a cardinal sin for “celebrities” to wear the same outfit twice”


    u gotta be kidding me -.-

  • Alison

    Awful outfit. I wouldn’t wear it once. let alone twice. Both are painful idiots.

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    why r these 2 a-holes still lurking on the scene??? And her outfit looks like complete & total ASS! She should’ve thrown it in the trash after wearing it the first time. Ack.

  • tiniwini

    dress is fine, the wearer isnt.
    so she went to the white house dinner. what was the “oh spencer cancelled blah blah” about? publicity stunt!!!!!!! stupid speide. pathetic losers.

  • alright

    Wow the same Fug dress and shoes twice.