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Ben & Jen Do the White House

Ben & Jen Do the White House

Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (in Oscar de la Renta) arrive 30 minutes late at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday in Washington, DC.

When asked how they went green April 22nd, this is how the couple responded:

Ben: “We are in a constant state of Earth Day-ness, mostly mandated by my wife.”

Jen: “It’s all about the small steps: no more individual bottles and cans, we bring our own bags to the grocer.”

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Photos: Aude Guerrucci/AFP/Getty, Carrie Devorah/WENN
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  • asharani


  • John

    These two political nutjobs need to stay out of politics. Every time stupid Ben endorses, its the political kiss of death…check out john kerry now.

  • Neil

    Ben did well. Lucky man to land a lady like Jen. Long may they run!

  • katie n

    They are far from a Hollywood power couple. they are just a minor celebrity couple.

  • Jen 1

    Plain Jane had put on some colorful make up this time.

  • Love em

    Good for them! I love these 2 and their down-to-earthness. A great, non-homewrecking couple!!!

  • 007

    Good couple! =)

  • ?

    ben broke up jlo’s marriage to chris judd, and dont get me started on garner

  • Jen2

    She may be plain jane but she’s got a red hot career, being in a Oscar nominated movie and getting good reviews for your acting from various movie critics will do that to a movie career. So say what you will, but this Jen is on fire and not because of a scandal, or a publicity stunt or because of a skimpy dress she chose to wore to an awards show, this Jen is hot because of her talent and you haters know that’s the truth and it’s killing you.

  • barb

    Cute pics.

    They were not there supporting any cand. Nor, were they involved in politics. If so, then heaven help this country because the Jonas Bro, Martha Stewart, Pam Anderson, and Spheidi (Spencer Heidi, or whoever they are) were there also.

    Jlo doesn’t (didn’t) need any help breaking up her marriage (s) she did that all by herself. Does everyone really think that her and Chris Judd were in it for the long haul? Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nevertheless, cute pics of Ben and Jen.

  • eddie jones

    LOL they take their own cans to the store and then hop on the private jet back to hollyland. Are you kidding me. These celebrities eat up more co2 in one day then the average person does in a year.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    damn, he hates her.

  • LJ

    #8 ? What…… For once they (kinda) look happy maybe Ben’s drunk

  • barb

    What are you talking about?

    Several pics of them smiling. Other pics around the internet of them smiling also. Pic #3 is of them walking close up. It is the close up version of the one where they are holding hands.

    Everyone complains that the don’t show PDA and hate each other. They are out together holding hands, walking, smiling, etc. and you still say they hate each other?????

    And good for them that they didn’t pimp out on the red carpet for this event. These are candid photos taken while walking, they never posed for the paps.

  • Rae

    Jen looks pretty. I like this couple a lot.

  • ?

    doesnt matter, ben knew jlo was married. judds dad told ben to leave her alone. he did not. there was a video of ben hiding in a crowd,watching flowers he had sent, be given to jlo. right in front of chris! very cruel.

  • lollipop

    jen is such a control freak

  • Jessica

    haha 30 minutes late.

  • wow

    Ben a n oscar winning writer and now director. He is so cool. His wife is nice to. Back in the day I loved Alias!

  • Jen 1

    Being in an oscar nominated movie does not make your career red hot. getting nominated or winning does that. Yup, she is in many projects, including a broadway play, but that does not make one a power player.

  • legs

    i hate her bangs but i’m glad to see them together again.

  • lilo

    LOVE HER!! Gorgeous!

  • hey you

    Jen looks 25 not 36. That is an incredibly flattering haircut. You haters must be dying because they are successful and Vartan and JLo are in the dumpshTTer. Best thing they did was find eachother and they look incredibly happy and not because they’re pimping it out –unlike that “super” power couple does you know who i mean.

  • mcc

    Jen looks lovely. I love her!!

  • molly

    I always think that he hates being married to this soccer mom who carries her own grocery bags. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I am like that too. But Ben, I don’t know.

  • Adoring Fan

    They are both cool and don’t play into the Hollywood scene. Both are in the business but not of the business. BTW they both are award winners. Ben has an oscar and Jen a golden globe. Beautiful couple with a gorgeous child and very real and down to earth. They could very easily pass for the family next door. Did I mention they make a very beautiful couple. I adore them!

  • hey you

    molly who he’d hate being maried to is that fake crappy mother JLo. All she cares about is losing weight immediately after birth, wearing designer clothes constantly and her manicures, not being with her kids. THATs who he’d be miserable being married to.

  • joanne

    Jennifer Garner has poor Ben by the cojones, he looks miserable. He doesn’t take his hand out of his pocket to hold her hand, she’s the one who reaching for his hand. They were late because Ben was waiting for Jennifer to show up they walked in together but sat seperately for the dinner, he was at one table and she at another.

  • shammy

    Thank God! They finally embrace each other with hand holding and smiles together. Truly one of the most sweetest and adorable couples out there in the “FAMOUS” world. Perhaps, Ben will run for President some day.

    GO BEN,JEN,GO!!!

  • Karena

    They are such a great couple. Thanks, Jared. :)

  • buckeyegurl

    #28, that is how these formal dinners are, the organizers make the seating arrangements and seat couples separately so they mingle. Try again.

    Haters are sooo sad. Trying to pass thier own issues onto others. THey are a lovely couple and look happy to me.

    Anyway, I think they look fantastic! Jen looks beautiful. I really like the new cut. Ben is always handsome, I like him when he dresses up.


    First she says she and Ben don’t walk red carpets because they don’t want to be one of those couples…LIAR

    We bring our own bags to the grocer – LIAR – you always see her with plastic bags.

    Ben looks so lifeless in those pictures he use to be exciting there’s no life spark left Jennifer Garner and sucked it all out him, he’s trapped in a marriage to a woman he doesn’t love.

  • Kara

    Wow. The Jlow & Vartan lovers are still around? Tsk tsk. Sorry folks, but Ben & Jen are happy the way they are. Living a simpler life as compared to Jlow & Skeletor husband. Oh and by the way. Jen’s production company has signed on with Warner Bros to produce 6 upcoming films. And one more thing. The gala they attended in WA is an annual thing that the media hosts for the Prez, regardless of the party. ABC invited Ben & Jen. This has nothing to do with endorsing anybody especially since Ben & Jen are Dems.

  • CherieB

    She’s a man, baby!

  • Katie

    God almighty! Gimme a break people! Ben and Jen don’t show any PDA they are getting a divorce…they hold hands and both are miserable! Come on here people!

    I wonder what your marriages are like? It must be perfect compared to the Garner-Afflecks’?

    And she might be a useless actress to some of you but at least she is one. Jen and Ben will have more influence that all of you. LIke she says, she doesn’t regret her celebrity status and good on her.

    Enough of the jealousy! Grow up already! Stop commenting on a couple’s marriage unless you are in their home… here’s a suggestion…Live your own life rather than someone elses

  • zoe

    they look really good together. havnt seen them around but its nice to see a happy couple getting along. haters should really give it up. jennifer looks nice, like the haircut and shoes but im not sure if th dress is really her style. the dress is gorgeous though.


    here’s a suggestion…Live your own life rather than someone elses

    Katie I agree with you the Bennifer superfans should follow their own advice, they have no life which is why they are obsessed with the lives of Jen and Ben Affleck and thinking it’s perfect when everyone can see that it’s not. The superfannies should stop commenting on their marriage you don’t know what goes on in their home.

  • kevin

    Jen Garner does her best work on her knees and Ben’s smiling for a change I think he got lucky in the limo on the way to the Hilton.

  • pitt

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  • STFU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they look so cute together they need to spoile us more.
    I just hope we won’t be having more months of no pics again :(

  • to the Naysayers

    Jen Garner does her best work on her knees and Ben’s smiling for a change I think he got lucky in the limo on the way to the Hilton.

    Heehee! Yep, her on-her-knees work was soooo good, Ben just had to tell Kevin Smith…hahaha!

  • bea

    I don’t know why everybody wants they split, that Ben is trapped in a marriage to a woman he doesn’t love, that they are in troubles………
    I only see two persons who I admire a lot, and they seem so , so happy, I think people have a lot on envy , and they don’t support that are happy.

  • ….

    They are a great couple and have great affinities but he or she who made the comment about the non homewrecking thing should get back to his/her homework cause it is a known proven fact that Ben homewrecked JLO’s couple to her husband Judd and Jennifer did the same …twice.

    She had an affair with Vartan WHEN SHE WAS MARRIED and divorced her first husband to live with him. She then refused over and over again to marry Vartan saying that she needed time and dumped him for Affleck with whom she got pregnant and got married within the first months they were getting out together which left Vartan devastated at the time.

    So both are not innocent when it comes to shatter couples, their own or the one of the person they covet.

  • ydzonline. com
  • chariya

    I agree with bea and disguise with those negative comments focusing on their personal lives.

    If you are hate them, just simply ignore their pictures. Your negative comments show how close-minded, jealousy you are!!!!

    Thanksss Jared for posting their pics very often. I enjoy seeing them together or with her adorable dauther.

  • Ha!

    Looks like they made an exception to their red carpet rule. It’s nice to see them together.

  • Monday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They didn’t walk the red carpet. They showed those who walked the red carpet and Ben and Jen weren’t one of them.

    Read on, as all articles state that they arrived “30 minutes late.” Those aren’t “posed” pics of them on the red carpet. They were walking down a hall to the event/ballroom. Watch the cspan coverage if you would like, because THEY DIDN’T WALK THE RED CARPET.

    And if you are referring to the other day when Jen was walking with Violet and she was carrying a plastic bag………..then you need a life. She was near the movie set and took V. for a walk. Do you carry your cloth bags in your back pocket?

    I use cloth bags as much as I can but don’t always have them with me when I need to make a purchase. So, #32 next time you are on vacation remember to take your cloth bags with you. Or if you have to make a quick stop at a local conv. store, don’t get a plastic bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • summerbaby

    To #43….

    Well said, except that she didn’t divorce Scott Foley to be with Michael Vartan, even Foley said so. She and Vartan were good friends first and he was there for her when things were falling apart with Foley. They may have gotten together soon after the split, but Vartan certainly didn’t cause it. It was rumored–and I stress “rumored”–that Affleck had gone after Jen on the set of Daredevil, knowing full well she was married to Scott Foley at the time. Ben, paragon of virtue and keeper of family values that he is, helped break up Jen & Scott, Jen & Michael, JLo & Chris, while Jen helped break up Ben & whoever he was with after JLo, humiliating Vartan in the process. And these people aren’t homewreckers..??

  • Monday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #48 Nope……..not on the DD set.

    Plenty of video from around that time, and none with him and her hooking up or such. Video on them having dinner with Kev. Smith and several others around DD time. She seems into him, but he had so many things going on then. They didn’t hook up til later. Do some research and you can find plenty of pics and videos, and none show them “together” in that way.

    No one is happy unless you can take a shot at others. Shame.



    I think “rumored” implies nobody knows who wasn’t there. I’d heard the same thing about the DD set being where B and J had an affair but how reliable were the sources are/were?

    As for taking shots at others, well, when you choose to live in the public eye and choose to do things that will obviously cause controversy, such as split people up, etc., it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are going to react. Sometimes negatively. Maybe it’s true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity?