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NYT: Madonna Uses "Hard Candy" to Renew Her Brand

NYT: Madonna Uses

Madonna‘s new album, Hard Candy, will be released this Tuesday, April 29 and The New York Times had a lot of positive to say about it. Here are some highlights:

Madonna uses “Hard Candy” to renew her brand and defy skeptics, yet again.
– No one since Madonna has come close to achieving the same alchemy of flirtation, pop proficiency, concert spectacle and self-guided tenacity.
– “Hard Candy” also taps into exactly the sounds that current hip-hop reclaims from the disco era: electro keyboard riffs, filtered voices and bits of Latin percussion.
– Her grand statement on “Hard Candy” is nothing more than that she’s still around and can still deliver neat, calculated pop songs.

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  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    first ! madonna rocks !!!

  • luchi

    love madonaaaa!!!

  • just me…

    Hate madonaaaaa!!!

  • kiki


  • kiki


  • Swedish Gal

    I thought it was already out since it\s out here. Oh well….

  • Marc

    Fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE the album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • nunny

    go madonna
    i have only 4 minutes to make another comment somewhere else
    go madonna

  • Marta

    horrible photo

  • accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c

    i love the new cd!!

  • bam!

    Love Madonna, have since I was about 5 but I must I’m not overly impressed with the album…some songs (about 4-5 of them) are great but the rest I could probably do without. Confessions was MUCH better in my opinion :)

    Then again I don’t really like a lot of the American music stuff that she’s been using for this album (the Timbaland stuff etc)

  • jeannie

    madonna rules

  • [marie]

    And if you haven’t already peep out her new album on myspace.

  • MovieWatcher

    the picture does look a bit odd

  • dwye

    Omg.She is gorgeous. I saw her profile on BlackWhiteKiss. c o M last
    week. It seems she turns to online dating scene for true love.

  • Anna

    HOW in the world does she get her arms like that?? I mean I know you have to workout almost everyday for years to keep this look. It probably comes naturally to her, too, since she use to be skinny and dance when she was a YOUNG thing (no pun intended).

    She should be an athlete or do a triathalon or something.

    It’s one thing to exercise, always be active, stay on your feet, keep busy and be genetically that way, but diet plays into it. What kind of a diet does she lead? I know she’s disciplined, but with kids and a husband, doesn’t she get tempted to eat off her diet? I know she mentioned something about the macro-biotic diet or something like that. Or some kabbalah diet… who knows now! And her boobs don’t sag. In fact, they practically look like implants in that hard candy pic. No, I meant her boobs, not her arms.

    I thought she did a terrific job on that documentary she did recently that showed at the Tribeca Film Festival. I thought she did a better job of bringing attention to something like this than Angelina Jolie did.

    And as far as Madonna copying Angelina Jolie… stars such as Sharon Stone and others, have been adopting kids since before Angelina. And there have been other stars who have been bringing attention to problems like this, before Angelina. I think it became more ‘attractive’ when Angelina was doing it, and went a little far than adopting just one or two kids. And she made it a sort of passion or hobby of hers (in a good way). To be quite honest, i wonder how people like Madonna and Angelina have the stamina to do this.

    You know, i think they keep doing this… keeping their celebrity or doing their job right…. because they’re not afraid of the criticism. I think they invite the criticism, like a James Dean rebel. If you haven’t noticed, some stars try to avoid the criticisms or limelight. Others welcome it to a certain extent (not to the point where it becomes terribly damaging & psychotic on a personal level like Amy Winehouse).

  • marianne moorehump

    thats a terrible photo of her

  • ho ho ho

    She looks like a prostitute.

  • Isis

    OMG, that photo makes her look like a complete freak, an old dominatrix. When you compare this with any photo from “Justify My Love” it’s clear that although she doesn’t have many lines and hasn’t gotten thicker in the body, she’s aged BADLY. I wouldn’t care to live forever, if I had to look like that.

  • nina

    The New York Daily News gave the album 5 out of 5 stars, People magazine 4 out of 4 stars and Rolling Stone magazine 4 out of 5 stars. It’s an amazing album. Give it a listen at

  • http://deleted mystify

    “– Her grand statement on “Hard Candy” is nothing more than that she’s still around and can still deliver neat, calculated pop songs.”

    lol jared that’s not too positive IMO, but then again this is madonna.

  • Trine

    madonna you are disgusting yuck