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Mariah Carey is a Tennessee Tiger

Mariah Carey is a Tennessee Tiger

Mariah Carey shows off her curvy figure on the red carpet of the premiere of “Tennessee” during the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday in New York City.

The Glitter babe, 38, sold 463,000 copies of her new album “E=MC2″ during its first week out. It was the best first-week sales in 2008, beating out Jack Johnson’s “Sleep Through the Static” with 375,000. Mariah‘s “Touch My Body” single is no. 6 on the charts with a total of 627,000 sold.

25+ pictures of Mariah Carey, the Tennessee Tiger…

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mariah carey tennessee 01
mariah carey tennessee 02
mariah carey tennessee 03
mariah carey tennessee 04
mariah carey tennessee 05
mariah carey tennessee 06
mariah carey tennessee 07
mariah carey tennessee 08
mariah carey tennessee 09
mariah carey tennessee 10
mariah carey tennessee 11
mariah carey tennessee 12
mariah carey tennessee 13
mariah carey tennessee 14
mariah carey tennessee 15
mariah carey tennessee 16
mariah carey tennessee 17
mariah carey tennessee 18
mariah carey tennessee 19
mariah carey tennessee 20
mariah carey tennessee 21
mariah carey tennessee 22
mariah carey tennessee 23
mariah carey tennessee 24
mariah carey tennessee 25
mariah carey tennessee 26
mariah carey tennessee 27
mariah carey tennessee 28

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty
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  • just saying

    So sick of seeing her and her boobs…

  • stella

    she’s gorgeous!!! but sick too lol

  • N

    This the most covered up pic I’ve seen of Mariah in a long time. It seemed like ultra mini’s was her uniform :-)

  • lol !

    She did have a banging body years ago. I remembered that she was 2nd in a poll of best legs, just after Tina Turner and before Cindy Crawford. All three ladies have knocked out legs !!! long, shapely and leanly athletically built !

    If only she didn’t inflate her boobs as well as her ego, she would have kept that fresh prettines.

    She is still pretty though, she just nees to dress with more class, maintained a healthy leanly frame and put things that flattered sophisticatedly her 5’9″ long legged feminine frame.

  • Alybabe


  • Alybabe

    sorry, i mean 5th :D :D

  • luchi

    love the way she sings!!

  • jc

    Now she looks great. Great body and face. 38 with no doctors help. Why aren’t woman going overboard about her like they do about Aniston who is not as beautiful. I will say it again the pity party never ends.

    Keep up the great work Mariah. Now tis truely a strong single independent sexy woman.

  • YES


  • super

    Can’t decide if she’s a pig or a cow.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


    it’s really sad she cant sing anymore. and it’s even more sad she lost touch with reality.

  • J

    Certainly not fuXkin Mariah. That bitchH acts worse than Miley Cyrus. Glitter was the biggest piece of shit ever.

  • 2008


  • 007

    She’s probably the best looking 39 year old celebrity out there. I don’t know how people can even begin to describe her as a “cow”, “pig”, or “fat whore”.

    It’s also an enigma as to how people say she can’t sing…? I can’t believe people would say singers like Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, etc are better singers than Mariah Carey. Are you kidding me? O_O…,

  • kd

    She has this pathetic vulnerable look with this seduction it looks like she is so desperate for love she will let anyone take her body. Ewwwww

  • jam

    wow, good on mariah for wearing clothes for once but the outfits so dam boring!

  • Jes

    she looks fantastic!!!
    love her

  • Jenny


  • KC

    She looks so much better when she’s covered up and not in her typical hoochie outfits.

  • um

    A bunch of meanies here, I can see.

    Mariah Carey had a breakdown a few years ago, but now she is happy, looking great, and is still one of the best singers we have. You guys need to show a little support/respect and stop trying to kick people down further when they are putting forth effort to be on the right road.

    Mariah’s new CD is good. I didn’t care for “Touch My Body” at first, but the song grew on me quickly and now I love it. Many of the other songs are very catchy. She has a hit. This is a good time for her. I keep thinking she is in love with someone…… She’s glowing. She looks pretty nice here. At least her breasts look firm and lifted.

    The only thing I would change is her eyebrows. They’re shaped like little half-moons and that gives her a different, less sophisticated look – not as flattering IMO. She needs to grow her brows in again and let a really good professional artist arch them and do her makeup. She’ll look better than anyone.

  • Samara

    love mariah. I hope one day she has a family

  • O.M.G.


    WOWOWO!!!!!!!!!!!! ; – )

  • To um

    Agree with you !

    Mariah Carey has 18 years of career in her sleeves ! She is still around unlike her contemporaries and is still successful.

    She had a breakdown so what ? She recovered from it and is one of the few celebrities out there who has never been caught in any scandal like drugs, driving under the influence of alcohol, ect.

    She is pretty decent if you asked me. A little bit divaish but still very decent and a great singer, greater than the vast majority of them including those who can be her children.

  • lanette

    38?? How come she’s not married yet? How come she’s got no man? Maybe if she wasn’t too full of herself, she’d be able to find ‘the one.’ I don’t care how she dresses (although I can understand the criticisms), but she still reminds me of a teenager. Has she grown up yet? I wonder why, when she has so much money, she’d choose to dress like she did on the “Live with Regis & Kelly” morning show. And why does she keep talkng and acting funny, even in her videos? Little advice: smile less and look more provacatie in a more mature way. She looks like a clown.

  • MovieMadness

    [☆F a m o u s☆] why the hell are you always trying to talk sh!t about celebrities? I bet you’re ugly as hell

  • shoes4life

    Have any of you seen her in the Macy’s commercial with Gabriel Aubry? I must say she was really cute in that commercial. Her outfit and hair in that commercial actually made her look younger, without trying. Me and some of my friends almost didn’t recognize her because she was dressed appropriately and we all agree that she needs to keep that image. It could really work well for her rather than the trying to keep up with the tweens & twenty something crowd.

  • Marta

    no mini skirt???

  • ydzonline. com

    BIg improvement fashion-wise.

  • Jay


  • Jessica

    Mimi looks GREAT! :D

  • what???

    Lanette, how come you’re not married?

    FYI Mariah Carey was married to Tommy Mottola once for a few years. One marriage is enough for some people. Has it occurred to you that she doesn’t want to marry again? Mariah’s not a prostitute. She doesn’t sleep around. Her relationships are serious, unlike most of yours.

  • Cranium

    Mariah, everybody knows that you have a full walk in closet of expensive shoes BUT our feet are nasty looking, you should do something about it since you have so much money.

  • Ely

    Im not mean; Im honest. She is not a good looking woman, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, her face is weird; its not symmetrical and its just weird looking. Her body, well, its tighter now, but it still not a great body. She has a wide flat but, square top and huge feet. Hmm… can we say sponge bob

  • Ely

    Im not mean; Im honest. She is not a good looking woman, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, her face is weird; its not symmetrical and its just weird looking. Her body, well, its tighter now, but it still not a great body. She has a wide flat but, square top and huge feet. Hmm… can we say sponge bob

  • what???

    Ely you’re the kind of toad who says Mariah Carey looks weird, but thinks someone like ghostly Scarlett Johansson is drop-dead gorgeous and has a perfect bod….. yea, we know your kind….

    Mariah Carey is not the most beautiful woman walking the earth, but she’s attractive. Not ugly. Many attracitive people don’t photograph as well as they really look. See an eye doctor. If you don’t like her as a person, that’s your problem. Mariah is known for being very feminine and well-groomed. She always smells really great and her feet are as smooth as a baby’s feet because she gets pedicures and every other pampering known to woman.

    When Cranium gets into bed with his partner, the partner feels tree trunks.


  • Lili Von S

    Crazy Bỉtch’s lingerie closet video.

    What is E=MC² ?


    “Touch My Body — Dive My Müff”

  • what???

    You above are sick! I’m calling Bellevue to pick you up.