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Miley Cyrus: Topless in Vanity Fair?!?!

Miley Cyrus: Topless in Vanity Fair?!?!

Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus appears to be topless in the new issue of Vanity Fair, as screencapped from Entertainment Tonight.

She’s only 15-years-old and the face of the billion-dollar Disney Channel franchise… but to be fair, it looks like she’s holding up a bed sheet!

Pictures of Miley baring her green bra in a batch of less-than-wholesome photos with her boyfriend Thomas Sturges turned up last Sunday. She also posed in her panties in playfully naughty photos that popped up in January.

We could say these Vanity Fair screencaps were Photoshopped… but that’d be too easy!

DO YOU THINK Miley Cyrus is tarnishing her squeaky-clean image?

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miley cyrus topless vanity fair 01
miley cyrus topless vanity fair 02

Credit: JJB, ONTD
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  • Moi

    Love her <3

  • m

    oh no!

  • Stefanie

    wtf she’s 15…

  • matt


  • pipi

    sheet or no sheet she’s only 15.

    I don’t know why she’s rushing to move out of the disney scene, she can pull off cute for the tweens but she can’t compete with the other pretty girls on the adult scene.

  • Tinkerbella

    wot the hell that is very wrong for her to doing that at her age


  • Jennifer W

    this is crazy miley is only 15 she shouldnt be doing all this.

  • Helena

    Looks like a dime a minute slag per usual.

  • Mareike

    I love her but please don’t post this kind of news, there are a lot of ppl that look up to her, please don’t ruin that for them!


  • Bre

    Wow, she’s pale =/

  • Regina

    #9, well if Miley does this kind of stuff and realises that she’ll ruin it for her fans who look up to her, then she shouldn’t do it in her first place. She’s a bit of an idiot.

  • valentina

    such a slut thats why a prefer selena gome and demi lovato

  • well that didnt take long
    obviously she doesnt care about her image
    jesus christ she looks like that thing from the lord of the rings
    say it with me…SUNLIGHT!!!

  • Andrea

    wow. yea she’s definately growing up too fast, but at least she’s not nude and besides the people told her to be like that for the magazine its not like it was a candid shot. But she looks very pretty there. :)

  • leonie

    these kinda look photoshopped.. what’s up with her skintone.. she looks like a ghost

    but if these are real than I’m over her.. Come on, can’t no celeb be like normal or so? do they really have to show everything

  • Ashley

    I agree with #15 something doesn’t look right about this photo. I don’t know why MIley would want to go down this road. If she isn’t careful she will end up like Britney Spears.

  • Lauren

    What a slut bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moi

    (c’est moi qui ai posté le premier commentaire)

    Si !!! LOVE HER and support her (l)
    She’s a teen like you or me !!!

  • rockstar

    Oh.My. Please tell me she isn’t turning into the next Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. She’s 15 for crying out loud. Jeez, I wonder what her parents are going to say about this. Her behavior lately has been appalling. She’s still a kid, yet there she is showing of her stomach and her bra, and now this. I’m worried about her. Though I may not be a fan of her work, it’s really upsetting to see a 15 year-old acting like a 25 year-old. I thought her parents tried to raise her better than that. Apparently it didn’t get through her brain yet. I hope she realizes what she’s doing before it gets worse.

  • luchi


  • Claire

    she looks like a vampire, her lips are sooo red.

  • sdfadsf


  • liefyforever

    i dont like her but she really shouldn do that!!

    she’s only 15 ,dude!
    and if she is topless i think disney kicks her out!!

  • julie

    Even if she’s not topless
    this photo is not OK she’s only 15..
    I’m 17 and I like miley … but most of her fans are soo young, so it’s not OK

  • rolling eyes


    does Vanity Fair play that game????

  • amel


  • kuki

    she’s gonna be a b****

  • yuck

    isn’t it illegal putting a topless photo of a 15yr old girl on a magazine? let’s hope it’s violating a child labour or porn law so the mag has to shut down.
    VF is desperate.

  • tammi

    where are her parents for all this? they are allowing this to go on? I haven’t heard them or Miley speak out about the photos that were “leaked” last week to say they weren’t her or try to “defend” her. Disney needs to pull the plug on her fast.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    it’s obvious she’s a wild an out of control sIut. she’s also the bread winner so her parents wont say shiiit lmaoo keep it up hooker

  • mye

    It doesn’t surprise me at all…
    i don’t think she is a good person nor thinks abouts her children fans.
    I also think she is waaaaay more ugly than other disney stars like hillary duff or lindsay lohan, er face is disgusting

  • http://justjared blah


  • Liz

    Who cares about this trailor trash, seeking attention skank!

  • anita

    i still love miley even if she did nude pics i love miley to death so i dont care

  • 007

    What is wrong with her…I wonder if her parent(s) approve this…=S

  • chrissy

    omg!!! This is bad! At least vanessa hudgens got herself together and learned from her mistakes unlike miley who keeps doing the same thing over again.


    she looks awful in the photo… it can’t be real. her dad wouldn’t allow it

  • ELLE


  • yuckyuck

    she looks terrifying – like a vampire or something.

    like everyone else said, she’s only bloomin’ 15.
    i’m 15 and i don’t go taking my clothes off to be taken pictures of.

    why does she insist on doing this ALL THE TIME.
    i know vanessa did this – but it was a one time thing when she was like 17.
    she learned from her mistake.

    this is like the 3rd time this issue has come up for miley.
    surley her father wouldn’t le her do this?!

  • katie

    i think its photoshopped. She looks really young there?

  • Francisco

    She’s too young for this tipe of things!

  • katya


  • Nathalie

    What an ugly teen. Ugly face, sort of like a young Renee Zellweger, with her puffy cheeks.

  • bee

    she looks as white as a ghost here

  • christina

    omg they look so photoshopped…it barely even looks like her!!!!!


  • r

    her hair looks greasy… not very nice

  • celebaddict

    Why is she is such a rush to grow up?
    She should enjoy being a child for a while, after all that’s what she is a child.
    All too soon she will be a woman, and as she ages she will probably long to be younger again!
    What are her parents doing? Why aren’t they teaching her to respect herself?
    It does seem as if she wants to be seen as a Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton clone, why?
    It’s quite sad really.

  • Go Vee

    I’m sorry Miley but you’re only FIFTEEN, gurl !

  • squid

    soo bored of this girl. christ, how about enjoying childhood while it lasts?

  • nina

    Does she even realize she’s only 15?
    I mean seriously. Either she just likes attention or
    her parents really aren’t doing as good of a job
    as they claim they are. This is like the 3rd time for
    her. And instead of people like Jonas Brothers and
    Brenda Song defending her, they need to tell her