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Miley Cyrus 'Embarrassed' by Vanity Fair

Miley Cyrus 'Embarrassed' by Vanity Fair

Miley Cyrus says that she’s “embarrassed” about semi-topless photographs of herself in the June 2008 issue of Vanity Fair.

“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed,” says the 15-year-old Disney sensation, who posed with a blanket wrapped around her chest. “I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

A Disney Channel spokesperson adds: “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.”

The Miley photos, which were taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, hits newsstands next week.

UPDATE 1: People reports that Miley‘s parents left before the final picture at the photo shoot but her grandmother and teacher were there. Miley also added, “My goal in my music and my acting is always to make people happy. For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. The pictures of me on the Internet were silly, inappropriate shots. I appreciate all the support of my fans, and hope they understand that along the way I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect. I never intended for any of this to happen and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone. Most of all, I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life’s journey.”

UPDATE 2: The New York Times has a piece on Miley‘s topless photo scandal. The Vanity Fair article was written by Bruce Handy and quotes Miley as saying, “Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.” She also said of the photo, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way.”

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533 Responses to “Miley Cyrus 'Embarrassed' by Vanity Fair”

  1. 1
    Beluu Says:


  2. 2
    bili Says:

    i hate her!!

  3. 3
    nav Says:

    she sucks!!!

  4. 4
    Kimmy Says:

    ahh poor miley!

  5. 5
    KiM Says:

    I feel really bad for her now:(

  6. 6
    Shay Says:

    wow. i like miley, but i she woudlnt expose her self like this would she?

  7. 7
    Shay Says:

    wow. i like miley, but i she woudlnt expose her self like this would she?

  8. 8
    ilovemiley Says:

    miley u rock
    im sorry for you!
    dont worry its ok girl!
    we love u!

  9. 9
    IDIOT Says:

    It is one thing for her to apoligize for the pics that showed up w/ her showing her bra but for those done in a photo shoot by Annie for Vanity Fair is BS. She knew what she was doing. As evidenced by her non professional pics she thinks she is sexy & wants to be considered so by the world. She also claims she stays grounded by her faith & family. Where was all that during the photo shoot? A 15 year old girl going on 30 is not going to be manipulated into doing something she doesn’t want to do, especially someone w/ her celebrity & w/ her team of people & her mom around. Disney probably got pissed & that is who pays her bills so she had to back peddle. She is a joke. Total wannabe. It is time for her to go away now.

  10. 10
    ilovemiley Says:

    its ok girl!
    we love u

  11. 11
    WHAt Says:

    BULL!!!! She is backtracking. She obviously knew what the hell was going on and it’s so stupid that she’s blaming vanity fair and one of the best photographers in the world Annie saying she was manipulated. She is 15 and she knew every second of the shoot what was implied. No one was taking advantage of her. I think Disney knew about it and from fan and parent outrage they were forced to disassociate themselves and miley from the pictures. It’s RIDICULOUS!!! We know you want someone to blame Disney and Miley when you were very aware what you were doing. Vanity fair is a respectful women’s magazine and Annie is a WOMAN! why would she deliberately exploit a 15 year old girl? No one put a gun to your head MILEY!


  12. 12
    Amber Says:

    She knew what she was doing. Apology not accepted.

  13. 13
    anon Says:

    why would a 15 year old even think about posing semi-topless for a magazine at all….

  14. 14
    kara Fowler Says:

    oh come on… annie leibovitz is an incredibly experienced, renowned photographer, it’s not like it’s some sketchy smut. Miley is young, yes, but she and her people made a choice…

  15. 15
    tinkerbell Says:

    i still cant believe she would actually do this!

  16. 16
    Shaggy Says:

    Damage Control

  17. 17
    pathetic Says:

    Give me a break. There’s been enough photos to suggest she knows full well what she is doing. Too bad Mom and Dad seem to be MIA to put on the brakes.

  18. 18
    Like Eww Says:

    Sure Miley. Sure. You were naked, topless, whatever it was. You knew you didn’t have a top on didn’t you? Or did you think they were going to “digitalize” it on? Please.

  19. 19
    raye Says:

    wow what is going on?

  20. 20
    Little miss sunshine Says:

    She had the choice and she chose wrongly. She has to learn from her mistakes.

  21. 21
    katryna Says:

    Manipulate?? why would the parents of a 15 year old girl let her do this in the first place?

  22. 22
    barb Says:

    So not buying it. She has people, parents, etc.

    Her Mom can go with her for coffee, but doesn’t go and approve pics showing up on a cover of a mag.

    I blame Miley, her parents, the photo. and Vanity Fair.

  23. 23
    Mcqueen Says:

    OMG who was the sicko that comvinced her to do this?! I really feel bad for her. But is is really nice that she came out and apoligized to the fans.

  24. 24
    ashlee Says:

    why did she do it in the first place dumbass

  25. 25
    tee Says:

    When I first read this, I thought how could she not know what it would look like. The I realized she’s FiFTEEN, the age where little girls start thinking they’re grown but are not. This is all on her parents one of them should have stepped up and just said no.

  26. 26
    cami Says:

    clearly it’s not fake! .. atleast she apologized to her fans.. she’s still an idiot and i can’t believe she had the guts to blame the photographer for this.. it was her an her parents decision .. she should feel embarassed!

    and her quote “i’m going to make mistakes i’m not perfect. i’ll learn from my mistakes.. ” blah blah blah.. is complete BULL! . learning from her mistakes ya right! .. this is what like the 3 time you had to learn from your mistake??

    wow .. i guess her plan to have all the attention on her has finally worked. it’s sickening to see her on Vanity Fair ..

    Unfortunatley for me and a ton of other people i’m sure .. that fake apology is basically saying that OJ Simpson didn’t kiss his wife.. fake fake fake.. there’s no way in getting out of this now miley ..

    kiss your fans goodbye ..

  27. 27
    Sonya Says:

    I love miley, shes got away with words!
    I support you miley and i know you will learn from your mistakes.
    I love your pictures, nude or note- YOU ROCK!

  28. 28

    I knew her damage control team would use the word “artistic” to describe the shoot.

    not even a full day and there already doing damage control. hahahaha

  29. 29
    Caitlin Says:

    why she even do it?
    im a huge fan but so confused.

  30. 30
    Sharon Says:

    why would her parents let her do this in the effing first place?

  31. 31
    Megan Says:


  32. 32
    Megan Says:


  33. 33
    Nicole m Says:

    I’m not buying it. I think she is full of sh*t.

  34. 34
    Linda Blair Says:

    Sorry, but she looks like the possessed chick from The Exorcist in this photo.

  35. 35
    cami Says:

    haha i mean OJ simpson didn’t kill his wife.. and i agree.. she’s 15 mega successful .. she knows what she was doing .. she has no one to blame but herself!

  36. 36
    erin Says:

    Im sorry but i do not feel sorry for her at all. How many times are we suppose to but these I’m embarassed stories and i have learned from my mistakes. This is what her 5th photo scandal? Every time new pics come out the statements basically say the same thing. I am soooo tired of heraing the same thing. Her parents are at just as much fault as anyone

  37. 37
    Stupid Girl Says:

    Miley doesnt care that people hate this cover. Its her team of handlers who issue this statement to save her face

  38. 38
    dAmien Says:

    i think that’s artistic. Because she’s 15, that’s why she announced that statement. I love Annie’s work and somewhat likes Miley..
    anyway, i can’t wait to see the pic! in the issue.

  39. 39
    Ashleigh Says:

    Poor Miley? Are you kidding me? She did this herself. At any point during that photoshoot she was uncomfortable, she could have declined to do what they were asking her to do or do something else. She chose to do this and as soon as there was negative backlash against someone who touts herself as a role model for young girls posing provocatively, she tried to backtrack and make it sound like she didn’t know what she was doing. She knew what she was doing and if she didn’t, then that is a sign that she should not have the fame that she has. If she can’t see that her behavior (this photoshoot, her ****** myspace photos) will be judged by the parents of the children who look up to her, she is fast on her way to being like Paris, Britney(unless Britney has a real mental illness, in which case, she can’t help it.), Lindsay, etc.

  40. 40
    jfp Says:

    doesn’t she have parents to go with her to the photo shoots??

  41. 41
    tinseltown Says:

    yeah right.. okay we hate you miley. go and die

  42. 42
    bootay Says:

    The picture ain’t that pretty! She looked fugly and ****. Cheap shot.

  43. 43
    Dj rj Says:

    Let me just say this. Why does everyone here support these people when they do bad things OMG. You guys are out of your minds. Miley does she is 15 she has fans that are 12 and younger, what is that going to tell these kids. But there are people still out there, who support her bad behavior. I don’t get it. If that was my daughter, I would punish her until the cows get home. You don’t do that. Give me a break. didn’t we all learn from Vanessa Hudgens not to pose, and take pictures because they could leak. I mean come on. I have much respect for Vanessa Hudgens. Because, she took those before she was famous, and accidently leaked. I have no sympothy for Miley, she posted herself on Myspace. I know a lot of you are going to bash mouth me, and that’s okay. I don’t care what you guys have to say. Just go ahead and say it. I wish that people stop thinking that she is innocent. She is not innocent and she is not a good role model.

  44. 44
    alexandra Says:

    POOR MILEY!!!!
    She don’t deserve this!
    This is bad!!!!
    I tottaly support Miley!

  45. 45
    sona Says:

    oh PUH lease. Vanity Fair released a statement saying that Miley, her parents, and some other people SAW the photo when it was taken because it was taken digitally and they loved it. They thought she looked beautiful.

    Stop with the f*u*c*k*i*n*g sob story, Miley. No one’s buying it.

  46. 46
    lollipop Says:

    She looks like she just ate a baby.

  47. 47
    Kikigirl101 Says:

    That’s all BS!!! She knew what she was doing. She knew what she was getting into when she had to shoot for ‘Vanity Fair’ it’s a magazine that is known for its sexy pictures of artists and a bunch of models. She can’t be that stupid! How the heck could her parents let her do that. She’s freakin 15!!! The pictures of her in a bra and underwear is her just being a stupid teenager and fooling around. But being topless in an actual photo shoot is serious. It was planned and everything. Her parents say they keep her grounded and that she’s a normal teenager, that they only want the best for her but is the best thing for her to be posing topless in magazines. What’s next? playboy?

  48. 48
    xx-stella-xx Says:

    BULLSH*T.shes only sayin it bcoz of all the bad publicity shes gettin.

  49. 49
    xx-stella-xx Says:

    BULLSH*T.shes only sayin it bcoz of all the bad publicity shes gettin.

  50. 50
    luv vanessa Says:

    i still think shes ******.

  51. 51
    michelle Says:

    So lame. It shouldn’t matter if it’s supposed to be “artistic.” She’s 15 years old.

  52. 52
    sam Says:

    lovee mileyy!! <3333
    im glad she apoligized for those pics and has learned her lesson b/c she’s one of mt favorite stars….I don’t want her to ever changee!!!!! :D
    loveeee mileyy cyrus

  53. 53
    sam Says:

    I kinda feel bad for her because her parents didn’t do anything to stop her from this photo shoot. She is 15 didn’t they realize that if anything it would royally screw over her reputation. I never thought the pictures of her in her underwear or with her boyfriend were bad because well she is a teenager and that’s kinda what we do. but i don’t think i have ever seen any 15 year olds topless in a magazine and why… because they have parents and reps that keep them from making stupid mistakes like that. weather they took advantage of her or not her parents should have stopped her from even going to this photo shoot.

  54. 54
    lindsey Says:

    i love miley but honestely, that’s ****. she’s fifteen, she knew what she was doing. she knew what she was doing in that photoshoot and all those other pictures that have leaked on the internet. if she really is that vulnerable, she should not be in the hollywood spotlight.

  55. 55
    Yep Says:


    Miley is 15 people, 15!

    It would be her parents or whoever was there that told her the pictures looked okay. Miley obviously didn’t say ‘ hey guys, i want to take a picture with a blanket over me’
    So, I would say whoever persuaded her ( the photographer) and others who told her they were artistic and looked great, are more to blame than she is.
    Still, I personally do think they are artistic and pretty, but coming amidst all of this, isn’t helping any.

  56. 56
    mye Says:

    She’s so FAAAALSE!
    she only wants to be innocent if it is good for her…
    what a wh***

  57. 57
    Chanel Says:


    I still support Miley, and I agree.
    Everyone is gonna make mistakes in life, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    We aren’t perfect.

  58. 58
    alana Says:

    I dont understand i mean 4 the pics when she was with the boy she was being a teen n her parents prob didnt no about them but the vanity fair photos really i mean where were her parents to say no i dont want u doing this

  59. 59
    Lizzie Says:

    this is bull. she knew what she was doing. i’m so sick of all her attention, she can’t sing and she can’t act. all her apology statements are the freakin same. and she’s always going on about how her family keeps her grounded, i don’t see how a 15 can do that & everything be ok at home, especially with all her other pictures.

    shes on her way to destruction…

  60. 60
    Allie Says:

    ok first of all, how could she not think it was not ****** to take a picture holding up only a sheet to cover her???? and anyways this pic makes her look mlike a vampire… i knwo it isn’t really her fault for this picture but still she took ALLLLLLL thos eother pics of herself.

  61. 61
    sillyme Says:

    Where were her parents? First, since she’s 15, at least one should be there for all photoshoots. Second, it’s hard to believe her parents couldn’t see and/or approve the photos.

  62. 62
    Remy Says:

    “Ate a baby” Ha thats funny.

    When you’re in a photoshoot, and you’re done taking the pictures, the photographer lets you see it afterwards. Not in Americas Next Top Model obviously but in real life modeling for celebs they usually let them see a peek. So that whole, “I had no idea it would look like that” crap is so false. I don’t even know who told her to say that cause most know thats not true.

    “I’m not perfect.” Ha. Thats a bit of a understatement.

  63. 63
    Caroline Says:

    I think Disney should be very careful. First, Annie Lebowitz is “artistic” and Vanity Fair is a respected publication. I’m sorry that Disney’s stable of teen girls can’t behave – with provocative at home photo shoots and teen pregnancies, but that isn’t the fault of Vanity Fair. I believe that Miley and her family knew exactly what they were doing, and only after the green bra photos hit the internet are they now “embarassed” by this “unfortunate” manipulation of their “girl”.

  64. 64
    Silvia Says:

    How could she not know what she was doing
    and lets say teenagers are vulnerable
    WHY are her parents allowing it?
    “everything i do is for jesus”
    -Miley Cyrus
    is this for jesus too?
    I’m not sure jesus would approve.

  65. 65
    joss Says:

    obviously she knew what she was doing…when you are 15, you can’t be that dumb. The only reason she is saying this because now she knows that people don’t like it, and she’s afraid of losing it all!

  66. 66
    guest Says:

    Responding to MILEY CYRUS’ statement that she feels “embarrassed” by an upcoming photo of her semi-topless in the new Vanity Fair issue, editors at the mag tell ET: “Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley. In fact, when BRUCE HANDY interviewed Miley, he asked her about the photo and she was very cheerful about it and thought it was perfectly fine.”

  67. 67
    Nicole Says:

    i don’t forgiv e her one bit. I liked her at one point and i didn’t at another. I liked her again but now it’s just gone way too far with this “pictures” deal. SHE’S the manipulator to all of AMERICA she’s manipulated everyone around even THE JONAS BROTHERS and i’m not gonna stand for this she needs to be…to be…GROUNDED!!!

  68. 68
    jasmine Says:

    the first time she did i was like oh ok at least she apologized and explained herself for it but this is like the 3rd time already enough is enough. My little Sister is a fan and i made her look at all her provocative pictures and she’s so sad that she would do this. I made her throw away all her cds and other hannah montana crap

  69. 69
    Peyton Says:

    Well Count Dracula, thats what you get for trying to grow up too fast.

  70. 70
    bridget Says:

    aw i love miley =]

  71. 71
    Paula Says:

    I’m glad she apologized, but there’s no way a 15 year old doesn’t know what’s going on. She was there when the photo was taken. She posed for it. It’s not like someone forced her to take her shirt off and pose topless. She wasn’t manipulated because she did this willingly and with the intent of the picture being seen.

  72. 72
    !!! Says:

    Ugh, that Christian and Disney brainwashed kid is so annoying. Why doesn’t she just apologize for her “music”? THAT would make sense.

  73. 73
    maddy Says:

    haha. she dosent feel bad, she is just saying that so she can cover up that she is really a ****!

  74. 74
    beach_ball Says:

    please that is completly stupid, if she didn’t want to do it she shouldn’t have had to… She chose to. she’s not 3 years old, she’s 15! she new this one for a magazine it wasn’t like her little photographs all over the next when she exposes herself in a bra or panties with her girlfrieds, which I think is worse.
    This is a totally elegant picture, and she apologizes for this intead of showing her green bra to everyone…
    she’s a moron…

  75. 75
    accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c Says:

    what about her hooker pictures she took with her friends? They were worse than t his!


  76. 76
    AMANDA & AMY Says:

    Miley Thanks 4 apologizing

  77. 77
    D Says:

    go annie lebowitz…she is the only true artist in this scenario.

  78. 78
    Naomi Says:

    MAN she is one dumb ****!

  79. 79
    brown Says:

    she is full of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 80
    MARY Says:

    i’m really glad that she was able to apologize and be mature about this whole situation. i do honestly think that she is a good kid, she just slips sometimes- everyone does. :)

    go miley !! :D

  81. 81
    jasmine Says:

    I’m not buying this whole i’m embarrassed crap the only reason whys he’s feeling like this is because she knows this isn’t the first time and she knows this can instantly tarnished her career as it should!

  82. 82
    :]]]]] Says:

    im not bying it.
    “she is SORRY”

    shes soooooooooANNOYING.


  83. 83
    truvy Says:

    The point should be, is why at 15 would she allow anyone to take these pics in the first place. I call bullshit on her story. Disney better start cracking down on these wholesome ho’s their sellin’ to the kiddies.

  84. 84
    bob Says:

    “People reports that Miley’s parents left before the final picture at the photo shoot but her grandmother and teacher were there”

    Miley: “That’s what she (Annie) wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.”

    Annie Leibovitz is a shark folks. She even asked the Queen of England to take off her crown but she is wiser than 15yo Miley.

    Way to go Annie. You waited until the parents left and moved in like a shark. Disgusting manipulating creature.

  85. 85
    hjk Says:

    wow. some of you people are actually believing this disgusting 15 year old’s BULL? she knew exactly what she was doing. just like she knew exactly what she doing the 3 other times she took pictures of herself. and that apology obviously was forced and done just so her reputation wouldn’t go down more than it is. and in the ‘apology’ she says she will ‘learn from her mistakes’? you’ve already made 3 mistakes, idiot- and obviously, you haven’t learned. wow, does she really think she will convince people that she didn’t know what she was doing? that she thought topless photos were going to turn out ‘artistic’? come on.

  86. 86
    jasmine Says:

    I’m literally showing this pic to all my Sister’s little friends because they were watching hannah montana they are outraged they turned off the tv in disgust.

  87. 87
    eira Says:

    she wanted that picture to be taken!did it ever occur to her that shes just 15 and mostly her fans are 12andbelow! and shes calling that picture “artsy” ?? what a ****!! from the moment she became famous i knew that shes guna be the next lindsay lohan! ****!

  88. 88
    Bailey Says:

    I don’t really like her, but it is easy for things to spin out of control and even though it started with the right intentions, to be seen as something it wasn’t supposed to be. I hope things work out for her.

  89. 89
    ruth Says:

    Where are the Jonas Brothers and Brenda Song? They need to come and support her now.

    I somehow feel sorry for her. However it’s suspicious that she’s suddenly embarrased by the photoshoot. You and your grandmother were not embarrased when it was being taken? What did your parents think?

    I just feel that with the noise over internet pictures (which were not really bad to me) not dying away quietly and ET covering the photoshoot, Disney and her parents decided to do damage control.
    I’m sure they saw the picture and article before ET got it. It seemed they waited to guage reactions before acting.

    This doesn’t make her a bad girl, it just makes her parents and family quite irresponsible and hypocritical. They know her fanbase, they could have said no. They also know she’s at the age where she needs careful guidance and they abandoned that responsibility.

  90. 90
    Unknown Says:

    The photographer, Annie, is world renowned and Miley blames the entire thing on her. Come on. Miley knew showing up to the shoot what she was going to be doing. As always, the Vanity Fair photos are gorgeous, but Miley needs to learn about what she is getting into before she turns around and points the finger at someone else.

  91. 91
    jasmine Says:

    his doesn’t make her a bad girl, it just makes her parents and family quite irresponsible and hypocritical. They know her fanbase, they could have said no. They also know she’s at the age where she needs careful guidance and they abandoned that responsibility.

    No it makes her look stupid for believing this was artistic she’s 15 not 4 she’s a ***** and her career is going to go down!

  92. 92
    mouche Says:

    The girl may be famous and a celebrity but she is still only 15 years old – where were her parents when this unfortunate and irresponsible photosession took place?

    And I must say that I am more than a little surprised that Annie Leibowitz who usually is such a good photographer wanted to do these tasteless half naked photos of a 15 year old girl!

  93. 93
    Amanda Says:

    for frigs sake, are you kidding me? is this girl for real? what’s the big deal? srsly doesn’t she have people who advise her on all this stuff? I do not believe for one second that she was manipulated into anything.

  94. 94
    katy c Says:

    ROCK ON MILEY!! This magazine tricked a 15 year old girl into this picture!! NEVER BUYING VANITY FAIR AGAIN!!!

  95. 95
    guest Says:

    BOB I suggest you read this before making anymore comments!

    Responding to MILEY CYRUS’ statement that she feels “embarrassed” by an upcoming photo of her semi-topless in the new Vanity Fair issue, editors at the mag tell ET: “Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley. In fact, when BRUCE HANDY interviewed Miley, he asked her about the photo and she was very cheerful about it and thought it was perfectly fine.”

  96. 96
    Sarah Says:

    I honestly don’t see why people are all upset about the VF photograph. Yes, she is fifteen, but the photo shows less skin than we would see of her wearing a normal, one-piece swim suit. The pose seems tasteful to me. I wouldn’t want my daughter doing it at fifteen, but after all of the photos that Miley has taken and posted of herself at this point, I would probably just be thankful the ***** put a sheet on this time.

    I’m personally only offended by how she looks from the neck up in it.

  97. 97
    sARA Says:

    I have to say, the friend pictures were with her friends and like she didnt know they were going to be posted all over the web but this is different she got paid by doing this photo. I have to say i gave up on her from this day on.

  98. 98
    danielle Says:

    i feel bad for her, but i dont believe that wasnt fully aware of what she was doing when she took that photo. she’ll have to learn from this mistake.

    she looks emaciated.. its not a good picture.

  99. 99
    Lydia Says:

    did she serously think that they would like, photoshop clothes on her?! SHE POSED FOR ANNIE! she allowed it. plus, she’s had like, 4 “mistakes”! i mean, we know nobody’s perfect, but FOUR times!?! you’d think she’d learn!

    jeeeze miley!
    your loosing your fans, girl.

  100. 100
    Rosi Says:



  101. 101
    Unknown Says:

    Miley messes up so she turns around and points fingers. How old are you sweetheart, 3? It was YOUR choice and nobody else’s. Learn to take responsiblity for your actions. You would think by 15 a girl would be able to do that….. we have another Paris in the making….

  102. 102
    Frenchy Says:

    artistic photo+15 year old child+ holding a sheet+ come hither look= soft core photograph

  103. 103
    grace Says:

    i feel bad for miley because it must be hard being in show business….i support miley 100%….dont always agree with everything she does but i dont agree with everything anyone does so yea

    i wish miley all the best!

  104. 104
    somebody Says:


    POOR POOR MILEY !!!!!!!!!!!

  105. 105
    nikki Says:

    you didn’t realize that you had no shirt on? “Artsy?” You’re fifteen-you don’t need to be “artsy”!! I don’t get it… how was the situation manipulated?

    come on miley…start wearing some clothes. first the stupid myspace pics of you trying to be grown up, and then this?

  106. 106
    kaley Says:

    Ok, the leaked ohotos were one thing-they were supposed to be private anyway-nobody was supposed to see them, so it’s not a big deal at all, just an unfortunate thing that they got out.

    But as for the Vanity Fair ones, that is completley innappropriate, and her apology is total bull. Also, “you can’t say no to Annie”, um when your a 15 year old “good girl” and she asks you to pose like that, you need to get a backbone and stand your ground…

    Miley obviously wanted to take those photos!

  107. 107
    somebody Says:

    I fell really bad for her …
    this Annie suck

  108. 108
    petrus Says:

    she’s so ridicules
    he’s patetic
    and tour of this site for losing time talk about her
    the persons like she are complet stupid
    this is not most important thing of the wolrd

  109. 109
    petrus Says:

    she’s so ridicules
    he’s patetic
    and your too, of this site for losing time talk about her
    the persons like she are complet stupid
    this is not most important thing of the wolrd

  110. 110
    petrus Says:

    she’s so ridicules
    he’s patetic
    and your too, of JUST JARED for losing time talk about her
    the persons like she are complet stupid
    this is not most important thing of the wolrd

  111. 111
    nat Says:

    Wait, so why exactly is she embarrassed? She had seen and approved these photos before they were going to be published! What she should be embarrassed about is her myspace photos not the magazine shoot!

  112. 112
    kaley Says:

    She truly is the next Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan…..x 10

    Lindsay only just recently did a photo shoot like that, and she is 21

  113. 113
    jaye Says:

    I don’t understand why her parents left before the final pictures were taken or why the adults who were left didn’t object to them. I’m not sorry for Miley, she obviously knew what she was doing. Being a CHRISTIAN as she calls herself, she knows that talking off her clothes in front of a camera is not something to do. IF she’s going to talk it, she ought to walk it or shut up. I also boo the magazine and photographer for doing such a thing, they should at least have SOME integrity. They knew they were dealing with a 15 year old DISNEY star. They’re not stupid enough not to know there would be plenty of flack for this. They just didn’t care as long as they were making money. I don’t know what ‘ support team’ she’s going to trust. Where the hell were they when this fiasco was happening?

  114. 114
    tell-tale Says:

    somebody @ 04/27/2008 at 8:34 pm

    dude, she IS naked like vanessa. the only difference is she posed naked, nowing full well the photos wuld be on the cover of a magazine. just bcuz she thot wat she was doing was artistic, doesnt make it any less bad. in fact, it makes her stupid, since wen is a 15 year old posing naked for a magazine cover artistic? and she was actually pleased with it till the backlash. she new exactly wat she was doing and she did it anyways. and now shes pointing fingers at 1 of the best phtographers out there, blaming Annie for her mistake. quit making excuses for miley. she messed up, badly.

  115. 115
    anita Says:

    i love miley and i support her 110%

  116. 116
    ruth Says:

    Don’t bring Vanessa into this. She took private pictures BEFORE she became famous that leaked. She apologised IMMEDIATELY to her fans without pointing ant fingers. She took RESPONSIBILITY for her poor judgement and weathered it.
    Go and take a look at her GQ photoshoot and Flaunt magazine (ARTISTIC) photoshoot. She’s fully clothed and she’s 19.

    When Miley’s fans were abusing Vanessa left right and center, they never realised that this could happen to Miley. Now you’re all trying to explain it away when she was paid to sit for this, who is the hypocrite now?

    I feel sorry for her but they shouldn’t pass the blame, they should accept responsibility for the photoshoot. Nobody is perfect but she was not manipulated. Period!

  117. 117
    DeeJay Says:

    I think the pictures are sad. Miley has a little baby face. VF sucks a** for running with this cover. Its one step above kiddie por n.

  118. 118
    Mileyfan512 Says:

    Mileys awsome and i totally know how she would think this is artistic and everybody makes mistakes right?I mean just leave her alone shes a good girl she obviously doesnt like it so why would they continue to sell the mag?Vanity Fair is just money hungry they used miley because she has a lot of star power

  119. 119
    andriia Says:

    LOL, she can keep apologizing all she wants but it doesn’t make the situation any better for her. Of course she knew very well what she was doing at the time of the photoshoot, and should have thought about the fact that she’s only 15 and that surely everyone would get the wrong impression. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over again, she’ll never learn!

  120. 120
    ughhh Says:

    oh STFU. Her parents knowingly gave consent. This is more like them waiting to see the response and since it was negative now they’re trying to backtrack and act like the victim. Miley is just a tool in this entire money making/attention seeking scheme. But no way in hell is she embarrassed, she loves this. And all disney cares about is money but no matter what they want, really at the moment she’s bigger than them, they can’t do anything to her so they just have to agree and support her. She unlike other disney stars is entirely their product and their employee so I wish that once her star starts to fade (hopefully but unlikely soon) they’ll get rid of her. Ofcourse there’s always going to be the new miley coming…it never ends.

  121. 121
    Kami Says:

    this is all BS she is trying to be the good guy (in this case girl) but she knew what she was doing when those pics were getting taken she is a total s*u* but i knew this was coming from the moment i first saw her ugly ass face

  122. 122
    dj rj Says:

    You go RUTH. GO RUTH. Couldn’t have said better myself.

    Disney is falling to the ground. the people on Disney are now all crying, this has happened, there precious teen idol doing something so stupid.

  123. 123
    your mom Says:

    if u guys believe her then shes gonna keep doing this again and again and saying sorry and then keep doing it and then saying sorry
    thats wutz gunna happen the more u believe her
    she’s gunna be a lindsay/paris/nicole/britney ect
    dont get me wrong i love those girls(not like that ahha)
    but miles starting at a young age.

  124. 124
    damn Says:

    she has lost so many fans with this!
    And did she do this photoshoot for Jesus too huh??

  125. 125
    DeeJay Says:

    Where are all the people who should be mad at VF for going with this cover??? They put a 15 year old kid on the cover of their “rag”. Wearing nothing but mess hair and a bed sheet. The over all feeling of the picture is “afterglow”. So VF is in the kid skin business. Yes Miley should have known better but VF should have too.

  126. 126
    Julia Says:

    oh my gosh you guys are really really harsh. Of couse Miley should take some blame in this, and not try and shift it on others, but you have to see that she did apologize and i’m sure she’s truly sorry. She’s only 15 years old and one of the hottest stars being watched at all times. 15 year old girls do do things like take provocative photos and usually nothing more happens, but unfortunatly for her they get out there and people criticize her like crazy which probably does not do much for her self esteem. Please just lay off for like, 2 seconds and it would make this load a lot lighter on her.

    Sorry for my spelling too, it’s quite hard typing in the dark ;)

  127. 127
    eva Says:

    she seems an anorexic girl.
    duuh she’s so ugly

  128. 128
    hannah Says:

    Really, she knew she didn’t have a top on.
    so i don’t care if it was sopose to be artistic.
    she knew what was going on.
    and that to me isn’t a pretty picture, or artistic.
    i find it really unattractive.

    and seriously shes 15.
    and topless?
    she’s going down from here.

  129. 129
    dj rj Says:

    wait a minute. NO ONE HELD A GUN TO HER HEAD. TO SAY TAKE THESE PICTURES. NO ONE. SHE IS NOT INNOCENT. 15 is still very responisable. Why will make you guys think she is not innocent. when she poses naked on playboy, or Victoria Secret. Or when she does a movie with no clothes on. Come on give me a break people. She is not innocent, she never was and never will. If I was the president of Disney she would be fired. 1x okay, 2x pushing it 3x what on god’s green earth are you doing now. 4x your fired.

  130. 130
    hate miley Says:

    who giva **** if she is apologizing she knew that it will end up everywhere so wat the point now

  131. 131
    melly Says:

    geez,miley shldnt even have considered going topless even if it is for vanity fair and annie leibowitz. but i like that she apologized to the fans.

    wow. i sound lamee :]

  132. 132
    heyy! Says:

    **** face. i cannot stand her.
    she knew what she was doing
    and she apologizes? KAY!

  133. 133
    Kathleen Says:

    that photoshoot is so disgusting since she is underaged its like child porn!! i can’t believe she let this happen

  134. 134
    rachel Says:


    she keeps saying, oh im sorry ill learn from my mistakes im not perfect.. this is what scandal number 3??

    i think she should STOP saying that, and PROVE it to us by SHOWING us.

  135. 135
    :]]]]] Says:

    um i just realized how idiotic i sounded in my other comments.

    yeah of course she knew hat she was doing but thats her decision and i shouldnt be judging her.

    she is very talneted[getting better at acting+singing]
    and obviosly is trying to promote herself.
    i dont agree with posing like that for a 15 year old but its her decesion. we should judge her based on her talent not this.

    and no one asked her to be a role model. shes just a teen doing what she loves so if people dont want to look up to her they shouldnt then.

    im not saying i do.

    OKAY my opinion


  136. 136
    rachel Says:

    Poor Miley?
    That’s bull.
    She shouldn’t have done that! She’s 15! She should have put her foor down and said no. OH WAIT. No. She seems to like to be naked, just go on photobucket and you can see her and her BFF Mandy is bras and underwear.
    Her parent’s shouldn’t have left. Her GRANDMOTHER should have said something!

  137. 137
    Carmen Says:

    Oh Dios lo ultimo que podia salir esta jeva.
    Ella se parece a la muchacha de la pelicula The Ring.
    Ella es fea de verdad pobrecita de ella y los que la siguen.
    No se lo que penso Nick cuando se petio en amores con ella gracias a Dios que puso reaccionar a tiempo. Miley que Dios te acompañe para que no caigas como Britney.

  138. 138
    jasmine Says:

    She is so stupid and so naive how is this an artistic photo15 year old child holding a sheet she knew exactly what she was doing. She’s a ***** and I don’t feel bad for her this is like 4th time she pulled this stunt already. People are stupid if their buying into her crap.

  139. 139
    m Says:

    good to hear she finally learnt a lesson.

    it IS artistic, though, compared to all the racy photos she had revealed by herself.

  140. 140
    Miranda Says:

    I support her 10000000% and those pictures were a mistake. It’s good for her to know she still has fans who support her through everything

  141. 141
    007 Says:

    I think this is all just a stupid act to get more attention. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She’s like the next Paris Hilton with borderline acting talent. Quite ironic how she had the last shot when her parents left.

  142. 142
    vanessa Says:

    hahaha ****.

  143. 143
    msraq Says:

    hahahaaa. once a *****, ALWAYS A *****!!!!!!

    The white trash in her is seeking through!

  144. 144
    msraq Says:

    hahahaaa. once a *****, ALWAYS A *****!!!!!!

    The white trash in her is seeking through!

  145. 145
    A mother of a 14 year old Says:

    OK, Vanity Fair and Annie L. should not have been taking that kind of photo without the parents being in the room.

    My daughter has done modeling/acting and they make darn sure the parent is there, even though my daughter has not ever been asked to take photos like that..EVER!

    It is manditory for Guardians to be present. (not a grandma) The actual guardian, as in Miley’s Parents!!

    So for all of you saying she wasn’t manipulated, you are very wrong!! I am not a Miley fan, but in this particular case, she was taken advantage of. Just check the quote by the author of the story…he was quoting Miley.. “That’s what she wanted me to do, and you don’t say no to Annie”

    “UPDATE 2: The New York Times has a piece on Miley’s topless photo scandal. The Vanity Fair article was written by Bruce Handy and quotes Miley as saying, “Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.” She also said of the photo, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a ****** way.””

    Protect your children, because that is what they are STILL CHILDREN!!

  146. 146
    jasmine Says:

    she’s so pathetic and I hope kids burn all her cds and posters of her tonight

  147. 147
    msraq Says:

    what a ****! lol

    stop taking raunchy photos of yourself (previous) if you don’t want them leaked… and now, you’re blaming the photog’s? hah…

    i see it now. trying to be the next britney (in her prime)… HONEY, sorry but you need to tame yourself. you won’t be.

  148. 148
    Laughable Says:

    lol, good luck explaining this to a kid:

    “mommy, is it true Miley Cyrus took a picture naked?”

    “well, yes, but it wasn’t exactly on purpose”

    “oh…did her clothes fall off?”


    “did someone else take them off?”

    “…no, she took them off, but she didn’t want to”

    “so then why didn’t she just say that!?”


  149. 149
    nicole Says:

    where the hell are her parents?
    one thing after another with her..half naked pictures being leaked all over and now this? she needs to have responsible adults to help lead her in the proper path. I blame the parents.

  150. 150
    A mother of a 14 year old Says:

    Posting to comments about Miley and her young fans and their Mothers..

    Since when do you let your children see barely clothed persons in a mag?? You are just as bad if you allow your young children to be exposed to this almost naked crap.

    If you actually have that dialogue with your child, then you are in the same boat as Miley’s parents. BETTER SWIM!!!

  151. 151
    kendall Says:

    She is getting pulled in like 100 different directions she just needs to spend time with her family back in ten and get back on track and i know she will be fine. She looks so pretty in the picture she is not complety exposed either

  152. 152
    yummy miley! Says:

    She is HOT!

  153. 153
    kelzizzles Says:

    OK, this is no mistake. For things like her risque photos earlier, yeah those were a mistake and it was a mistake for them to be put on the internet. With Vanessa Hudgens, it was a mistake for her pictures to be made public. However when you have photographs taken by a proffessional photographer for a magazine cover, it is no mistake. How exactly did she expect them to come out, I mean she’s naked except for a silk sheet draped over her breasts. She knew exactly what she was doing, there is no mistaking what is going on when you are being photographed nude save a sheet covering your breasts. And her back looks really bony. These pictures aren’t even beautiful in any sense. Her lips look raw, her skin looks like it’s never seen that light of day, her hair looks like a rats nest, and her back looks like a roller coaster, all those pokey disgusting bones. This is not the Miley we know, and as much as it pains me to say it, and dissapoints me, I have truly lost all respect for Miley. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love, adore, admire, look up to, and try to be Miley Cyrus. Now, I want nothing to do with her or being a fan of her. Just listen to the lyrics in her songs, “Hey boy, don’t you wish you could’ve been a good boy, try to find another girl like me boy, beel me when I tell you I am fine and it’s time for me to draw the line.” She is literally going to turn into the person who is getting drunk, drinking underage, going to clubs, and flocking paparazzi wherever she goes. The sickest thing is that she is 15 and the only thing we haven’t seen, to really puch things over the edge, is a completely nude picture of her. If you think about it, even Brittany Spears wasn’t like this at 15. Miley says she looks up to Hilary Duff so much, well she better open her eyes and see that Hilary is not going clubbing, not taking risque photos, not engaging in embarrassing photoshoots, keeping her music clean, and paying attention to the respect and admiration that her fans have for her, as well as working hard to keep everything that way. Miley better get her act together and fast before she becomes Jamie Lynn Spears, pregnant, delusional, and helpless at the meer age of 16. God help you Miley Ray Cyrus. May God have mercy on your soul!

  154. 154
    eddie jones Says:

    as for my two updates, this is child exploitation and all that were involved in this photoshoot should be in jail, miley should be taken into custody because her parents obviously have no control over this 15 year old girl.

    May I remind everyone that 400 kids were taken from a Texas ranch for absolutely nothing, yet this girl is posing just about naked at 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. 155
    Laughable Says:

    A mother of a 14 year old @ 04/27/2008 at 9:25 pm

    dont be so old fashioned. kids can find this stuff out thru more than just the internet or a magazine. people talk, like older siblings, friends, older sibling’s friends, friend’s parents, other relative members, sometimes even parents accidentally let this stuff slip. a kid can easily learn about wat miley did thru word of mouth as they can simply by looking up miley on the internet, or picking up this magazine.

  156. 156
    Screw the prudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    The photo is tasteful,SEXY & very pretty! A LOT of ugly fatties hate this lil’ goddess!

  157. 157
    Alison Says:

    There’s no way a 15 year old should be posing like that in the first place. Where were her parents???

  158. 158
    jasmine Says:

    Why hasn’t Disney pull the plug of her show?! this is her 4th time doing this.

  159. 159
    hey eddie jones! Says:

    STFU *******!

  160. 160
    nina Says:

    Dumbass, what ever.
    I’m not buying it.
    She knew what she was doing.
    They see the pictures after the photoshoot.

  161. 161
    saribeth Says:

    miley is the nice girl =]

  162. 162
    saribeth Says:

    and support you =]

  163. 163
    tasty art Says:

    Nothing wrong with that photo & plenty right!

  164. 164
    haha Says:

    lesbo photographer Annie tried to get with Miley as soon as her parents left. ha ha.

  165. 165
    jasmine Says:

    I’m currently emailing a Hollywood records rep and Disney rep and I’m going to try and end the show this is pathetic she knew what she was doing. A lot of parents are outrage by her behavior. They are emailing as well.

  166. 166
    Karina Says:

    what a freakin liar!!! SHE DID IT!!!
    She’s either stupid or a liar!!
    She knew what she was doing. She took of her shirt and took the shot! How could she have not know she is sooo stupid! If its so embarrassing why the hell did she do it!!
    OMG! she doesnt even look too bad but she looks like she died since she’s so freakin pale!
    the world is going to end

  167. 167
    vicky Says:

    I really love her but a few days ago i saw some pictures and this too that i don’t like it. so why did she do semi topples?.It’s crazy she is 15. Really crazy.

  168. 168
    nina fauzi Says: this….I’m one of Miley’s fan…but I wouldn’t be hers if she dressed like Micheal Jackson being naked!!In Malaysia,if anyone was posing nude or partially nude they’ll be fine for over 10000 bucks.

  169. 169
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:

    15… 14… 13… 12… 11… 10…

  170. 170
    jasmine Says:

    I just emailed them a nasty letter I will let you guys know what they said.

  171. 171
    truvy Says:

    She’s underage. I doubt she’d be allowed to take suggestive pics without the consent of a parent, let alone print or release them to the public.

  172. 172
    victoria+ Says:

    i HATE miley
    serves that stupid ***** right
    ******* dumbass..

  173. 173
    Tori Says:

    I would have hoped she would be a little more wise even at 15, but also how could Liebovitz put her in this position? Her minders are to blame as well, but I think what happened is that they wimped out in the iconic presence of Annie Liebovitz. I think Miley is in love with her own image a bit too much and is being given way too much freedom to make mistakes that don’t have to made in the first place. It’s not hard to stay out of trouble like this

  174. 174
    jasmine Says:


  175. 175
    menna Says:

    poor miley??????? poor me!!!!! poor us!!!!!! we have to see this girl sharing jolly ranchers with other girls, in a bathtub with a bunch of older girls wearing a bikini, her showing off her bra, then in a bed with her new “BOYFRIEND” thomas and taking pictures of her making out with him NOW topless photos of her in a national magazine!!! she”s just a BABY! she”s my age her parents are idiots! next she”ll be going around bald crashing her car into a pole while on drugs she”ll be the next Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan combined then she tells us “she makes mistakes and she”s “sorry” yah right how many times does it take you miley to finally learn your many mistakes. all i have to say is…thank goodness nick dumped her, he really did both of them a hugeee favor.

  176. 176
    Levlin. Says:

    I agree actually. She knew that it would come out for the WHOLE world to see it, so if she loved her friends so much then she shouldn’t of done it. I still like her and all but this was a BIG mistake for her to do. Even though it is her own life to live, but it was still a bad choice to make.

  177. 177
    lilly Says:

    HA! stupid miley she knew what she was doing & now she saying she feels embarrassed?!

  178. 178
    girl Says:

    her quote is ridiculous. YOU CAN SAY NO. don’t make it into vanity fair and annie’s fault, it is your body you can do whatever you want with it and she chose to do it. she should take responsibility for her actions for once in her life.

  179. 179
    jasmine Says:

    Rumors are going on that Disney are going to fire her

  180. 180
    Diana Says:

    Listen. Miley is 15 years old. For those of you who are parents, do you really expect a teenager who has just skyrocketed into fame within one year to be able to be trusted with handling major events such as these? If anyone, it’s her parents who are to blame. They raised her. They are responsible for instilling the values and beliefs that she will grow up with. And if they supported her picture for Vanity Fair, then it’s no wonder that she decided to go along with it. Miley can’t be expected to handle herself as an adult would. Give her a break.

  181. 181
    Lillianne Says:

    Tramp in Training

  182. 182
    m Says:

    and of course, the apology was not her own words but prepared by her agent and/or parents after they found the picture had outraged Disney.

  183. 183
    miley fan Says:

    miley you look very pretty and artisic i accept your apoligie

  184. 184
    yanina Says:

    poor miley :(

  185. 185
    kat Says:

    your damage control is too late girl, you already took the pics and you knew what you were doing! don’t blame anyone else

  186. 186
    Maxim Says:

    It would be a different story if we hadn’t just seen her coyly exposing her bra and then sprawled across her boyfriend’s lap with her midriff exposed. I don’t think there’s much doubt what she was doing with the boyfriend when the camera was turned off.

  187. 187
    Peyton Says:

    OOo.. keep us posted Jasmine.

  188. 188
    jasmine Says:

    first she was a ***** then when her second scandal came out she was a hoe and now with this she’s just a *****

  189. 189
    jo Says:

    first of all she is way too overexposed!!! she goes to every event she’s invited to. jst cos your suddenly successful you hafta show your mug everywhere. stay home once in a while

  190. 190
    AMYohyess Says:

    “you can’t say no to Annie.”
    MILEY YOU ******.

  191. 191
    kaytee Says:

    its supposed artsy like anya on ANTM

  192. 192
    littleone Says:

    Why is everybody making such a huge deal?
    They were done artistically.

    And it was Annie Lebowitz! How is gonna it be ******?

    I feel so bad for her. She takes a beautiful picture and all you little brats can do is make fun of her and insult her?

    You guys are terrible.

  193. 193
    theresa Says:

    puhhleasee. no one forced her to take of her top. that was her own decision. dont try to apologize.

  194. 194
    jianne Says:

    artistic my ass dude if u pose topless people are going to think your a ***** no matter how “artistic” it looks.

  195. 195
    t Says:

    Why Vanity Fair would even consider doing such a controversial photoshoot with a mere 15 year old is beyond me

  196. 196
    Nat Says:

    I think the image from Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz looks tasteful. I dont see the problem. Annie is a very artistic photographer, shes not looking to make dirty images.

    Its all been blown out of proportion to stop the backlash against Miley. Because of the personal images that were released to the web.

  197. 197
    keara Says:

    she’s 15. she needs to mature in more ways than just physical. stop trying to blame a world renowned photographer and fashion magazine for YOUR mistake.

  198. 198
    keara Says:

    she’s 15. she needs to mature in more ways than just physical. stop trying to blame a world renowned photographer and fashion magazine for YOUR mistake.

  199. 199
    Hmmmm Says:

    She is just a teenager who makes mistakes people, get over it and move on, if thats the worst she ever does then thank gosh. You people act like your all saints. At least she can say when she has made a mistake and learn from it and move on.

    I wish Miley the best of luck, your a great person who is human like the rest of us.

  200. 200
    Laughable Says:

    littleone @ 04/27/2008 at 9:58 pm

    there’s nothing artistic or beautiful about a 15 year old posing n.ude. if she was older, u culd make that arguement, about the human body being beautiful and wat not, but she cant even drive. and its not like someone took her top off for her. she did it willingly. her parents left, she took her top off, and posed n.ude knowing full well that shes a idol to many little kids, and that this culd tarnish her rep. excuse us “brats” for finding something wrong with that.

    wake up and smell the roses my friend. u dont need to make excuses for miley, wat she did was wrong, period.

  201. 201
    izzy Says:

    ew, miley isn’t even pretty.

  202. 202
    mileyfan Says:


    no matter what happen i wil always support her !

    the photoshoot is NOT BAD

    soo STOP ******* SAY IT BAD LOSER

  203. 203
    Vanessa Says:

    that’s bull right there!! she knows what the h*ll she’s doing!! so this proves right there she’s a sl*tty wh*re!!!

  204. 204
    wowzaaa Says:

    jeeeeeeeeezz miley.

    after the edgy pics on the internet, you’d expect her to lay low for a while but i guess not.

    i wonder if joe jonas’ statement that “we have her back and love her to death” applies here too?

  205. 205
    Buzzkut Says:

    Annie is a pervert and you are a stupid moron Kid.

  206. 206
    jollyrancher007 Says:

    Wow, what a speech from a 15 year old! and I absolutley love her! She had the guts to apologize for the photos and the Vanity Fair pic! And hey, I agree! She is just 15 and all of us make mistakes along the way! I mean come on! give her a break! You can’t expect her to be perfect cause nobody is! Besides! The pics didn’t show anything at all! Other people in the planet do worse things to humanity and we don’t make a big deal out of it like people are making a big deal out of this! She’s on tha right track, trust me!
    peace out!
    rock on Miley!

  207. 207
    carly Says:

    aww i feel really bad about this.. poor kiddo

  208. 208
    Lizzy:) Says:

    Miley Miley Miley…..

    I don’t understand how Miley Cyrus, continues to dig herself into this hole.

    She was already on thin ice for her leaked photos with Thomas Surges. That can not be covered by some flimsy excuse. These are the photos that will surely push some fans (and fans’ mother & fathers) over the edge.

    While I wouldn’t even begin to tag these photographs as risque I would say, however that they are quite a bit out of Miley’s age range.

    Miley shouldn’t say she was just “embarrassed” about these photos. It’s time for her to step up and take responsibility for these pictures. Not just simply disregard them and hope for the best.

    If she really is as mature as she claims to be, she should at least have the class to appear on some sort of, radio, talk show, news show, etc and personally explain these photographs.

    While I am personally not religious in anyway, I think it should be against any parents morals to pose nude. No matter if she is covered.

    Older actors and actress’ have posed nudely & covered. But they are old enough to the point where the pictures can be viewed as tasteful.

    For a 15 year old, these pictures are not in my opinion appropriate.

    I think also, That Mr and Mrs. Cyrus should have guided Miley and chose not to have these photos done.

    The family already knew that their daughter was on thin ice, because of Thomas Surges photos. They should be more aware that pictures like this may not be appropriate after something like that.

    I hope Miley chooses to make the right choice, and come clean about the photos.

    Until then she must face the wagging of the tongues from this picture.

    Please do not call me a Miley hater. Because I do not hate anyone. But I think it is only fitting that she discuss these pictures…and soon.

    Best of Luck,


  209. 209
    karen Says:

    Eww why would you allow your 15 year old to pose like that? Do you want creepy 50 year old men jacking off to it? Of course Miley’s dad wants to be her “best friend” not her father… Kids have have alot of friends but only one mom and dad.

  210. 210
    trw Says:

    what the hell shes playing it off now that its all out.she knew what she was doing and so did her parents.this is what money does to you,you get bored because you have every thing in the world ,so you start out with these pics and then drugs(which im sure shes already did looking at some of the pics lately she looks like she was high and then theres the vedio her and mandy did were she was making fun of demi and selena they both were missed up on some im not buying their lame excuse.

  211. 211
    mariah Says:

    Miley is a dumbass.

    she knew what she was doing and she could have said no,
    she needs to get fired from disney. she is a baaad role model.

  212. 212
    lilly Says:

    yeah it doesnt show any bad part !!


    it not like the Vanessa pic

  213. 213
    lilly Says:

    yeah it doesnt show any bad part !!


    it not like the Vanessa pic

  214. 214
    jess Says:

    cant stand a liar ,so that would be miley and her dumb ass parents.she sure follows her faith

  215. 215
    Meg Says:

    A 15 year old girl being asked to pose naked by an adult photographer…sounds like someone is guilty of child pornography to me. Miley is young but she certainly knew she was naked so it is silly for her to try to say she didn’t think it was what it was… a naked pose.

    Sounds to me like fame and fortune has clouded the family’s better judgement.

    Neither Miley nor her dad are very talented or good looking so I guess they are getting while the getting is good.

    So be it, but stop trying to play it both ways..sweet and innocent has just left the building and the world is not buying the poor little girl taken advantage of routine…at least I hope not, sheesh.

  216. 216
    Lia Says:

    she’s 15 not 5
    she knew fully well how topless pictures would look
    i think she needs a break from the spotlight to get centred again
    she’s a talented girl who just has to much put on her shoulders
    god bless and i wish her all the best xoxo

  217. 217
    mandizzleee Says:

    **** o.o
    i liked her at first.
    now i hate her
    what a bad example for kids :P

  218. 218
    Jessica Says:

    she looks like a homeless man in this photograph, one that the years have aged him.

  219. 219
    - Says:

    Annie Leibovitz is highly respected and a renowned photographer and Miley knew what she was doing.

    shame on you miley for blaming AL.

  220. 220
    jess Says:

    disney needs to get rid of her before she tarnishes there name.of course g her parents and she miley is going to cover up.because she dont want to give up all that money shes making off of the poor little kids.shameless hussy

  221. 221
    Missy Says:

    Oh my gosh. This is kind of depressing. I’m a really big Miley fan. On one hand I forgive her, in her own words, everybody makes mistakes. And I believe that she thought it was artsy and stuff. The lady “annie” was probably very manipulative, like “Oh, Miley it will be such an artistic masterpiece no one will think it’s ****** or anything. Very high class.”
    But I also have to think, because I know I wouldn’t do something like that, I don’t know what it feels like to be famous, but I like to think it wouldn’t change me so much as to do something like that. I have such mixed feelings about this. But I don’t like it.

  222. 222
    ZanessaFan4Lyfe!! Says:

    a smart girl wouldn’t pose naked in the first palce…durrr… shes just gonna have to pay for it xD

  223. 223
    tiffany Says:

    i feel bad for her. the world is out to get her. she needs to realize people want to see her fall, so she needs to be super careful. vanity fair is going to sell tons of magazines from that tho. poor miley.

  224. 224
    Gracie Says:

    okay, im not her hugest fan or anything. i like her and her music a lot. this isnt the classiest picture or anything, but it was a professional photo shoot. not something she did herself. yeah she has some other ‘inappropriate’ pictures on the internet, but those pictures are seriously a teenager having fun. unfortunately, people seem to think they have the right to judge miley on everything she does. this actually is a gorgeous picture of her, she looks amazing and the only skin shes showing is her back. she is a phenomenal person and is very talented. people need to calm down and realize that she will make mistakes, just like everyone else.

  225. 225
    katherine Says:

    wow, miley… my ******* ass. since when is skankiness artistic? aha! the attack of the rebelling disney star. XD

  226. 226
    playmate Says:

    miley is a teenage sl*t! she deserves the blame.

  227. 227
    Josie Ann Says:

    Miley, you’re obviously backtracking, doing damage control, and coming up with ultra lame excuses to justify. Too late, we already think you are a _____!! Shame, shame, shame on you. First, no shame and then, no backbone!! Busted and burned!!

  228. 228
    Sicklyxweasle Says:

    Someone (her mom or dad maybe?) has to get a hold of this girl and move her into the right direction. Smack her across the face and tell her she’s only FIFTEEN! Why is she trying to act like an adult porn star? This seems to happen a lot with Disney doesn’t it?

    If only Walt was still around….

  229. 229
    Maria isabel Says:

    god…. miley ur really really stupid. if you know everything you do is going to be on the public eye, and most of all your a DISNEY star now… honey you cant go around and take naughty pictures, ****** pictures and put them on the internet… gosh…. and second of all, that photo shoot wasnt spontanoius it was planned, ok… of course you knew what you where doing… good god … did you really think we where gonna buy that ?

  230. 230
    Maria isabel Says:

    god…. miley ur kinda stupid… if you know everything you do is going to be on the public eye, and most of all your a DISNEY star now… honey you cant go and take naughty pictures, ****** pictures and put them on the internet… gosh…. and first of all that photo shoot wasnt spontanoius it was planned, ok… of course you knew what you where doing… good god … did you really think we where gonna buy that ?

  231. 231
    That one girl Says:

    Artistic? Okay. Really, I’m not buying it either.

    At a point of time, I looked up to her. Even though I’m only like 2 months older. I thought she was cool and hip when she was Hannah Montana. But once I saw her performance on American Idol, pictures that were leaked on the internet..I just thought, “Wow, she is making a fool of herself.” I don’t look up to her anymore. So many messed up things she did. Well not really, but still. Lindsay Lohan clone? I think so.

  232. 232
    caitlin Says:


  233. 233
    blah Says:

    She’s a girl who can’t wait to be old, but she has the brain of a 5 years old….what a clueless kid!!

    “ok sweety we’re gonna need you to take your top off”
    “isn’t that too much?”
    “no it’s very artistic”

    AND…she was supposed to see those pictures right AFTER the photoshoot and she still let them get published.
    She knew what she was doing and that wasn’t one mistake!!

  234. 234
    Em Says:

    There have been 2 times now where her ‘sexy’ myspace pics have hit the internet. So who leaked them??? hahahaha Guess who?
    And now her and her parents did this photoshoot and blame the photographer/magazine???? Artistic??? Whatever. Think about it….how many awesome pics of Miley could of been taken for this cover, but they decide to take one like this???? STUPID.
    Please, stop insulting my intelligence.

  235. 235
    miss.joejonas Says:

    It looks painted

  236. 236
    Brooke Says:

    WHO THE **** CARES?!
    younger people do photo shoots way worse than this
    and its not even like shes doing anything inappropriate
    shes covered up where nothings exposed
    have you never seen a vanity fair cover before?!
    they are ALL like this
    just grow up and accept the fact that shes a teenager and shes going to mess up from time to time.

  237. 237
    Silvia Says:

    she is trying to look innocent, she knows that she lost fans cuz of this, and now she is saying that she didn’t know that the photos would turned like this.
    MILEY, If you’re posing topless, it’s not gonna get on camera with clothes on!
    There are 2 reason that she did this: for the attention, she noticed that the jonas brothers are getting more populair, miley loves all the attention, she loves the paparazzi, she even invited them to Nashville, but didn’t follow her, so that’s why leaked the Myspace photos, so she would get the attention back, but the paparazzi still don’t come to Nashville, so i’m wondering what she would do next.
    and alsoto get away from her hannah montana / disney image,

  238. 238
    Matthew Says:

    Hakuna Matata..

    So much for being that 12 year old Hannah Montana that these kiddies thought they knew.

    Seriously, its either she was drugged up or she wanted her image portrayed as a ****. You choose, Miley.

    Your self-image is sinking lower… and lower.. and lower.

    I honestly cannot wait how her new little album is going sound like — lyric-wise.

    “I stand out in da clubz, they won’t let me in because I’m 15.. So I tell ‘em that I am Smiley, they let me in kindly. I go home with some fo’ that I don’t even know. The next morning I wake up, wit ma drinkz all around me, with this playa right beside me. I take a prego test, to see if I’m a pest.. I’m having triplets!”

  239. 239
    Matthew Says:

    Hakuna Matata..

    So much for being that 12 year old Hannah Montana that these kiddies thought they knew.

    Seriously, its either she was drugged up or she wanted her image portrayed as a ****. You choose, Miley.

    Your self-image is sinking lower… and lower.. and lower.

    I honestly cannot wait how her new little album is going sound like — lyric-wise.

    “I stand out in da clubz, they won’t let me in because I’m 15.. So I tell ‘em that I am Smiley, they let me in kindly. I go home with some fo’ that I don’t even know. The next morning I wake up, wit ma drinkz all around me, with this playa right beside me. I take a prego test, to see if I’m a pest.. I’m having triplets!”

  240. 240
    Jacqueline Says:

    She’s getting stupid-er by the second, seriously.

  241. 241
    cami Says:

    OmG! some of you act like just because your 15 means that your not capable of thinking! … Sure .. her parents are partially to blame for this.. but if anything Miley is even more to blame!.. It doesn’t matter that she’s 15 she knows what she was doing.. and she could have said no .. regardless that fact that she was being photographed by a very experienced photographer .. she could have said NO this is too far.. the fact that she NOW is saying that she’s embarrassed over these photos is just a way to get sympathy votes for herself.. anyone who feels sorry for this girl are just complete idiots for falling for the fakest apology ever! ..

    Do you actually believe that these are the first time she’s seen the pics! .. After they take the pics they show it to Miley and the people she’s with .. clearly she approved of it .. and is she stupid enough to not know what she was saying during the interview! My gosh .. if this is how people precieve 15 year olds to be .. as stupid people who can’t think for themselves then you know what that’s really sad.. cuz that’s how Miley is… and that’s not how a lot of 15 year olds are..

    she’s stupid for even agreeing to go with an edgy photoshoot like this .. the whole article of her apology was just her saying that she was a stupid child and a victim to the whole situation! ..

    The fact is that she knew what she was doing .. and her apology couldn’t be even more fake than her personality and how she comes off to be .. As far as much of the comments on this site goes.. she’s lost plenty of respect of the people in the society and maybe even some of her fans.. which i seriously can’t even understand why people are still fans of hers ..

    And don’t any of you say that “she made a mistake .. people make mistakes” … Yeah people do make mistakes.. but people don’t make the same mistakes 3 or 4 times like Miley has .. This whole good girl act that she’s trying to portray has been fake all along..

  242. 242
    lissy Says:

    i think her “BFF” mandy has changed her alot! she used to be a girl taht little girls looked up to and she was like by adults to but ever since she and mandy became friends, she has turned into a little ****. think about it, once mandy came along she gt dumped my Nick, lost Lesley pretty much as a friend, moved on to taking really grody pics of herself for myspace and she moved on to a new boy toy who plays beer pong, and is always around other girls. Her dad and her old friends need to sit her down and show her how much disasters Mandy has caused her… i do feel sorry for miley. i think she just needs to be away from mandy long enough to see her old friends and turn back into the miley we all used to like. Good thing she is in Tennessee with her family and her old friends and SOOO FAR AWAY FROM MANDY!!

  243. 243
    hot as ice Says:

    she will. Be paris + britney + Lindsay = miley^3 she will be in rehab in 2 years and in one year she will have a sex tape

  244. 244
    Monkez rule!!! Miley sux Says:

    Miley is definitely a ****! Annie does a lot of the vanity fair covers. She wouldn’t decieve a 15 year old!!! Obviously Disney is trying to cover up 4 their moneymakers lack of sense! That’s not being harsh. I liked Miley at first, but she is obviously headed down a bad road. People may say she’s the next Vanessa Hudgens, but there’s a difference. VH learned from her scandal , MC hasn’t.

  245. 245
    p Says:

    she had a lot of “mistakes” this year…she should have learned when the first set of myspace pics leaked. how dumb are you to post ****** pics of you on the internet unless u’re a stripper or myspace *****

  246. 246
    tan Says:

    Miley, Miley,Miley. Girl- do you think the rest of us were born yesterday? My dear YOU were born yesterday but you sure ain’t so dumb now are ya. Golly gee. News flash-no 15 year old should be in ANY magazine topless- the implication of the photos is SEX. PERIOD. Nice move Annie Liebowitz and Vanity Fair- I did not know kid porno was chic. I won’t be buying your magazine again anytime soon. You all just lost my respect. And Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus- you two are a joke. SELL OUTS. You were away from the shoot when this happened- B.S. people. But go ahead and live off your daughters riches-cash the check she earned by baring her childhood to pedophiles and go buy yourself something shiny and expensive. I have six nieces and will not be buying them one thing Miley ever again.

  247. 247
    Paulie Says:

    I guess God’s ok with Miley lying as long as it’s for damage control.

  248. 248
    marianne moorehump Says:

    She looks like a used up, beat up crack ***** in that picture. Disgusting.

  249. 249
    LIda Says:

    she looks like smiggle from lord of the rings in that pic

  250. 250
    andrea Says:

    Give Miley a break. I think everyone is way too caught up on it. SHE DID IT TO GET PAID. Lots of actresses do it. shut up. -.

    And for those saying that Miley is going to ruin Disney channel, most kids who watch Disney channel don’t even read that magazine. I don’t read it. I don’t plan on reading it. The only way they’d know about this is because parents talk about it. Or people on the internet are writing about it. GAWD.

    and as for those personal pictures, they were PERSONAL.

    It doesn’t mean your nosey ass has to go look at her PERSONAL pictures. >.


  251. 251
    andrea Says:

    Give Miley a break. I think everyone is way too caught up on it. SHE DID IT TO GET PAID. Lots of actresses do it. shut up. -.

    And for those saying that Miley is going to ruin Disney channel, most kids who watch Disney channel don’t even read that magazine. I don’t read it. I don’t plan on reading it. The only way they’d know about this is because parents talk about it. Or people on the internet are writing about it. GAWD.

    and as for those personal pictures, they were PERSONAL.

    It doesn’t mean your nosey ass has to go look at her PERSONAL pictures. >.


  252. 252
    Kylie Says:


  253. 253
    mhylo Says:

    i feel so bad for miley .. i hope people will not judge her .. shes just a kid .. its her parents fault .. why did they allow miley to do that .. i still believe in miley .. we all made mistakes .. thats part of being human ..

  254. 254
    Ava Says:

    When you have a piece of a sheet covering your body and you know what your doing, don’t pretend to be shocked. This girl is a fake little ****. I can’t stand her and my daughter can’t either. She’s only 10.

  255. 255
    Saria Says:

    Honey take your top off.

    Once someone says those words to you it’s no secret what;s going on.

    Annie Liebovitz is a pedophile. They should all be ashamed.

  256. 256
    Saria Says:

    Honey take your top off.

    Once someone says those words to you it’s no secret what;s going on.

    Annie Liebovitz is a pedophile. They should all be ashamed.

  257. 257
    Erin Says:

    All I have to say is, she is straight up buck naked on that magazine cover!!!!!! OMG!!

  258. 258
    viv Says:

    shes trying to look innocence please ***** we know that your a hore she sucks and she looks like the grudge

  259. 259
    Jennifer Says:

    first off, this is soo sad, they told her it was art? thats just wrong. BUT its not like she didnt know what she was doing. Better clean her act up . shes really a good girl and my daughter looks up to her and my daughter is only 8.

  260. 260
    cami Says:

    “She did it to get paid!” are you freaking kidding me!!!!… Like Miley Cyrus needs anymore money! She didn’t do it because she wanted to get paid she did it because not only did she want attention but because she was stupid! …

    I mean how dare she blame Annie!!! COME ON!! that woman is one of the greatest photographers to this day who many people have respect for .. do you honestly think that the people who have worked with Annie are going to say that they were manipulated into doing something they didn’t want to! … and Disney most of all is extremely stupid putting the whole blame on Vanity Fair .. Disney targetted one of the best magazines for women and said that they took advantage and manipulated a 15 year old girl.. I mean are you kidding me! seriously! no one was manipulated.. it’s not like Annie said “miley you better do this or i’m gonna kill you” .. She never did that .. and Miley and her parents got to see the photos before they left the photo shoot .. so why are they just NOW saying something about it ?? There is no reason .. and it’s extremely sad that they’re.. as in Miley .. her representatives.. Disney channel.. is blaming VF and Annie for these photos..

    It’s one thing to apologize and try to be mature about the situation .. and it’s another thing to apologize and try to turn the situation around as if you’re the victim to the whole thing .. if Miley really wanted to apologize for real .. she simply wouldn’t have blamed anyone for the pics … She should have apologized in a mature way .. and not have blamed Annie for these photos.. it doesn’t make her sound sorry it makes her sound pathetic and stupid! ..

    There is absoloutley no one who should be defending Miley .. her apology was not only fake .. but it showed how immature she is by blaming the photographer which is respected by so many people not only in the world but also in the industry Miley is in more that Miley herself ..

  261. 261
    Nicole Says:

    i do feel a little sorry for her , but then again she knew COMPLETLY what she was doing, if she didnt want to go topless she shouldve said something.. but she didnt and NOW look whats happend

  262. 262
    suzy Says:

    They don’t look so bad here.

  263. 263
    Rebecca Says:

    u’d think this girl would learn to stay away from the camera. i am literally 20 days older than her, and i know that to go in front of a camera in my underwear, or covered by just a blanket would be trampy and label me as things that i dont want to be labeled. and im just a normal teenager. miley is in the public eye, and so many little girls look up to her when they shouldnt be. right now she is being a horrible role model for all these little girls to look up to. she needs to wise up and get out of the public eye before she turns into the next britney.

  264. 264
    Kevin Says:

    she looks like ryan sheckler’s little brother kane. lol

  265. 265
    whatever Says:

    Maybe she would be less embarrassed if she was pouting at the camera while wearing a hot pink bra with a guy’s hand near her crotch. Get that shot Annie! It’s wayyy classier than what you originally did.

  266. 266
    Michelle Says:

    I don’t really get why people have to compare this with the issue of Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa took the photos privately 3 years ago when it got leaked. Miley Cyrus and her parents knew fully well what they were getting into when the these topless photos were taken. Miley only apologized when she found out the backlash from it. How can anyone say that the girl was forced or even manipulated into this??? This was a professional photo shoot of a 15 year old girl whom the parents gave their consent to. Now that’s totally inappropriate.

  267. 267
    annie Says:

    “People reports that Miley’s parents left before the final picture at the photo shoot but her grandmother and teacher were there”

    Miley: “That’s what she (Annie) wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.”

    Annie Leibovitz is a shark folks. She even asked the Queen of England to take off her crown but she is wiser than 15yo Miley.

    Way to go Annie. You waited until the parents left and moved in like a shark. Disgusting manipulating creature.

  268. 268
    annie Says:

    “People reports that Miley’s parents left before the final picture at the photo shoot but her grandmother and teacher were there”

    Miley: “That’s what she (Annie) wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.”

    Annie Leibovitz is a shark folks. She even asked the Queen of England to take off her crown but she is wiser than 15yo Miley.

    Way to go Annie. You waited until the parents left and moved in like a shark. Disgusting manipulating creature.

  269. 269
    blah Says:

    i couldn’t have said better myself!!

  270. 270
    Lucila Says:

    Me encantaria hablar ingle sy poder decir esto para que todos lo entendieran
    a mi me parece que esta chica esta perdiendo control sobre lo que hace

    Es una adolecente por lo tanto esta en proceso de formar una personalidad

    me parece MUY mal lo que haceee!!!

    tiene que cuidar mas su intimidad teniendo en cuenta lo famosa que es!

  271. 271
    katelyn Says:

    she is such a pathetic peice of ****.
    i can’t believe she hasn’t learned her lesson after the other 2 sets of pictures.
    she’s degrading women everywhere.
    that ****** picture is not ‘beautiful’.
    but, i do respect everyones opinion.

  272. 272
    AnnieSux Says:

    Annie Leibovitz knew exactly what she was doing waiting for the parents to leave. Put up a Christian cross and the New York Times/Vanity Fair are going to mark you ‘fair’ game.

    If they think Malibu is sleaze they ain’t never been to New York. Home of the uber-sleaze media.

    Wake up Billy Ray. You can’t be Miley’s friend, only her parent. And judging from the sleaze surrounding Miley she’s going to need a flock of guardian angels + 2 parents.

  273. 273
    melinda Says:

    wtf? even if she was asked to pose topless, she had the option of saying NO, and she didn’t. apology not accepted.

    say goodbye to 99% of your fans, miley, you’ll have about 10 left.

  274. 274
    jasmine Says:

    Sign this petition she must be stopped!

  275. 275
    postwatcher Says:

    I doubt Billy Ray and Trish left a Vanity Fair cover shoot done by Annie Leibovitz. However, I do think both Billy Ray and Trish are dumb so it was probably very easy for Vanity Fair and Leibovitz to f*** with them.

    Annie Liebovitz being the “artist” and ( I use this term loosely) who has shot some of the most famous photos of hollywood stars HASs a lot of prestige and I seriously DOUBT that Billy Ray and Trish had the nerve to stop her because Annie Liebovitz is so famous.

    However, they should have kicked Annie’s ASS to the curb for the photo session.

    ANNIE LIEBOVITZ AND VANITY FAIR ARE RESPONSIBLE AND SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Billy Ray and Trish are a couple of country bumpikns who were dazzled by the city folk.

  276. 276
    melinda Says:

    and cami is 100% right about everything she says, and i really don’t know how people can still be fans of hers.

  277. 277
    jasmine Says:

    people sign the petition!!!!!!!!

  278. 278
    lul Says:

    i dont think those pictures half as bad as the ones were she is in her bra with a boy.

  279. 279
    rolling eyes Says:

    Why blame vanity fair and the photographer, both cannot go through with the photoshoot unless expressed permission is given, which was the case. Both her parents were fine with the pics. The photographer went ahead with permission so i dont see how this is her fault. They know who she is, and the kind of photos she’s done. Plus, this is the first young star that ANNIE has photographed. She has done many even Miley’s age, and I dont believe any came out as sleazy so SHE has permission.

    As for the parents. That whole Cyrus family has gotten caught up in her fame, so they can’t offer her as much direction as she can offer herself.

    Also saying she’s only 15 eludes to the idea that she has no brain, but i assure you folks she does, she doesnt didnt use. She liked the photo, and thought she would get a better response then she is now, and because of the backlash, she is Apologizing. She’s not sorry she did it, she’s only sorry that the attention she’s getting isnt the one she bargained for.

    Anyone who says a 15 year old girl giving the illusion of being naked is artistic should be shot. There is nothing sexy about a 15 year old girl pretending to be topless

    Lastly saying poor miley, only makes you an enabler. so if you wanna see more racy pics keep saying POOR MILEY

    Done =)

  280. 280
    davida Says:

    i forgive miley im her biggest fan and i love her so much as a fan .i support her11110000000000000000000000000%

  281. 281
    rolling eyes Says:

    I meant this isnt the first time Annie has done photos with a youngster, soo…. fill in the blanks peeps

  282. 282
    postwatcher Says:

    rolling eyes @ 04/28/2008 at 12:25 am

    You have the magazine & photo business all wrong.

    Miley’s parents may have signed an agreement to do a photo session, but he content of the photos are owned by Annie Liebovitz not they Cyrus Family. Also, Vanity Fair editor’s have the final say over which photo hits the cover NOT they Cyrus Family.

    For instance, if Yoko Ono said she did not want that picture of her and John published, she would have had no choice because 1. they agreed to the photo session and 2. Annie owns those photos.

  283. 283
    postwatcher Says:

    rolling eyes @ 04/28/2008 at 12:25 am

    You have the magazine & photo business all wrong.

    Miley’s parents may have signed an agreement to do a photo session, but he content of the photos are owned by Annie Liebovitz not they Cyrus Family. Also, Vanity Fair editor’s have the final say over which photo hits the cover NOT they Cyrus Family.

    For instance, if Yoko Ono said she did not want that picture of her and John published, she would have had no choice because 1. they agreed to the photo session and 2. Annie owns those photos.

  284. 284
    Jay Says:

    Some of you are pretty funny LMFAO

    -Socialite in Training

  285. 285
    Michelle Says:

    Billy Ray and his wife are country bumpkins my foot!!! haha. *rolls eyes* The poster who said that make them sound like there are naive country folks living in the middle of nowhere who are completely unaware of the perils and influence of the outside world! Seriously, will anyone buy that!!! Billy Ray and his wife has been in showbusiness for a good number of years. They are not innocent and naive. The truth is, they and their daughter made a stupid decision that is biting them back in the ass due right now so to speak.

  286. 286
    trish Says:

    she stupid for taking the picture, dont ever believe anybody when you goiin to half nake for a mag. miley is on 15 and she doing that stupid

  287. 287
    rolling eyes Says:


    Maybe the final picture can’t within their control, but the concept of the photoshoot is told to the ahead of time.

    For example, Rachel McAdams had a similar falling out with Vanity Fair b/c she was made aware at the photoshoot that herself, Scarlett Johanssen and Keira Knightly would be posing nude. Rachel said she didnt want to be a part of it, they wouldnt change the concept, so she didnt participate, instead some guy took her place.

    My point, somewhere along the process either before or during it, she was aware of the kind of photos she would be taking, so she had the choice not to participate, but decided to, because it was “artsy” to her and her family, forgetting that she is only 15. Rachel McAdams is like 27 and wouldnt do it.

    That says a lot dont you think???

  288. 288
    jamie Says:

    she’s not sorry, she likes the pictures that she took. The only reason she’s apologizing is because she’s afraid that after this, she’s going to start losing her fans…

    i just think that if she doesn’t really mean it, then she shouldn’t say she’s sorry

  289. 289
    Aj Says:

    she is becoming Vanessa
    she needs to get out of the spot light
    and do something with her life
    so she wont end up like britney
    but britney is more talented then her
    and will get a come back soon enough. But if miley turns into a “britney” i doubt she will get a come back

  290. 290
    LINA Says:

    love miley

  291. 291
    lauren Says:

    i am not buying it either
    she knew she was holding up a sheet against her chest.
    no one held a gun to her head
    she was in perfect control
    she is underage and soon we will be seeing her along the lines of Britney Lindsay etc
    she will have that has been look soon
    she knows what she was doing
    annie lebowitz is a brilliant photographer
    she is full of bs

  292. 292
    suzy Says:

    notice how it says her parents left before she took this shot.

    i’m sure if her parents were there her dad would be screaming!

  293. 293
    suzy Says:

    it’s not artsy when you’re 15 years old.

    Annie only asked Miley to do this shot after her parents left. Her grandma and teacher have no say, they’re not her guardians.

    Miley was just tricked into this shot.

    Yes, yes she’s had those other photos she chose to do, but she wasn’t naked. and they weren’t for the sake of art.

    I thought it was irresponsible for Annie to conceive the idea that this would be ok and for Vanity Fair to publish it.

  294. 294
    blah Says:

    I don’t get it. How is she ashamed by these pictures? They show less than her self taken bikini pictures. I think this one will end up worse off than Brit.

  295. 295
    Lulu Says:

    Oh wow!!!!!!! I just wanted to say that I support Miley 100% Yes she made a mistake more then once but really if you don’t make mistakes then you wont ever learn and life is all about learning from your mistakes and I truly think Miley’s learning from these mistakes and people’s come on she has so much pressure on her right now just give her a freakin break gosh!!!!!!!! I mean really it must be hard being her, always haveing people in her business, watching her wanting her to do something bad so they can complain and say she’s a bad influence or say she’s going to turn out like Britney i mean really how do you think that makes her feel?! you guys saying that is just pushing her off the edg. I’m seriously sick of this all i hear is Miley’s got no talent she’s just getting all this fame because of her dad or that her voice sucks or she can’t act or that she’s ugly gosh people shut up!!! She does have talent she didn’t get fame from her father and if she did do you think she would have come this far?! uh no!!!! and also she has an awesome voice, she CAN act and she’s very pretty!!!! you people are RIDICULOUS!!!!! just give Miley a break she’s just being a teenager trying to live life to the fullest and face it MISTAKES DO HAPPEN i mean come on it’s not like you haven’t made mistakes it’s just that Miley’s life is under a telescope so if she does one thing bad then bam she’s a bad person. I really love Miley and i hope she doesn’t let some of these comments get to her just rememeber Miley you still have fans who love you and will always support you no matter what!!!! =D

  296. 296
    Kelly Says:

    Are we forgetting that B. Spears did the same thing around her age? Give her a break. Imagine if somebody followed you around with a camera 24 hours a day when you were fifteen and think about all the “disturbing” pics they would have. Don’t judge.

  297. 297
    ~m~ Says:

    this may have already been asked but i don’t feel like pawing through the 200 some odd comments to check
    can someone please explain disney’s staement to me? i don’t see how the article was manipuating, and i don’t understand why she was embarassed
    what’s wrong with that picture? i agree with her it is artsy (unlike the green bra one which is more just a come hither look lol)

  298. 298
    nhi Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwww you can see her ribs!!!!!!!sticking out

  299. 299
    Keepin it real Says:

    Lulu, good for you that you still support her. But the fact of the matter is…she will probably lose a great deal of number of fans because of her and her family’s poor decision when it came to this. True that those photos may not be as racy and provocative for an adult actress who may have posed for this. But for crying out loud, this is totally inappropriate for a 15 yr. old girl whose fanbase is between the ages of 5-13.

    This was a total lack of judgment specially for Billy Ray and his wife and Miley’s official apology did not even own up to her and her parents’ mistake in decision making. Instead, she had to blame the photographer and the magazine for this. Read the interview. It was so obvious that her parents and Miley herself were SO fine with it until they stupidly realized that the public did not agree with them and thus, they had to sing another tune and backtrack from their statements.

  300. 300
    troy Says:

    I say there’s more then enough blame to go around. Miley’s parents should not have left before the photo shoot was over. Miley is 15 and she knows her audience is and has seen the fall out from the “My Space” pictures, she should have had the common sense to say NO. On on the other hand, Miley is 15 and I can see how a 15 year old being the position of being photographed by a renowned photographer like Annie Leibowitz would be a bit initmidated and reluctant to say no. I’m not saying that Miley forced or preassured but I’m saying I can see how she felt she couldn’t say no.

    I don’t know what was going through Annie Leibowtiz’s mind at the moment but she IS a world renowned photographer and Vanity Fair is not cheap skin mag. They know who they’re subject was and what her audience was they should have known that taken that picture and publishing it was NOT a good idea.

    This whole sorry situation speaks of a complete lack of judgment and common sense by all parties.

  301. 301
    Lockemeister Says:

    Poor ‘lil Hillbilly Chick!…what was she thinking when they asked her to take her top off? Next she will be tongue kissing Madonna…Yuck.

    That bad ‘Ole Annie Leibovitz! …. Pervert!

    VF, promoters of kiddee p-orn…. Boycott VF.

  302. 302
    ------ Says:

    It’s gonna be interesting to see how all this will turn out for her career….

  303. 303
    lil dee Says:

    I dont no why people are feeling sorry and bad for her. Its her life if she wants to do it she can. I dont do it and i’m the same age as her but people are differint.
    I love her she is awsom.
    I’m not a fan but she sounds like a cool chick.

    Keep it up chick your awsom and dont let anyone say you cant do what you want babeZ
    MWA! lvu ya always xoxox

  304. 304
    Josie Ann Says:

    Aaawww shucks. You’re crushin’ my achy breaky heart … NOT!!!!

    Fess up and take the heat on your own, girl. You know you done it, so don’t point fingers eslewhere. You act all grown up and yet you won’t take responsibility for your crap. In the grown-ups’ world, that’s what’s called immature, you self-absorbed, self-centered, self-seeking brat.

    Not sorry for you, not accepting your sorry and oh, you are such a sorry little b****. And pro-mileys, grow up and get real.

  305. 305
    Lisa Says:

    oh now she’s embarassed..she wasn’t when she showed us her green bra..or for the pic in the swimming pool…

  306. 306
    haha Says:

    i mean… it IS ARTISTIC AND NOT ****** but for a 15 year old to do that is a little inappropriate. i mean if people like angeline jolie, nicole scherzinger, megan fox, etc. did it it seems more age appropriate. i think its a little to much for a teen right? or is that just me?

  307. 307
    Lina Says:

    Why is this girl ******* famous?

    children digust me so much that they actually think this brat is talented, lol.

  308. 308
    Deb Says:

    i fell so bad for miley. these are very pretty pics and she should not fell bad or embaressed by them. shes so pretty and so are these pics. people need to just leave her alone. she did nothing wrong and shouldent have to aploigize. I love miley and i always will.

  309. 309
    Amy Says:

    She’s trying her best and she’s only fifteen. She’s going to make mistakes. People here who are adults saying horrible things about her should feel ashamed of themselves. It’s your overly critical words that help destroy teen stars.

  310. 310
    soome Says:

    I hate Miley, she’s full of her fame.

  311. 311
    Stace Says:

    Annie Liebowitz is a chickenhawk and Bruce Handy is a hack. Nice going, Miley’s parents. Your kid’s a tramp and you’re stupid.

  312. 312
    rockstar Says:

    I’m sick of Miley and her screw ups. I mean we all forgave her one,twice, but three is where I draw the line. She is 15 years-old and by the looks of what she has said about this photo, it seems like she definitely does not know how to say the words no or stop.
    Someone needs to teach her how to say those words before this gets out of hand.

  313. 313 Says:

    I know the picture looks bad (above) but if you see the backstage pictures it doesn’t look that bad. If you know what I mean..

    I love Annie<33 She is amazing and I don’t think she would risk
    putting a picture like that on purpouse, but I do think the picture is manipulated..

    Miley has admitted to trying to grow up to fast, and she needs to learn from this, but of course her parents should’ve taken some responcibility..

    We know nothing about the pressure she is under as a Hollywood star. There are other people in Hollywood who has managed to handle that pressure better but ‘quote’ “Nobody’s Perfect”

  314. 314
    ~m~ Says:

    i honnestly don’t see whats bad about this picture
    sure she looks somewhat naked but i think nudity can be done by anyone (no matter what their age) if it is done the right way
    this to me looks classy not trashy (unlike the myspace pictures) so i don’t see why all the fuss is being made over this one when the other ones are worse
    i think it’s a nice picture and i think the fact that annie leibovitz took it just adds to the classiness of it, she should be honored to be photographed by someone like her instead of embarassed
    i dunno why but she kinda reminds me of a mermaid or something in this picture

  315. 315
    haha Says:

    honestly, i have nothing against her but ~m~ I have to disagree with you there: “nudity can be done by anyone no matter what their age”. I think there is a bit of a problem for a fifteen year old to do that. if she was 18 it would be different. it IS classy, but I think age does matter in this case. I’m not putting her down or hating on her anything, but I think for any 15 year old it’s kind of inappropriate to put out this pic. It looks like something someone like Scarlett Johansson or someone older would do you know what i mean?

  316. 316
    folkien_arjoe Says:

    im seeing her as the next britney or lindsay lohan.. shes pathetic.. shes to young to be like this… i hope her parents will see this things… do things like this when youre 18 its like millions of young girls are admiring her…

  317. 317
    age Says:

    i think you have to remember she’s 15. she’s not a baby, but I don’t think it’s time (yet) for her to do this kind of thing. it’s classy, but in the end it still is “semi topless”. miley cyrus just looks a little older and may have money but its like… imagine if someone like selena gomez did this kind of photoshoot for vanity fair. something just seems a little off you know? this is a classy pose and private parts are covered but the taste is a little mature.

  318. 318
    M19 Says:

    Mark my words. Miley Cyrus is trouble. She is not the angel she pretends to be.

    In defense of her, Annie Liebovitz should never have entertainted the idea of taking a topless photo of a 15 yr. old. Isn’t that child pornography?? And I blame Vanity Fair for not having the morals and b*lls to pull the photo…just interested in the big bucks. What a damn shame!

  319. 319
    Tammiboo Says:

    I always knew she was going to do something really ****** really soon and this just proves my point. But i dont really blame her, its her managers/parents and whatnot who allow things like this to happen. they forget that the girl is 15 and try to make her seem older (maybe to attract an older audience for her new CD???) but overall, they are totally exploiting her.

  320. 320
    Rusty Says:

    Annie did a lovely job, as always. If Miley didn’t want that sort of photograph, she should have done better research.
    Well done Annie!

  321. 321
    Hollywood1Hugefan Says:

    please write a good comment ok
    I like miley she’s cool luv her*_*

  322. 322
    kismet Says:

    No clothes, bedhead hair, red lips, and a look on her face that says I just got f***** – give me a break. Looks ****** to me.


  323. 323
    drzen Says:


    (thumbs up Borat style)

    VERY NICE!!!!

  324. 324
    sika241124 Says:

    dont worry miley i still love you , you are the best love you :D

  325. 325
    Iris Says:

    # 10 and 12
    You’ve echoed exactly what I was thinking.
    How insulting to Annie. But with that said, Annie should have been more sensitive to the age issue in the way she was portraying her subject. Surely she could have come up with something more appropriate and creative that the cliched ‘sheets covering breasts’ styling.

  326. 326
    rien Says:

    Until now, I never heard somebody complain about Annie L. She is one of the best photographers. She always managed to capture the inner part of her object.

    I don’t know the Cyrus Girl, and I don’t want to know. But if she worked with Annie, then she had to know the risk, that Annie would manage to capture her “inner soul”, somehow.

    The Cyrus Girl reminds me strongly to Vladimir Nabokov”s Lolita.

  327. 327
    belle Says:

    she looks like a witch!!!!!!!!!
    she is ugly!!!!!!
    she sux at singing an acting!!!!!!!!

  328. 328
    stumblwwetfgj Says:

    that was really stupid. i mean if the shot were down of an older woman that wasn’t famous or anything then it’s be a very artistic, natural, intense kind of photo. But because miley has such an innocent little disney reputation, she seems like a **** now to all her fans. I hate that it came out that way, because Annie is so wonderful and this could damage her career! Miley Cyrus is a terrible singer anyway. She sucks with live performances!

  329. 329
    Carolina Says:

    She looks beautiful

    I loved the photo :)

  330. 330
    me Says:

    aww. i feel kinda bad for her now

  331. 331
    stumblwwetfgj Says:

    Miley Cyrus can’t sing! She get’s her famous daddy to mix C.D.’s for her that sound better after fixing her voice in the recording studio. Infact, they have to fix it soo much cuz the fool can’t even sing! She just got famous cuz she took a few acting classes and Billy Ray Cyrus happens to be her father. But in real life she’s just a teenage party girl that likes to show off and expose herself to attract attention to guys. there’s a girl named sarah at my school who’s exactly like that! I HATE THOSE KINDS OF PPL!

  332. 332
    Angela Says:

    She keeps playing the “Faith” card!!!
    Why is she trying to fool everyone?
    She is not a true christian, Nor does she have faith.
    Miley, continue in your “****** way!”
    see where you end up!

  333. 333
    megan Says:

    wow..just wow. how could she not know what she was doing? just because shes 15 dont mean shes an idiot. she apparently does want all the attention on her. since she got it she dont wanna take it away so shell keep doing things that make her lose her fans. watever good luck miley. my little sister totally hates u now. she was ur biggest fan.

  334. 334
    Gabby Says:

    I dont care what anyone else thinks al the ture miley fans will be with her 100% on EVERY thing she does!
    She is an amazing girl

  335. 335
    Meggie Says:

    well, she is an idiot, but Vanity Fair are not. Putting such photo of 15-year old girl on the cover is sick (no matter how artistic it is). They also should’ve imagined the outcome of it, so it’s impossible to blame only one side here. This is just something wrong with everyone involved, not individuals.

  336. 336
    Shrimp Says:

    i think miley is going to regret all of this. if she doesnt thats on her. personally i dont like her. i did at one point and so did my 9 year old sister, who WANTED to be like her. but seriously, on a reality level, miley, grow the **** up, ur 15. not 7. to show urself out in public as a role model to 0-13 yr. olds then take pictures that are “sleezy” is beyond what a 15 yr old should be doing. i still respect you and all, dont like u but respect her, but my sister, dude i would not want her to do that. its to ******. im sorry, but grow up or lose ur fans. and make an actual appology, not a fake one, but mean it mayb. dnt b a prissy b****. ur not that pretty. dont try to look sexy, the ugly pouty lip thing dont work on u. really.. u look like a retarded dork on crack ok. not sexy, but scary

  337. 337
    Nikki Says:

    i really feel bad for miley i love her tv show and i love her songs.. it is truley BS cause if i was a star i wouldnt want that to happen to me. she probably thought it was an avertisment of the new company and they just wanted the store to get famous so they needed somebody who was already famous just to get or use her to get MORE MONEY than any store like… Dolce and Cabona, Raulph Lauren, Calvin Klein. any many more…. She Doesnt know better she is just living her live whats so bad about that……?<3 i love you miley ur the best….

  338. 338
    Nikki Says:

    i really feel bad for miley i love her tv show and i love her songs.. it is truley BS cause if i was a star i wouldnt want that to happen to me. she probably thought it was an avertisment of the new company and they just wanted the store to get famous so they needed somebody who was already famous just to get or use her to get MORE MONEY than any store like… Dolce and Cabona, Raulph Lauren, Calvin Klein. any many more…. She Doesnt know better she is just living her live whats so bad about that……?<3 i love you miley ur the best….

  339. 339
    Cristina. Says:

    well, good on the girl.
    can’t wait to hear about this adventures she gets into in later life.
    oh gosh, i hate her to bits.

  340. 340
    Cristina. Says:

    well, good on the girl.
    can’t wait to hear about this adventures she gets into in later life.
    oh gosh, i hate her to bits.

  341. 341
    miley&jonas luvers Says:


  342. 342
    ngfn Says:

    SHE IS SUCH A ***** AND *****!!!! WHAT A ******* ****!!!!

  343. 343
    rien Says:


    Whose carrier do you mean? Annie’s? Don’t worry about it. She has a name that stronger than the rocks! It needs more than a Miley to tumble it down!

  344. 344
    anita Says:

    i support miley 110% on whatever she does

  345. 345
    jordan annell Says:

    miley is adorable
    she looks beautiful in the pics
    its not like nasty pictures it looks like art

  346. 346
    Misty Says:

    poor miley

    These past few days have been hard for Miley, she is a strong girl but she is only 15. She needs the support from her fans, show her you will be by her side no matter what. If you support Miley put this in your siggy.
    Your amazing Miley no matter what!

  347. 347
    Ash* Says:

    what a ****!

  348. 348
    Laura Says:

    I saw the pictures on the Vanity Fair website and I saw the behind the scenes video/pictures.I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it at all and I think it’s stupid of the Disney Channel to issue a statement saying that Annie Leibovitz and others involved in the photoshoot “manipulated” her into taking those pictures; I think that was their way of covering their butts to avoid excessive criticism from the media. As far as Miley goes, I think she was pressured into issuing that apology. Being young is stressful enough. Being young with millions of eyes constantly watching your every move, some just waiting for you to mess up to start viciously typing away at their keyboards, tearing you to shreds, must be indescribably difficult.

    In the videos and photos I have seen of the session, she is sitting down on a stool, with a cloth that wraps all around her body down to her waist, and black yoga pants. She is holding the cloth up and the only thing that is exposed is her back. I think it’s ridiculous to call the photos scandalous and “******” when girls go to the beach showing more skin in their bikinis. I think the pictures came out stunning and really capture the essence of a girl that is transitioning into womanhood. The pictures are simple, elegant, and classy. There is an innocence in her look and in the overall composition of the photo that really makes it a work of art. If you were to tell me that the pictures were more along the lines of the amateur, tacky, and deliberately sexual pictures that Vanessa Hudgens took, then that would be a completely different story. And as far as the leaked pictures with her ex-boyfriend are concerned, half the girls on myspace have pictures like that. At her age, it is not something unusual or abnormal to experiment with different looks. Even though she, herself, is famous, she is still a teenage girl and is not exempt from feeling self-conscious and wanting to look attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. She’s showing some stomach. Wow. She shows a bit of her bra. Big deal. If she was taking pictures with pasties and a bong, then I’d be concerned, but not because of some silly thing such as this.
    And one also has to keep in mind that she is not deliberately handing these pictures out to fansites and gossip bloggers; these pictures are leaked by people who, perhaps unintentionally, are insensitive to the consequences they may bring.

    I also understand that she is a role model to many young girls out there who look up to her and wish to be like her. I don’t see why they shouldn’t or how she has failed them in any way. Miley, like every other teenager out there, is growing up– that includes evolving as a person and as an artist. I think it would be rather selfish on behalf of the fans to ask Miley to suppress all the things that crucial to a normal, healthy development for their own entertainment. I know her fan base is young and might not comprehend this, but it is the parents’ responsibility to explain this to their child (unfortunately however, in most cases, it is the parents that are the harshest critics).

    I think Miley is doing just fine as she is, and the entertainment industry would benefit from having more people like her and her family working for it. But idk, that’s just my two cents. (As you might be able to tell, I am bored at home too :P) lol.

  349. 349
    motherofmileyfan Says:

    As a mother of a Miley fan, I think shes great! At least because my daughter does not see or hear others ignorant opinions, so called adults who can not even express themselves without using foul language, making fun of a 15 year old.
    I wouldn’t say she necessarily made a mistake doing this photo shoot, I think its artistic, but even if she did, all teenages do, unfourtuanatly, she has to do it in the public eye. Give the girl a break!

  350. 350
    Gemma Says:

    i just wanna say i am a really bg fan but she better be careful i dont want to see her go to the dark side

  351. 351
    Um...... Says:

    dw miley we got ur back

  352. 352
    HAHAHyearight! Says:

    HAHAHA! yea right! aww poor poor miley sike!
    she known for doing these things posing bare and stuff shes aWHORE and yea right her parents left yea sureee, i saw photos of them behind the scenes they NEVEER left thats just an excuse miley sorry your done for your gonna or wait you already are a wreck!!!!!!!

  353. 353
    mileyishot Says:

    omg!!!!!! she is such a ****. she’s a liar about what she said about being sorry to all her fans who she cares SOOOO DEEPLY ABOUT!!!
    MILEY IS A FRIGGIN *****. so the rumors are true, she is the next britney spears!!!!!!!!!!

  354. 354
    Jess Says:

    i can’t understand how it’s legal for vanity fair to publish these pictures in the first place… she’s 15 and topless wrapped in a towel. poor kid. if you are going to blame anyone, blame her family for allowing it to escalate to that point, and the magazine for taking pics of a topless 15 year old.

  355. 355
    mileyishot Says:

    it is so friggin nasty from now refer to me as miley is a ******* ****

  356. 356
    me Says:

    shes a ***** following in britneys foot steps just earlier and u can see her bones how gross

  357. 357
    Lauren Says:

    can you say Britney Spears Junior? @_@

    she has a naisily little voice, anyway..

  358. 358
    Bridget Says:

    poor miley!
    she thought she looked good.

    I still respect her.

  359. 359
    BigVannfan Says:

    It’s like she TRYS to blame everyone else but herself and her family, which pretty much should be blamed on it all. And how she said “oh the photographer asked me and I had to say yes” Uhm, your Miley Cyrus I don’t think someone can MAKE you do anything. Whatever I’m through trying to get some sense into this HUGE drama fest with her! Can’t she just stay away from the media and tabloids and Tv and the radio and magazines for ONE WHOLE DAY, oh wait I use to say the same thing about Britney Spears..hummmm.(clicking in brain)

  360. 360
    joseph08 Says:

    ok its not even that bad. i like miley and i still do. what 15 year old girl wouldnt take that shot if they were telling her it was natural and ok do do it. i mean its wrong for them to even want miley at 15 to take her top off for a pic any ways. so dont blam it all on miley.


  361. 361

    The photos are nothing to be ashamed of, especially in light of her candids that “mysteriously” seem to find their way on the internet. I don’t buy Cyrus’ excuses at all.

  362. 362
    vicky Says:

    i am not sayin it is a bad thing but i thought her parents would have said no…cause ppl alwayz talk about how protective her parents r….o well…i guess it showbuiz

  363. 363
    samantha Says:

    wow omg i love miley i meen im a huge fan but seeing this pics just supprise me i cant belive her~

  364. 364
    miley fan Says:

    Miley isn’t a bad person, it was nothing like vanessa hudgins and her sick little mind. Miley can get through this.

  365. 365
    mileyisa*&@# Says:

    what a load of shablooky!! she knew fine and dandy what she was doing and if she really did believe in her “faith” she wouldn’t have done it! it doesn’t matter if it was “artistic” its still half naked pictures. What did she think they were going to do with them if not put them in the magazine??!!!?!?!? she needs to learn how to not do this stuff. why does she keep doing it???

  366. 366
    georgi Says:

    Damn give that girl a cheeseburger!
    In this picture Her arms make her look like she has an eating disorder.
    But i am a fan of hers, i don’t think this picture is ****** or anything. I just think she needs a cheeseburger.

  367. 367
    aldy Says:

    holaa .. la verdad es una puta de mierda

  368. 368
    KIra Says:

    ok,…she’s always saying that she makes mistakes and everybody makes mistakes and that she’s not perfect, well nobody’s perfect.
    But I think she is making too many mistakes !

  369. 369
    Sherrye Says:

    yes,we all make mistakes. ButI don’t think this was a mistake. In the “show buz” world we know what we want to do. This was done as a shock factor. And when the shock backfired, everyone wants to blame the photographer. No way. She and everyone else new what was going on. How convient her parents not being there. She’s a minor she can’t be left alone to do a semi nude shot. Somebody signed the contract.

  370. 370
    maili Says:

    Why ****** **** she is saying ” i’m sorry for the pictures?! I mean, what’s the matter if you really wanted to do these pictures it’s your problem and that’s it!! It ain’t look like the dirty way to show any photo and neither it ain’t give to bad impression, the pictures are really gorgeos, and i know that disney don’t like this style of things that the stars do just for the aesthetics and for the children’s public but it’s your own problem miley!! And i loved the pictures are so artistic, the history that they wrote in the magazine ok i’m totally agree with her but i’m her fan and i loved the pictures

  371. 371
    miley ray cyrus Says:

    hey i didnt mean 2 i feel so embaressed i promise to my fans that i will never do that again!!!

  372. 372
    miley ray cyrus Says:

    im sorry for what i did

  373. 373
    Yooo! Says:

    Me dio penita….
    se debe de estar arrepintiendo de verdad….
    se imaginan q a una de ustedes le pasara eso!…..
    nesesitarian mas que nunca el apoyo….
    eso es lo que nesesita ahora ella….
    y yo la apoyo….
    si llegara a hacer cosas como vanessa noo!…..

    Awante Miley!

  374. 374


  375. 375
    jack Says:

    she’s done for.
    she is ruining her career more and more everyday!!!

  376. 376
    Krista Says:

    I love miley but what she did was really really dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i thought she would be smarter than this
    atleast she apologised
    i just hope she wont do anything dumb like this again!!!!!!!!

  377. 377
    ems Says:

    i didnt like her from the start. now look what she has done! taking half nud pics, showing her bra, and the myspace pics! its crazy!! its like another lohan or another brittney! shes gonna ruin her life. this is just the begginging! its gonna come spiraling down untill theres nothing left but a ruined teen-age pop star. she wont even be a pop star, she gonna be a ruin teen age girl. what is this supposed to show all the people who love her? like the little kids, what r they going to think, it’s ok to pose for nud pics? post almost half naked pics on myspace? what r thay going to say if they do? its ok mommy mylie did it and shes on tv! this is crazy and shes crazy! damage control isnt going to work forever she cnt rely on her people to take care of it. im mean its just total BS! oh im soo sorry i took those bad pics and showed u my bra but its ok, i no u will accept my apalogie bc im mylie cyrus! its not gonna work this time around.she says he going to ‘learn from her mess ups.’ but she messed up 3 BIG TIMES! i hate her and dont think shes worth it. its complete BULL! and were wer her parent? cheering her on? go mylie! go ruin ur life forever! i hink se should be done, gone forever, no more ‘second’ chances.

  378. 378
    dev Says:

    it her fault! if she is that stupid to take those bad pics…she desirves it!

  379. 379
    laly Says:

    dumb, she knew hat she was doing. No one takes pictures like that without knowing what they were doing even if they were forced. All this fame is going to her head and now she thinks she is going to be a sex icon as well. The little girls don’t want to see their idol half naked in a magazine or anywhere else. She is old enough to make her own decisions and to anticipate the consequences. She can’t blame anyone else. There are millions of other fifteen year old girls who don’t pose half naked in front of a camera.

  380. 380
    angie Says:


  381. 381
    Miley loverrrrr. =) Says:

    i really like miley, i am a huge fan i feel like everybody is making
    such a big deal about a shoot where nothing is really exposedd
    she is completely covered so its not like we can see her *******
    tits or somethign or her ****** it just like her having a litle dress
    on or something. so back off fuckersssssssss. -loveyahmileyyyy

  382. 382
    ashley Says:

    y are ppl feeling sorry for her. she made thismistake before y is it ok for her to get ou tof it so easy. ur not learning from ur mistakes. once u make a mistake after u do it again its not a mistaake anymore. goodness. wat the crack she is jus so annoying wit her photo scandels and ppl need to stop pickin up for her once she sees tht her fans arent wit her anymore thn she would notice tht they dont like it n i shouldnt do it. this isnt a mistake. uggh she makes me so upset.

  383. 383
    Jesse pennington Says:

    She is no innocent little girl. She is probably creating more static electricity between her sheets than any of the pathetic people who give a crap. Hey Miley, want to come over to my house? We could eat Fruity Pebbles and Pop Tarts and wash id down with some Sunny-D. Then play hide and seek. As soon as you turn 18 I think you should call Larry Flint. Let’s see what you’re made of.

  384. 384
    Alic Says:

    I think the New York Post has no right to blow this out of preportion nobody made a big deal when Lindsay posed COMPLETELY NUDE (Take it she is older but still a child actor) and now Miley has a satin sheet pressed against her chest and it’s the end of the world. Oh my god. She’s 15 yes but as she stated don’t blame her for making mistakes, she’d a normal person, whether you believe it or not and if you have something to write bad about Miley then you need to look in the mirror and check reality their are people in the entertainment world that are doing stuff worse than having a sheet over their chests. This picture is beautiful and Miley is a very beautiful and artistic girl and she deserves all the support she can get. And as for any pictures posted on the web of her you can just hold you tongue because their are far worse pictures on the peoples myspace’s who write bad about a sweet young girl. So before you talk I say look in the mirror and don’t take something so harshley. Miley handles these situations very well and I respect that. And to Luvn_hollywood11 she did get grounded but this was for a photoshoot and if you would read before you talk her family left except for her grandmother and teacher and so Trish (her Mom) was there she probally would have put her foot down. And how do you know she didn’t ground her for this you don’t live with her. Miley was there with herself making the decisions and so she chose a wrong move. In the long run this picture is beautiful and Miley should respect that she has the ability to take such beautiful photos. Never blame someone for their opinion because some people make mistakes yes and I’m sure everybody has something they wish they could take back so next time read the whole story or don’t open your mouth. Miley is beautiful and will still make it far and thats that.

    I Love You Miley don’t be ashamed.


  385. 385
    Emily Says:

    I think those pictures are artistic, and she sshouldnt be apologizing for these beautiful pictures!

    The media has nothing to talk about so any little like this becomes a huge story!

    what i dont agree is the other racy pictures of her and her bra and underwear she should have been embarrassed of those.

    Not these!

    The media should back off seriouslly….

  386. 386
    Jesse pennington Says:

    Miley, don’t tell people you will never do it again. Do what? Pose for photos? Your a ******* celebrity, that’s what you do! If you set yourself up for failure by saying something definite like that, then you are bound to be appologizing again. I can’t believe I am wasting my time with this ****. Get a life…all of you!

  387. 387
    miranda Says:

    well I hate that picture she is really ugly in that pic but I’m still a huge fan. I don’t care what she does I support her 100%

  388. 388
    Andrew Says:

    screw miley, wtf is so amazing about her

    why is she sooooo important…?

  389. 389
    Allie Says:

    OMG Miley. i cant believe shes being a ****. Apology not accepted.
    So you guys now she isnt going to learn this is like the 4th time with BAD pictures. Like the ones in the hotel, with the car, slumber party,her bathing suit and her bra pictures. Like when is she going to wake up ?? Vanity is a professional and its not like they pulled a gun on her head and made her do it. I think shes trying to protray herself as like sexy. with all this ****** pics shes isnt a great role model to the kids. I mean hello she didnt learn from Vanessa Hudgens ? i mean i respect her because she said sorry and she hasnt done anything that resque. but with miley shes done like 858373 pictures. like with the bra its like hello if your like doing this with guys DONT take pictures keep it in a DL. Next thing you know shes takin pictures with her breast showing ! I dont like her any morre i mean i dont hate her but definitely dislike her behavior. I mean like shes showing that every ****** 15 year old is a **** ? she protraying that people just want to get laid and girls are just a piece of 15 years old and i dont do bull crap like this. my parnets will freakin kill m e. i mean for all we now she isnt a virgin, she probably had sex with that guy i mean we dont know. theres clearly another side of her that we dont know. i mean were was the religion when she did this. im freakin christian and no where in the bible says this is okay. taking BAD pictures! We dont know what goes throug her mind. All i can say to miley is GOOD LUCK !

    but all i know she ISNT a good role model
    say good bye to your fans cause one day you wont have any !

  390. 390
    Jesse pennington Says:

    Andrew, the reason she is sooooo important is that we have been programed to believe she is. Why is anyone important? Is it what they do or say? What they believe? What they like or dislike? No, it is because we (the average folks) give them attention. Look at us. I could be doing ten different things right now that would serve me better than posting my opinion on some stupid web site but for some inexplicable reason, I am helpless against the desire to be heard. As if anyone cares. There are many ways to become famous. Usually, doing something really bad is the easiest way. Doing something really good doesn’t draw much attention. It could even make people jealous, bitter or suspicious of your motives. Ever heard of Clara Barton? Can any of you festidious bloggers tell me who she is? I bet not. She founded the American Red Cross. Who gives a ****. Just because she helped create a foundation dedicated to saving people’s lives doesn’t make her important compared to some marginally attractive 15 year old girl who’s daddy sang some stupid twangy song about his achey, breaky heart. Every day the human race is rought with the worst things the imagination can possibly summon. Here we sit lamenting a little girl playing dress up (or down) as if it matters. Why is she important? Because we let her be.

  391. 391
    miley_cyrus_fan Says:

    miley is so pathetic
    anything for attention
    and you fans who dont care well you are pathetic too
    i agree with you all about how she is apologizing to every one and that is stupid and so is disney channel they said she was munupulated ya whatever

  392. 392
    Angela Says:

    I still support you GIRL!

  393. 393
    Dina Says:

    i think miley was a little taken advantage of and people told her how good media the pictures were going to get her and thats not the way its working out

  394. 394
    Jesse pennington Says:

    Allie, get a grip. Acctually, get an education. Learn about religion and the odds with which the world has always been at with it. How old do you think girls were when they would be married of to some man 2000 years ago. The source of our beleif of what is right and what is wrong is one in the same. That is the problem. How old are the alter boys that the local priest is playing with. You get this crazy about the back of a fifteen year old girl showing. When you go swimming, do you wear a wet suit? Ditch the religion babe, it makes you sound stupid and you’re not stupid. Are you?

  395. 395
    Isabelle Says:

    Poor Miley, she has alot of controversy now and i’ve heard that some people manipulate her just to sell magazine…. that is just so mean

    i feel truly sorry for her.

    Don’t worry Miley, i’m here with you.

  396. 396
    ncole Says:

    u no what!i was interviewed by debra r. about this. it was for good morning america. this will air on 4/29/08 so watch for my opinion!!!

  397. 397
    erin Says:

    wow.. she lost all my respect.

    i feel bad for her. that poor thing.

  398. 398
    mileyfan0617 Says:

    Iactually think that Miley didn’t think the pics would turn out like that.. it was a photo shoot for a magazine,, sometimes they look different then what you were hoping they would turn out like,,

  399. 399
    Jen Says:

    I think the photo is beautiful and artisticly done, however, due to her age I believe that it was inappropriate.

  400. 400
    Josie Ann Says:

    Hey #372 and #373 … quit horsing around and pretending that you are her. And besides, sorry doesn’t cut it. Being the star that she is, with a very young fan base and a lot of influence over these fans, she and her parents ought to have thought about the consequences of their actions. Yes, she is 15 and most girls her age are discovering their sexuality, but these photos deride our social and moral values, of which she claims to have buckets of. What message does that send to her young fans and what moral standards does she set with these photos? That it’s okay for a 15-year-old MINOR to be promiscuous, because by and large that’s what these images imply?!?! If it were okay, do you think we would be having this debacle at all? The photos have offended and outraged scores of parents, and rightfully so, because any adult who condones promiscuity in a 15-year-old has to be absolutely NUTS. The social and moral connotations are staggering and therein lies the controversy!!

  401. 401
    Caitie Says:

    Miley should not be blamed, though yes she had a time of careless thinking, she was just going along with what she was told to do by a professional with a reputation of doing Disney pictures for the Year of One Million Dreams special, so everyone assumed the photographer would be perfect for the job. I’m sorry to say that Anne Leibovitz was not thinking rationally when doing these pictures, for though she’s right in the sense of having a classic, artsy style- she made the huge mistake of deciding to do this with a 15 year old girl. Think of it; if Miley was a few years older, this probably wouldn’t have been so much of a problem (although it would still be all over the media). Leibovitz, if anyone remembers, is also the woman who photographed Queen Elizabeth II, as seen in ‘A Year With The Queen’, where The Queen started getting angry with her; it looks like although Leibovitz is looking at things through a photographer’s eye, she’s not thinking rationally about the person their self and what this picture could do for them– good or bad.
    So I do believe Miley was believing she was doing something she should be doing, for no one told her not too and everyone told her this would be good, and she was given the first idea of “oh hey this will be nice, artsy and styleish and classic”, which to some degree it is, just not for a 15 year old Disney star; then later re thought it and decided she should’ve thought for herself. We all do it, with any and everything we do. Don’t you ever regret that pair of shoes you bought because they looked cute, but now that you use them their uncomfortable, or if you regret having that second slice of pie? Celebrities suffer this a lot worse then we do though, because it gets all over the media.

    Miley was under the assumption what she was doing was okay, because no one told her otherwise. You can’t blame her for doing what the photographer wanted her to do, and you can only blame the photographer a bit for being irrational. The only thing Miley should be blamed for is misjudgment, which looks like the same thing her parents, teacher (?) and photographer should be blamed for as well. Give her a chance, at least she apologized.

    We all should be an 80 year old Queen who knows when to say no.

  402. 402
    aRIANA Says:

    SHe’s seriously stressed. Who cares who Miley Cyrus is. Really, who is she? She should be super honored to even be in Vanity Fair and have been photographed by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. Like seriously it’s such a shame that she is trying to make it seem as though Annie pushed her to do it. She’s grown, she’ s15 that’s not a little girl, she’s old enough to know what she wants and what’s good for her or not.

  403. 403
    Live Like robots Says:

    if this is bad, why was her dad there??

    people are like “OMg she was naked! omg!!”
    its a photoshot people!!!!!!!!!

  404. 404
    get over it Says:

    this is an incredible picture i’m not some creeper or anything i just enjoy art and photography and this is an amazing picture… vanessa hutchens got less crap for her picture and she had no clothes on so really get over it

  405. 405
    Concerned fan Says:

    Aww, poor girl… I do agree that that was a pretty mindless descision for her to take those photos and allow them to be released. But we know that she is still an inspiring girl.

    Now what she needs to do to re-gain her trust in fans is take some other GOOD pictures that the fans will like and appreciate. If she plans and does it right, maybe this could be put on the back burner and not be a very big deal…

  406. 406
    Alaina Says:

    Wow. I don’t understand why the media, and apparently the public, is so worked up about this photo. I think the photo is beautiful and she should be proud that she was a part of the photographer’s art. The only thing she should be ashamed of is letting the people(the people making money off of her) around her manipulate her to say things that she obviously doesn’t believe herself. That is her real mistake.

    CAMI: So I assume you’ve only made one mistake in your life. And of course you learned from it and have never made one since. Congratulations! Here’s your gold star. And explain to me how you can relate anything Miley Cyrus does with O.J Simpson? Wow crazy talk.

    Grow up and look at the real picture. The PARENTS of all the little kiddies are upset about the picture. First squeaky clean Jamie lynn spears get’s knocked up, and then Miley Cyrus gets photographed wearing a sheet. The parents in this world need to stop worrying about other peoples children and focus on their own damn kids. So maybe the earth wont continue to be populated by nacks.

  407. 407
    asdf Says:

    mileys my hero

  408. 408
    anon Says:

    OK. this is ridiculous. This picture is BEAUTIFUL, its art. miley is a beautiful girl and this is a beautiful picture. People dont know the difference between artistic and ******. This picture is artistic. Stop being mean. Because you dont understand the beauty and art. Also is Taylor Momsen ( Jennie from Gossip Girl) who is YOUNGER than miley can pose in her underwear on the cover of New York magazine and not get bad publicity for then why does miley have to suffer? Taylor is 14 btw.

  409. 409
    lul Says:

    it’s her freaking back, not her tits.

    who cares, anyway.

    go do something other than puzzle over little miley’s semi-nakedness and if it’s ~wrong~


  410. 410
    G Says:

    Thank you lul for putting some perspective on this. Why is there such an uproar about this? I don’t understand. With all that goes on with celebs today, if the most Miley has done is shown a picture of her back, i think that Americas youth is still in pretty good hands.

    And if your one of those fans that says “Im done with miley now!” Your an idiot. Try to find a better role model. Again, a picture of her back, not naked. She doesn’t have a drug habit, etc. This is so blown out of proportion, i feel bad for the girl.

    Open your eyes people.

  411. 411
    G Says:

    Thank you lul for putting some perspective on this. Why is there such an uproar about this? I don’t understand. With all that goes on with celebs today, if the most Miley has done is shown a picture of her back, i think that Americas youth is still in pretty good hands.

    And if your one of those fans that says “Im done with miley now!” Your an idiot. Try to find a better role model. Again, a picture of her back, not naked. She doesn’t have a drug habit, etc. This is so blown out of proportion, i feel bad for the girl.

    Open your eyes people.

  412. 412
    Sims Says:

    Miley is so pretty??? Uh no she not. She has not been blessed in the looks department, and not so much in the singing department either. But she does have good stage presence, I guess that’s why people like her.
    Problem is, she’s only 15 years old and has the body of a child, when a photographer is trying to make a kid look sexy, there is something wrong with that.

  413. 413
    PAUL G. Says:

    Sheesh people, lighten up…you’d see more if she were wearing a bathing suit at the beach….And you wonder why the rest of the world talks **** about America….well bomb the **** out of you, but God forbid we show a teenager’s shoulder. Get a ******* life morons.

  414. 414
    Anthea Says:

    Hello guys.

    Yes i know miley was sorry for the shot’s cuz when i went to hr concert i got an a backstage pass she was a very nice Gal.She said she was PREGNANT but she say’s she will Take care very good of the baby.Her parent’s are Mad that she is going to have a baby.

    I love you smiley!

  415. 415
    nandini Says:

    She is basically trying to blame it on every person but herself.. She blamed it on the photographer.

    “Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.(see because when your miley you cant have a say)” She also said of the photo, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a ****** way.”

  416. 416
    val Says:

    i hate miley because she is very vaine….bye bye your V@£

  417. 417
    Carla Says:

    Crazy stuff!! They should know better!
    In a world with so many children beiN abused and exploited , there she goes and get a picture half naked
    I will not let my children watch such show!

  418. 418
    ben Says:

    No more Hannah Montana in our house. Miley is disgusting and her father should be thrown in jail for child abuse. Hes a pervert only out for her money. He is a lousy father and is a disgrace to country music!

  419. 419
    alida Says:

    ii love miley cyrus!!
    i love you music and i fanyou

    i love
    i don´t care i ove

  420. 420
    alida Says:

    i love
    i love you music

  421. 421
    tARA Says:

    i feel sorry for miley that she has got these pictures everywhere and it is bad that she is topless, but it is her fault that she did it. she should not have posed like that. i unserstand that it is artsey, but she is only 15 and should not be doing things like that. ill support miley with everything she does, but things like this should not happen!

  422. 422
    Itslife Says:

    Damn you people are brutal. I am not a Miley Cyrus fan but I don’t you have anything to apologize for. People who are criticizing you should apologize to you! Kids her age do worst and this is just a minor case. So what if you she didn’t have a t-shirt on? What if she had a tub top on would that make any difference? She had pants if you save pictures of the photo shot. What if she was in a swimsuit would you people be on her case about that also???

  423. 423
    Its ok miley! Says:

    It is ok you are a fifthteen year old she will make mistakes in her life the story might not be true but who cares everyone makes mistakes and just think what she is going through right now because of this! Every celeb will make a mistake she is only fifthteen she is a lot younger than other people. She has a lot of fans and she cares about them deeply and supports all of them she does a lot of stuff to help kids! I forgive you Miley and you will always make mistakes like other celebs!!

  424. 424
    Bubba Joe Jackson Says:

    I think it is “artsy” and if she was some no-name girl and this was a poster for some psycho thriller or made-for-tv-movie, no one would give a rip..

  425. 425
    Bubba Joe Jackson Says:

    I think it is “artsy” and if she was some no-name girl and this was a poster for some psycho thriller or made-for-tv-movie, no one would give a rip..

  426. 426
    venus Says:

    mm.. well poor miley
    but she took other photos
    showing her bra i think
    she have to be more
    embarrased for that!
    if i were she..i’ll be.
    or much better…
    she didn’t have to publish
    her crazy photos on the internet.
    if again, i were you…i won’t be embarrased about this picture
    because, it doesn’t have nothing bad
    cuz’ you are just showing your back
    well gotta go
    byebye take care!

  427. 427
    sunnie Says:

    I’m not even a fan but every one needs to get off her back!! It’s not showing anything but her back and a lot of girls today walk around with everything hanging out and mega short skirts!!! This picture is extremely artistic and is not something that she should have to apologize for! But everybody nowadays has no appreciation for art because everyone is so wrapped up in the latest trends and video games and that’s why this country is so fucked up!!!! But nobody has a life anymore so they feel that they have to makes such a big deal about stupid little things like this that don’t even matter anddon’t give a **** about anything important or that really matters!!!

  428. 428
    sunnie Says:

    I’m not even a fan but every one needs to get off her back!! It’s not showing anything but her back and a lot of girls today walk around with everything hanging out and mega short skirts!!! This picture is extremely artistic and is not something that she should have to apologize for! But everybody nowadays has no appreciation for art because everyone is so wrapped up in the latest trends and video games and that’s why this country is so fucked up!!!! But nobody has a life anymore so they feel that they have to makes such a big deal about stupid little things like this that don’t even matter but don’t give a **** about anything important or that really matters!!!

  429. 429
    sunnie Says:

    Every one needs to just get off her back!! It’s not showing anything but her back and a lot of girls today walk around with everything hanging out and mega short skirts!!! This picture is extremely artistic and is not something that she should have to apologize for! But everybody nowadays has no appreciation for art because everyone is so wrapped up in the latest trends and video games and that’s why this country is so fucked up!!!! But nobody has a life anymore so they feel that they have to makes such a big deal about stupid little things like this that don’t even matter but don’t give a **** about anything important or that really matters!!!

  430. 430
    rebekah Says:

    i think people need to get off her back and leave her alone. its not like she doesnt have any clothes on or anything and it really is a pretty picture. if i was miley i would post a photo like that with no second thoughts…its very artistic and like it. she shouldnt be apologizing to the public. thats just dumb.

  431. 431
    rebekah Says:

    i think people need to get off her back and leave her alone. its not like she doesnt have any clothes on or anything and it really is a pretty picture. if i was miley i would post a photo like that with no second thoughts…its very artistic and i like it. she shouldnt be apologizing to the public. thats just dumb.

  432. 432
    memee Says:

    i feel bad for what yall did but miley i know that it is not your fault

  433. 433
    ~anna~ Says:

    she looks wasted like she had a hard long night of doing cocaine or estacy geeze!!

  434. 434
    me Says:

    I’m one of Mileys biggest fans, and even went to her concerts.. and i’m really shocked and kind of upset she would do something like this.

    I can understand that she thinks its “artistic” but wouldn’t she have known any better?

    i think she’s just trying to grow up a little to fast.

    Even so, im still one of her biggest fans..
    and i still support her.

  435. 435
    me 2 Says:

    I absolutely agree with me (from above) . I’m also one of her biggest fans… but when i saw the picture of her i was shocked because of her other recent displays of her inappropriate pictures. I was a bit disapointed in her but i am still supportive of her and one of her biggest fans.

  436. 436
    jennifer Says:

    OMG she is out of her mind i love her and everything but comeon miley u noe betta still im a big fan

  437. 437
    kj Says:

    i love this picture she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo…… HOT!!!

  438. 438
    guitarboy Says:

    as a fan and with all that is happening with young actors, it was only a matter of time before this happened to Miley. you are a joke , should be fired from your job you worthless piece of junk. I hate you. You new what was happening . You are a loser for what happened, by the way you are a gross and a freak. This is your rate of a punk ass from a scale to 1 to 10 . this is your rate 10.

  439. 439
    drozko Says:

    she is a 15 year old girl she is going to make mistakes. I doubt any of you havent made a bad choice! Besides, she doesnt make her choices by her self she has a publicist and a team of people deciding for her or persuading her! Know what I mean

  440. 440
    drozko Says:

    I cant believe how much every one is making of this. Heaven forbid she was once seen showing a little of her bra. At least shes wearing one!!!!!!

  441. 441
    jess Says:

    wtf andrea?! she may have gotten paid to do it. but it’s still ******. and other actresses may do it, but that just means they’re ***** too. and she prolly is gonna ruin disney. just like vanessa. i’m sick of both of them! i can’t stand disney anymore. i like nessa more than miley because miley won’t freaken stop taking these pictures!

    and about the personals, we’re obviously not the only ones looking at them smart ass.-.-
    YOU saw them too. genius. so what makes you think girls who look up to her won’t?!

    and the ones where she’s sucking on a piece of candy with another girl, i defended her on that. because that was probably the first bad picture i saw her take. and she just keeps going. she’s a **** who needs to leave. as you can tell, most of these people are getting sick of her.-.-

    vanessa left it alone. i don’t really here from her anymore. it’s miley’s effin turn. and her dad needs to leave with her.

  442. 442
    Matthew Says:

    I don’t like her, and i find her music annoying, but people are blowing this way out of proportion in my opinion. I also think she should not have appologized the way she did…. I understand just being sorry for her actions, but I think she should have stuck by the photographer, and not try to play the “They took my pictures out of context and I didn’t think they would look like that” card. Besides, hasn’t she seen EVERY OTHER Vanity Fair shoot? Come on, what do you expect? Unicorns and Lisa Frank stickers?

  443. 443
    tia Says:

    omg dont make such a big camotion about this its just a picture and 4 the people who say i hate her ur just immuture and dont blame her parents THERE JUST PICURES DANG!!!!! idc wat anybody says i still luv miley cyrus and thats how i feel.

  444. 444
    momo Says:

    it looks like she just got out of bed after having sex. this photo is very very skankishh. but its not her fault. i blame her parents.

  445. 445
    momo Says:

    ohhh yeah and i love her song “See you Again”!!!!

  446. 446
    shrimp Says:

    i think this aint so bad a picture. i thought it was but then i thought about it. its just her back. not that bad. but her showing her bra, yea thats bad. my little sister who loved her totally hates her now and called her a -h0e. i agree with her for takin the sleezy pics of her n her bf. thats her private life, it should stay that way. PRIVATE!! but watever i dnt like miley. sorry gurl

  447. 447
    Give it a rest Says:

    I am so glad that all you people who have nothing but negative comments to say, are so PERFECT. I mean really, you have to be perfect in order to make all of these comments based on a couple of pics. Do any of you personally know Miley? Do you judge a book by its cover? Are any of you without sin? I am not condonning what Miley did, but my goodness, you guys. Have not one of you made a mistake that you wish you could undo? Yes, lets hope and pray that Miley learns from this. Will she make more mistakes during her career? Absolutley!!! She is only human (not Perfect) and she lives under a miroscope for all you PERFECT people to pick apart. I am sure that anyone of you could live a much more perfect life if you were in her situation. I am sure if the media followed you around for a day there would be plenty for all of us to talk about as well. Just lay off and work on not making your own mistakes.

  448. 448
    alexis Says:

    I HATE U

  449. 449
    X-tina Says:

    PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL. Man i swear, when vanessa hudgens took a picture totally nacked, no one seemed to care, but when miley shows her back to the world its all of a suddon considered trashy and horrible?? i mean COME ON!! ITS NOT THAT BAD!!

    ohh goodness, her BACK is showing, UH OH!!! :O

    um NOO!!


    miley, dont worry. its not that bad..AT ALL.

  450. 450
    Miss knights Says:

    miley knew what she was doing when she took her top off and let them take the photo!! And were are her parents in all this? I don’t see them stopping her? Do you? She is going to turn out like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lynn Spears. Pary animals who dance on table tops and get into stuff that no person should or maybe even get pregnet! If she keeps this up, then something is going to happn and its going to be too late to stop her.

  451. 451
    Ashley Says:

    Miley I’m really sorry for you, I hope you get through this, think about what you did,and yeah I accept your apology. My best wishes for you miley i know you can stop making mistakes cuz youre smart and pretty, and maybe you can save your future. My best wishes for miley
    Big fan luv ya

  452. 452
    u rock miley Says:

    listen here u people need to calm down cus its not that big of a deal first she has pants on and everything is covered nothing is showing
    and i support miley in alll of this like its not that nig miley rocks no matter wat and the other pic with myspace and candy thing its not that nig its just a teen doing a regular things myspace is so much worse so just calm the heck down k

  453. 453
    ahaha Says:

    ahahaha this is sooo funny.
    why would you do it then apologize it doesn’t make any sense. whatever she should just leave entertainment she sucks any-ways.

  454. 454
    Tara Says:

    She knew very well what she was doing. And now that everyone thinks she is ****** for it, she is embaressed.

    There is no reason for a 15 yr old to pose naked in a magazine meant for older people.

    She needs to go away.
    I can’t stand her

  455. 455
    Tara Says:

    She knew very well what she was doing. And now that everyone thinks she is ****** for it, she is embaressed.

    There is no reason for a 15 yr old to pose naked in a magazine meant for older people.

    She needs to go away.
    I can’t stand her

  456. 456
    Lisa Says:

    who cares?
    get your own life and stop stalking celebrities.
    she’s probably a nice girl
    and she took these and you know what?
    they’re pretty.
    so stop talking about her.

  457. 457
    stefen winchester Says: a photographer and a very good one, I would never consider photographing a 15 yr old like this..and I know if I did, the S**t would come with it.I think annie crossed the line, in the name of art or not, this girl is 15, what was she ( or mileys parents ) thinking.This photo clearly has a mesage and is borderline soft core p**n.If I had images like this on my computer, I know for a fact the local police would be knocking on my door after the first complaint was filed against me.Call it what you will and I know die hard miley fans will stick by her and these pictures, but if it was another 15 year old, not so famous girl, this would not be acceptable.

  458. 458

    It’s your fault Miley. No one else.
    We know you’re a teen with raging hormones, but please think before you engage in these acts.

  459. 459
    hahahahaha Says:

    A. You guys this picture isnt bad she kind of looks like casper the friendly ghost

  460. 460
    omg Says:

    she’s an idiot. only started defended herself because the public was bagging her out about it.

    totally contradicted herself.

  461. 461
    danieb Says:

    I have a hrd time believing anything she says, What did she htink was going ot happen when she posed semi-topless for a magazine? Did she thin the whole world would flip tp the page in Vanity Fair and think to themselves ” o how artisitc this Miley is!’ Come on, pa-lease. She knew what she was doing. If he was not fifteen then everyone would have said that she wanted to appear sexy and she did not have good intentions. However, because she is so young, the media is going to blamw it on other people, such as the photographer? Ture, those pictures should nto hve been taken. But she is to blame as well. Remeber folks, fifteen in hollywwod is not the same fifteen as in the real world.

  462. 462
    time to get oveer it Says:

    Oh yeah she most likely knew what she was doing and yeah her parents were there, they are the ones who should have consider this more than anyone. shes only a teenager and like most teens they want to be an adult before their time and she is like most teenagers they can get influence easily not saying that annie had any thing to do with cause Im sure look over it together and with her profession she knows better but what Im saying is that like most celebs they get caught up and think that they need to catch up. you guys act as if she was having s** I thought it was more serious than this, this isn’t nothing compare to Jamie Spears and lindsay lohan 10 yr old love them did they not. Move on to something like our next president and why the h*** they taking so long to pick the main two candidate . Not saying Im a fan of her cause well Im in my 20s don’t care too much about disney but I recognize a mistake when there is one and she sure did make a huge mistake risking her career, her fans and whatever respect she got. I know Ive made far worse mistake but trust and believe I learned and so will she

  463. 463
    def aint frontin Says:

    well I forgive you miley but in 8 yrs We will expect full front nudity

  464. 464
    ray142 Says:

    People need to grow up, those pics aren’t scandalous at all

  465. 465
    DREAMER Says:

    WOW! She’s so just like “sucking up”!!! I cant stand her becase one, she acts like she’s like 21, and shes only 15, two, her music sucks and i think if she ever wants to go anywhere in life, maybe she should pull her music away from disney channel and just stick to hannah montana on there. But there really is nothing “artistic” about that photo and to think she tried blaming the photographers. I dont think they would lie like that, and maybe, mommy and daddy should have actually stepped up some and said no to doing that and taking those other pictures online. She’s really supid, and like cami said, kiss all her fans goodbye.

  466. 466
    Lorraine Says:

    I hate her…
    she’s making a lot of mistakes…

  467. 467
    Vicky Says:

    I hate her. In my opinion, she’s very perverted, the first photos from the myspace, with her friends, she “almost” kissing her friend. But OK, Miley, your fans, poor and ignorant, forgive you. Then after the photos of Vanity Fair, and once again Miley is forgiven by fans stupid. Guys, wake up, she mistakes all the time, but always pretends to be good girl. “Sorry for the photos,” she says this, but later, something happens. What do you think of thinking of time while?

  468. 468
    julia Says:

    miley, not so smart but I still love u

  469. 469
    Ribal Says:

    u are so little Miley, just 15 years-old, you did not think before taking this pictures, i was love you, but after now not so much

  470. 470
    shay Says:

    why would her parents let her do that, she is a good girl and now she is getting all this bad publicity.. they should let her live her life in a good and responsible way.. everyone is making such a big deal out of this.!! i still like miley and at least she apoligized to her fans..

  471. 471
    ash Says:

    “im so embarasedd, learn from my mistakes” blah blah blah, she’s clearly she’s copying vanessa or should i say worse because vanessa only did this once and learn from it but she did more than twice so there no way im goinna belive all that crap shes saying, when she first came on for Hannah montana i thought she was the best and sweet but now she’s becoming a real **** and there’s no way im gonna buy any of her stuff or her cdz anymore

  472. 472
    sunsetblue Says:

    ok, she is wrapped up in a blanket. she is showing her back. Good lord! YOU SEE MORE AT THE BEACH!! Miley, you didnt do anything bad. Nice shot of you and your dad. dont fret. I still think you are great. :-)

  473. 473
    sunsetblue Says:

    Ok, she is wrapped up in a blanket. She is showing her back. Good lord, what is all the fuss about! YOU SEE MORE AT THE BEACH!! Miley, the pics are cool. You still rock! :-) Nice shot of you and your dad.

  474. 474
    alexa Says:

    i think she is fine she didnt mean for this to happen it just did. Everyone thinks that she is a **** but she is a kind girl. We should all relax because we have all had these times they just werent published

  475. 475
    keely Says:

    The picture is not that bad its the fact that she is only 15 is what makes me sick

  476. 476
    person Says:

    atleast she’s covered but still, a 15 year old shouldn’t take such photos
    i’m 16 and i know i wouldn’t
    and she looks seriously really evil in this….

  477. 477
    Gerard Says:

    So you are saying that Miley Cyrus’ parents agree to do this pic? Sweet Niblets!

  478. 478
    iluvShahidkapur102 Says:

    Okay, I used to love this girl, but this was so stupid and her gross pix were just-ew! I mean, sure, I still luv Vanessa after the photo scandal, but atleast she was 18! Miley is so young and when I heard about this I was just like-ugh! She’s a loser, I like Selena Gomez much better and I am sure she won’t make such stupid mistakes, plus she’s tons more talented than Miley!

  479. 479
    Amanda Says:

    wow. she looks absolutely distgusting in this picture. why would you feel bad for her? she did it herself. and she cant even really sing. a complete waste. and i feel bad for the little girls that actually look up to her. what a ****** role model.

  480. 480
    lil' mac Says:

    i feel bad for her!!! everyone is always expecting stars like Miley to be perfect when she isn’t!!!! in life you have to learn from the mistakes that you have made. she shouldn’t have done this though. but imagine being in her shoes!! wouldn’t you be stressed out all of the time!! with the press. plus people making up stories about you that aren’t true. i am really dissapointed at what she did though. i thought that she would be the one that wouldn’t do something like this. i am 14 right now and being a teenager is tough. plus with her being famous imagine the extra drama and everything. i am also a girl too. so it’s tough. but think about it she will never get the chance to have a normal life like most of us have. it’s actually really sad!!! plus it takes a lot of guts to apoligize and come out and speak about it.
    hang in there Miley!!!

  481. 481
    cntryrose Says:

    Obviously those of you talking bad about Miley have NEVER made a mistake in your lives, right? She is 15, a teenager and just because she can act/sing and is on TV doesn’t mean she won’t make mistakes!
    I commend her for her Christian influence and her love for Christ. I also know how hard it is to live as a role model in your teenage years, much less when you are a celebrity.
    Hold your head high Miley, we are praying for you and your family!

  482. 482
    the MyK Says:

    This isn’t so bad. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It might not have been the best thing for her to do, but there is a lot of worse stuff out their. Miley is the least of the things we should be worrying about.

  483. 483
    _mZ.LADY_ Says:


  484. 484
    Retard Control Says:

    retarded redneck! Mark my words in 4 years time this ho will fall lower than britney. Shes a ***** from the word GO! Parents only care about the dolla dolla bill yall! Yeeefrakinhawww!

  485. 485
    Sunshine Says:

    Now you all ******* know that if your 15 yr old daughter was famous and getting paid thousands of dollars to pose for a more mature magazine you would let them do it. Youre all full of yourself. Get the **** over it. Its not like she posed for some “kidz-bop” magazine. Its vanity fair. For more mature girls && well some guys.. The pictures were ment to be artsy. And whats the difference between her taking a picture in her bra and taking a picture in her bathingsuit top? Not a damn ******* thing unless her bra was see-through. And in the pictures shes not even naked. Shes ******* covered. So start harassing the 15 yr old when shes completly topless with nothing covering her. Okay?

  486. 486
    Sunshine Says:

    and ps. I dont even like Miley Cyrus.

    Shes not your daughter. Or little sister or any of the above. Shes a little girl caught up in the fame. Leave the poor girl alone. You people are wayyyyy too hypocritical.

  487. 487
    nancygreen Says:

    i think that picture is beautiful! i’m not really a fan of miley cyrus, but if i were to look at that photo and not know who was posing i would have said “wow, that is a really beautiful picture”. she’s covered up it’s not like you can see anything! people these days take what is ART and try to make it out to look like pornography, which s just so stupid. there is a difference between a ****** picture of a topless girl and that piece of artwork! Miley should not feel embarrassed and neither should the photographer! they did nothing wrong. Just because a bunch of stupid conservative ******** who can’t feel comfortable in their own skin overreacted does not mean that miley and the photographer should fall all over themselves making apologies for something they shouldn’t have to apologize for!

  488. 488
    ada kirk Says:

    why cant everyone give miley a break? yes she made a mistake. shes 15 years old and and tell me what 15 year old child doesnt? she may be a public celebrity but the child is just an adolescent. how may children of her age have fantasys of being grownup? if you condemn miley for this unfortunate mistake she has made, then perhaps all of us should concern ourselves with our own actions! what have you done in secret or with your friends? and heres another thing, if you should mess up. wouldnt you want to admit it and want to be forgiven? and one other thing; remember brooke shelds? at thirteen years of age she was cast in a movie concerning sensitive issues &concerning adolescence and much more. i loved this movie but why would a parent approve such as this or allow brooke to film it? my point is that miley is only a child and that her parents would never allow her to be a bad influence on her fans. i love billy ray cyrus! and i love young mily too! i am a mother of two grown beautiful children and 59 years old. give this child or miley a chance and remember(EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES)

  489. 489
    Mileyz the best!!!!! Says:

    Give the girl a break!! the press can be very…well, pressuring. And by the way, the person at number 10 or somthin called IDIOT is a ***** idiot cos shes 15 and nothin private was shown so *** u u stupid idiotic dumbass

  490. 490
    D-Tagz Says:

    Gimme a break… This is where the ******* fuss is about? Lmao… You’re all acting like this is obscene… Nothing wrong with this pic…

  491. 491
    mdrnart Says:

    In all honesty, this is nothing when compared to everything else that goes on in the world. She wasn’t naked, that’s where the sheet comes in, she wasn’t drinking, unlike our gals Hilary and Lindsay, and for the most part, she’s a good kid. So please, find something else to be passionate about, because this is nothing but petty people trying to bring the successful down to their level.

  492. 492
    kimberly Says:

    well i agree with dj rj because miley is a hoe & slutbag plus she noe damn well what the hell she was doin…..& i also got alot of respect 4 vanessa hudgens cause hers was an accident unlike miley hoe cyrus!!!!!!!!!!

  493. 493
    lindsey Says:

    she is sooo annoying!!!!

  494. 494
    cynnamon Says:

    First i would like to say i totally love her music and i know that if i knew miey we would be bffs but when you are in the business like she is in there is tons of pressure on what to do and what not to do and how not to dissapoint younger fans but yet still pull in older fans too. she should have never gone topless with a blanket but nobodys perfect,at least she did not pose nude like vanessa wich is an adult i fell that miley should not say sorry because that is not going to stop fans from not being fans, anymore she knew what she was doing ans she knew it was wrong if she was truely sorry she would have never posed half nude i am pretty sure her fans and her family are ashamed of what she did but she is a teen like us and she does crazy teen things like we all do so cut her some slack she went the mile of mess up but not the extra mile if you are her fan stay her fan she is still awesome and dont post really mean things about her sure it is interesting to read but shes just a teen living in a peerpressure world in her case it is more pressure on her than regular teens like you and me.

    ttyl cynnamon

  495. 495
    denisse=) Says:

    hey!! I hate caca montana …she’s a fake!!!
    see you!!….
    p.s= IHATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!=D

  496. 496
    Nicole Says:

    Miley is a stupid ******

  497. 497
    elizabeth Says:

    ok first off there is nothing wrong with this picture its very beautiful. its not sluty, trashy, or ****** in anyway. all miley is doing is taking an innocent photo. oh my god its in vanity fair for god sakes! that is the most unsluty magizine. im the same age as miley and i would have done something like that if i was her. there is nothing wrong with a young women showing her beauty. the shoot is not provocitive in any way! people people just need to stop judging her every move she makes if it hadnt had been for like stars like lindsey lohan or brittany spears giving younger stars lits a bad image noone would have ever said anything about this! its a beautiful picture people!

  498. 498
    jennifer Says:

    they have done good…therefore finally is exited who was truly the true one miley cirus!!!!

  499. 499
    Meredith Says:

    This is why I can’t stand her. As soon as the media starts to question her and people get uneasy about her, she’ll do anything to look perfect and innocent again. And I’m sick of the “My faith will help me” crap. You made a mistake, you looked like a ****. She said she liked the pictures and now she takes it all back just because heaven forbid her “perfect” image gets scratched.

    Honestly, why would the parents let the FIFTEEN year old daughter, pose half naked in a magazine?! I’m fifteen, and even though I’m not a celebrity, I highly doubt that my parents would let me pose in a towel for a magazine. I don’t care how amazing this photographer is. You have a brain, Miley. You can control your own thoughts and actions. Or do you let your parents and photographers do that for you?

  500. 500
    Kaylee Says:

    I hate her. I used to like her but now I dont because she is ugly. She sings horribly. I HATE HER.

  501. 501
    denisse=) Says:

    kaka moOntanaaa=)

  502. 502
    gabe Says:

    well she should ‘ve sex with me first s it would look more darin` and then she’ll retire early on shobiz and we will settle down at apeacefull paparazzi free counrty so we could have our kids!!
    hehhe pls add me at runscape nemrod23 huh no hacking plz!
    i love miley and if we have sex i’ll marry her right away no ifs and buts.
    and pls add me at friendster: gabe_^ pogi-= no gays allowed straght people only!!

    if i meat miley ill kiss her on her forehead sign of respect then if she kiss me back ill kiss her at the neck sign of love then we’ll have sex after we had a shower together…!!!!!!!!!!11
    Wow so much for fantasies huh kid? im male 14 philipines thanks 4 readin`

  503. 503
    gabe Says:

    well she should ‘ve sex with me first s it would look more darin` and then she’ll retire early on shobiz and we will settle down at apeacefull paparazzi free counrty so we could have our kids!!
    hehhe pls add me at runscape nemrod23 huh no hacking plz!
    i love miley and if we have sex i’ll marry her right away no ifs and buts.
    and pls add me at friendster: gabe_^ pogi-= no gays allowed straght people only!!

    if i meat miley ill kiss her on her forehead sign of respect then if she kiss me back ill kiss her at the neck sign of love then we’ll have sex after we had a shower together…!!!!!!!!!!11
    Wow so much for fantasies huh kid? im male 14 philipines thanks 4 readin`

  504. 504
    Wow. calm down. Says:

    she did a freaking photo shot, for a magazine.
    i mean, gawd, its not like its playboy.
    at least she was wearing clothes.
    give the girl a break.
    yeah, she knew what she was doing & she more than likely want tricked, but whatever.
    she wanted to feel sexy & have people know it.
    really, what 15 year old girl doesnt.
    just because shes a celebrity doesnt mean she shouldnt be able to have her fun like the rest of us.
    ily miley.
    you still have MY support.

  505. 505
    Fabby Says:

    This is a really bad picture of her even if you exclude the whole nudity factor. Come on, she looks like a ******* half-naked corpse. This is in no way artistic. Anyway;

    She knew what she was getting into. If you want a G-rated image, you don’t get to pose topless, end of story.

  506. 506
    ERIN Says:


  507. 507
    robert templeton Says:

    miley cyrus is hot but why would she degrate her self like this if i were a women and i did this my mom would beat the pee out of me.

  508. 508
    Justin Says:

    you guys are dumb if you think a 15 year old can’t be manipulated . Every single one of you have been talked into something stupid. You all have something you regret. worry about your own mistakes and let Miley deal with her own. I look at that picture and I can plainly see she is completely uncomfortable. Grow up losers, you all act like this 15 year old girls life should revolve around you. Public figure or not, she is entitled to a few mistakes in life and I am indifferent. She will get through it and I am certain you’ll all survive.

  509. 509
    the_man Says:

    poor miley.. being pressured by the stench of the world (media, hollywood, etc..) just like other celebrities..

  510. 510
    bonnie Says:

    Omg someone give her something to Eat.

  511. 511
    Nekoz Says:

    She has a bare back! omg, she is a witch, lets burn her. No really she should be put down like the dog she is. Its bad enough she can show her face, unlike other females around the middle east, but to show her BACK! Thankfully she lives in a place that grants freedoms, she looks fine, she aint prego, and has a good income. Maybe we make a big deal about this crap because of our own demons….not hers

  512. 512
    tee Says:

    people that say shes a ****, and she sucks and stuff are just stupid and immature. because miley does make mistakes like everybody else, but hers are just broadcasted throughout the media. we all have “racy” pictures floating around. me and my friends take pictures by the pool in our bathing suits all the time, and i know were not the only ones. if you go on myspace, or facebook basically every highschool girl has tons of pictures of them in their bathing suits, or showing off cleavage. In my opinion miley i better role model then most preteens older sisters, its not like she swears or does drugs. so, she made a couple mistakes, get over it.

  513. 513
    jackie Says:

    i think that everyone should get off her back. If she wanted to take those pics then let her. No one can say she’s the only teenaged girl who takes pics of them selves in sexy or cute poses.I have a 15 yr older daughter also and she’s always taking pics with all kinds of poses. Now as far as the pics in the magazine, that would have been her parents job to sit her down and talk to her about what kind of pics to take. But when ur child is taking care of the parent ,the parents feels like theyhave to let them do what they want. As long as she keeps bringing in that money! People make mistakes, just don’t make anymore. I also think that when You decide to be famous and in the public eye, you just can’t do anything that a normal teenager would do. That a choice she made when she became a star.

    All this doesn’t change what a wonderful actress and singer she is!!

  514. 514
    James Cureton Says:

    ii think she looks ****** classy and great plus there is no ****** nude in that pic all yall r ****** treating her just like yall treated Brittany Spears and all the others so **** YOU MOTHER FUCKERS !!!

  515. 515
    Does it matter Says:

    r u guys all stupid. dont listen to the poparitzi. its just a dad a daughter hugging nothing more u idots. if u hate h.m of m.c then just say it to urself. no one else wants to heer u wine so SHUT UP losers. mileys rocks!

  516. 516
    julia Says:

    HOW COULD HER PARENTS LET HER DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  517. 517
    dallas Says:


  518. 518
    rosy Says:

    there not tht bad…
    worse could be going topless and stuff..its artistic but she’s kinda young =[ doesn’t compare to the pictures she sent to her ex.!
    i don’t hate her..i feel sorry..still think she’s a **** at times but i just gotta ask..WHY?

  519. 519
    rosy Says:

    oh and i forgot.
    let her live her life we do embarassing stuff no one cares about so why should we care about the things she do tht we do and think of ‘em as wrong.?

  520. 520
    smokin b Says:

    Ok… I heard she told a friend of hers that she wants to become a “sex symbol”. Firstly, ew. Secondly, at her age she shouldn’t be thinking about anything like that. It’s ridiculous. She’s no Marilyn (sp?). She’s no Pam. Okay? She wanted that shoot and she got what she wante dout of it, that is until she saw the reaction. Face it Miley fans, there is no excuse. Sorry, not to be rude but it’s the truth.

  521. 521
    LL Says:

    poor poor miley i still love u no homo

  522. 522
    NeverSayNever Says:

    i saw her other photos and they are twice as worst. I HATE MILEY CYRUS. miley cyrus is a big DISNEY ****. she is not a good role model. she has more than 20 photos of herself in the internet and they are inapropriate.
    selena gomez and demi lovato are better role models. children should look up to them not miley. miley is ****** ***** ****. before she was a good girl but now she had totally change because of her publicity. why she could be like hillary duff. a celebrity who have always been good girl.
    when miley grows up i think she is gonna turn out like lindsey lohan. miley should not be bff with that mandy girl. mandy jiroux is a stripper model so maybe that is why miley became like this.
    PS. mady jiroux is 21 years old. it is so weird a 21 year old hanging with a 15 year old. WEIRDO’S!!!!

  523. 523
    will Says:

    Miley watch yourself.
    First of all with the media around you, you have to cover yourself out.
    Second you are hot so any pic of you like the ones in will ruin you.
    And third you have a great body.

  524. 524
    Denny Scott Says:

    Let’s see. A fifteen year old working in an industry that makes you an adult at your first work. Wanting to do artistic portraiture. All private parts covered. Working the eyes for innocence and seduction. This goes on in middle school more than you think let alone high school. If I had a daughter I would allow this photo session. But then, art is in the eye of the beholder. By the way, there is a cute picture of my wife and her cousins all four naked in the bath tub. A popular item in the 50′s and 60′s. And from a small town. Got processed by a photo lab.

    Better an artistic photo session than those who give it away with no recourse. I think there is no apology necessary for Miley or her parents.

  525. 525
    PPSSHH!!! Says:

    oh poor miley……….NOT oh my god the things you people do for this little girl is ridiculous!!!!! she knew with or without the story what she was doing so suck it up stop acting like your legal cuz you not and if you want to make an impression on somebody GO OUT AND MAKE SOME REAL MUSIC!!!!!! its people like miley that make a joke out of disney!!!!

  526. 526
    kiss_of_revenge Says:

    ok. i’m really outraged by this photo. i understand that miley is only 15, and it’s a confusing age, especially for someone who is in the limelight. I was 15 and made a lot of mistakes, but come on. 15, exposing yourself like that to the world, I feel bad for little girls like my 7 yr old niece who watches hannah montana. thank god she hasn’t seen this picture, b/c she would hate you. Even at 7 she has the sense to know what is appropriate & what is not. The picture isn’t bad as far as pictures go, but it isn’t even “artsy”. it looks exactly like what it is, a little girl trying to grow up faster than she needs to. Folks, don’t be so hard on Miley. She doesn’t need to be called derogatory names. It’s not ALL her fault. First, the parents should be slapped. What parent would look @ their 15 yr old daughter, topless, w/ a blanket knowing most of the world will see it and say, oh this is a good idea. Second the higher ups in vanity fair should be slapped for thinking this would be a good idea. & Miley should be slapped so she can learn a lesson. And as much as I love Annie Leibowitz’s work, she should be slapped for going along with this. I love art, and I understand wanting to make edgy art, but as an adult, suggesting to a 15 yr old to get topless for the public is very destructive. It’s called a brain ppl, use it. Eventhough she is 15 and its the age where girls start discovering their sexuality she isn’t old enough to show it to everyone and she knows it! Little girls who try to act older than they are end up getting raped, losing their virginity to some loser who doesn’t give a flying **** about them, or having emotional issues the rest of their lives. If miley keeps going this way, and everyone keeps letting her shes going to be just like…can anyone guess?? Lindsay Lohan. Why can’t little girls just be little girls & enjoy it while their young? You want to act grown up, give her about 10 bills, a baby to take care of, and make her get a minimum wage job where she makes $200 a week & see how much she wants to be grown up then. This is just bad parenting, with bad decision making on all parts. it’s really sad. If she wanted to make an artsy photograph to show who she is, and not be looked at as hannah montana she could have done it in a different way with her clothes on. I love that she wants to be who she wants to be, but she is in the public eye, and unfortunately for her her public eye is little girls who look up to her. Stuff like this is why little girls think the only way they can be pretty is to let their bodies hang out of their clothes and wear way too much make up and do things that a 20 year old WOMAN is doing. Miley, your not a woman, deal with it. You will be one day, but not for at least 5 more years.

  527. 527
    olç Says:

    I don’t know what i feel about her… I think she’s a good professional, but not a good person… But i can’t judge somebody that i don’t know, so… Do what you have to do, miley.

  528. 528
    divahustler302 Says:

    i still luv u miley do not listen to these shittin haters
    it is ok i luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  529. 529
    leilani Says:

    shes a good person but why would she do that!!!

  530. 530

    I mean little kids LOOK UP to her and here she is posing naked?!?!?? Does she have even ONE TINY IOTA OF sense??

  531. 531
    mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia! Says:



  532. 532
    belle Says:

    im sorry to say this but why she take her cloth out in front of camera i dont under stand even small even young even big women im from USA and every one in usa dont mind to take his cloth out but must disney not enter on stubid like miley cyrus she drink and kiss boys and take out her cloth that enough icant agree what happen

  533. 533
    Nikki Says:

    Would it be so bad if I said I liked the picture?

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