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Russell Crowe: Kids and Cigarettes Don't Mix!

Russell Crowe: Kids and Cigarettes Don't Mix!

Ever heard of second-hand smoke Russell?

Russell Crowe takes his sons Charles and Tennyson for a walk in Beverly Hills but stops to take a few puffs of his cancer stick on Friday in Los Angeles.

Charles is now 4 and Tennyson is 22 months! How quickly time flies!

30+ pictures of Russell Crowe mixing his kids with his cancer sticks…

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russell crowe cigarettes kids 01
russell crowe cigarettes kids 02
russell crowe cigarettes kids 03
russell crowe cigarettes kids 04
russell crowe cigarettes kids 05
russell crowe cigarettes kids 06
russell crowe cigarettes kids 07
russell crowe cigarettes kids 08
russell crowe cigarettes kids 09
russell crowe cigarettes kids 10
russell crowe cigarettes kids 11
russell crowe cigarettes kids 12
russell crowe cigarettes kids 13
russell crowe cigarettes kids 14
russell crowe cigarettes kids 15
russell crowe cigarettes kids 16
russell crowe cigarettes kids 17
russell crowe cigarettes kids 18
russell crowe cigarettes kids 19
russell crowe cigarettes kids 20
russell crowe cigarettes kids 21
russell crowe cigarettes kids 22
russell crowe cigarettes kids 23
russell crowe cigarettes kids 24
russell crowe cigarettes kids 25
russell crowe cigarettes kids 26
russell crowe cigarettes kids 27
russell crowe cigarettes kids 28
russell crowe cigarettes kids 29
russell crowe cigarettes kids 30
russell crowe cigarettes kids 31
russell crowe cigarettes kids 32

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  • millers-ex

    Give ‘em up Russell – they’re just not worth it

    (I mean the cigarettes, not the kids!)

  • anonymous

    To be, or not to be the first : that is not the question.

  • lol


  • erin

    omg his looks have gone down a lot. i guess being a parent is really taking a toll on him. or it’s the smoking. or bad pictures.



  • LT

    he needs to drop some lbs! and the cigs!
    great daddy though, credit where credit is due!

  • lul

    he gained a lot of weight

  • zack

    How did the paps had recognized this guy ?

  • remember da truth

    You notice he’s not smoking near the kids. A lot of fuss just so Jared can get hits.

    He looks terrible, though, and I’m a big Russell fan! He should get back in shape, and cut that hair!

  • legs

    he used to be so hot.

  • Sandbitch

    Maybe Rusty needs those manboobs for his next movie role. And maybe Danielle is busy house hunting for a place without an ape. If/when she dumps him, we all better start wearing crash helmets.

  • -

    Brad Pitt had quit smoking a long time ago so it’s not right to compare him to Russell.

    isn’t he going to replace the role that brad turned down in a movie? i wonder how he’ll pull it off.

  • Corinne

    Russell has done a “mimi me” !! His first son looks excactly just like him !
    And NO he is not smoking near his kids ….

  • honey

    Brad still smokes, there were pics just a few weeks ago. Maybe he’s cut down, but he definitely still smokes.

  • holycow

    Ew! He needs to lose weight and he should really give up smoking. He and his wife are both chainsmokers.

    I would rather see JustJared spend their posts on other actors!

  • Louise

    Russell is shooting or about to film a movie which is why he has all of the weight. None of the pictures show him smoking around the kids so I don’t know where Jared is getting the kids are risking 2nd hand smoke.

  • CAS

    Ooh cute kids.

  • Oivei

    I have to agree, Jared. It’s a cheap shot on your part to imply that Russell is smoking around his kids. In fact, ‘news’ source that you are, if you kept up with the news you would know that Russell goes to pains not to smoke around the kids. Don’t go all TMZ tabloid on us, Keep it real!

    Very cute kids! As kids do, they grow up too fast.

    As for Russell, and his looks, what’s so funny is the fact that none of us even compare. He’s a masterful actor, and apparently a great dad. Those are the important parts. On his own time, the looks he doesn’t owe us.

  • 007

    Yikes. I don’t like smokers.

  • brittanyblogs

    Is that Russel Crowe or Meatloaf?

  • Ceci

    He is awesome great actor with a great personality.

  • Jay

    OMG what happened to Russell Crowe? 2nd hand smoke is bad enough, but what about smoking when you are a great big fatty!!! Ugh, Man Boobs, ponytail – why does marriage always make men let themselves go?

  • Sandbitch

    Seriously – a bloke walks down the street with two kids and a nanny and he’s lauded as “a great dad”… And for his next trick – watch how he can walk down the street without aid, pushing the stroller, and waiting ’til he gets home to light up. Clever boy.

    Who is minding the kids while Russ is 100 yards away having a puff? Ah, that’s right, he has manny, so he duck in and out of his parental responsibilities, so HE can smoke. He is after all, Mr Russell Crowe, don’t you know? Cop this phone upside the head.

    I hope fatboy dad is investing his money well. When it’s halved up in his inevitable divorce, we don’t want him to do it too tough, do we.

  • bladr

    Stop taking pictures of celebs kids!
    Even though the lil boy here seems to like it!

  • remember da truth

    Sandbitch, what’s your problem? Hating today for some reason? Jealous because you cant afford a nanny? Or would you prefer he let the kids run in the street?

    ANYONE who can afford to will have a nanny, just as anyone who can afford it has someone come in to clean the house, or mow the lawn, or rake leaves. Get a clue!

    Russell Crowe is a great dad, wonderful actor, and has already shown himself to be a better PERSON than you. No wonder you are so bitter about life!

  • Suz

    What a gross, unkempt slob.

  • mouche

    RC has been chubby (a slight understatement lol lol) for years now so I doubt that it´s for a role! He was never especially good looking Imo, but he was (perhaps still is…) capable to act attractive! And smoking can do wonders if you want to destroy your looks!

    Cute kids, but I don´t understand him, he has been in the business for years, he knows where the paps hang out – so I must say that I really don´t understand why he “always” walks around the streets of LA with his little boys…..

  • Beedy eyes

    honey @ 04/27/2008 at 5:58 am

    Brad still smokes, there were pics just a few weeks ago. Maybe he’s cut down, but he definitely still smokes.

    Where have you seen pictures of him smoking a few weeks ago? He hasn’t smoked in well over a year

  • Mediterranean

    He used to be so handsome, so attractive. What happened to him, for God’s sake?

    What divorce, sandbitch? His wife will never let him go, she waited for him so long and put up with him so much, why divorce him now?

  • Mediterranean

    By the way, replacing some actor in some movie does not mean he/she is much better.

    Although, I am a fan of Brad Pitt, I would not like to compare his talent to Russell’s. As an actor, both of them are remarkable.

    It will be great if everybody stops smoking and very soon but he is outdoor and didn’t smoke when his kids around him. Brad does the same, garden or balcony.

  • meagan

    wth? Is this JJ or Perez Hilton???Shame on you Jared! He’s not smoking near the kids. way to sensationalized the headline. Russell is a cool dad but he needs to quit smoking and get back in shape stat.

  • Beedy eyes

    Crowe said he’s a shopaholic and obviously he wasn’t kidding. I think he shops everyday

  • Sandbitch

    Why #29? -because he’s morphing into a scruffy fat greasy haired slob.

    He himself has told how he had to wait for Danielle, beg her to give him another go. Obviously he left “I promise not to get fat” off the list of enticements and I won’ts.

    It’s funny seeing Charlie smiling at the photogs and Russ doing the opposite. I wonder how long before we get to see Charlie flip his first bird!

    oh, and #25 – what do you mean “today”??

  • Sunny

    If you look at the pictures, you’ll see that Russell’s kids are no where near him while he’s taking a cig break. I believe his business associate Bruno has taken the boys elsewhere while Big Russ has a ciggie break. I read an interview in which he said that he never smokes in front of the boys.

    But I agree… he’s looking kind of fallow, in an unfortunate way these days.. he’s carrying far too much weight and oh my.. the pulled back long hair does him no favors, tho I’ll forgive him if it’s for a film role.

  • Sunny

    For “holy cow” Russell’s wife does NOT smoke.

  • jc

    Russell could exercise and be back to his old self. It amazes me how people go overboard.

  • Sandbitch

    I wonder why Charlie had to change his shorts?? Maybe Russ isn’t too skilled in the bathroom…

  • Vshizzle

    most likely getting ready for a movie…smokes…who cares….my parents did…he looks chill on a day with the kids…I don’t always look picture perfect…cheez give the guy a break.

  • K

    He’s not smoking near his kids and he is smoking outside. Mind your own damn business !

  • gia

    I didn’t know they were making a Mario Batali biopic. Good news, I love that guy!

  • purpleworm

    Dude’s got some serious man-boobs goin on. Yikes!

  • cb

    His kids aren’t even around when he’s smoking. What a stupid post to get attention, Jared. You’re like those ridiculous STAR and INTouch alarmists now.

  • nora

    Ewwww, puke. He needs to go for a major wax and diet, put on a support bra and stop smoking.

  • anonymous

    Anyone who thinks that a chain smoker doesn’t eventually at some point smoke in a way that would visit second hand smoke on his kids is beyond naive.

    You think residual smoke doesn’t linger on his body and on his clothes? you think his fingers don’t smell of tar & nicotine? You think his environment doesn’t reek of cigarette? I’ll bet he picks up his kids in his arms wearing the same clothes he smoked in just seconds earlier.

    He has been a parent for a number of years now and i fhe’s doing any more than just an occasional cig, he is just being selfish.

    Although I’ll give him this, if the drunken, violent episodes have ceased then perhaps this is a lesser evil.

    And my god, he looks disgusting. really disgusting. This is so disappointing when you think of his beautiful self that was in LA Confidential and his early works. Even in Gladiator. I always thought he would pull a Marlon Brando – another heart breaking transformation – and I guess I was more right than I wanted to be.

    It’s a pity.


    Sorry Russell but lose weight or get a bra. I know the hair is for a movie role but you are looking bad and all this smoking is not helping.

  • bambamswife

    I don’t think one can ever compare Russell Crowe to Brad Pitt. Russell Crowe like Johnny Depp, are truly great actors_ doing such unusual parts and putting their entire selves into a role. They are great actors. Brad Pitt has never done anything memorable. He was nice to look at though. I can’t stand seeing him now though since he “hooked up” with that “thing” he is with. He must of had to have some kind of midlife crisis_ she is so totally weird.
    I really like Russell Crowe_ truly a great actor. We shouldn’t really be concerned with any of their personal lives though, since we really don’t know actually what goes on in them.

  • so very true

    Beedy eyes @ 04/27/2008 at 8:19 am honey @ 04/27/2008 at 5:58 am

    Brad still smokes, there were pics just a few weeks ago. Maybe he’s cut down, but he definitely still smokes.

    Where have you seen pictures of him smoking a few weeks ago? He hasn’t smoked in well over a year

    There have been no pixs of Brad smoking in the last few weeks, none at all. There have been no pixs of him smoking in the last year. There are pixs of him a couple of months ago on RC carpets chewing probably nicotine gum and pixs of him wearing a non smoking patch. So if Brad is still smoking there are no pixs of him doing so.

  • hair for next role

    Russell’s hair is for his Nottingham role, but the weight is just Russell. He has always been kind of stocky and chunky and as he he is now 44 he is maybe losing the battle. He will probably slim down somewhat for this next movie.

    The smoke does linger in the clothes, 2nd hand smoke is dangerous.

    But he is not smoking directly in front of the kids.

    Smoking is a hard habit to break.

  • Mediterranean



    Does this list of movies ring a bell for you?( I do hope so!)

    12 MONKEY, Interview with the vampire, Fight Club, Snatch, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES by COWARD ROBERT FORD, BABEL, The curious case of Benjamin Button.

    Before you write something, please do research. You can be wrong just like you were about Brad Pitt. Brad is one of the most handsome men in the world and he is talented.

    Go away and pick on someone else…..

  • minnie

    whatever happened to his Gladiator body.

    If he is not a good actor . . . I would surely despise him.