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Jamie Lee Curtis: I Wish Miley's Parents Protected Her

Jamie Lee Curtis: I Wish Miley's Parents Protected Her

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently herself got into some controversy for posing “topless” for AARP magazine, weighs in on Miley Cyrus‘s semi-topless scandal with Vanity Fair. Here’s an excerpt from her opinion piece:

When these young people get all dressed up for award show red-carpet events don’t we all comment how beautiful, stunning and grown-up they look in their strapless/backless dresses and heels and tousled hair? None of this is new. None of this should be news. But it is news because it is a business. It is all Business. It is called Show Business. Show Abyss-ness! I call it Show-OFF Business. You throw a child onto the jaws of a business and they will get eaten.

I know how Miley feels. I too was a little embarrassed by my recent topless “scandal” and the subsequent parodies, but I am an adult woman. I protected myself during the shoot and I can take the heat. I only wish that her guardians had protected her.

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  • Helena

    This topic got boring ages ago and it only started 2 days ago!

  • innominedei

    I agree with JLC!

  • peggy

    pretty smart words jamie!


    ya im over this miley news i really dont care she is probably just going to end up with a dui or go to jail like the rest of them in like 2 years


  • first!!!

    first!!!! yey!!

  • be a parent dammit!!

    Don’t know if they are just rednecks who is just too simple minded to understand the harsh reality of show business. Or just money hungry parents who are taking pages from Lindsey and Britney’s mom. Either way, if they don’t want to see money fame destroy their child. They better get off their honkeytonk ass and start making better judgement for this child. Help guide your 15yr.old child. Stop living vicarously through her. Yes! she is only a child so stop making her jailbait you sicko!!

  • dereon


  • Lynn

    i think Jamie lee Curtis is trying to help the parents to realize what they are putting their daughter into. I don’t imagine she’s trying to start anything. It’s just the beginning and she wants to help before it gets to far.

  • carol

    shes totally right

  • jbloveee

    ew mileys such a flippen slut. i dont know whats wrong with her.

  • http://deleted Mimi

    Jamie you are SO right!

  • LINA

    i love you miley you are awesome

  • jo

    word! don’t grow up too fast miley! her parents should know better

  • accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c

    I agree with above posts, totally bored with this. Where is Anna Nicole when you need her?

  • Jennifer W

    i think what miley did was wrong and she needs to slow down and be the 15 year old little girl she is.

  • sophie

    i guess i sort of agree with her.
    Mileys parents were there for most of the shot.. unfortunately.. as said they had to leave before the last shot was taken.. which was the one that has started this whole scandal thing. I think.. that it was planned !
    They obviously tricked miley into believing that it would be ‘artistic’ + ‘beautiful’ but really they’re trying to set a bad image. besides did you know this shoot was febuary 8th. get some new news jared, this is old stuff, we all know now. she made a mistake.. move on already.

  • joss

    this is old news, i wanna know when she gets arrested for drunk driving or for drugs

  • ironic

    she is the godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie but the two are always whoring up on magazines and movies. Please advise your own domestic crisis before latching onto other’s business.

  • Helena

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal are whoring up the magazines? LOL. Since when did they become Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton? Idiot.

  • Lola

    Urrgghh! Miley sucks, her music is okaii! But her as a person just sucks!!!

  • Helen

    get over it, this is no big deal

    you are all over reacting


  • abby

    Amen. Miley’s still a kid; if she won’t speak up, her parents should speak up for her. The fact that they didn’t shows me they thought there was nothing wrong with it, which is just sick.

  • Ha!

    “she is the godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie but the two are always whoring up on magazines and movies. Please advise your own domestic crisis before latching onto other’s business.”

    Hi, first of all WTF are you talking about? Second, Jake and Maggie are ADULTS. This little girl is 15-years-old.



  • Liberal Mom

    Can anyone say BRITNEY SPEARS???????? Remember how Britney was supposedly a virgin, even though she was living with Justin Timberlake? Then we find out that probably wasn’t even her first relationship.

  • 007

    Good words but the fact that Miley continuously make mistakes in the public’s eye doesn’t make her any better. I don’t think her guardian should be blamed here. She made the choice to take that last shot AFTER her parents left.

  • http://comingsoon Hollywood1Hugefan

    Jamie you’re wrong Do you know that miley cyrus sh’s a kid ok not a women so plzz write good comment Ur rock miley luv you

  • lilyanne

    Thanks JLC. Now can you take over guardianship of Miley before the train wreck?

  • http://comingsoon Hollywood1Hugefan

    and don’t 4 get no body perfect!!!!!

  • loren

    i agree with her

  • sarah

    she is 15, i dont hold her responsible, when i was 15 if couple adults talked me into doing somethingm, i would have done it, she is the same way…her parents whould apologize not her!

  • les

    Well, everything Miley does is for Jesus…

  • julie

    miley is a lil fuckin slut. nd without make-up shes the uglyest thing everrr ! shes fuckin 15 nd taking nude pics??? its lyk.. do u think ur fuckin cool? do u wanna get a guy 2 notice u or something??? i mean obviously guys lyk ur fuckin stupid ass.. idk y but they do. nd ur gonna fuckin b a lil fuckin slut? nddd u have a lil sis 2? damnnn… UR A FUCKIN HOE. nddd mah lil sis aint gonna watch ur show ethier or listen 2 ur corny ass music bcuz i dont want her listenin nd watchin a fuckin slut who looks lyk she starvs herself ! idk who ur tryin 2 impress but it aint workinnn bitch ! YOUR A FUCKIN SLUT. STOP TRYING TO B A BIG FAMOUS PERSON BCUZ ALL ITS CAUSED IS 4 HALF DA PPL IN DA COUNTRY 2 TALK SHIT BOUT U !!! ndd btw my whole skool thinks ur easy… which u prolly are considering the fact dat in one pic thiers a guy holding ur hip while u ” pose” for da camara…. btw, dont worry, im sure dat hue heffner lets 15 year old girls b a playboy :] k thanks byee

    btw 4 ppl dat r reading dis
    i kno imma bitch so stfu :]
    nd if u agree w. me den ur smartt
    but if u dont…. i could care less.. it aint me on dem magazines actin lyk a hoee… ohh well :]

  • whitney

    if you ask me. they arn’t that bad.
    get a life.
    what miley chooses.
    is not the hollywood hills to know about.
    yes miley made 6mistakes.
    but who cares. but my advise to her is
    to me thomas and mandy are both bad influences on her
    i think that her parents need to set some ground rules and not let her be 25yr old
    she is olny 15
    but yet she is acting like a 23-25 yr old
    she needs ground rules
    i’m a mmiley fan i support her.
    but she does need rules for that matter
    just give her a break NO she is not going to be the next paris
    Haters fuck off

  • coolperson

    JML is right Miley’s parents need to take care of her

  • april

    JLC is absolutely right !!! Miley’s parents should have stepped in here and should step up now.

  • 7bia

    oh god…poor Miley I mean she`s so sweet and funny and now… this pics…:( I hope her friends and family help her out…go Miley!!!

  • noprob

    Nothing wrong with the pics.
    Anyone trying to turn this into something dirty is just an ass.
    Nuff said.

  • ~m~

    if you read the whole thing instead of just the blurb on justjared she actually has some pretty good things to say
    especially some of her comments at the beginning

    i really don’t understand why everyone is making such a fuss about this though, the photo is beautiful and tastefully done
    North America is so prudish, i bet this story wouldn’t even make the news in Europe

  • zanessa_luver

    i feel so baad for miley but she did do something wrong!

  • Luella

    Everybody’s making such a big deal over nothing. The photos are hardly s l u t t y. How is a photograph that shows your back make you a s l u t? I’m 15 and if I got asked to take a photograph like this I would do it. It’s a fashion/art photograph not a photograph for Playboy (which this photo would not qualify for anyway, because it’s not trashy).

    I know a girl who lives in my neighborhood who just turned 16 and posed topless for Australian Vogue and is now signed to the Viva Paris agency (where Agyness Deyn and everybody is signed to). It’s hardly a s l u t t y career move, it’s a wise career move. Her parents don’t care and why would they? She’s going to go on and make heaps of money and be very successful (she has been in Vogue Paris now too). If Miley wants to move away from her kiddy fan base and start aiming towards older teenagers, then more power to her. She can hardly be a Disney star forever.

    I don’t know why everybody keeps going on about being a little girl when you are 15. You are hardly a little girl anymore. Where I live you can drive at 15 and get married at 16. That’s hardly a child. These photographs are art and if you can’t understand that and have to try and make something sick out of it, you should question what is wrong with yourself.

  • vicky

    i totally agree with her

  • Steph

    wow…this is so stupid. Miley is not yet a slut but she’s turning into one. it doesn’t suprise me at all. she’s just like the rest of them.

  • Steph

    wow…this is so stupid. Miley is not yet a slut but she’s turning into one. it doesn’t suprise me at all. she’s just like the rest of them.

  • tatum

    all i have to say is how is that any more revealing than a strapless gown with a low back??

    if it was a dress showing the same amount of skin NO ONE would have any problem

  • caus

    The Disney company belongs no more the Disney family and they have another owners.
    Nowadays Disney company is a cheap brothel.
    Their teenagers are young prostitutes. There was a director Victor Salva that abused a boy with 10 years old and went to the prison.
    The films has only dirty themes like incest between sister and brother like the film “the house of yes”.
    Nowadays the leathers of Disney studios are blacken Disney name !
    It is a shame!

  • Ayda

    ooh, ouch.
    i love jamie.
    fuck miley.
    stupid slut!

  • Jaded

    Go Jamie!

  • black

    Well said Jamie.

  • audi

    whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes just like everyone else the money and fame changes them