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Jamie Lee Curtis: I Wish Miley's Parents Protected Her

Jamie Lee Curtis: I Wish Miley's Parents Protected Her

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who recently herself got into some controversy for posing “topless” for AARP magazine, weighs in on Miley Cyrus‘s semi-topless scandal with Vanity Fair. Here’s an excerpt from her opinion piece:

When these young people get all dressed up for award show red-carpet events don’t we all comment how beautiful, stunning and grown-up they look in their strapless/backless dresses and heels and tousled hair? None of this is new. None of this should be news. But it is news because it is a business. It is all Business. It is called Show Business. Show Abyss-ness! I call it Show-OFF Business. You throw a child onto the jaws of a business and they will get eaten.

I know how Miley feels. I too was a little embarrassed by my recent topless “scandal” and the subsequent parodies, but I am an adult woman. I protected myself during the shoot and I can take the heat. I only wish that her guardians had protected her.

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105 Responses to “Jamie Lee Curtis: I Wish Miley's Parents Protected Her”

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  1. 1
    Helena Says:

    This topic got boring ages ago and it only started 2 days ago!

  2. 2
    innominedei Says:

    I agree with JLC!

  3. 3
    peggy Says:

    pretty smart words jamie!

  4. 4

    ya im over this miley news i really dont care she is probably just going to end up with a dui or go to jail like the rest of them in like 2 years


  5. 5
    first!!! Says:

    first!!!! yey!!

  6. 6
    be a parent dammit!! Says:

    Don’t know if they are just rednecks who is just too simple minded to understand the harsh reality of show business. Or just money hungry parents who are taking pages from Lindsey and Britney’s mom. Either way, if they don’t want to see money fame destroy their child. They better get off their honkeytonk ass and start making better judgement for this child. Help guide your 15yr.old child. Stop living vicarously through her. Yes! she is only a child so stop making her jailbait you sicko!!

  7. 7
    dereon Says:


  8. 8
    Lynn Says:

    i think Jamie lee Curtis is trying to help the parents to realize what they are putting their daughter into. I don’t imagine she’s trying to start anything. It’s just the beginning and she wants to help before it gets to far.

  9. 9
    carol Says:

    shes totally right

  10. 10
    jbloveee Says:

    ew mileys such a flippen ****. i dont know whats wrong with her.

  11. 11
    Mimi Says:

    Jamie you are SO right!

  12. 12
    LINA Says:

    i love you miley you are awesome

  13. 13
    jo Says:

    word! don’t grow up too fast miley! her parents should know better

  14. 14
    accidentalsexiness.wordpress.c Says:

    I agree with above posts, totally bored with this. Where is Anna Nicole when you need her?

  15. 15
    Jennifer W Says:

    i think what miley did was wrong and she needs to slow down and be the 15 year old little girl she is.

  16. 16
    sophie Says:

    i guess i sort of agree with her.
    Mileys parents were there for most of the shot.. unfortunately.. as said they had to leave before the last shot was taken.. which was the one that has started this whole scandal thing. I think.. that it was planned !
    They obviously tricked miley into believing that it would be ‘artistic’ + ‘beautiful’ but really they’re trying to set a bad image. besides did you know this shoot was febuary 8th. get some new news jared, this is old stuff, we all know now. she made a mistake.. move on already.

  17. 17
    joss Says:

    this is old news, i wanna know when she gets arrested for drunk driving or for drugs

  18. 18
    ironic Says:

    she is the godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie but the two are always whoring up on magazines and movies. Please advise your own domestic crisis before latching onto other’s business.

  19. 19
    Helena Says:

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal are whoring up the magazines? LOL. Since when did they become Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton? Idiot.

  20. 20
    Lola Says:

    Urrgghh! Miley sucks, her music is okaii! But her as a person just sucks!!!

  21. 21
    Helen Says:

    get over it, this is no big deal

    you are all over reacting


  22. 22
    abby Says:

    Amen. Miley’s still a kid; if she won’t speak up, her parents should speak up for her. The fact that they didn’t shows me they thought there was nothing wrong with it, which is just sick.

  23. 23
    Ha! Says:

    “she is the godmother of Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie but the two are always whoring up on magazines and movies. Please advise your own domestic crisis before latching onto other’s business.”

    Hi, first of all WTF are you talking about? Second, Jake and Maggie are ADULTS. This little girl is 15-years-old.

  24. 24


  25. 25
    Liberal Mom Says:

    Can anyone say BRITNEY SPEARS???????? Remember how Britney was supposedly a virgin, even though she was living with Justin Timberlake? Then we find out that probably wasn’t even her first relationship.

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