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New York Post Cover: MILEY'S SHAME

New York Post Cover: MILEY'S SHAME

Miley Cyrus has become the center of a media storm for a semi-topless photograph, taken by Annie Liebovitz for Vanity Fair’s June issue.

As you can see, the 15-year-old media darling made front page news of the New York Post with the headline exclaiming, Miley’s Shame.

The near-nude pic shows Miley clutching a satin sheet to her chest with her back bare exposed. In her interview with the mag, Miley said the picture is “really artsy,” but not “in a skanky way.”

She has since apologized to the public for the photos.

“Somebody needs to pull in the reins of this talented little gal before her career stampedes off into the sunset,” says the LA Times.

DO YOU THINK all of this attention on Miley Cyrus is out of control?

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  • Alicia

    She’ s young and she don’t know what she’s doing…

  • sam

    I don’t think it should be THIS big of a deal.

  • Frenchy

    LOL I saw that this morning. LMAO!!!!!!! She’s not even from NYC.

  • eli

    Pedophiles will love it.

    same old, parents pimping out the daughter for money

    hmmm, bets on when she goes to rehab????

  • jo

    way too overexposed! she goes to every event she’s invited too. =(

  • oh snap!

    well … her dad should be watching her she 15 years old all the perverts will love this

  • Paulie

    OH MY GOD SHE SHOWED HER BACK!!!! God, you Americans are a bunch of puritans.

  • Patsy

    I support Miley a huge deal.
    But seeing her like this upset me.

  • reero


  • julie

    the photo is not even good… she looks like a skeleton

    this is all vanity fair wanted… because now everybody is going to buy this issu

  • aurélie

    I don’t understand what’s the problem !
    We see JUST her back !!!!!!!
    We see more when someone wears a bikini !

  • katie

    I really liked her, but i’ve kinda gone off her cause of that pic

  • Star

    What’s the big deal? All you see is her back for god sakes!

  • The maven

    eli, im a taker , 20 bucks that by 18 she has a DUI to her name

  • mediterranean

    they all knew what they were doing. c’mon, they saw the digital pics once they were taken

  • lolii

    i usaully get my teacher his newspaper on the way coz he leaves “too early” so it was kinda awkawrd having it with me at school it was like holdin a PORN!!thanks a lot miley!that’ll sure atract guys2 me!!btw im 11!!

  • Lila

    I don’t see anything bad in this picture, I think it’s beautiful and artsy and it is a fu***** honor to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

  • dedaas

    calm down people!
    that is nothing compares to what britney wore when she was 15.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    “DO YOU THINK all of this attention on Miley Cyrus is out of control? ”

    jared, you give miley more attention than anyone else. lmaooo you give her more attention than her parents do.

  • Annika

    I don’t believe a single word coming out of her mouth when it’s about how sorry she is.
    Seriously, she should use her brains. She knew about the impact her leaked MySpace pictures had. If she was able to think for herself she would have been able to calcute the impact this would have.

  • inair

    to answer your question: YES

    be rebel chic at

  • allie


  • Luvn_hollywood11

    The problem is that she is only 15!! the pictures are only showing her back but she is still a teenager. Lindsay & Britney we’re never taking pictures like these when they we’re that age. I love Miley Cyrus but I just think that she really needs to think about what she is doing. On an interview Miley had with Ryan Seacrest she stated that she got grounded because she wore a shirt that was a lil revealing at one of her concerts. Her Mother did not want her to ear becasue it was to revealing but Miley did anyway I mean come on know she is showing alot more than a lil stomach. 1st There is the pictures with the boy know these pictures showing her back there is nothing wrong with them only that she is only 15!! & she has so many young lil girls looking up to her.

  • dada


  • christine

    miley cyurus is by far thee best girl everr!
    leave her alonee and the photographer told her to do it so she didnt knoww!!
    all of you guys are faggots trying to make a girls reputation bad when she hasnt done anything bad at alll.

  • jamie

    definitely think her career is out of control, her parents and disney are not putting enough limited and boundaries on her.

    she thinks just cuz shes popular she can do anything, but she doesn’t realize that there are alot of fans, but there are also alot of people who don;’t like her and there are those who are consistently watching her and criticizing her

  • lara

    so not surprised this is coming out. and yes, it is Miley’s fault and those in control of her (managers, parents, etc) In no way should Vanity Fair be in trouble for the little girls choices. get her out, another bad seed. she needs to get her life together before it totally falls apart, along with her career.

  • mouche

    It has very little to do with the fact that she only shows her back! It´s the rather pornographic pose, the lighting etc that make this photo so very creepy Imo! Add the very odd – to say the least – pic of poor Miley and her father – which shows that at least one of her parents must totally be devoid of common sense!!!!

  • joss

    just cuz the photographer told her to do, she’s gonna do it? i mean she can’t say she didn’t know what was going on, cuz her parents were there, her grandmother was there and she’s friggin 15 years old, she can’t be that stupid…
    this is her mistake this time, and she’s trying to make it seem like its not, so she’s apologizing…she doesn’t really mean she’s sorry, she’s just saying it cuz thats what ppl want to hear

  • lalala

    haha omg—15 years old

  • hannah

    She Looks Too Thin.
    And I Used To Like Her.
    Until She Let All This Fame Get To Her Head And Decided To Take Skanky Pictures Every 5 Minutes And Stupidly Post Them On Her MySpace.
    Shouldn’t Have Let The Photograph Talk Her Into That.
    It Must Be Against The Law Or Something.

  • bexter

    errr disgusting

  • Susan

    I think that if anyone should apologize, it should be Annie Lebowitz and Vanity Fair. Miley is a child. Taking direction from a very professional photographer. Where were her parents?

  • Jane

    It’s not about only seeing her back, it’s about how she’s only 15-years-old and on the DISNEY CHANNEL for crying out loud. She should NOT be taking pictures like these, especially photoshoot ones.

    I mean, how many more half-naked pictures are we going to see until she finally realizes what she’s doing is going to affect her career? Sadly, she’s the biggest Disney name, and parents see this stuff, and they don’t want their daughter or son looking up to someone who claims she does everything for God, including getting half-naked and taking pictures any chance she has.

    Basically, it’s her parents fault. She’s a minor and they should know better than to pimp their bread-winner out just for some millions. I mean, she’s already worth about 10 billion or something, so do they really need to get her naked in order to sell magazines? It’s really sad.

    But, I’ve never been a fan of Miley. She can’t act or sing to save her life. Her voice is so annoying to listen to and after all this, and watching a few of her videos with Mandy, she seems like an annoying person, to say the least.

    She’ll just join the ranks of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Disney stars who had it big, but then became known for something other than their acting and singing.

  • Patricia

    I’m a Miley fan and I’m 17…I don’t see anything wrong with this picture or any other photo that has leaked onto the internet.

    People just need to get over it and leave her alone. She IS NOT Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan,she’s just another 15 year old girl.

    I,honestly,think the photo is a great shot;not slutty or skanky,and I’m still supporting Miley Cyrus no matter what.

  • pam

    My children are wild about Miley/Hannah Montana. I am in show business for a living and I blame her parents for not reigning in Annie Lebowitz for the back-bearing photos (but because the pics are being taken by such a well-known and respected photog, they may have assumed the pics would be in good taste. I personally don’t see anything wrong with seeing her back – Anglo American Prudes are making too much of this). As for her own pics of her bra – she’s a kid having fun. Nothing worse than a bathing suit so the media is making her out to be a ho when actually she’s acting age appropriate. People need to let go of the little things and realize this is one rich and talented person who has to make all her mistakes in public. How many of you have made mistakes and are grateful the whole world wasn’t watching? Lighten up and let this gal off the hook (and her parents too).


    mileys stupid,she should never have taken those other photos in the first place.Shes trying to grow up too quickly.

    Shes not setting a good example for kids at all!

    Hannah FREAKIN S L U T T Y Montana.

    Keep it up Mileya nd you’ll get a shoot for playboy.

  • megs

    I dont think this picture is bad at all. BUT she should have been a little more cautious given the other scandalous pics circulating last week…

  • Shrimp

    #4 i bet when shes about 17. if that lol. shes already lost support of lots of people. whats left? she has no self respect.

  • J

    First, I don’ t think people should look down on her because of this. I highly doubt in her mind or her parent’s mind that it was going to turn into something like this, let alone be anything bad.

    Second, I can see how easily someone may have explained it to Miley in a sense that it would be artsy and legendary. She was in the moment, people were telling her it would be great and she probably didn’t know any better when you have people telling you it’s okay and plus…her parents weren’t on set for that. I honestly think the photographer and those around her should have never suggested the idea.

  • tidbit
  • sophie

    seriously, theres nothing wrong with these.
    i’m not joking, i mean. i don’t know why people are making such a big deal about it.. she knows it was wrong, she thought it would be ‘artistic’ she had to remove her shirt, besides she has clothes on underneath, + she has said sorry to everybody + shes really upset + shes going to learn from her mistakes.. just give her a break.. put yourself in her shoes, how would you feel ?

  • amy

    If you look at the behind the scenes pictures she’s actually fully dressed, they just pulled the top of her top down to make it look like she was naked.

    Besides its not like the world hasnt seen naked underage disney stars before!

  • diane

    I think she is to young to have her picture taken like that what was her mom and dad thinking

  • http://justjared zarah

    I’ve gone off her now after looking at her pics,she does’nt seem the cute innocent looking girl no more ,she is just a attention seeker.HER parents are nerds for not taking control of her.

  • legs

    i had enough of this miley photo scandal.

  • http://vanashbrenique sam

    the press is getting wayyy out of control with this. miley even said herself that she didn’t want to take the pics in a skanky way….so why is everyone making a big deal out of this?? =/
    anyway…..loveeee mileyy <33333333333333
    great role model no matter what anyone says :D

  • Nando

    She’ll be pedophile-gold if she keeps this up.

    Miley’s not a regular teenager. She’s always in the spotlight. Her parents should be more restrictive with her.

    Yeah, she was wearing pants in the shoot. But in the final photograph, she appears like too mature…”skanky,” I would say.

  • Shrimp

    ok sophie? can u explain to me why she would take pictures of her and her bf? and then put them on her myspace. or the picuture of her in her underroos? whats up wit that. how is that “learning from her mistakes”?

  • Emmalicious

    My fucking god
    Just LEAVE her alone
    shes human just like us
    but you all criticize her over her fucking mistakes
    go bash someone else for crying out loud