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Tom Cruise Spills on Oprah Show

Tom Cruise Spills on Oprah Show

Oprah already filmed the first of her two-part interview with Tom Cruise at his private estate in Telluride, Colorado.

The Queen of Daytime revealed a few details to her audience of 4,000 during this past weekend’s interview with Tina Turner and Cher at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. And apparently, one of Oprah‘s production assistants asked the audience not to leak out anything they heard saw.

One audience member revealed to E! “She had everyone repeat in unison, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ several times.”

Same source spilled the beans on the interview: “Oprah said Tom gave her a ride on a snowmobile She also said that Katie and Suri were there for the interview, too.”

Cruise, 45, is grilled about Scientology, his lashing out against Matt Lauer on the Today show and his wild couch jumping antics. This segment will air on Friday and then on Monday, May 5, Cruise will return to Oprah‘s Chicago studio to wrap up his interview.

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  • kat

    god he’s gone insane,,,,,
    i really really dislike him.

  • Alison

    I really dislike him now too. I can’t believe Oprah would have him on her show again after last time. Hope she put her good furniture away.


    i would never laugh so hard on someone’s misfortune

  • Grace

    I swear to god, if he’s doing this to push back against the Anonymous campaign of information against Scientology, I’m going to scream.

    It is absolutely maddening that a freaking cult set up by a habitually-lying science fiction author, a guy who once said “Want to be a millionaire? Start a religion” is getting this sort of attention. Want to know why Tom went all sorts of nutty last time? Because he’d just gotten back into the Church of Scientology, and was eyeball-deep in auditing. And unfortunately for him, brainwashing can result in exactly the sort of no-holds-barred types of lunacy he then let loose.

    I’d almost be happy if Oprah was intending to ask him serious questions about Scientology, or about Jason Beghe (recently defected celeb Scientologist, check out his YouTube interviews), but she won’t. She’ll just sit there and let him recite the party line, and he’ll lie about it (charmingly, the Church texts specifically allow you to do this), and once again Scientology will have gotten a free media blitz. After all, that’s why they go after celebrities so actively — for exactly this sort of situation.

    Don’t be fooled. Don’t let our celebrity-centric culture divert you. Research Scientology, and know what Tom’s really into.

  • :)

    coool . :]

  • Karena

    I can’t wait for this. I think it’s wonderful he’s going back to “Oprah.” The couch-jumping crap is apparently never going to be lived down, so why avoid it. He’s going to talk about it. I’m glad. Go, Tom!

    And Katie and Suri there too? Yay!

  • Jeremy

    I think Tom would draw less ire if his purported religion wasn’t involved in such ever-discovered scandals such as the child labor talked about by Jenna Miscaviage Hill on Nightline, as well as their “Disconnection” and “Fair Game” policies.

    Tom was acting MUCH less crazy and wasn’t nearly as frowned upon when he was effectively out of Scientology before the divorce from Nicole. Once they had thier hooks in him they drug both his mind and career down to a point that I am not sure he can recover from (short of denouncing them).


    i used to like them both! now, i cant stand them! imo they are both hypocrites! YES I’M TALKING ABOUT TOM AND OPRAH!

  • Anonymous

    Tom, take your wife and your kids and run. Run run run. Your wife is still pretty new to Scientology, she’ll still have contacts on the outside — hell, you’ve got the Beckhams AND the Smiths from what we can tell. You’re the most famous Scientologist on the planet, you’re probably the only person who could leave without horrible consequence. I don’t care what they’ve got in your files; even if Miscavaige uses them, you’ll be out and can counter it. BLOW.

    Anonymous is holding worldwide protests to bring to light the inhumane practices of the Church of Scientology. Not Scientologists themselves — believe whatever you’d like, freedom of religion is important. But the Church of Scientology is a repressive, criminal organization with a long record of harassment and frivolous lawsuits. the CoS has acted against its own members, forced family members to shun each other, has viciously attacked anyone trying to leave. Anonymous came into this fight on behalf of free speech, but since have learned the many, many other abuses the CoS is involved in.

    Families should not be ripped apart. Members should not be psychologically intimidated and blackmailed. Religions should not have their own dedicated secret service offices. And a business masquerading as a religion should not enjoy tax-exempt status when it charges parishoners enormous amounts of money for services.

    Now’s the time, Tom. Don’t put that lovely little girl of yours through sec-checks and auditing.

  • -

    both tom and oprah sucks.

  • jesse


  • solaris

    I am not the one who likes to shout,
    but it’s really close this time…


  • Yoyo McAmerican roswellgal

    I’m not a Scientologist but Tom is Amazing, Katie is classy like Audrey Hepburn, no feces are ever stinking and maybe Scientology could the people who are attacking it with their crimes.

  • Karinya

    she is so ugly
    wat a hoe u no she did topless photos for this

  • oh please

    Hey Jared, can you post the photos of Tom with Bella and Connor at the Galaxy game this weekend? (Gettyimages) The media annoys me so much. They are always cmplaining that Tom isn’t seen with his older kis, and then when he is , the photos don’t get published!

  • michele

    DAMAGE CONTROL!!! he has finally realized that he it not made of teflon and needed to grovel back to Oprah where his decline began. I am actually disappointed in him.

  • anonymous

    ***NEWS FLASH***

    To anyone who thinks Tom is an actor, nothing more… or leave poor Tom alone – he hasn’t done anything..”


    For those of you who are legitimate Tom Cruise fans and cannot understand why so many people question his motives.
    Please take the time to do a little due diligence on $cientology and what it stands for, and in turn what Tom’s involvement is.
    And if you don’t bother doing a bit of googling, then PLEASE don’t comment.
    Because you don’t know what you are talking about and you may influence others into thinking Tom has good intentions.
    When he clearly does not.

    But the truth is Tom uses his celebrity to meet with government, legislators, education departments, police and fire departments and big business as a representative for the cult of $cientology.
    He does this to introduce their worthless and sometimes dangerous philosophy, and to push their front groups.
    He is $cientology’s number one PR tool.

    Just check out some of the links below.
    I ask this because then you may really understand why so many of us are disgusted with his convenient ignorance and denial on what he represents as the mouthpiece for $cientology.
    And to call this a religion is a injustice of the highest kind.

    Scientology is nothing but a sham – a money-making venture masking itself in religious clothing to avoid prosecution, and doing quite well at it, I might add, thanks to their secret deal with the IRS that gives them preferential treatment over any other religion in the US.

    But don’t take my word for it.
    Find out for yourself.

  • anonymous

    The leadership of $cientology see huge money signs when Tom, John Travolta and other celebrities get on tv, do movies etc.
    Because they in turn promote this as a $cientology win.
    Celebrities help ‘legitimize’ their cause and give them greater acceptability in the eyes of the general public.

    But problem here is: they are representing a CULT.
    A CULT.
    No two ways about it.

    Tom’s continuing self promotion and promotion of all things $cientology (including any media appearances) are highly offensive to those who have been used, tormented, lied to, stolen from, hurt, harassed, bullied and even murdered by $cientology practises.

    Tom is a super promotion tool for $cientology.
    He knows it and unashamedly uses it to full advantage.

    Justice would be served if the whole world classified $cientology as Germany does – as a cult whose primary objective is to make money.

  • anonymous

    “… In this age of celebrity, where celebrities get a free pass to assert as opposed to argue. Where they get access to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Politicians, NOT because of what they know but because of who they are. Then, that is a dangerous slide into an unreflective world….

    Tom Cruise is effectively a celebrity advocate… he’s arguing for his faith. He is a poster boy for his faith. He wants to change the way the education system is run in this county, the way that mental health is run in this country…. ”

    Andrew Morton, speaking about Tom Cruise after two years of careful research on his biography.

  • laurie

    Boycott Oprah may 5 send that bitch a message…

  • anonymous

    I was a big Oprah fan.
    But this is the last straw for me.
    I really have lost all admiration for her after this.
    And it seems I’m not alone in thinking this.

    Oprah has really sunk to an all time low to give this deluded $cientology shill nation wide air time.

    “…Cruise, 45, is grilled about Scientology, his lashing out against Matt Lauer on the Today show and his wild couch jumping antics…”

    Yeah right.
    Sorry, but I don’t believe a word that comes out of Tom’s mouth.
    Tom has lost all credibility and this appearance is out of complete desperation to try and revive his cleaner than thou image.
    Problem is he has a sneaky hidden agenda and now most people are on to him and his cult.

    BOYCOTT all $cientology celebrities
    BOYCOTT all $cientology media projects and businesses
    Send a clear message and cut off some income to this very nasty organisation.

    And if you really want to know what Tom is all about, forget Oprah.
    Go to youtube and watch some of his $cientology videos.

  • tom loves david

    Is Oprah a $cientologist?
    This is really a question that must be considered.
    Why is she giving such positive exposure to known $cientologists?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    the queen of daytime is ellen.


    I WILL NOT be watching Oprah…ever AGAIN!!!! Seriously, the only way to make a difference and to get their pathetic faces off the TV, mags, etc, is to NOT WATCH the freakshow.

    I can’t believe the beard and her illegitimate daughter, Suri, will be on the show too! I’m sure the Oprah show will go overboard to try to make Tom, the beard, and L. Ron’s little girl look like they have a fairytale “family”. They are all misfits of society!!!! Tom and Katie need to be in a mental health hospital.


    What more can any of us say? Tom Cruise has really lost his mind. He is obsessed with publicity….no matter what the “cost” is to his reputation. If he thinks he can go on Oprah and erase three years of lunacy, he’s worse off than I had ever thought. I truly, truly believe that Tom Cruise is so far gone, nothing or nobody can save him now. He is a loose cannon. Nowadays, he is nothing but a liability….a liability to any movie studio that associates with him, a liability to his business associates, and probably the BIGGEST liability that the COS has. Who knows, if Tom doesn’t STFU, the COS may go after him? A lot of their members conveniently committ “suicide”.

  • anonymous


    Oprah has a message board on her website to get feedback from her shows. If anyone has the time or inclination, go there are give direct feedback to the shows producers.

    Seriously, Oprah is losing any journalistic credibility she may have once commanded.

    Ironically, one of the threads on Oprah’s message board is:
    ” TRAGEDIES – Share your thoughts and find support ”
    Perhaps some ex scientologists could share their stories of mental, emotional and financial abuse by $cientology.

  • ydzonline. com

    Oh man I gotta see this on Friday.

  • Shrimp

    he scares me.. what the fuck was he thinking? hes gone crazy

  • cheeky

    I used to be a fan of OKRA but no more!! After licking Tom C and JA as@es’ she lost me.

  • Lisa

    I would be interested in watching the show on Friday. The typical hollywood story….. star rises, star falls. Star like Tom Cruise makes American history. Really, when you look around, there weren’t many celebrities like him to have such a amazing career that make hollywood a worldwide name brand. So from the economic pointview, we need him to rise. I can’t imagine a better story than that. As long as he can put whatever he’s believing in to himself, I can care less. So should you all too.

  • Frances

    I dont like Oprah but Im watching for Cruise because I like him and his family.

  • lurker

    Its trolls that are crazy. Their jealous and judgements and hate for people they dont know are beyond crazy. If you dont like any of this stars then why bother spending so much time on their stories and photos. How pathetic and get a real happy life.

  • Mindy

    i adore TC; looking forward to this.

  • boston

    Oh please the lowlives here whining they wont watch the show will tune in. Their obsession says it all.

    If the man has a weird religion so be it and that’s his business not ours. It applies to us all too our politics and religion that others dont care for nor agree is our right to do choose and practice.

  • 90210


  • Abby

    He’s a great all around guy. Cant wait for Friday and Monday.

  • kisses

    E news is not always accurate. Go Tom Go!!!!! Would love to see Katie and Suri on this interview. Thanks JJ but you didnt post pics of Tom,Isabella and Connor on the Beckham game. Its really adorable and heartwarming.

  • Been there done that

    Scientology is a cult. They have one a single messianic figure, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, who’s writings are the true and definitive word. It can’t be altered or disputed. They have a totalitarian organization with military uniforms, ranks and structure. They have their own intelligence department and their own justice department. They believe there’s a world wide conspiracy against them enforcing the “us vs the world” mentality. They believe they are the only ones that know the truth, but never tell you what that is – you have to find out by progressing up the Bridge of Total Freedom. Lastly, they believe in disconnecting from families and love-ones if they are antagonistic towards the church or its teachings.

    L. Ron Hubbard is not a messiah. He was a quack, a witch doctor selling his brand of science fiction as reality, an egomaniac, paranoid psychotic that believed the root of everyone’s trouble is caused by an evil alien ruler by the name of Xenu. He went mad thinking that Xenu’s loyal followers had infiltrated the Church of Scientology. He spent the last years of his life in hiding, much the same way Howard Hughes did. He is now dead. He died of a stroke. He is gone forever. He is not coming back in your lifetime or anyone else. He was not the brilliant man everyone makes him out to be. He was at best a prolific writer and a very wild imagination. He had all the time in the world to write hundreds of books and policy letters because once he began making money from Scientology and Dianetics, he never had to work another day in his life. Fortunately, the stress of his psychosis and persecution by various governments, the US include, drove him in seclusion.

    There are hundreds of websites and postings by thousands of ex-members telling you the truth about this deceptive organization. There are hundreds of hours of videos with ex-members sharing their experiences.

    Ask yourself, what makes a devoted practitioner not only denounce, but attack the very “religion” they put 10-20 years of their life and money into? They do it because they finally see the real reality – Hubbard was a fake. The anger of being lied too and the time they wasted go beyond anything a current member would know.


    Scientologists believe that they’ve lived previously and take on a new body as the old one dies.

    Scientologists believe that in each life, you suffer traumatic events subconsciously. They help find and resolve these events.

    Scientologists believe you can “exteriorize”. ie. leave your body and travel across time and space and return. This is learned in the OT levels.

    Scientologists believe that earth is prison and we are alien spirits trapped here by an evil war lord named Xenu.

    You find out about this after 10-15 years of auditing which costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars… or you have to sign a contract and work 60+ hours for the church as below minimum wage.


  • American

    Are any of you aware that he hasn’t done anything wrong in three years and has apologized for his antics in 2005? All you can do now is bring up the same old things he did, make fun of him jumping on that couch (who did he hurt?) and speculate about his sexuality and his biological daughter’s paternity.

  • be happy

    Its pretty clear that some that attack Cruise are former rejects of the church. Maybe its best to seek a psychologists or even return to Scientology because some are really miserable and a mess. Or if they found another faith, they are just making the religion look bad because they are spreading evil seeds to sow.

    If you are moving on with your lives,not intent on harming Cruise,his family,the world and the fans some of you will look like role models and more admirable. There’s no credibility with your hate because you are very mean people and very very scary.

    If Cruise and this wacky religion is what you say then let nature take its course. Let it get wacky. But you know what?
    every religion and belief have its wacky side and good side.
    No exception. Its up to the person to make it work.

  • legs

    my tivo is all set….

  • elanine

    . . . this is all prelude to his new movie because it has a really bad buzz in the industry and among movie goers or people in general. Can’t even remember the name of the freaking movie…. Vylker, something rather, the one where plays a Nazi and wears one eye-patch.
    oooohhhh sooooooooooo boring. yawn yawn.

    go away Tom Cruise. Just go ahead and concentrate on your Scientology duties with your Scientology followers.
    go away Tom Cruise, go away!!!

  • pr

    sounds like some are so jealous of Tom Cruise.

  • me

    #44 – Would you please tell me what there is to be jealous of??? Seriously….I’m just not able to come up with anything……

  • Miapocca

    There maybe be wack religions, but scientology is not a religion is an organized crime organization extremely manipulative and cruise being used to pimp the sh-it to the m asses…frankly if you think its so peaceful and kumbayah, then why the heck do they have a special unit for spying and harrasing folks…is this what other religions do?// REALLY???!!

    HMMM pathetic scientologist sent out to compare his sh=-it to other should really find other arguments..these are old and plain foolish and many people have the line down by now and it so obviously shows you are one of the a-rse holes..but hid behind a computer and claim that YOUR EVIL GREEDY CULT is comparable to other religions.a.hahahah

    you even made mw laugh but death and harrasement which you engage in on a dialy basis is a serious matter and practicing medicine without a liscence by giveing extremely foolish medical advise is a CRIME….Your day is coming where that asthmatic dwarf will be indicted;…

    THe foolish asthmatic dwarf claims scientology healed his asthma, well all he had to do was manage it and keep his enviroment free of trigger..even a 3 yr old asthmatic patient should know this

    Is Oprah taking one of her books to tommy midget to read a page and let us know the miracle of being cured of his dyslexia..they will probaly set that up by giving him the book before hand…ahahhahahha

  • Lois

    poor haters and jealous lowlives going nuts.

  • dean

    Oh lois, poor poor lois. tom is the hater and he hates all of his “fans” that is why he leads you to his cult and takes away your money and your freedoms.


    I love Tom and Oprah and Scientology. I not need to be anonymous and use a mask. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!

  • VtancXyLLXMlB

    757061 438485Hey there! Great post! Please when all could see a follow up! 662735