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Oprah and Tom Cruise Hug it Out

Oprah and Tom Cruise Hug it Out

Tom Cruise puts the squeeze on Oprah while filming a TV segment at Tom‘s home in Telluride, Colorado.

One teaser question Oprah asks Tom: “How’s Kate‘s family accepting you?”

After interviewing Tom, Oprah said, “I had a great time with him, so that’s on Friday’s show. And then we’re celebrating 25 years of him in the business.”

This footage will air on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Friday, May 2.

Then, on Monday, May 5, the talk show queen will grill Cruise, 45, from her Chicago studio about Scientology, his lashing out against Matt Lauer on the Today show and his wild couch jumping antics.

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    Oprah reigns with her exclusive interview.

  • Shar

    Why does she look like she’s trying to get away?

  • O.M.G.

    GO OPRAH!!!!!!!

  • oh snap!

    lol at #2

    pretty shot though

  • Janie

    I am so glad to see Tom like this! He is such an amazing actor, and I can’t wait to see this interview! He seems like such a sweet guy. Let’s just hope they didn’t interview each other on his couches! :)

  • oh snap!

    lol at #2

    this shot looks pretty though

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    even i gotta admit tom looks a little crazy in this picture.

  • peggy

    pretty picture

  • angie

    What the heck is so interesting about this? Is everybody ready to swallow a bunch of media hype so Tom can sell some movies and make him some more millions? I personally don’t care if they hug it out…I’d rather they just get out…man, all this attention he’s crying for really smells like desperation. My Lord, I still have nightmares about the media hype from 2005…every time I turned the channel, there was Tom with Katie in a death grip, or Tom and Katie’s freakin’ wedding…I still have flashbacks, accompanied by nausea. I for one will not even be anywhere near the Oprah-and-Tom-hug-out-episode…he never has been a blip on my radar., but I could at least have some respect for the guy if he had any self respect.

  • Ally

    oprah makes the world go round :)
    wheres the couch??

  • katie n

    Oprah looks amazing for a woman of her age.

  • katie n

    In fact, Oprah looks great for any age group for that matter…

  • Tullia

    Oh, great, fantastic. I’m sure the celebration of 25 years in the business will IN NO WAY affect how hard the Scientology questions are.

    I think this is pretty simple; Scientology’s in trouble, getting a lot of bad PR, and so they’re deploying their top celebrity for the exact purpose they recruited him in the first place. Free, mindless, giddy publicity.

    Scientology’s a scam, and no matter how many filters Oprah films through or how many times she whoops on a snowmobile, that’s not going to change.

  • Karena

    That’s a great shot of them. I can’t wait to see Tom on her show. :)

  • the shiznack

    everyone still knows he is a whackjob with his and i put this lightly ‘trophy wife’

    nazis didnt create psychology tommy girl, ok

  • Locfo

    I can’t wait to watch it it! This is gonna be the best Friday ever! Tom Cruise on Oprah, plus Iron Man!

  • yeah Right

    LOL! #15 “Trophy Wife” hahaha!you’re right barely. Try Certificate wife. She’s no where near the Trophy shelf. Hahahaha!

    Tom looks like a nutty fool in that pic. WTH is his problem? Freak.

    Basically this thread is to tell us that neither one of these money grubing, PR *horing twits have absolutely nothing to discuss. But have no problem using up 2hrs of viable air time to prove it. Tiny Tom has no intentions of speaking the truth and her highness has no intention of digging for it. She wants to sweep the ratings and Tiny Tom wants attention on his grounds.


    Scientology is a dangerous cult. Go to or and learn the truth behind Tom’s “Church”.
    Google “Operation Snowwhite” and “Lisa McPherson” to learn the truth.

  • Shar


  • jedis


  • chef

    Cute photo of Oprah
    and Tom.

  • Jared fan

    Is it Friday yet? You rock JJ.

  • america

    Extra blessings will come to him. So many are waiting for this interview and even the media. As for the trolls, those that throw dirt on innocent people always loses ground.

  • Adoring Fan


  • juno

    TC for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Scientology is a dangerous cult. Google “operation snowwhite” and “Lisa McPherson” and then google youfoundthecard to learn more.

  • peta

    Cant wait for the show and Tom’s films.

  • republic

    Awesome. Very excited on this program and hope to see Suri and Katie too.

  • :]]]]]]]]]]


  • espn

    a loveable picture of them. Thanks a lot Jared.

  • tom c

    I don’t have anything against Tom really but I read that Katie and Suri will be on too and I hope Katie makes a fool out of herself. She takes the cake for being fake.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    here we go again…oprah get a dark couch this time and a cheap one. not leather like last time. hope tommy takes off his shoes before jumping this time. to think, i used to have a crush on tom! wow, how times have changed….

  • joan

    Tom gets a bad wrap sometimes but he tries and though has faced “most” of his fears I don’t think he realizes how much of a difference he can make in some people’s lives based on his very own doubt or insecurities. Maybe he should try.. God is about love and making a difference in the world and having the courage or conviction to reach out and be real, and about true friendships with those who get that bigger picture or understand to a greater mass. Sometimes some people do not realize how transparent they are or the truths of their lives.

    I live in Colorado and this time Tom visited several parts of the state and made mysterious trips to one city specifically. He doesn’t normally do this.—Can anyone confirm this or if he has family there? Something odd was up.

  • Nanea

    So we’re again made to believe this guy is sane?

    Someone who bases his life on something a third-rate Science-Fiction writer created to get rich? LRon even admitted as much! Someone who is so crazy that he thinks only a member of his totalitarian sect can help injured accident victims – instead of EMTs, doctors, nurses? Someone who implies that vitamins can cure severe mental illnesses like depression or psychoses?

    Sorry, but anyone who watched those videos of Tommy Girl babbling on those official videos should know not to give this guy who wants to deceive people about the ulterior motives of his so-called religion a minute of airtime or publicity.

    And in that photo he’s still off his rocker. I thought Oprah was above that, hopefully her helping to whitewash this guy will backfire on her big time.

  • required


  • michele

    let the drinking of the kool aid begin

  • me

    Doesn’t the Bible say not to worship false idols? It’s obvious that alot of people here don’t believe in God or they wouldn’t be worshiping Tom. God is the answer, not alien-worshipers like Tom and his beard. Too bad that all the weak-minded people that have joined the cult and who post here didn’t give God a chance. Believe!

    Tell me cult lovers, who created the Heavens and the Earth? L. Ron?

  • Vshizzle

    Another attempt to revive his career. It is so over….he sucks.

  • Donna

    I wonna join in the Oprah and Tom hug.



  • regina

    Oprah has such a huge heart…he didn´t even invite her for his wedding…how ridiculous he is!!!!!
    And still she puts him on her show!!!
    VIVA Oprah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not me

    Who cares for what bible says :) it is a book like any other.

  • Miapocca

    BOYCOTT OPRAH..this will be seriously controlled TV with softball questions ahhahaha

    Instead watch in online and add your comments..thats what I call real time interaction with direct thoughts from anyone watching..teh internet will overtake the tv industry soon, because too many of thier sorry interviews are fake and ovely organized to portray an image without real time audience feedback…

    BOYCOTT OPRAH ON tv, whatever the h-ell or xenu channel she shows up ON!1

    Instead buy Andrew Mortons book..ahhahah

  • Aquarius

    I am amazed every time someone involves God and TC in one same line.
    No, the $cienos don’t believe in God. So don’t bother. How can you pray for God’s blessings when the receiving ends don’t believe in God?
    And please do not connect God with KH and the bastard daughter she had out of wedlock. She can abandan her Catholic teaching right off the back of TC’s AMEX card, how can anybody ask God’s blessings on something like this?
    Don’t you think God has better and more urgent things to do?

  • Aquarius

    Wow! JJ screened off the word I used to describe the daughter KH had out of wedlock? That’s OK, the kid is unfortunate enough.

    Oprah and TC need each other. Both are going down hills. Worse is TC. He creates a money losing black hole for the studio, while Oprah is losing viewership.
    I work all day, luckily. Don’t want to and won’t watch the interview. Heck, I’ve seen enough photo opps staged by TC+KH, no need to get nauseated by watch another.
    By the way, KH surely is too far from the trophy shelves. She’s only certified, by a distant fourth.

  • zenya

    Im fired up
    for Friday
    and Monday.

  • Miapocca

    ahaha..AQUARIOUS ..ROFLMAO..great comment…wow I do miss the time when TMZ made tomkat fairgame..ahahahah
    You should hit the archives of TMZ, babyrazzi,, tomkatccrazy

    You will totally have a ball!

  • Jeff jacobsen

    There’s a couple of really beautiful video’s I hope you’ll take the opportunity to watch.

    Be warned, they are both anti-scientology, but they bring across an important message in a very tasteful and emotionally laden way.

    The Lighthouse letter gives praise to parents who are fighting for their children who are not allowed to talk to them as a result of Scientology’s disconnection policy.

    The second is a video from Tory ‘Magoo’, who was a member of Scientology for almost 30 years. She addresses the parents of Anonymous members, the loose collection of (mostly) young internet users who have gotten together to protest the abuses of Scientology.

  • Cece

    awwwright its almost Friday for Tom and Oprah.

    Katie and Suri better be there too.

  • me2

    It will be interesting to see if his visit with Oprah will finish him off or have no effect whatsoever. I think it will be an interview designed to make everyone feel sorry for him. When you’re at the bottom of the pit, sometimes the only thing that will work is to get everyone to feel sorry for you. I don’t think it will help him….it will backfire. If people were sympathetic, Tom would not be a “sinking ship”.

    IMO, Tom’s predicament is like the story of the boy who cried “wolf” too many times…..after awhile, nobody believes anything he says. If Tom is sincere, no one will trust him. The FIRST thing Tom must do is get away from the cult and lead an organized effort to have it recognized legally for what it really is……an unlawful pyramid scheme. Unless he does this, he will never recover (just my brilliant opinion!)