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Satsuki Mitchell Has a Back Tattoo

Satsuki Mitchell Has a Back Tattoo

Satsuki Mitchell, the longtime girlfriend of 007 actor Daniel Craig, reveals a lower back tattoo while sunbathing at Porto Ercole’s Pellicano Hotel, a five star luxury hotel in Tuscany, Italy.

Earlier in the day, the couple was seen taking a romantic walk together.

Craig, 40, has been busy filming the latest installment of James Bond, Quantum of Solace.

Music producer Mark Ronson recently confirmed to the BBC that Amy Winehouse is, in fact, working on the theme song for the upcoming 007 release.

But Ronson, 32, is unsure if the song will make the final cut: “Hopefully it will get used. We’re working on it and we’ll see happens.”

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  • poo

    that looks like henna

  • booyay

    that’s one ugly tramp stamp



  • la-dee-da

    Love Daniel and love them together!!!! I particularly like the fact she doesn’t think she has to inflate her breasts!


    WTF does he see in her really? she looks moronic.

  • ??

    Is that his mother with the buttcrack tatoo??

  • pretty_green_girl

    I love Daniel, but I have never really thought much of Satsuki for some reason. I do wish Daniel all the happiness in the world and if he is happy with Satsuki, then I am happy for him.

  • heather

    Is Jared JUST NOW finding this back tattoo????!?? She’s had that for ages!

  • Orange Clockwork

    She looks like a man with that ginormous Adam’s apple of hers.

  • esther

    She looks great.

    he looks somewhat taller than he really is, and his legs are quite thin actually

  • senora

    Ugh-Daniel Craig! Masculine fer sure, but I don’t see what everybody sees in him bc he’s not cute. OK actor, but one of the worst picks for Bond ever.

  • eva

    Yeah, she does look like a tranny with her gross adam’s apple especially in the circular picture. Rather abnormal even. Doesn’t he notice that?? Nice ape like lower lip also

  • Elle

    I can’t believe they would use an Amy Crackhouse song for a Bond movie.

    Bond is supposed to be classy and sexy, and Amy Winehouse couldn’t be further from that.

    Gross, just GROSS.

  • heather

    Satsuki is preggers, look she is holding her belly.

  • Maxim

    The epitome of a tramp stamp.

  • ~m~

    Amy Winehouse? for a bond movie? I thought she was going to jail or something
    i really liked the song they had for the last one (You Know My Name by Chris Cornell)

  • Life is good

    A romantic walk is where you hold hands and talk. Craig is on the phone texting it looks like. She is not as ugly as people seem to be saying she is. Geez people I am sure you are an oil painting people would take of the wall and hide.

    I understand that Amy has some Talent but with her life right now I am not sure she is a good choice for anything.

  • eva

    yes she is

  • no baby bump

    this fugly is not pregnant look at her skinny pasty body there isn’t a scrap of fat on her and she has small man hips and thighs
    ugly choice in bikini bottoms

  • beard

    I think of her as a fugly parasite sucking off his money with a big butt tatoo

  • bejeebus

    daniel has such a hot body….yummy.

  • gale

    I’ve never liked her, and this lowers my opinion even more yuck

  • poor sea cucumbers

    for fu@ks sake get a bloody job woman quit sunbathing and leeching of your famous boyfriend, any job will do i don’t care if you pick sea cucumbers for a living and they go extinct but at least get a fu@king job

  • tigerlily

    To #24

    Did it ever occur to you that Satsuki might not be working because Daniel wants her to be with him instead?

  • Beard

    She’s paid to be with him.

  • tigerlily

    To #26

    That’s Bollocks!! She’s there because he wants her to be there. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says, Daniel loves Satsuki and wants her to be by his side twentyfourseven.

  • beard2

    She is gross with her leech behavior and big butt tat

  • beard2

    she’s gross with her leech behavior and big biker butt tat

  • tigerlily

    To #28
    She is not gross and how the f**k do you know that she’s leeching from him? You’re just persuming something you know f**k all about. It basically comes down to the fact that you’d love to be in Satsuki shoes, well you’re not and never will be.

  • beard2

    Oh right well i’m glad that you know all about what i want i can’t stand either one of them

  • Austria
  • message

    so she doesn’t have a job not because she’s lazy and got it easy but because HE doesn’t want her to work
    nice scarf [/scarasm]

  • bataglio

    …jeez, he SO looks like my one that got away, it’s not even funny… we’ll always have yokohama.

  • lily

    Ewwww Yuk! She is just horrible.

  • TS

    What is that anyway? Rabbit ears? Cat ears? Butterfly? The Devil? or just some ugly insect and I mean the tatoo not her though they could be the same

  • annie

    Does she eat at all? She or he is all bones how can he possibly find that attractive and the circular picture of her looks so made up. So i figure she/he either treats him really really really well and/or she is fantastic in bed and/or stimulates a part of him that no other woman or man can. I always thought she was a woman but you all have me questioning that and so do these pictures. Is it possible she is really a he? Is that why Daniel loves to do gay scenes in movies and wants the gay scene in Bond? Could he be secretly gay and has a boyfriend and not a girlfriend? My image of him has just been shattered he seems so manly. What a dissappointment. This could all be a cover OH NO

  • Tattoo

    The tattoo is Hello Kitty which is fitting since she shops for her clothes in the Hello Kitty catalogue.

    This woman – if you can call her a woman – is disgusting and horrible looking,

    Sorry Daniel but you can do better you must have really low self esteem to be with someone like this.

    Good luck to you

  • Alica

    There is a name for women like Satsuki. it’s called PAID COMPANION. I have to admit she has the best SUGAR DADDY out there. Not a bad deal girlfriend good for you

  • LOL

    Yes now all you have to do is get knocked up and he is your forever.
    You go girl some of us are on your side. You do what you need to do the keep your man even if he doens’t want to be there.

    More power to you

  • tigerlily

    To #40

    What makes you think he doesn’t want to be there?? Just curious to know.

  • LOL

    It was a general statement #41. I am just cheering Satsuki on to do what she needs to do to keep him.

  • tigerlily

    Maybe she doesn’t have to do anything to keep him, maybe he’s right where he wants to be!

  • LOL

    To 43
    Maybe he is makes no difference to me it was just a comment,

  • beard24

    This fugly she/he must suck a mean wood.

  • To beard 24

    Yes she does!!!!
    He’s a lucky man!!!!!

  • can’t believe it

    The picture of the gf is just putrid,,,barf on #32. I also have wondered the same thing Annie wrote about on #37. She has a horrible body for a woman, it is better suited as a male body. It escapes me why he would make such an odd wacko choice of a “girlfriend”. S(he) just seems so wierd, unattractive and a parasite to me. The a$$ tat adds so much also.

  • Whatever

    Was really disgusting, are all of the tramps who get on here and bash Satsuki for no reason. Jealous bunch of chickenheads! Hate on sk@nks!! Hate on!! :))

  • Whatever

    What’s really disgusting, are all of the tramps who get on here and bash Satsuki for no reason. Jealous bunch of chickenheads! Hate on sk@nks!! Hate on!! :))

  • message

    i bet she pisses standing up
    what a lovely man Daniel is he looks after his gfs even the ones who take advantage of him