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Gale Harold Joins Desperate Housewives

Gale Harold Joins Desperate Housewives

Former Queer as Folk hottie Gale Harold will guest star on Desperate Housewives this season, reports TV Guide.

The 38-year-old Vanished actor will play a “quick-witted, charming and buttoned-down suburbanite.” (Spoilers ahead!) It’s rumored that he will be part of the “time jump” this season and may turn out to be the new husband of one of the current housewives. Also in the finale–a couple of the current cast members say their final goodbyes to Wisteria Lane.

Gale is set to first appear on the show in the second part of May 18 two-hour season finale and could return next season.

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  • kaboui

    wow first timer!!

  • susan

    this guy is an amazing actor! He played Brian on QAF so well…I’m happy to hear he has landed himself a spot on a popular show :-)

  • melinda

    why do they keep adding new cast members? This show sucks as it is. When ever i tune in (I tune out) it’s the same ol crap. Susan whining, Gabby and carlos acting stupid, etc. This show had one good season, it’s done. Quit adding, nothing’s going to work

  • holly

    jared, the name is DESPERATE Housewives, not Depserate

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Holly!

  • yay

    Woohoo! I’m looking forward to seeing Gale acting again!

  • brown-eyed girl

    OMG, I LOVE GALE!!! I just started watching “Queer As Folk” only recently and I fell hopelessly in love with Gale. He is one of the HOTTEST men on TV! I have never seen “Desperate Housewives” but maybe now I’ll have to tune in just for HIM!

  • brown-eyed girl

    OMG, I LOVE GALE!!! I just started watching “Queer As Folk” only recently and I fell hopelessly in love with Gale. He is one of the HOTTEST men on TV! I have never seen “Desperate Housewives” but maybe now I’ll have to tune in just for HIM! But I’d rather see Gale in his OWN show! He totally deserves it!!!


    Good actor, but there is no way a straight man would do those outrageous sexually charged scenes with men. Sorry but this guy is lying when she says he isn’t gay.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • pipi

    oh come on Gale! you’re too hot for that crappy show.

  • the_boyfriend

    oOooO I might start watching again!

  • brown-eyed girl


    Just because Gale kisses men while acting on QAF, doesn’t make him gay! Hey that’s what acting is all about! To give a convincing performance. And that he does!!!

    I saw Gale on “Larry King Show” and he said those gay sex scenes were challenging, and IMO that’s what a good actor prefers is to be challenged in his craft. What do you think, every straight actor who is kissing a woman in a scene is really in love with her? To some actors, kissing another male actor is just the same as kissing a female actor. They are not in love with either one in real life. That’s when great acting comes into play.

    BTW, all the lead actors in QAF were straight with the exception of two. Gale Harold is straight and a brilliant actor! ‘Tis all.

  • rory

    he may not be attracted to all men but he definitely had some sparks with Randy Harrison on QAF! they seemed very cozy together! :)

  • cat’s meow


    Geez, the man did one gay role and now he’s typecast. There were sparks with “Justin” the character, not Randy Harrison, the actor. They may have had on-screen chemistry, but not off-screen romance.

    Gale Harold is an excellent actor and it shows in his role as a gay man. This doesn’t make him gay in real life, just good at what he does which is ACTING!!

  • mrkva


  • Jessica

    Im so excited! I miss Gale on TV so much. He’s so hot in QAF! One of my all time fav characters ever is Brian Kinney! And I loved him in Vanished, he was the only thing good about that show! I dont watch DH…but I will for Gale!!

  • z

    Love him since QAF. At last he may get some attention in the UK. Love him love him

  • og

    At least this show seems to be doing okay after the writers strike. Everyone else is on the brink of cancellation.

  • I

    I’m sooo happy about Gale and his stint on DH! I’ve loved him since QAF and look forward to seeing him on another TV show. Here’s hoping tptb realize what a gem they have and keep him around!

  • chadmom

    Yes!!! I’m so excited that Gale is going to be back on TV! He’s a wonderful actor, and oh so easy on the eyes! LOL!

    Congrats, Gale!

  • cat’s meow

    But Gale needs his OWN show!!! I’d hate to suffer through “Desperate Housewives” in order to see that gorgeous guy. That show is HORRIBLE!!!

    Come on, someone in HollyWEIRD, give Gale Harold his own show, PLEASE!!!!

  • he’s hot!

    YES, YES, YES!!! Gale Howard is one mighty fine sexy man!!! Loved him in “Vanished” and I was so sad that it was cancelled. I guess I’ll have to record DH on my DVR and fast-forward to all Gale’s scenes. Otherwise, I don’t watch the show and could care less about the other characters.

  • LADY

    I LOVE GALE!!!! I am so excited about this! :) I can’t wait to see him. He’s a fantastic actor!

  • Melissa

    I love Gale Harold, stopped watching DH, but will start again for him! His Grey’s Anatomy guest appearance was pretty interesting too.

  • lisamariel318

    I’m so happy he’ll have a chance to show his acting skills because he’s got plenty! Not to mention he’s unbelievably adorable and did an amazing job as Brian Kinney in QAF. It’s not any man who could pull off that role, it was definately a challenge. I can’t wait to see him!!! Hope he stays in the show because he deserves it :)

  • Mandy oxley

    I love Gale Harold…always have…though concerned about him wanting to be on this show….I think this show is really going down the drain though hopefully Gale being on it will bring in abit more spice to the show……I will only be watching cause of Gale……..

  • Mika

    I used to love Gale on QAF and in all those zany indie movies he did. With the (crappy) Vanished & the even more vapid D. Housewives, I hope this isn’t the end of his excellent portrayals of actually interesting characters.

  • Lizz

    I LOVE Gale. OMG, he is so fucking hot. I hate DH but I guess I will watch when Gale comes on.

  • Valeria

    He’s amazing actor, and gorgeus! Absolutely beautiful!
    I don’t wacht DH, but I’ll now!!! =)

  • annu75

    isn´t he just gorgeous *fans herself* …
    thank you, casting people!!!!

  • Vanezza

    I love Gale! But I am afraid it’s gonna be only a few minutes on the tv and then who knows if he’ll be back next season. I really want him to have his own series!!!! Come on HBO hire him on as a lead on a series!!!

  • leila

    oh my God, we are still on that stupid thing about ” Gale cant be straight if he kisses man in tv ” come on people, get over, if he says that he is straigth, he is straight…what i find amazing it’sthe fact the people only say that he is gay, but the other people on the show who is also straight , no one say that they are gay too… i know Gale it’s the best actor ever, but you dont have to believe in every single caracheter that he plays… he is not a nazi either ok? just so you know….

    About him in DH, i am so exicted *_* maybe now he got the sucess that he deserves ^^ can’t wait to see him :*

  • trixie2000

    I am so glad to see gale grace the tv again. I started watching him in QAF and the other work he has done and haven’t stopped since. He is an amazing actor and should be given the recognition he deserves. I hope DH works out for him. CAN’T WAIT TILL the 18th?????

  • Katie

    pipi said:

    “oh come on Gale! you’re too hot for that crappy show.”

    Sing it, sister. If I want a fresh Gale fix, I have to watch this shlt? Bleah.

  • Mandy

    I don’t like Desperate Housewives but I will definitely be watching now to see Gale!!!!

  • Cat’s Meow

    I watched Desparate Housewives to see if Gale was on last Sunday and I nearly fell asleep from BOREDOM!!! That show is the WORSE!! How is it so popular? Am I the only female in the whole U.S.A. to not enjoy that horrible show? I’ll tune in for Gale, but I’m not gonna like it. I wish Gale would get his own show!!!

  • logan

    who cares if he’s gay or straight.Gale is a good actor. look foward seeing him on tv again. no matter what show. thanks for the update…

  • Stauneauge

    I envy you so much!

    I’m from Germany and can’t watch it. :-(

  • Beate Geibel

    hi there,

    i normally don´t watch Desperate Housewifes anymore as I think it became boring. BUT since I´ve heard Gale Harold is on, I definitely will tune in as he is one of the brightest and most talented actors around. Besides he is gorgous !

    Of course you can watch it. I´m from Germany as well and since Germanys tv sucks big time, I found some pages where you actually can watch all tv series from around the globe via streaming:


    Cheers from berlin, beate

  • swak

    Incredibly Actor!

  • Jan

    I LOVE Gale Harold! He is hot as HELL. I too, hate DH, think it’s stupid, but I will probably watch it to see Gale! I miss Queer as Folk, it was hot to watch him play a gay man. It was an interesting show. He was soooo sexy, smoking HOT.
    I thought he was gay but no, he is just a great actor. THANKFULLY! I can dream! : )

  • roger smith

    his friends in Toronto wish him the BEST!!!! ..Gale is IT !!!!!!!..Stephen, Yas, Roger, James, Joanne you GO!!! cuz’ you rock!

  • so obvious

    Randy Harrison and Gale Harold had an on again off again relationship in the past (especially during the first two seasons of QAF). Gale Harold is definitely bi.

    Don’t know if they’ll ever be together again, but Randy has broken up with long term boyfriend recently last year and he and Gale still meet up regularly.

    Randy and Gale have been to see each others’ shows/plays more times than people actually know.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone and I don’t care who believes me or not. Just stating the facts.

  • Daisy


  • Daisy

    P.S. Gale Harold is straight. Just because he played a gay man on QAF, doesn’t mean he is gay. If an actor plays a killer, does that mean he’s a killer? Stop spreading lies. Gay is ok, but Gale is not gay.

  • Howie Mendoza

    He’s a homo.

  • gossiphound

    Gary Oldman is very straight, working on Wife #4 now, but if you’ve ever seen his performance in the movie Prick Up Your Ears, about gay playwright Joe Orton both he and Alfed Molina as his lover Ken Halliwell put in stunning performances as gay men, that is what ACTING is about. Aiden Gillen the guy who originally played Gale Harold’s role in the UK original Queer as Folk, also straight and he played the role with just as much gusto as Gale. That is called ACTING.

    Just like all the closeted gay actors who have everyone fooled they are hetero. They are THESPIANS.

  • OMG

    I know this is an older entry but I had to comment.

    Gale seriously has some delusional fangirls who made-up this version of him. They choose to ignore any all of the signs and information. They just want to believe that he is this gifted thespian and is so hetero when he isn’t. Some people have a weak gay/bidar.
    Any fool can spot him as somebody who was well-experienced with men. He is not some amazing actor.

    He is bisexual and people aren’t claiming that because he played a raunchy gay role. Alot of actors have also played gay/bi but didn’t have to deal with that gossip. A lot of people know about his past with men. He was a good fit to play Brian and there wasn’t much acting with his lust there. Everyone in that cast/crew knew that he and Randy had an affair for nearly two years. It was an affair that was mostly kept on the DL because Randy was with Simon and Gale said he was “straight” in interviews. They all protected Gale except Hal who has told other people otherwsie. Fans over the years have spotted Gale and Randy together. Other castmembers like Peter also told fans they dated. This is the truth and I don’t understand why people are so in denial of the obvious.

    They are not together anymore but Gale/Randy definitely had sparks and something going on in the past while QAF was shot. Gale is not straight and has had sex with lots of guys. Gale is now in a committed relationship with Yara. Some people still spot him with guys.

    You would be surprised at how many “straight” actors are actually bi.
    It is ridiculous how other stories can be blindly believed but people will reject tons of signs, information that has some truth to it. Why the nonsense around Gale about his straight-ness?!