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Rolling Stone Has "The Hills" Outtakes

Rolling Stone Has

Here is the alternate version of the cover of The Hills girls during their Rolling Stone cover shoot.

And for kicks, here’s one more quote from the wise Spencer Pratt: “It’s jealousy, man. It’s human. I’m jealous of Jay-Z, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch. I feel for these people who wish they could be on reality television and not in their cubicles. You got to thank your haters.”

Heidi added, “You have to understand, we have so many fans. The haters are the ones who ask us for photos. The haters are the ones who are downloading songs. The world works on haters now.”

You can check out more behind-the-scenes shots of Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port at

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  • Jenn

    Heidi ruins the beautiful shot.

  • house


  • brky

    lauren==>u are the best!!!!!!!!!

  • luv vanessa

    i think that heidi and lauren fake hate each other just for the show.

  • alex

    wat the fcuk
    heidi looks like a whore in the photo
    unlike the rest of them
    wats with showing off her skinny a$$ stomach

  • joss

    spencer and heidi are the ones who are jealous of what lauren have. heidi just ruins the shot…
    whitney and lauren looks so cute!

  • mickey

    The message these sluts send out to young boys is as harmful as the message they send out to young girls.

  • Lill Lover

    Even on this cover Heidi is acting like a sluut. I guess its in her blood.

  • Bryanna

    Heidi u so made this pic look bad everyone else is amazing lauren cut heidi off the show love u all but heidi

  • xoxo

    i love how heidi has like the least amount of cloths in both of the photos … typical heidi shes such a little scez slut bag whore

  • xoxo

    heidi you slutbagwhore

  • Alyn

    wonder if Whitney took a shower standing next to that skank Heidi

  • oh snap!



  • oh snap!


  • Helena

    The fact that these girls made the COVER of ROLLING STONE lowers the magazine’s credibility. They’re meant to be on US Weekly and OK Magazine (and they don’t even deserve to be on them, either).

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    these girls are great actresses.

  • HAHA

    so funny hwo they think they have lots of friends. theyre fucking reality show sluts who have no fans at all and should never be on TV or anything. they ruin the media. yeah they can be like “all the haters are jealous” but honestly waht in fucks name is there to be jealous of..slutty girls who arent even that pretty at all who just stand on TV and film their “interesting” lives? yeah..

  • OMG WAIT..

    …is this actually…


    enjoy it while it lasts folks

  • cydie.

    awe, lauren looks very cute there. ♥
    hedi looks a little out of place, tbh. =/

  • Regina

    Don’t be too shocked if Chris Crocker makes the front cover next month.

  • maureen

    Laureen is the cutie
    Heidi, bitchy as usual
    & ugly
    i love them all otherways


    Heidi and Whitney look sooooo ugly why would they not touch up Whitney’s roots and why would they slick Heidi’s hair back like that eewww….


  • molly

    once again, horse teeth has to expose most of her skank body…and her pony boyfriend and her have to run thier mouths like they have something intellegent to say…Please, get your own reality show, so we can once and for all get rid of you.

  • karen

    heidi looks like a stupid bimbo

  • gal

    lol @ #20

    but from what it looks like the cover would’ve been horrible anyway they spun it. if this is an outtake and heidi still looks a fu**in mess, it was doomed from the jump.

    “natural” is not in her vocabulary… especially with all the work she’s had done.

  • kate

    Do either of them ever know when to just shut up? Seriously.

  • emilyyyy:)

    ahh they are all so gorgeous!! i met lauren and heidi! they were soo kind:)

  • jamie

    I looked at the phones on and the ones posted here and it seriously looks like Heidi was photoshopped in! I am not kidding it always looks like she is in the foreground! Check them out and see for yourself!!

  • Rachel

    I find it humorous that Heidi is the only one Baring so MUCH BELLY. Whitney and Lauren have too much CLASS to do that, and Audrina is known for always showing a bit of the hip bones… But Heidi, man she’s so Skanky looking. I agree, she ruins the picture, Lauren, Audrina and Whitney look so Natural, heidi is so FAKE…

  • lol

    three of them look cute and playful and Heidi looks like she’s trying waaaaaaay to hard.

  • fabulous

    Rolling Stone did a terrible job directing this shoot. They should be ashamed.

  • deedee

    heidi looks pregnant. a pregnant “hill” billy. ha.

  • vanna

    heidi is totally not modest

    why do people like her fashion style

    her brand is crappy

    low quality

  • MACK



    All the girls look so cute, I love the cover they went with. Audrina is beautiful, she stands out.

  • emilie

    Lauren, Whitney, Audrina look really cute in this pic
    and well Heidi looks like a slut…but you know,she always does.

  • OMG

    #16 are you kidding me??

    like i said before….what have they done to deserve the front cover??? nothing…they are just all celebrity wannabes…reality tv stars are NOT celebrities…GOD! they can’t act…i don’t know why they are talked about so much…their show makes me SICK to the stomach…o_o

  • m

    Get Heidi’s horse face out of there and put Lo in the picture.

  • m

    Get Heidi’s horse face out of there and put Lo in the picture.

  • audra

    “the haters are the ones downloading music.”
    uhhhh no.

  • audra

    “the haters are the ones downloading music.”
    uhhhh no.

  • sara

    I’m really liking all the photos- although the above jeans one kind of reminds me of The Babysitters Club?? Not sure why!

    I like the photo they chose to go with for the cover. Heidi’s got the body (so do the other girls) and she’s obviously not too camera-shy about flaunting so I can’t hate on her for that.

  • jaymie

    whoa. heidi looks like absolute shit. audrina and lauren look pretty. whitney looks good too but darn she’s hella tall. i saw her in another pic and she was bending and was stilll the same height as the girl…whoa!

  • ellie

    Heidi is SKANK personified.
    Lauren and Whitney have class.
    Audrina is just odd.

  • jasmine


  • Madison

    This looks more like a movie poster than a magazine shot

  • luv mariah

    heidi is trying hard to be sexy it’s not working for her. The photo guys said that lauren look the best they was right ,you go lauren.

  • Alison

    Love all the gals on the hills except for Heidi.

  • Chel

    How weird is that, to do a photoshoot with your enemy right there.

  • frances

    I thought Rolling Stone was a music magazine…? Oh how the mighty have fallen.