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Scarlett Johansson - "Falling Down" Music Video

Scarlett Johansson -

Here is the world premiere of Scarlett Johansson‘s first music video to “Falling Down,” off her debut studio album, Anywhere I Lay My Head.

The cover song, which has David Bowie also on vocals, is originally on Tom Waits‘ album Big Time.

The album is set for release through Atco/Rhino Records on May 20. Watch the music video below!

Scarlett Johansson – “Falling Down” Music Video
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  • my

    first! hoho

  • uncrate

    First! Does not sound like her?

  • mariemjs

    Im so impressed by this album so far, listened to some samples of the whole thing on another website and Scarlett did something totally unexpected, dark, very different from what we all thought she would do. I love the Cocteau twins/Fraser/Sigur Ros feeling of the music, I can’t wait :) The music video is a bit random though :)

  • Anne

    Not sure if I like it….

  • Sarah

    looks like reality tv with a song over the talking o.O


  • Caroline

    Dont like it at all.

  • jing

    what a bunch of crap. She sounds like a 12 yr old boy.

  • smileylou

    crap voice & crap song she should stick to her day job ie. acting

  • Pop it up

    if its so crappy why u even bother to post ;)))
    i would never thought that she likes music like that on the first place.. nd i would never thought that she will sing so weird songs….BUT would never think she will be a-la Paris Hilton either….

  • Kevin

    I quite like it actually :)!

  • mana

    i like it!

    good job Scarlett!!

  • juls

    i’m not sure…

  • gOssipBitch


  • emma-australia

    Sorry…can’t take her seriously as a singer. She has good phrasing, but as for the singing,meh……

  • I live in paris !!!

    I dont like !!! SORRY

  • ali


    Why the hell are people throwing out records like they are throwing out their dignity these days?

  • ali


    Why the hell are people throwing out records like they are throwing out their dignity these days?

  • Sienna

    I don’t like her voice ….

  • no thanks

    that’s awful but I’m not surprised, she sings like she acts: badly.

  • moi

    wow very nice I am impressed!!She has a wonderful voice!!!!The video is kinda random tho.I can’t wait to see buy her album!!!!

  • ~m~

    im kinda scared to listen to it :P

  • Chocogirl

    Her singing is BAD bad bad.
    shes got like a monotone voice. well in falling down it is.

  • areuserious!!!!

    um seriously it felt like i was listening to a song from the 50′s or something and the video didn’t even look original, i mean i’m 20 and she definitely isn’t singing for us but to our grandparents. Why can’t these celebrities understand that just because their good at one thing they can’t do almost anything, i mean what is it, the millions in their bank not good enough for them. Seriously she sounds terrible!

  • Annika

    I think the song sounds terrible :/

  • shine

    she need more practice. no voice quality sorry :(

    i don’t think she’d even make it to american idol.

  • shine

    hehe don’t we all almost agree on this one. one should know if he/she can sing. man!

  • Suzy q

    Tom Waits rules.

    I’m surprised she’d cover him or even know who he is for that matter. I’m kinda impressed that she’d do something this real. I was thinking she’d was going to do something more mainstream.


  • Passenger39

    Love Scarlet, but both song and video are crap.

  • not-so-serious-about-life

    She is quite awful, the style of the song is somewhat similar to the 80′s Sinead O’connor music except it is very poorly done. that being, sad rich and famous shower us with many things from bad music to bad children’ s books, not to mention bad clothing lines. still scarlet at least appreciates Tom Waits’ music.

  • Mog

    Its like marmite, you either love it or you don’t xD

  • dany

    she has no voice

  • james

    i like it a lot. It’s so different than most things we listen today, sounds good, relaxed. It’s for sure not something to people who love Britney Spears and that kind of music

  • Leighton fan

    Eh. About what I expected.

  • Daiane

    ParabĂȘns lindooooooo….. XD

  • lilly

    awful voice


    Somebody make her stop!

  • loony_sandy

    can’t deny she can manage acting, but this song is just crap! I nearly felt asleep!! This video seems to be like, filming her quickly in her car because they didn’t have any better idea! Total crap!! Can’t wait to see if her album gets good reviews and sales!

  • kk

    omg her voice is so disgusting…ejjwwwwww
    sound like she is singing in church for dead people…

  • brenda

    Just goes to show that when your a star you can have anything. Even a singing career, even if you suck as a singer.

  • RJ

    awful voice dont like her at all..when she is talking she got this annoying voice that you dont her to speak…ejjjjjww who the hell give her a contact….

  • RJ

    awful voice dont like her at all..when she is talking she got this annoying voice that you dont her to speak…ejjjjjww who the hell give her a contact….

  • *****

    i like it… i think its one of those songs you have here a couple times and/or have to be in the mood to listen to

  • Ammy

    WTF, is all i can say bout this.

  • j

    sounds like really bad karaoke

  • lana

    singing is not really her thing…

  • depeche

    The song is good but hre voice sucks.

  • Bojana

    She is even worse than HIEDI MONTAG

  • hypocrite

    Haha! Love all the people that expect some pop arrangement. Go back to your bubblegum tundras, children! Leave the real music to those that know a thing or two about the world. Children should not be allowed to think if they are blinded to things that are different!

  • Helena

    It’s not for everyone.

  • no thanks

    I love Tom Waits but she ruins his song with this, awful…just awful.