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The Hills are Alive with Rolling Stone

The Hills are Alive with Rolling Stone

The stars of the hit MTV reality show The Hills take the latest cover of Rolling Stone to talk about the show, the drama and their unusual brand of fame.

Yes, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were together for the cover photo shoot. Here are some quotes from the interview:

Heidi on thinking the cover shoot might have been a scam: “I thought I was walking into Punk’d or getting killed or something,”

Spencer on showing Heidi support for the cover: “Heidi really wanted me there for backup. She was like, ‘This is a setup.’”

Heidi on first meeting Lauren at the Academy of Art in San Francisco: “We were the only blondes in the class. We were such. Good. Friends. A part of me just wants to go up and be like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ But the other part of me is so mad. . . . It’s like I’m the odd man out.”

Spencer on the Lauren-Heidi feud: “People love feuds. Who were Paris and Nicole before they weren’t friends? That’s when they became superstars. If Lauren and Heidi were friends, people wouldn’t tune in.”

To check out the The Hills article from Rolling Stone, visit This issue hits newsstands tomorrow, April 30.

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  • zac fan

    First !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jajajaja !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zac fan

    first !!!!!!!!!!!

  • zac fan

    first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • may


  • sam

    Spencer is such an idiot! “Who were Paris and Nicole before they stopped being friends?” – Um, everyone pretty much knew who they were. Fucking idiot.

  • Helena

    This HAS GOT TO BE A JOKE. Z-list reality stars on the front cover of the iconic Rolling Stones cover? Please, this must be a joke. 10 years ago, we had some great singers grace the covers, now this cover means nothing. What a joke.

  • rachel
  • Saida

    love lauren conrad!! ;)))

  • Regina

    They are all ugly losers, to think this cover actually used to mean something. If these cúnts can make the cover, anyone can.

  • kaka

    Typical fo Audrina and Heidi to overpose and look like the sluts they are. Lame.

  • Janie

    Totally agree with you Regina! Although your words are a little strong, I know what you mean!

  • Regina

    Sorry, I don’t usually come off strong, but these people irritate me! People stop giving these z-lister nobodies attention and give their attention to people who actually earn their fame (or some who are trying to get their big break)!

  • Bre

    Ew! Wonder how much it’ll sale…

  • Jo

    Team Lauren! Yeah right Heidi.. the only reason you wanted to be friends with Lauren was for fame and to get on camera. She pretends its just because they were the only friends to hang out in San Fran. She’s a user! Spencer has no clue, dumbass!

  • Kay

    I love the cover totally going to buy it

  • bejeebus

    when will this hills b.s. end? the show is completely moronic. i had to FORCE myself to watch it so i could see what the deal was. it was pure torture. not one of these “characters” is funny, intelligent, insightful, attractive or entertaining in any single solitary way. i felt less intelligent for having taken the time to view this total cr@p show.

  • http://msn penny

    Haa Luv Them!

  • angiebot

    Gross. Why are there only Heidi and Spencer quotes?

    Ick. Who needs a shower?

  • Helena

    Let’s put it this way: Both Heidi and Lauren súck and should do in some hole and never appear in the tabloids again. Both have terrible fashion lines, too.

  • Lynn

    Well you can definitely tell Spencer and Heidi are in this for the fame. They both seem to play the media and if you notice whenever they are seen doing something they are always looking at the camera…it’s never a surprise.

  • joss

    lauren and whitney look so natural and hving fun, while audrina and heidi are overposing it…they just ruined the shot

  • Lill Lover

    its sad that the only way they could become famous was to try and destroy someone else. Spencer and Heidi can’t you try and do something worth some talent. I can’t believe how many people are so clueless about what you are.

  • MicrochipHo

    I agree with #16. I think my friend said it best when i told her on our lunchbreak in our dreary little cubicles (read Spencer’s quote in the article…we only hate them because we’re jealous btw) that the hills girls were on the cover of rolling stone when she said “Oh, can I be on it?”

    and ha ha, “inside a 25,000 per night escort service”!

  • Bubbaness

    They became friends because they were the only two blondes? Branch out a bit, dumb@sses!

  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    He-looooo Lauren and Heidi are in the same room together!!!!! Vast improvement

    Lauren just needs to grow up and handle things with Heidi as an ADULT which she is, because this isn’t High School anymore. Personally I don’t have a side between Lauren and Heidi. I just REALLY hate Spencer.

  • *Marissa Smith OC girl*

    Number 19

    The Lauren Conrad collection is awesome OK?? She actually STUDIED fashion and that collection is probably her life’s work. Heidi just did because she’s “famous” and she thinks she can do whatever she wants like sing. So, you can diss Heidi all you want about her clothes. but not Lauren.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    4 wannabe celebritires.

    i think i’ve taken a crazy-cruise-pill because heidi’s actually starting to look “somewhat good”. ewww! i cant believe i just typed that. lol

  • gal

    what’s wrong with heidi’s face?? she’s doin too much.

  • mary

    heidi please can’t you just be natural !!!!

    Imiss the heidi of the first season of the hills… this heidi is pathetic

  • Charlie

    Heidi really ruined the cover… I thought it was supposed to be cute and fun and Lauren and Whitney are really the only ones showing that.

  • charles

    Eww Heidi ruined it trying to be sexy so did Audrina. Lauren and Whitney look super cute

  • Lill Lover

    I tihnk anyone seeing this cover and not knowing what The Hills will automatically get who these people are. You can’t miss Slutty Heidi.

  • og

    This picture just looks awful. All of them look so awkward, you can’t even tell that Lo is there. You know audrina and Heidi are going to be BFFs now that Audrina is the odd man out.

  • liz

    everyone looks good except heidi. she looks like she’s trying to hard which makes her look stupid.

  • oh snap!



  • rolling eyes


    That’s b/c Lo isnt on the cover. That’s whitney dude the tallest chic among them.

    As for the fact that they are even on the cover, —the rolling stones are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, if they’re gonna put the The Hills girls on it.

    Seriously, what happend to keeping up your reputation.

  • missheloise

    Lo should be on this cover!!
    But despite of that, great cover!!

  • paty

    Heh. Lauren and Whitney look so much better than the other two, it’s actually funny.

  • melinda

    If Lauren was smart, she would refuse the two of these dip wads on the next season of the Hills. After all, this was supposed to be a show about Lauren’s future, and it’s turned into “the Heidi and Spencer Show” IF the Hills is so popular, LC should be able to tell the producers to keep Spiedi off, they can get thier own show if they are so popular. Let’s see how great it will do…..

  • jason gossip



    audrina is the only one that looks hott in this picture the rest look bad


  • jesse


  • Marieme

    Who cares what these two morons thinks?! They are the least interesting things about this cover. They are TRASH. What a shocker that Mr. Trash for Brains has to inject himself into something that has nothing to do with him. The way I see it he is relevant to nothing except being a slacker. Jerk off!

  • vanna

    like tyra would say

    heidi looks so hoochi :-p

    everyone else is so natural

  • OMG

    what is this??? this must be a joke….what have they done to deserve the front cover??? nothing…they are just all celebrity wannabes…reality tv stars are NOT celebrities…GOD! they can’t act…i don’t know why they are talked about so much…their show makes me SICK to the stomach…o_o

  • Quen

    Spencer is just as ass! Lauren and Heidi were friends in the 1st season and people watch it.What in the hell is he talking about.Me myself the only reason i look at it is becasuee of Lauren.If Lauren wasn’t on the hills I wouldn’t give it the time of day.Hell Lauren is the reason people watch in the 1st place.We didn’t know who Heidi was and didn’t care to know her.

  • jaymie

    why the hell did they include heidi? she spoilt it. couldn’t she have gone somewhere and get more fame instead of ruining this? uh audrina looks flirty and lauren and whitney make it fun…but heidi effed it up. uh she and spencer are fame catchers….and they’re so fake! they ‘break up’ and make up every episode!

  • jadehaughton

    when are they gonna just …. DIE!

  • frances

    Rolling Stone… why are you stooping this low?? Other subtitles on the cover say: Queen Reunion, The Roots, Stone Temple Pilots, and Death Cab For Cutie… All which are great bands that you could have put on the cover! Like I said before… Oh how the might have fallen.

  • Rae

    Of course Heidi looks skanky and of course Audrina is doing her own thing. Lauren and Whitney look like they’re having fun. I love that they made Heidi look really awful.